Glathor - Infested Mine

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Glathor - Infested Mine

Post by Vaell on Sun May 13, 2012 7:44 am

[Glathor is a Baron of House Buckholme. He owns farmland and mines which he achieves wealth from. This takes place at one of his lesser mine shafts.]

Glathor rode to the camp, accompanied by two house guards and Idron - his most loyal servant. Idron helped him off of his horse and he entered the mine foreman's tent. The Foreman was leant over a map, with the mine shaft highlighted along it.
"Stand and greet your Baron, Foreman Rickard." Idron demanded when he noticed the Foreman distracted.
The Foreman quickly turned and bowed his head. "Sorry, Baron Buckholme. I did not realise you had arrived."
"Next time you will greet me before I step foot into camp. Tell me, Rickard, what is happening with my mine?" Glathor approached the map and looked down at the lines corresponding to the mine shaft.
"We have a serious infestation of spiders, sir. They burrowed through and have already poisoned two of our men-"
"Our?" Glathor raised his eyebrow simply.
"Yours, my lord. Your men." Rickard gulped. He did not like being on the wrong side of Glathor.
"Then how do you plan on clearing them out?"
"Slowly, sir. These things take t-time. I have decided to open up a smaller shaft here." He placed his finger on the map, "Which will allow us to continue mining at a slower rate but at least we will have-"
"Slower?" Glathor blinked; it was the last word he wanted to hear.
"Well, sir... We will collapse the mine and trap them. That way in a few weeks, we can order water to be pumped down into the shaft and drown the beasts, my lord."

Glathor waved his hand and everyone in the tent left at the simple motion. Idron stayed by his Baron's side and the two stared silently at Rickard a moment, who was now fiddling nervously with the corner of the map.
"You wish to shut my mine down for a few weeks. Not to mention how long it will take to clear the water from it and open the shaft back up after you collapse it with explosives. This all sounds costly."
"My lord, it is the only way we-"
"I have another solution. I have had seventeen swords brought with me and six spears. Take twenty of your strongest men and clear it out yourselves. Today."
Rickard's eyes widened at the notion, "You can't be serious? Half of my men could lose their lives doing that."
"Again you say, 'my'. Might I remind you that these are my men. This is my mine. Do I not provide you with a well being, Rickard?"
"B-but my lo-" He was shaking.
"And you have a family to feed. How will they feel if you return to them tonight without a wage?"
"I... I will see it done, my lord." Rickard looked down at the map, defeated.
With that, Glathor took his leave and left the tent. After distrubuting the weapons, he rode off with his guards and Idron without glancing back a single time. Miners were expendable, mines were not.

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