Vaell - Forbidden Love

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Vaell - Forbidden Love

Post by Vaell on Sun May 13, 2012 7:16 am

[Vaell is a Human Magi. A Violet Warden of Dalaran. This takes place prior to Warcraft 3, a time when Dalaran was a flourishing kingdom.]

The doors of the hold slung open, the sound of feet approaching echoed across the hall. Vaell folded the page of his book and put it to one side. He stood and brushed himself down, wanting to look as professional as possible. The Mage-Hunters approached, holding a veiled woman, fully clad in black robes.
"This here's the one, Warden." The Mage-Hunter smiled, clearly pleased by his catch.
"She certainly fits the description. Did she have a weapon?" Vaell replied curiously.
"A staff of sorts, Warden. We conviscated it. You worry about her cell, we'll worry about everything else."
"Indeed." Vaell stepped forward and nodded his head at the other Magi. "That will be all. Thank you."

As the magi took their leave, Vaell turned on his heel and began walking towards the prepared cell. Other Wardens watched as the woman passed, eyeing her suspiciously. Vaell turned to the woman when they finally reached her cell and ran his hand over his beard.
"Will I be executed?" Asked the woman. Her voice was soft and innocent, much unlike her clothing.
"That is not for me to decide." Vaell replied in a textbook tone.
"You are one of them. Surely you can give me a guess?"
"I'm..." Vaell frowned nervously "I would doubt it. You are one of few in here who has dabbled in Fel Magic."

At that, the woman lifted her veil revealing her beauty. She had flowing auburn hair and deep blue eyes that felt foreign to her crimes. Vaell could not help but widen his eyes in disbelief. He had sentenced many to the hold but not one before had even the slightest bit of appeal to his desires.
"Is something the matter with you, Mage?" She asked, insulted by the staring.
"N-Nothing, my lady, I was-"
"Lady? Do you call all of your male prisoners Lord?" She raised her eyebrows.
"No, of course not. It is only that... I did not expect one... like you, to delve in such magic."
She smiled and shook her head "All those tempted by fel magic must have warts growing from their nose and disjointed faces from their 'evil' ways?" She laughed loudly, directly at Vaell.
Vaell proceded to ward her magic in silence and place her in her cell. He felt embarassed by his childish feelings and wanted to get away from this prisoner as soon as he could. As he turned to leave, he gave one last glance at the fel user and she simply smiled back.
"You have a question on your mind, Warden."
"Why did you summon that demon? Why did you kill those men?"
"Two questions? I will answer yours if you answer two of my own after."
Vaell nodded his head instantly, looking for an excuse to speak with the woman.
"I summoned it for the same reason any other mage uses any other spell. Curiosity. I sought to tame the demon and was successful in doing so. Those men came across my cave and attacked 'my' demon. I performed my spells away from any town and any human life. I did not expect company."
Vaell contemplated her answers and went to reply when she interrupted.
"My turn. Firstly, why are you cooped up in this prison and not aspiring to be a Mage-hunter like most young magi?" She asked, a smirk on her lips.
"I get to join them sometimes. Rarely, but if my services are at need. I suppose I just liked the idea of being a Warden. Someone needs to do it."
"Secondly, your name?" This one she asked with a straight face. Vaell had never been asked his name by a prisoner and he knew he shouldn't reply but he did...
"Vaell Silvine. And yours?"
"No. Two questions we agreed on. Return tomorrow and you may ask two more." She replied with a gracious tone and after speaking, walked and sat at the back of her cell.

Vaell came back the next day. And the day after. Vaell kept coming back day after day, week after week for the next couple of months. He learnt almost everything there was to know about Calicia and vice versa. He would keep a stool by her cell and ask two questions, no more - no less. On the final day of the second month, he asked her his second question of the day.
"Secondly, what is the most embarassing spell you have performed?"
Calicia smiled, "I once conjur-"
"Warden Silvine!" One of the Wardens approached him, panting out of breath.
"What is wrong?" Vaell asked, his question on hold.
"The city is under attack, Vaell." The Warden stood, red in the face "Dalaran is under siege."
"Under siege? Who would attack Dalaran?" Vaell narrowed his eyebrows, already knowing the response before it was said.
"The Undead."

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