Awakened / The Execution

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Awakened / The Execution

Post by Aarian Northlight on Fri May 11, 2012 11:51 am

[The rain is heavy. Thunder explodes across the landscape. Flashes of lightening illuminate the sky, giving a moments daylight to a dark, dreary night]

[An Undead being whispers in broken Common...]

Undead: "Awaken, fallen one..."

[A Human, weary and beaten, slowly opens his eyes. He looks down by his chained ankles. The Undead throws a torn Tabard of old at his feet]

Undead: "Your colours, Paladin. This is all that remains of your previous life now..."

[A memory of happier, proud times blinkers into the Human's mind, just for a second]

Undead: "It has taken us over 2 years, fallen one...but finally, we have achieved our goal."

[The Undead chuckles menacingly to himself. The Human tries to speak...heavy breaths and stuttered beginnings of words are all that can be mustered]

Undead: "No...not yet, fallen one. Your time to return to your homeland as a weak, broken man shall come. But not yet..."

[-THUD- ...The Undead delivers a blow with a blunt weapon to the head of the Human...the Human's head drops, blood dripping into the wet, muddy earth under his chained body. Blackness descends over him as he drifts into unconsciousness once again...]


[The Human, beaten and weary, awakens to a shroud of pain racing through his body. He is surrounded by a group of Undead beings, who also have a small audience made up of various races, mostly of the Horde faction...]

Undead #1: "Welcome back, fallen one. I am afraid there has been a change of plan. We are to terminate your existence and send your weak shell of a body back to your homeland to allow your people's final memory of you to be that of a broken man..."

[The crowd let's out a loud cheer of approval, raising their weapons in a bloodthirsty lust for death]

Undead #1: "It has taken us almost 2 years, but your powers and faith in the Holy Light have diminished to zero. We have broken you, fallen one."

[The crowd cheer again as the Undead being, who seems to be the ring-leader of this group, turns to his fellow beings and the crowd. He raises something in the air, which glows brightly and draws gasps from the crowd]

Undead #1: "The power contained within this artefact, drained from our fallen one, shall be harnessed sparingly. We shall channel this power and bend it to our own uses. If we can learn to adapt this power into that of darkness, death, destruction...we shall prove to our Horde bretheren that the Forsaken are a force they need on their side...and that we shall stop at nothing to defeat all that oppose us and hunt us down like DOGS!"

[The crowd launch another, louder, blood curdling cheer, as the Undead being places the artefact into his regalia and turns back to the chained Human]

Undead #1: "And now, bretheren, let us bear witness to the death of one of our most wanted tormentors...Northshire's puppet, founder of an Order created to destory our race...Strormwind's very own...Sir Aarian Northlight.....and let this be the first of many!!!"

[The Undead spits on Aarian's face. He snarls as he takes out the artefact, which appears to be an orb. He holds it high into the air, and begins to seemingly harness the power within it.]

Undead #2: "Die, human, diiiieeee!!"

[The crowd begin to chant as the immediate area begins to shake beneath their feet. Aarian breathes quickly and heavily, knowing his last moments are likely to be upon him now.]

Undead #1: "Aaaaaaaaarrrggghhhhhhh!! Feeeeeeeel the poooooowwweeerr of the corrupted Holy Light, my friendsssss!!!"

[The shaking of the ground becomes more violent, as the orb's brightness begins to get brighter and brighter, bordering on a blinding light.]

Undead #3: "Master!! Be careful!! The power is not-"

Undead #1: "SILENCE, IMBOCILE!!"

Undead #4: "Master!! Do not forget the failed attempt in the laboratory!! Kill him with a weapon!!"

[The Orb begins to make a noise, like a screeching. It is deafening as all around it cover their ears and recoil in pain. Aarian pulls his head back in pain, closing his eyes tightly]

Undead #1: "''s......"


[A massive sonic-boom-like explosion blasts from the Orb, sending everybody flying into the air. Aarian is pushed backward through the air, the stone object he was tied to is broken into pieces. He hits the ground, skidding backwards for a few metres as his chains shatter.]

[Screams and yells engulf the air... a cloud of dust blankets the area.]

[Silence follows, and as the dust clears, coughs and spatterings can be heard. Apart from a few casualties due to flying debris, everyone seems to be un-harmed. The Undead being who was holding the orb rolls over, the Orb still glowing and fully intact. He quickly fumbles it back into his hands and tucks it away, but as he looks up his other prize is Aarian's place lies broken chains and the scattered rubble left from the rock he was tied to....]

Undead #5: *coughing* "Mas...Master.......the....fallen one.....has g.....gone....vanished....."

[The Forsaken in possesion of the Orb stares forward, as his face turns from despair to anger and rage...]

Undead #1: "2 years.....2 years work.....we must not let him return alive.........FIND HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

[The Undead strokes the Orb as his henchmen scramble to their feet and head off into the forests to try and find their 'fallen one']
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Re: Awakened / The Execution

Post by John Helsythe Amaltheria on Fri May 11, 2012 12:37 pm

Welcome back(?)

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Re: Awakened / The Execution

Post by Feydor on Fri May 11, 2012 1:06 pm

Haha Aarian long time no see.

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Re: Awakened / The Execution

Post by Ledgic on Sat May 12, 2012 2:07 am

Just once I'd like you to be away from the game for ages, come back, and something horrible didn't happen to Aarian Wink

Last time he came back with grey hair and half an arm missing.

Do you just hate him or what? x)

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Re: Awakened / The Execution

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