Ancient History

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Ancient History

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((Get yourself a background story for RP, they said... It will be fast, they said...

Well here I am, still building that certain background story for my two favourite RP characters - yes, one of them is the cow you see on the left (though his appearance needs to be delayed yet).
This story is just growing so big, I feel I can not simply hold it in anymore, so I decided to share it, and hope maybe other people can find some entertainment in reading it, as I've done writing it.

Also, as you read, you may notice you don't know any of the names (except the obvious lore characters mentioned at times), but that's okay. In fact, that's how it should be, all the characters are mine, should there be any resemblence in a name, it's a coincidence.

Feedback is more then welcome, as always.))


Brief lore background:
The night elves, as one of the intelligent races with the highest population lived in relative peace for thousands of years on Azeroth.
The elves living in the capital Zin Azshari called themselves Highborne (or queldorei), they were the favored of Queen Azshara. Because of this the other elves (kaldorei) were never too fond of them.
What they did not know however, is that the inhabitants of the palace would be addicted by fel magic.
The Highborne’s corruption drove them to work on summoning Sargeras (the dark titan) and his demonic armies to Azeroth. Sargeras promised them a new world order, one without their brothers and sisters outside the palace.
Fortunately Tyrande Whisperwind and Malfurion Stormrage learnt of the betrayal in time, but the War of Ancients could no longer be avoided.
The long and bloody fight was eventually won by the defenders of Azeroth, but the war took a heavy toll on both the population and the land, forever marking night elven history...
(Side note: the Highborne are actually the ancestors of the blood elves today.)


It was a mild, spring evening. The breezes hardly touched the leaves of Ashenvale's magical crown. Branches grew impenetrably and dense in the higher regions, taking away most of the light from the undergrowth that - with no other enemy - still made a thick layer on the ground.
No orc axes limited the wild prosperity of the forest back then. It has not yet heard the name "Warsong", nor even the one "Burning Legion".
In this Ashenvale a weakened moonlight met two shiny furred black sabers. One was doing her regular evening wash, the other lay in the grass lazily. Their saddled, muscular bodies were just waiting to be able to vanish into the night again, scurrying through the forest as pale shadows. But for that they needed their masters who would give them direction. Who on the other hand kept only muttering to each other.
The male and the female both were hiding their faces with the cowls of their cloaks, that only gave away their silver eyes illuminated by the moon rays from their right. The male wore leather armor and a bow on his shoulder. A keen sword was tightened to his back, the blade decorated by the motives of branches and leaves.
"I'm glad you have come" he whispered, and held the hand of the woman, who tilted her head. A few purple locks fell from her hood. She twiddled reluctantly with her robe that toyed with the tones of black and dark violet. The staff on her back ending in the shape of a first quarter moon pointed to her right, as if it had urged her.
"We can't meet for some time" she finally said.
"Is it the preparation for that ceremony again?"
She looked at him in the eyes, but did not reply, only nodded. He let her hand go then and folded his arms in front of him grumbling.
"She really could allow you some space. Is She even making you feed Her?!"
"Excuse me?" she asked, with some edge in her voice.
The hunter sighed.
"I'm sorry, I did not mean to think ill of Her. I'd just like to see you more."
"It's not possible. Not now. Maybe if..." hearing some movement in the foliage the female quieted, and she looked upward, to her left.
"What is it?" he asked, his eyes following hers.
"I think I've heard something. Are you sure we are alone?"
They both listened intently for minutes, carefully scanning the forest around them from ground to branches.
The male eventually replied:
"I would have noticed being followed" he said confidently "and I know this point falls out of the sentinels' patrol route. Maybe it was a squirrel" he smiled back at the female.
"Maybe..." she sighed surrendering. "But now I must return."
"Stay a little more..." he asked. She kissed the hunter silencing him.
"Next time."
Turning her back on the hunter she set off towards her saber. The beast seeing her master immediately stopped licking herself, jumping to her feet. The female elf quickly seated herself into the saddle, and on their way they were.

The male stood there long, watching moveless as the two figures get further and further from him... and closer to Zin Azshari.

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Re: Ancient History

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((Welcome to my town guys! Please do not break stuff and do enjoy your stay. ^^))

1. One single decision

Valo’naar lay in the southwestern region of Ashenvale. Nothing but mountains in the west and south divided it from the land that had been named Barrens after the War of the Ancients.
It was a hidden village, reaching the nearest elven settlement would take days on saberback.
That is why the devastating blow the Burning Legion had struck on Azeroth did not take so much of Valo’naar.
It had no large weapon stocks, nor magical artifacts, not even enough inhabitant blood to make it worth for the demonic armies. So Valo’naar itself came out of the war relatively lucky, however still many buildings needed to be reconstructed thanks to the sundering, and still many had perished in the war protecting Azeroth.
Many of those who had survived hurried on the main road that night, elegantly dressed.
A sentinel wielding her warglaives watched the crowd from atop a tree. Silver motives curved along her leather armor, her shoulderpads were covered with violet feathers. A circlet held the long dark blue hair from her purple face. Her pupilless eyes wandered between the inhabitants and the figure standing below her.
“A celebration…” she noted with a tad irony “And just who is supposed to watch Ashenvale, while you lot dance, Niriel?”
The elven woman wearing simple skyblue robe smiled speachless. She had silvery white hair, her skin bore a shade of pink. The amulet on her thin necklace leaped downwards, as she picked up an apple from the basket in front of her, throwing it to the sentinel.
“We’ve had to endure many horrors recently. The war, the sundering, not to mention queen Azshara and the highborne turning against us…” Niriel sighed.
“We have mourned the fallen. It’s time to celebrate life” she paused seeing the grimace on the sentinel’s face. “Not that I’d wish for Valo’naar to be known of festivities from now on…”
“It must have been difficult to convince sister Carime” she kept teasing.
“Actually she was the one with the less trouble” the young priestess sighed, trying to avoid, the sentinel’s glare.
Eventually the armed elf broke the setting silence.
“You could bring me some spider kabobs though. Miane does them good.”
“I’ll see what I can do” the priestess winked. She grabbed the basket, and bid farewell, walking towards the central square.
Valo’naar had no less trees than the forest itself, merely the undergrowth was rarer, because of being walked on more.
The scent of the trees that were cared for by elves and whisps made a unique mix with the freshly cooked meal.
No woodworkers were needed; the whisps themselves had shaped tabletops or seats into the trunks for the celebration. Afterwards they would give the trees their natural forms back, preserving their lives so.
Niriel put the applebasket on the ground. Next to her fair colored meatballs lined up on a table, waiting to be skewered and fried by the elf stirring the cauldron in front.
Miane had the job of the cook, and while she had plenty of help, she did not fancy yielding most of the tasks. And, as elves go anyway, one could clearly tell, that she was hunting no demons, nor trolls, does taste however all of her dishes.
She had just told a male where to take a bowl of stag haunch. She turned, flinging her turquoise ponytail in the right, when noticing the priestess.
“Is everything all right?” Niriel asked.
“No, nothing all right!” Miane exclaimed agonized. “Are you sure, the priestesses will like the kabobs?”
Niriel smiled reassuring.
“Miane, everyone likes your kabobs!”
The cook glared at her annoyed.
“Everyone, who is everyone?! I serve rangers and sentinels who wander in the forest any day, but priestess Carime…”
Niriel put a hand on her shoulder.
“Don’t worry Miane, I’m sure nobody is going to question your art of spider meat.”
The cook silenced, with a hopeful smile on her face.

Reaching the tables, Niriel scanned through the guests. The seating clearly defined the ranks of the time.
In the front facing everyone else sat the priestesses, with sister Carime in the middle, who was also the leader of Valo’naar.
Directly in the first lines sat the off-duty sentinels, behind them hunters and eventually came the highborne. Those highborne who had joined the defenders of Azeroth during the war, and were highly recommended to become either druid or priest apprentices afterwards.
Even after Cenarius’ appearance to the elves many of Valo’naar doubted the potential of druidism. It was a new path in the kaldorei culture, and also walked by a lot of formerly traitorous casters. They had a difficult task ahead; instead of arcane – or Elune forbid, fel – that tempted with vast power, they were to take druidism, that required much more patience with no promises of endless might.
Many of them still hesitated to make such a decision. Their fate was yet a mystery to everyone. This is why Niriel intended to welcome those who did make the first step.
On the way to her fellow priestesses she had one or two words with everyone – just a greeting to some, for others a blessing as well. Eventually she made it to the long table, that had been formed after a rather wide trunked tree.
She set off to the right end of it, when she heard her name again.
“Niriel!” sister Carime called out for her.
She was wearing the same ornate purple and blue armor she wore in the final battles of the war. Her turquoise hair was combed to the back, but one tuft sneaked in front of her right ear.
“Niriel, I think it’s about time for you to sit amongst us, is it not, Gweria?”
The priestess near Carime had just glanced at Niriel. Her ivy-green markings reached long under her eyes. She wore her similarly colored hair in a braid, always on the right. She wore a matching, light greenish robe and a black cloak.
“Of course!” she replied with a brief smile, but her glare stopped on Niriel’s chest. “Though I find her clothing somewhat lacking.”
The young priestess looked at herself confused, and noticed that her necklace was missing the moonstone.
“Oh, it must have loosened and dropped.”
“Or it could have been snatched out” Gweria noted.
Niriel peered at the mocking eyes questioning, but before she could have said anything, Carime replied.
“Don’t worry, you will get a new one in the temple.”

Somewhat hesitating, Niriel took the seat on Carime’s left. A wooden mug of moonberry wine and an empty plate lay in front of her. The meals were all placed on one large table until the highpriestess would say her speech.
Niriel’s glance wandered towards the guests again. Their chatter became one quiet mutter. They seemed to be not entirely comfortable.
Either because they were not used to parties, or it may have been the aftermath of the war still, Niriel could not tell.
Clearly, the line in the rear had the most trouble. A lot of them had already finished their drinks. One male was telling Miane that he “accidentally received no wine”, and would definitely need one before the speech.
The young priestess sighed. Magic addiction. If they may not cast spells, they will try alcohol.

“Would she sit there? Would she have tried?”
Niriel’s thoughts ventured to the past.
She found herself thinking that deep inside she does not regret that said choice was never given…
Disgusted of her own self, she pushed the thought away.
Many things would have been different then. Perhaps she wouldn’t even had come that dawn…

The moon was descending taking back her beneficial strength from the kaldorei once again. As nocturnal beings, the night elves had gone resting at these times of the day, leaving only the sentinels on duty watching.
Gweria was holding a speech at the temple’s moonwell, in front of her 20-25 elves were seated, all with mugs in their hands.
Niriel who had been still an apprentice back then, just sneaked inside with a piece of linen, and attempted to make herself as comfortable as possible beside one of the pillars. As if she had been standing there all along.
The moonhall had neither a roof, nor a footing. The four pillars only supported a circle shaped stone, tilting towards inside. So the moonbeams, which the night elf religion considered as the blessing of Elune could reach the water during almost the whole night. The priestesses would thank for the moonwell within a ritual, and then share it with their kin.
“Finally, do not forget, Elune will not deny her love from any of her children!” Gweria finished. Her audience thanked her, and slowly departed.
Niriel walked to the moonwell, and started cleaning it, Gweria sat on the other side. She paged the thick book which contained several pleas towards Elune, pleas of healing.
“You've held a nice sermon" Niriel said.
“You should have heard it from the beginning” Gweria teased, not even looking up from the book “Where were you anyway?”
“I… had some errands to take care of” Niriel replied awkwardly. She felt Gweria’s gaze on her, which gaze soon became an all-knowing grin.
“You were stalking the hunter again, weren’t you?”
Niriel kept working silently, but blushed soon enough.
Gweria paged her book again, shaking her head.
“Elune’s voice is not good enough for him, he rather wishes for the palace! Talk about that!”
"But... she doesn't even come anymore" Niriel added quietly.
"And still he would go out and wait for her?" Gweria snorted surprised. "He clearly doesn't know what to look for in a female."
The apprentice kept herself busy with cleaning, respondless. Eventually, Gweria spoke.
“You know what? Once I’m high priestess, I will announce you as my successor. That ought to mean something for him!”
Niriel looked up in doubt, but saw that Gweria had truly meant it.
“Oh... just because of this...” she stuttered.
“Not just because of this. You are promising Niriel, you place shall be here. And will...” she silenced suddenly scanning through the hall intently.
The apprentice did not look up.
“Thank you for…”
“Hush!” the priestess motioned. Niriel looked at her confused.
Gweria stood up slowly, peering around in front of her searchingly, then she carefully turned. Niriel’s gaze followed hers, and they both noticed a package in the grass behind the well. The apprentice set off to get it, but the priestess held her back, still searching the hall. She started walking behind the well, slowly but confidently. The closer she got the more obvious it became to her that she was going the right way.
She almost made it to the pillars in the rear of the hall, when the targeted figure eventually moved and so became visible. Niriel gasped, only realizing then, they were being watched by someone.

((Part one... of part one. Will post more, but I've got an RP meeting to attend to right now.))

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Re: Ancient History

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((I've noticed these parts may look quite religious. That is actually not a theme for the whole story, nowhere near it, it's just a side effect when one writes about... well... priesthood... Smile )

"Niriel!" the young priestess was snapped out of daydreaming by Carime’s voice. She saw the celebration in front of her once again and she saw that everyone was watching her… for some reason. The elder priestess was standing next to her.
“I’d like you to speak some words as well” she said smiling.
“Me? Oh no no, it’s really not necessary” Niriel stuttered.
“Why, of course it is! This whole celebration was your idea after all, let us hear you!” Carime urged her while forcing her out of the safety of her chair.

“Uh… Greetings” the young priestess started on a shaky voice and kept setting her clothing nervously, to make sure everything looks fine.
“I just… wished to make this celebration, because… our people have had to suffer many horrors, and… but we are here…” she heard Gweria’s sigh, one she did not manage to hold back well. She peered around the gazes all piercing her, and again at a smiling Carime.
“We are here and that’s what counts now. Elune led us through the war and thanks to her blessing, we may be here now. We also do deserve this blessing, as children of the stars. We are worthy of Elune’s protection and what could prove that more than the very fact, that the Mothermoon stood beside us all along, and will stand beside us until the end of time.
So let us show gratitude to Elune for her love. Let us show gratitude to those excellent sentinels, hunters” she motioned towards the guests “and last, but not least, priestesses “she now waved at Carime and Gweria, the latter straightened proudly “without whose bravery and endurance we could not be here today. Let us praise our brothers and sisters in arms, whom the spirits called away from us.”
With eyes closed she paused for a few moments.
“Let us also not forget those of our brothers and sisters, whose minds were poisoned by the ill teachings of the Legion…” these words made crowd stir, Niriel stopped.
“I’ve lost my mate thanks to those “dear” brothers and sisters!”
“I’ve lost my best friend!”
“They do not deserve a second chance! Why didn’t my shan’do deserve one?”
Such things were yelled, which rather made the elves in the last lines wish to leave. Niriel’s voice died, she didn’t know how to secure the moment. But Carime stood up, and motioned for everyone to quiet.
“Calm yourselves. Obviously sister Niriel thought of those of our kin, who had to die from those spells of the Legion that damage the mind itself. This was perhaps the most cruel method of the Legion, that’s why Niriel found it important to remember them so.
But now, I’m pleading you, we have spoken enough, eat and drink while cherishing Elune and the Kaldorei people!”
Carime raised her mug, and the sound of many wooden pieces clashing together made anything else die out.
The young priestess nodded smiling embarrassed and took her seat. Carime did the same.
“What in Elune’s name were you thinking Niriel?” Gweria laughed. “Given one more sentence, and you would have praised Sargeras himself?”
“No, I just thought… they were night elves too!”
“It is my fault” Carime said. “I should have warned you to prepare a speech for yourself.”
“Though, if I may, high priestess, I do think a voice of Elune should always be ready to pick her words carefully.” Gweria added.
Niriel sighed, looking beaten. But Carime patted her on the shoulder.
“This is an old rookie mistake. Worry not. You just need practice.”
Niriel smiled unsurely, and took a long sip of her mug, mostly to hide her face.

“They were night elves too…” she reminded herself again in thought.

Weak, ragged looking ones, like someone who hasn’t slept or eaten for weeks. All their strength was drained by magic, and the horrific effort they needed to open portals for destroyers from other worlds. Just like her.

Niriel remembered the arm of skin and bones, that showed immediately as the oversized sleeve slipped back.
The female of course tried to run, but Gweria was close enough to grab her on the wrist. Training of close combat had been unknown to priestesses back then, and yet the skinny figure could not break free from the grip.
“Enough hiding! Who are you? I don’t know you!” Gweria questioned her.
“Nor will you!” she responded, but the priestess jerked her arm, making her grunt in pain.
“We will see. What is in the package Niriel?”
The apprentice lifted up the thing wrapped in brown cloth and opened it.
“It’s… it’s a baby!” she responded shocked.
“A what?!” Gweria asked again not believing her ears.
“She is soothed by magic. Which will soon diminish, so let me go!” she tried to tear free from the grip, but failed again.
“What kind of magic?” Gweria asked, and since she got no reply, she asked again “You’re from the palace, aren’t you? Can the highborne not take care of their own kin?!”
“She is just a half-blood.”
“Aerondil!” Niriel exclaimed with a shock mixed with fury, causing the other two gaze at her. The caster snorted surprised.
“How do you know…”
“It doesn’t matter” Gweria interrupted her “You’ve heard her. The answer is no.”
“I knew I’d need these” the highborne snorted and reached into her pocket with her free hand taking out a pouch. She lifted it to her other hand, and opened it. The light of dawn shone on gems of various colours.
“Take your blasted rocks out of our holy temple!” Niriel grunted in rage when she heard an almost silent moan.
In her fury she had never noticed that her grasp on the “package” got strong enough to cause pain to the infant. She loosened up immediately and thus the baby quieted. She fondled the tiny ears, which caused an entirely different response. The child attempted to move towards the sweet feeling, even in her sleep. Niriel smiled.

“You must understand” she payed attention to the argument once again “I needed to bring her! The Queen… the Light of lights would wish to present her to the arriving Lord… I don’t want that.
“What lord?!” Gweria snapped.
“I’ve spoken too much as it is!” the captive exclaimed “Don’t the priestesses of Elune themselves keep saying that the goddess won’t turn her back of any of her children?!”
“That sounds a little strange, coming from you!” Gweria snorted in irony.
“But it’s true!” the apprentice shouted, making the other two gaze at her again. She continued softer.
“We can’t turn our backs on a child, sister Gweria.”
“She is Queldorei!”
“But if we raise her in the way of our teachings, she would become our sister!"
The priestess peered at the apprentice silently. She was shocked that by the fact that Niriel would take the side of casters, not to mention that a line of her very own speech had been used against her. Due her hesitation the captive finally broke free, and leaped away immediately.
“Wait!” Niriel exclaimed, making the highborne stop, and slowly turn. The apprentice’s voice softened.
“The journey to Zin’Azshari lasts days. Take some moonwell water!”
“Niriel?!” she heard Gweria’s confused annoyance, but did not react.
“Holy water?” the highborne laughed “I’d rather rely on my own abilities.”
She turned and left.
“What do you think of the name Shelanae?” Niriel asked seemingly rather from the baby herself, than the priestess “gift of the Moon”.
“Have you lost your mind?!” Gweria snapped. “You would give moonwell water to a caster?!”
“Wouldn’t you like to know?”
“Know what?”
“The reason a highborne would bring one of her kin from the palace?”
“Obviously this is just another way to shove their “superiority” into our faces” the priestess grumbled, and left the apprentice.
“And why did she bring her so far?”

“Perhaps this was her last deed before losing herself to madness completely” Niriel decided, taking some grapes from the table.
“If you would please quiet for a short time!” Carime exclaimed standing at the priestesses' table “I think this evening is a fine time for me to announce my successor.”
Everyone paid attention.
“You all know her” Carime continued “She has given away countless blessings. But firstly I chose her for the persistence and heroism she had shown in the war.
Gweria straightened, ready to step forward.
“Please welcome my would be successor with love and respect: Niriel Stargazer!”

The young priestess nearly choked when she heard her own name and every gaze turned on her.
Gweria’s surprise was no lesser though. The guests were clapping and bowing by the time she made it to the table, where Carime also congratulated to a shocked Niriel.
“Sister Carime! Are you sure you have made the right choice?”
“Quite sure, indeed.”
“But… I’ve been researching divine magic for hundreds of years now” Gweria stuttered confused.
“I know” Carime turned to her “And your abilities helped a great deal in the war against the demons. However I feel the rank of the leader requires someone who can give spiritual support to our people now, and I feel Niriel shall be fine for this job. And I know this is the wish of Elune herself as well."
Gweria silenced. No one could argue with the Moon goddess.

Once she had received all the congratulations, Niriel turned to her fellow priestess.
“Leave me be!” she grumbled and made her way towards the wine keg.
Niriel sighed. She knew she stood before a trying path, for that sacrifices would need to be made and did not feel ready at all. But there was no way back.

“Stop!” she heard the familiar voice, and realized that the “sacrifice” would appear soon enough.
A long purple haired girl ran amongst the tables and chairs, clutching something in her right hand.
Followed, though way behind by Miane.
“Stop blasted kid!”
The guests tried to get a hold on her, but even the fastest ones had enough alcohol in them to just grasp thin air.
Finally a male managed to grab her brown cloak. The girl stumbled backwards but managed to keep her balance in the end.
“All my spider kabobs!” Miane panted, when she got to her eventually. “You are going to knead them again!”
“What has she done this time?!” Gweria snorted, getting there first.
“She has shredded all my kabobs! What has that poor meat done to you, tell me!”
The child said nothing, she looked around all the angry and frowning gazes frightened.
“So she shall get a fine punishment!” Gweria grumbled, and grabbed her on the shoulder.
“I’ll take care of it” Niriel said standing between her fellow priestess and the girl.
“You?! Clearly, you’ve taken care of it the last time perfectly!” Gweria snorted with irony, but Niriel ignored the remark.
She led the girl away from the square and the crowd, where it would be only the two of them. Finally everyone returned to minding their own businesses.

“Well?” the priestess questioned.
“I… had a good reason!
“Really? What do you have in your hands, Shelanae?”
The child opened her palm slowly. It held a small oval shaped moonstone.
“That’s mine!” Niriel grabbed her amulet-less necklace instinctively.
“I’ve seen it fall into the meat. Then you rolled it into one of the meatballs, but I did not see which one and…
The priestess sighed.
“…and you have thorn all apart. Look, thank you for getting it back, but for such price… You’ve ruined hours of work, not to mention the meat taken of the creatures of the forest.
Shelanae inclined her head in shame.
“You are going to help out Miane for a month, understood?”
The girl nodded silently.
“Good” Niriel replied satisfied.
“I must leave soon” she admitted.
“Can I go with you?”
“No, it would be far too dangerous for you. Besides, you still have a lot to learn.”
“You will not stay long, will you?”
“I’ll be back before you can cause trouble again!” the priestess smiled and fondled the girl’s long ears.
Shelanae then handed the moonstone to her.
“You know what? Keep that” Niriel replied, closing the girl’s palm “It may come handy in the times ahead.”

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Re: Ancient History

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((This part contains some self made up herb lore, and some ideas of the different lifespans of races. Last time I checked there was no official lore on these, just people with theories. Well, here is mine.))

2. Heritage

A young moon gazed down upon the moonwell of the hall with no roof or no grounding. Three figures sat around it. The air was moveless around Gweria and the young apprentices, who would be guided to the world of divine magic.
Shelanae was muttering with arms wide open, her shut eyes turned towards the sky. Jaheera sat next to her, who was barely a decade older. She used to be Gweria’s only apprentice, but after Niriel left Valo’naar, Gweria had asked to teach Shelanae herself.
Jaheera’s dark blue marked eyes seemed to show mock every single time Shelanae stopped chanting. Since nothing seemed to be appear in the air.

“Focus!” Gweria admonished the practicing elf “This is one of the most simple spells. Start over again!”
Shelanae began once more. She knew the priestess was watching her every feature and pose while listening to her words. Making a mistake will not go unnoticed. But how could she make a mistake even, she had repeated the summoning countless times, and it was indeed one of the shorter spells.
“Enough!” Gweria snapped, when Shelanae finished once again. “You do not manage with healing either. Isn’t there anything you can do?!”
The girl inclined her head in shame.

Gweria took a deep breath, and continued somewhat calmer, while still gazing at Shelanae.
“You speak the words correctly. Perhaps you don’t accept Elune as your goddess?"
“I accept her! I bow before Elune’s might and beg for her mercy!” the girl spluttered the often repeated prayer dutifully, falling to her knees.
“…or is it Elune who doesn’t accept you?” Gweria added coldly.
Shelanae did not respond. She waited movelessly what would come next - being punished or not.
Gweria turned to the other apprentice.
“Jaheera, show us how it’s done.”
The blue haired girl obeyed immediately.

As the chant evolved, the moonrays focused above the well to slowly take a form. The form of a green owl.
After the last word had been voiced, Jaheera spoke:
“I’ll start to fly it upwards.”
“You are already able to speak while summoning! Amazing!” Gweria smiled proudly, taking one crushing glance at Shelanae.
The girl who had been sitting once more grimaced at her fellow apprentice. Then she pulled the hood of her cloak on the head, which made wondrous colors appear to her.

Jaheera’s whole body was surrounded by a light bluish glow. The owl however shone with a silverish white light, besides its original shade of green. Jaheera’s two hands seemed to be bound to the bird by the same moonray shaded beam, working like some kind of leash. Their eyes were connected by a dimmer thread.
The owl served as a scout, the summoner could see the world through its eyes for the time being. The young elves got the task to make the owl fly out of the hall, to the branches of a nearby tree, where a sentinel had been waiting holding the feather. The goal was to be able to tell the color of this feather.

Shelanae did not know what the purpose could be of this strange kind of vision, nor that if the different colors meant anything. But their perfectness and vividness would not cease to amaze her, almost calling out for her.
Forgetting herself for a few moments. she reached a finger out in ave for the connecting thread. She touched nothing but thin air. As always.
She heard Gweria snort. Meeting the priestess’ frown, she withdrew her hands with a quiet sigh.
„Red! The feather is red!” Jaheera smiled proudly, dismissing the owl.
„Well done! Your lesson should be completed for tonight” the priestess nodded with approval.
„Thank you, mistress” the girl inclined her head in respect, and started for the main road.

„Shelanae...” she continued seeing that the other apprentice was ready to leave „where is your cloak from?”
The question found the purple haired elf unready.
„I don’t know, mistress... I have always had it.”
„Hm...” Gweria scanned her measuring ”But it’s no doubt the correct size still.”
„Yes, mistress” Shelanae nodded shyly, unsure where this was going.
„So it is magical, as I had suspected” Gweria rose. „Enchantless clothing is not capable of such. You must give it to me.”
The priestess held a hand out expecting the cloak, but the apprentice hesitated.
„Why?” she stuttered.
„Because no enchanted items are allowed in Valo’naar."
„Sister Niriel has already expected it for any traces of arcane, and said I could keep it!”
"Clearly Niriel disregarded the obvious risks. Now come on, hand it over!” Gweria urged, losing patience.
Shelanae however stepped back.
The priestess snorted angered.
„You will obey me!”

She hurried towards the flinching apprentice, who hit one of the pillars eventually. She stood dumbfounded, unaware of becoming completely moveless.
Gweria suddenly stopped.
„What?!” she snapped while peering around the the hall.
Shelanae did not understand the situation herself, but remained still.
Gweria scanned the hall intently, and started once more. She grabbed Shelanae on the shoulder with a forceful grip, fearing she would slip again, and pulled the hood off her head.
„So this cloak can turn you invisible as well?” with no gentleness she dragged the cloth off the girl’s back.
„A young priestess has no need for such caster junk! Your disobeyance shall be punished!”
Shelanae leaped away to rush towards the village.
„Come back this instant!” Gweria shouted, but it was too late.

Shelanae ran as fast as she could. She did not know where, or if it was wise to run from punishment. She just wanted to get as far from the temple as possible.
She had made her way through the road passing by mature elves, recieving odd glances. A male stopped her eventually.
"Shouldn't you be with your guardian at this time of night?"
Those nearby looked up and were ready to share a lesson about the importance of learning, but Shelanae smiled.
"I need to find sister Miane." She inclined her head respectfully.
The answer seemed unquestionable, which staggered the asker, so the path cleared before the girl once again. She turned slightly making her way to Miane.

It was one of those nights when Miane would be sharing apples with the northern parts of the village. Shelanae found her not farr off from the hunter's hall. Her massive panther was carrying a mighty sack of fruits on its' back. An unhealthily thin male stood next to Miane holding a broom.
Shelanae had never seen hair so dull as his. She could tell from all of this, that he was one of the highborne.
„Sister and brother. That’s how all kaldorei used to call each other once, isn’t it?"
Miane let out a long, drawn-out sigh, and turned her back on the figure.
„I know you have friends within the temple, sister. Mistress!” he pressed „It would take you one mere word to get moonwell water.”

„Even if it was so, I would not give it to a caster like you” Miane snapped.
„Do you know how I live my days? A misery of eternal thirst! Imagine as if desert sand was forced down your throat for the rest of your life! It’s burning! Drowning! Suffocating! Would you watch your bother suffer so?! Just one single draught of the water...
„A single draught? All of the oceans of the world would not be able to soothe your „thirst”. And now be gone, before I decide to get back in the hall!”
The highborne walked away grumbling.
Miane only noticed Shelanae then, smiling a tad embarrassed.

„Shelanae! What are you doing here? Would you like an apple?” without waiting for the response she loaded the girl with three fruits.
„Thank you, sister Miane” Shelanae inclined her head gratefully pausing for a few. „Don’t you happen to know when sister Niriel will return?”
The cook chuckled.
„How would I know that? Niriel must travel around Kalimdor, so she could introduce herself to high priestesses everywhere, including Tyrande Whisperwind. I think that alone may take years.”
„I see” the girl replied sadly.
„Now now what’s the matter?” Miane fondled her ear. “Sister Gweria will make a fine priestess of you by then I’m sure! By the way... shouldn’t you...”
“Yes, and I need to go!”
With that Shelanae hurried away.

She ran past the highborne, with the fruits in hand. The male just kept gazing at the road moving the broom mechanically. The leaves he was supposed to sweep more than once scattered randomly, but he did not seem to care. He just stood there, sweeping.
The whole scene seemed so sad to Shelanae that she walked to him.
„Would you like an apple?”
The male turned her gaze slowly at the girl.
„You want to give an apple? To me?” he asked surprised, but not of joy.

Shelanae hesitated. She noticed the questioning look Miane shot at them.
„You’ve said you were thirsty!” she pressed.
„How dare you?!”
The boney fingers suddenly grabbed Shelanae’s shirt.
„The world was to be mine! THE WORLD! What should I do with a damned apple?” he shouted, eventually grinning madly „I could burn you right now.”
„Enough, caster!” a male voice growled from behind the highborne, which made him let go of the girl and turn.

A figure with thick green beard and mustache stood threateningly close behind him, armed with a large mace.
„Return to your duty, if your life means anything to you!”
The highborne snorted, but he grabbed his broom and left them.
Shelanae still shuddered when the male spoke again, in a friendlier tone.
„I’m Nefamur, and you are careless to seek the company of casters. And I believe...” he added „you should not be here at all.
Shelanae did not respond still shaken, the punishment didn't sound so bad anymore though.
Nefamur smiled.
„Until you decide to speak, let me share some knowledge of herbs.”

„Silverleaf serves as first aid if you are injured, it will cease bleeding” Nefamur walked to a small bush „You simplry twirl it off with ease, one leaf should be enough.”
The two were wandering in the forest the male showing the herbs of Ashenvale to the girl, who was listeining inently.
„The leaves are long, with a defining silverish shade. The stem of mageroyal should be touched with care, since it’s covered by thorns. They break off easily though and the inner fluids are good for a sore stomach. Unlike the thorns of briarthorne – these are so tough, that they can do harm even to demonic skin!” he smirked lifting his mace from his back. The business end had vines of the stinging herb fastened on it.
„And this one is peacebloom” he motioned towards a small flower „The leaves are good for pain. The petals however... ah, maybe you should not know that.”

Shelanae looked at him curiously.
„Tell me, please!”
„Well” he peered around searching for any eavesdroppers „have you ever seen a priestess falling into trance during meditation?”
She nodded.
„Well, this is what happens if they chew more peacebloom than needed!” he chuckled, meeting the girl’s questioning gaze.
„Ah, you will understand. But know that the stem of kingsblood helps at these times, but only the stem! The leaf and the bloom are poisonous. Though... the root can be brewed to a nice potion...” he added getting carried away a bit.

„Err... let’s take a rest here, I still have something very important to show you” Nefamur responded slightly embarrassed. He sat down, crossing his legs.
Shelanae did the same. Nefamur took a deep breath, looking at the girl in the eyes.
„We are night elves, Shelanae” he shut his eyes before continuing „We are born to long lives, longer than most of the races on Azeroth. The blessing the Timeless One had gifted us with shall affect our lives even more so. Our ideas of time is different. A moment to us may mean a lifetime to other people. If we wished to live our life according to our own ideas of time, our enemies could easily use that against us. We must be able to adapt to their own pace at all times, be it trolls or demons!” he warned her.

„Then again we can not deny our origins. An elf who does not return to the pace of his or her heritage every now and then is sentenced to the same grim fate as the one unable to leave it. This is why you need to learn... meditation, Shelanae.
The words seemed to get slower and quieter each moment.
„Maybe... you do not see the importance... in this... being barely a hundred... but... an elf’s strength... lies... within...”
The speech died off eventually turning into steady snuffle. Shelanae opened her eyes curiously. After waiting a few moments she walked to him, to gently pull his arm.
„Nefamur... Nefamur!”
The only thing she achieved was his head tilting forward.
She sat down again, sighing. Waiting for a night elf male to wake up could become easily certainly trying...
After some time she decided to gather herbs of her own.

She had a handful when she heard laughter. She started in the direction and soon found Jaheera placing a white strand in the hair of another girl, Nalyah. The third one Falanis noticed Shelanae first.
Jaheera turned around.
„Shelanae?” she asked reluctantly „Are you alone?”
Jaheera soothed and showed the white strand to her.
„Do you know what this is?”
She shook her head.
„This is a hair from the tail of a stag!”
The others snickered.

„Bet you can’t get one!” Jaheera challenged.
„Isn’t this forbidden?” Shelanae asked unsurely.
„Of course it is! But that’s exactly what makes it interesting!”
Shelanae thought for a moment.
She nodded boldly, which made the others cheer.
It didn’t take too long to find a stag munching on a bush. Shelanae snuck upon the animal. She managed to move so silently that not even her own ears could pick up her steps. The stag grazed unknowingly.
The elf carefully reached out, and after a quick pluck she had her loot in hand already.
The beast sprung startled, and turned.
The girl barely reaching up to its breast did not frighten it. It snorted wildly, and would have horned her off her feat, hadn’t she leapt away.

Shelanae ran, followed by the stag, which got closer and closer. She gathered all her strength and speeded up as much as she could. The distance between them started growing. They were approaching Valo’naar however, and she had no intention to drive the wildened beast to the village.
With no better choice in head, she chipped the hair between the teeth and grabbed the lowest branch of a nearby tree, pulling herself up.
The beast dashed against the trunk once, almost making the girl lose her balance, but she did manage to find a steady grip. She looked up to searched for something she could use...
The tree had plenty of nuts, still green, but tough enough. She reached up for some.
The stag was ready to charge the tree again, upon approach, it recieved heavy nutfire on the head and back. The beast whickered frustrated. It finally gave up and trotted away.

The elf slowly caught her breath, and climbed down.
She found the others soon and showed her loot proudly.
„Not bad” Jaheera noted on a tone more surprised than Shelanae would have expected.
She peered at the strand of the others questioning.
„Yours look so different... They are not of stags, are they?”
„Strings of a fallen feather” Jaheera shrugged.
Shelanae snorted in anger, but her expression soon turned into a satisfied grin.
„I could snatch fur from a stag, while you only managed to scavange!”

„Yes, you did well, Shelanae” Jaheera reassured „Probably you could snatch other things as well.”
„I need to go back to the village!” Nalyah interrupted.
„Me too!” Falanis urged.
„Fine” Jaheera turned to them „But do not forget the promise you made!”
Each put a hand to the heart, and left them.

„Cowards” Jaheera remarked once the two got out of earshot „You are not like them, I know” she turned back to Shelanae „And I also know how to get your cloak back.”
„My cloak?” Shelanae asked in doubt „sister Gweria took it.”
„Just like she took many other magical items” Jaheera nodded „They are going to be burned tonight.”
„Burned?! Where?”
„I have a deal for you. I’ll take you to the place, and you take your cloak back... along with a book on magic!”

Shelanae looked at her fellow apprentice with both shock and confusion.
„I... I can’t do that! Those books are forbidden! Sister Gweria will be enraged if she finds out!”
„But you are fast enough for her not to find out!”
Shelanae hesitated. She thought of sister Niriel who would surely be against such a plan. But she was on a journey Elune knows how far then, and by the time she would return, it would be too late for the cloak.
„No deal means no cloak!” Jaheera crossed her arms stubbornly.
Shelanae sighed.
„So be it.”

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Re: Ancient History

Post by Celaraa on Sun May 13, 2012 3:14 pm

((I am enjoying this Smile ))

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Re: Ancient History

Post by Thygore on Sun May 13, 2012 3:19 pm

((Thank you very much ^^))

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Re: Ancient History

Post by Thygore on Thu May 24, 2012 3:00 pm

((Finally got to finish this chapter. Smile
Also added a little lore background in the first post, for whoever may find it useful.))

The two elves made their way through devious and thick pathways. They had to climb rocks, and one time jumped across a brook. This route was used mostly by sentinels, and they wandered the branches.
They got to a clearing eventually. Many items lay in the middle.
“How did you know they would be here?” Shelanae asked.
„Summoning an owl scout is very useful, you really should learn it” Jaheera smirked. „But now hurry before it’s too late!”
Shelanae nodded determined, and set off leaving the older elf watch from behind a tree.

As she approached, she found herself amazed to see so many items sentenced to disposal. Robes, cloaks, wands, staves, runed books... a highborne would have probably seen the stack as treasure.
Shelanae digged in. Some objects shone with blue, red or purple energy, but all of them felt tingling by touch. Some more so than others.
Her fingers met a familiar feeling. She clenched and pulled her cloak out.
She embraced the piece of cloth in the sudden rush of joy. Inspecting it carefully she found it in the same shape as ever. She glanced back at Jaheera grinning.
The other elf shot a brief smile in her direction, but then nodded urging.

Shelanae quickly put the cloak on her back and started to search for a book.
She lifted one bound with purple linen. As she opened it, she saw one violet beam, and felt as if millions pebbles were thrown into her face. She gasped and quickly closed the book, ceasing the strange sensation with it. It must have been some kind of a protective spell against unwanted peekers, she figured and threw it back.
She didn’t lift the second book, trying to open it carefully with a staff instead.

No spell guarded this one, so she took a closer look.
On the first few pages she came across with a drawing of an elf with no limbs or ears, a red rune marking the stomach.
„Preparing bodies for felguard enhancing ritual” the title said.
Shelanae shuddered and shut the book digging it deep into the stack.
She inspected a few more writings, but none of them seemed right; either the tingling around them was too intense, or the spells inside looked way too destructive.
She found herself agreeing with priestess Gweria on a lot of the items gathered, even if not all.

She finally came across a book with brown cover. This was the first item with no tingling at all, so she opened it.
„Mixtures and potions brewed of herbs; Alchemy”
Signed by the author... Nefamur? The girl was struck as odd.
She turned the pages curiously. It was a collection of recipes for elixirs and potions, some for healing wounds, some for increasing one’s strength, but other brews were to make the consumer taller or wiser.

She paged the book amazed, when she heard the flapping of wings. She glanced up to find a green owl just above her.
She sprung to her feet, only to see Carime and Gweria rushing towards her.
There was no sign of Jaheera.

She grabbed Nefamur’s book and made her way to the forest.
„Shelanae!” Gweria’s yell pierced her ears, but did not make her stop.
The distance between them was long enough and she was sure to outrun the priestesses.
„Come back here!” Gweria shouted once more, but the girl was just getting further and further. She stopped trying to catch her breath „Did you see what she took?”
„I’ve only seen the cloak clearly” Carime panted.
„I should have seen this coming!” Gweria snapped angrily.
„Let it go” the high priestess kneeled to arrange the items in the smallest circle possible for the fire. „After all, it is a harmless cloak.”

Gweria paused for a moment before joining her.
„I don’t know, Carime” she said eventually „I’m unsure to leave any kind of magic in the grasp of a Highborne.”
Their gazes met.
„Didn’t Niriel mention?”
„No” Carime replied with edge in her voice „neither have you.”
Gweria’s pretended surprise shifted to real dismay.
„Sister Carime” she said avoiding her superior’s peer „since Niriel is the girl’s guardian, I felt it would be not my place to interfere.”
„What kind of response is that Gweria? We all are responsible for our young. And I do believe complete honesty is the least to accept within the temple of Elune.”
„Yes, Sister Carime.”
„Though... we still may be able to benefit from the situation.”

„Think about it Gweria. Who be more capable to keep an eye on the Highborne than one thaught in the ways of Elune?”
After a few moments of consideration she continued.
„Let Sentinel Elai train her from now on.”
Gweria swallowed a grumble.
„Yes, Sister Carime.”

The moon was setting by the time Shelanae got back to Nefamur.
She sneaked facing the still snooing male clutching the herbs collected.
She tried to sit as silently as she could, but Nefamur suddenly gasped, finding her midway.
„I... I’ve got the herbs you asked for” she said eventually handing the bunch over.
The older elf scratched his temple confused.
„Eh... Of course! Thank you” he responded finally, taking the herbs.
„I think it’s due time to go back to Valo’naar though.”
Shelanae sighed and nodded. As she readied herself to leave she still felt Nefamur’s gaze on her back.
„Hm” he muttered, making her glance at him.

„You have some plant bits stuck on your shirt.”
He swepts the particless of with a hand. „I do hope you are going to practice meditation as well” he smirked.
Shelanae smiled relieved and nodded.

„Nefamur” she called after a short pause.
She eyed him for some time, finally wording a different question she was going to ask.
„Will you teach me more of herbs?”
„Of course.” Nefamur replied casually.
Shelanae nodded wuth a brief smile and followed him back to the village. Preparing herself for what would await in the temple...

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Re: Ancient History

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