Brief Encounter With Death

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Brief Encounter With Death

Post by Ghelgor on Sat May 05, 2012 4:33 pm

Ghelgor's breathing slowed steadily and time followed suit, allowing the savage Orc to feel every fibre of his being succumb to the wounds inflicted on his body by the blades of his enemies. Another glorious battle had taken place, the field was littered with the dead and dying. The multitude of dying sighs and whispers formed a sea of sound wafting over and around Ghelgor. He managed a weak smile, he was pleased and proud. He had taken out enough enemies and stood his ground long enough, surely now his ancestors would welcome him into their midst and give him a seat of honour, beside his father. The gentle breeze made the tall, brownish grass caress his face as he took his last breath.

The world around him swirled, resembling something he knew but couldn't put his finger on. There were no colours, a drab grey shadowy mass was all there was. He could only see a short distance before the shadows blurred and obscured his vision. He was surprisingly clear-headed, suddenly realising he'd been here before, several times in fact. He looked around, searching for the being he knew would be there to greet him.

"Ghelgor Bloodfiend... here again are we?"

The ephemeral being shimmered as it hovered in the air, it had lips but they didn't move as it spoke. The voice itself echoed the blurry shadows around them, it was impossible to determine emotion or gender. Ghelgor bowed his head in greeting.

"I am a determined Orc."

The being flickered, Ghelgor felt light-headed but fought the urge to sit down. As the feeling passed, he shook his head and focused his attention on the being again. It had stopped flickering, and he could feel it's eyes on him.

"You have fought valiantly, Ghelgor Bloodfiend. Many enemies litter the field of your demise."

Ghelgor grinned, he knew he'd done his ancestors proud. This was to be his end, and he would be remembered for his courage, his strength and his honour.

"But... this is not your time. You have more work to do in the world you've left behind."

Ghelgor's dreams came crashing down and he stared at the arrogant figment of shadows with a growl.

"What!? What is it you ask of me? When is it finally my time!?"

"You do not want to live?"

The indifferent voice started to drive Ghelgor crazy, he had been denied his great exit so many times already.

"I don't mind living, but I resent these constant survivals! It's embarrassing..."

The being flickered again, a soft echo bounced across the shadows. It was laughing.

"Your feelings or opinions are of no concern to me, you will live. I will see you again."

As he tried to run at the being, a fist poised to strike, Ghelgor tripped and fell. The fall seemed to last forever, the shadows embracing him as he fell and fell. In a violent upheaval, the world seemed to turn upside down twice. He heard voices and felt the grass on his face again. Above him towered a Tauren Druid, her large hands glowing green with healing energies.

"Ghelgor? Are you alright?"

Ghelgor grimaced and coughed, his mind was a mess and he tried his best to sort it. A fleeting memory beckoned him, a shadowy realm, a being of dim light... no, it escaped him. Must have been a dream.

"I'll be fine..."

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