Forest Excursion

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Forest Excursion

Post by Ghelgor on Sat May 05, 2012 4:19 pm

Sounds were everywhere in the forest, the cold rain battering the ground and trees around him. He stood completely still in the thick foliage, his eyes methodically scanning the surroundings for his elusive prey. The grey hazy light that managed to get through the storm clouds was of little help in his chase. He knew what he was up against, and the odds were not in his favour. These forests were the ancestral home of the Night Elves, and they knew their way around them like he knew his way around Orgrimmar. So here he was, hunting a Night Elf in the middle of Ashenvale with rain covering all sounds and the light allowing the elf to hide without any effort. Perhaps chasing after the skinny bastard hadn't been such a good idea after all.

Ghelgor tightened his grip on his axe and moved slowly through the tall grass and bushes. He'd look like a right fool if he came back without any blood on him, having rushed after the saboteur like a berserker. One of the lumber camp's most important machines was a useless hunk of metal now thanks to her. Exacting bloody vengeance on the elf would make him look very good in the eyes of the officers, and besides, it would be fun. He squinted as the rain tried to force its way through his eyes, he could barely see a thing. Every sensible part of him told him to leave it and head back while he still knew the way, but their pleas fell on deaf ears. For him, the battle had started at the moment he saw the elf, leaving now would be the same as surrendering. Ghelgor did not surrender.

He let out a roar and tumbled forwards as he felt an arrow pierce his shoulder. As he regained balance, turned around and squinted in the direction the arrow had come from, he could see nothing but more forest. Now he was the hunted, and the hunter was in no rush to claim her kill. Ghelgor reached over his shoulder and broke the arrow off, tossing the end of the shaft aside. This was going to get messy, and he could do nothing but wait for his opponent's move. A slight rustling of leaves was all he heard before he felt a sharp blade slash him across the back. He roared again, quickly turning around while swinging his axe at random. Naturally, he hit nothing, and behind him the forest was rainy and empty. He ignored his wound, if he wasn't dead already then it couldn't have been too bad, and roared.

"Come out and face me properly, you coward!"

The response came in the form of something blunt hitting him in the back of the head. With his vision darkening, Ghelgor turned around, only to receive another blow in his face, sending him falling to the ground like a tree struck by lightning. Through cloudy eyes, he looked up at the lean but muscled form of a Night Elf female. She grinned at him and put a dagger to his throat. Her melodic voice spoke to him through gritted teeth.

"Anu dor'ano fal eburi dur diel nor mandalas. Balah ethala ano mush anu osa. A rini anu do'rah thus shan're shari thus shar dorini tal su thus falla."

Ghelgor grinned, showing off rows of bloodied teeth. He knew he only had precious few seconds to act, or his life would be at a sorry end. As he felt the pressure on his throat increase, he reached up and grabbed the elf's head with a speed that surprised both the elf and himself. With one strong motion, he snapped her neck and tossed her to the side.

He stayed still on the forest floor, letting the rain clean the blood from his face, as he caught his breath. Feeling his throat he realised how close to death he had actually been. The cut was not fatal, but it was dangerously deep. He ripped some cloth from the elf's clothes and fashioned a temporary bandage to keep from bleeding to death. He stood up slowly, his balance was not yet recovered and he was in no rush to get back on the forest floor. With a grin, he grabbed one of the elf's legs and started dragging the corpse towards the camp. It was time to return with his trophy.

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