[IC Posters] Wardens of the Blade

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[IC Posters] Wardens of the Blade

Post by Dorothee/Duvaineth on Thu May 03, 2012 1:22 pm

Posters have been placed around the Ebon Hold

Wardens of the Blade

Within the plagued halls of The Ebon Hold,
through the ashes of the fallen Shroud,
a new Military Order has arose

A Horn of Winter blows, echoes tunes of war
within these mighty halls, a call to those loyal to the Ebon cause,
seeking a purpose in their life of death. The gates are open to all
capable of wielding a sword. Pledge an oath sealed in blood,
to the most fierce military order that has ever marched the face of Azeroth.

We are Wardens of the Blade...those Who oppose , shall look into our eyes, one last breath of fear, before they choke on their own blood.

( Warden Emblem would be in the backgroud)
( ooc-if interested contact any of the orders members and we can arrange an ic interview)

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