[Book] The ultimate blade

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[Book] The ultimate blade

Post by Jeanpierre on Thu May 03, 2012 2:27 am

There was a legend of a blacksmith, a Dwarf strong and clever, a beard long and white with wisdom and experience. His skills were subject of tales and dreams, for his hands crafted blades reputed to be indestructible and so sharp no armor could stand against them.

So Thomas was raised with the legend of this blacksmith as a child, and he often whispered to himself: "I will try to make the ultimate blade... and follow his example"

When Thomas had come of age, and was free to choose his own course, he set out for the great libraries of Stormwind, for he knew he would have to know all about the best metals and techniques. So he studied, years and years, till he could copy the books he studied word for word. So he had gathered all knowledge he could read on metallurgy, and ores, and mining, and blacksmithing, and inscriptions, and gemming.. of weights and handles.. sheats and oils. It took him many years, but he would not pauze to study for his dream.

But in his books, he also learned of references to books not found in the libraries of Stormwind. So he set out to the city of Dalaran, and worked to befriend himself with the mages, so he would be permitted to study the books they had. Years passed, for their books were so numerous that reading them took five whole years, and Thomas took many more to copy each and study them thoroughly. When the first gray hairs appeared on his head, he closed the final page of his last book.

Alas! In these books.. were references to the great Dwarven clans and their secret and hidden knowledge. So Thomas set out to trace the ruins of lost Dwarven fortresses. He relied on his cunning and wisdom gained with the years to search for this knowledge in relative safety. So he gathered great works on the forging of blades of near legendary powers. He studied the Dwarven obsession for the forge and work of metal, hoping to unwravel the mysteries of what they had found.. but also to discover if there were any blind spots left in their search.

Time passed, and his hairs grayed.. and finally Thomas decided to visit the ancient, legendary blacksmith among the Dwarves. Though both would now bear gray hair, Thomas felt at last he could stand before the Dwarf and ask the final ingredients for forging the ultimate blade.

So Thomas set out to find the blacksmith, and rejoiced at being permitted a visit of this Master. So Thomas eagerly explained to the Dwarf his year long search, study and research in ingredients. So Thomas explained about his gathered knowledge of gems, of metals, of inscriptions, of blessings, of forges and fires. No less than three times was the old blacksmith awakened, as he dozed from age, to continue the tale.

When at last Thomas has ended his presentation, he offered the old blacksmith an inventory of all the books he had read and written. With this inventory, he asked the old Dwarf:
"But though I have studied all, I still do not know how to make a sword of powers as legendary as your crafts. What do I have to do to forge the ultimate blade?"
To which the old Dwarf gave Thomas a measuring stare, before indulging him in the great secret:
"You try."

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