Serrar and Chey

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Re: Serrar and Chey

Post by Sabien on Wed May 23, 2012 1:19 pm

Sabien tried hard to hide a smirk but failed, as Dia squared up to him waving her daggers in front of his face.
"That was a sorry excuse of an apology, Ive had better from lower life than you" she raged.
He looked down at her, a good head and shoulders shorter than him and laughed.
"It's all youre getting sweetheart..." he started knowing the term sweetheart would only send her off on another rant about respecting her rank and his sisters in the Thorns. He wasn't disappointed. He barely heard.
"Show some respect to your superiors....unless you want to spend some time in Netherstorm..." she glowered at him.
What the fel was she on about? Netherstorm? He raised an eyebrow.
"Look youve had your apology so why don't you just put the daggers away and lighten up?" he asked giving her a half smile.
"Just learn some respect..or I might just forget my oath..believe me they'd never find the body" she replied feistily and held her dagger inches from his face.
Sabien grabbed her slim wrists in one strong hand and pushed her back a fraction.
"Behave yourself sweetheart, you'll have someones eye out..."
"That Sabien" she spat "is my intention" and yanked her wrists free.
Fel, she was like a little red alley cat, he thought.
"Sister..." he laughed "you know what you need don't you?"
She gave him a look dirtier than undercity sewers and sharper than her blades.
"And what might that be?" she spoke in a voice that told him that was a question he'd better not answer.
He smiled dryly, grabbed her wrist again in one hand and pulled her to him forcefully, causing her to cannon into his chest. With his free hand he grabbed her hair and pulled her head back. Leaning over her, his lips a fraction from hers he hissed.
"You really need to get laid..and if youre lucky I must just do it for you" then without warning pressed his mouth to hers in a hard but brief kiss, before releasing her.
He half expected her to lunge at him with her blade, so it was with some surprise he felt her stamp on his foot, slap his face then run from him.
Rubbing his cheek and cursing the throb in his foot he laughed as he watched her run.


Arli joined him in the inn, a perplexed look on his face as he walked across the crowded inn.
"Hey Sab" he greeted " did apologise to Dia didn't you?"
Sabien nodded "As ordered yes Sir" then grinned and pointed to the bottle on the table. "Help yourself"
"Only she didn't sound overly happy on comms just now"
Sabien raised his eyebrow and hid a smirk. As he suspected she hadn't told Arli.
"I said sorry, she accepted..." he countered.
Arli nodded not looking convinced
"I ain't saying it again"
Arli shook his head "'s ok..I'll take your word, just she was..." Arli shrugged, took a shot of bourbon "forget it"
Sabien nodded and looked at Arli questioningly as he downed another then another bourbon.
"Go get the drinks in Sab" he slurred a little while later having finished the last of Sabiens bottle.
Another bottle later and Sabien was surprised the kids eyes were still open let alone focusing on him.
"Tell me gain wha you said to Dia..." he slurred.
On and on in Sabiens ear Arli, slurred and questioned him about the apology to Dia..had he said it..really...she hadn't been happy...was he sure?
"Look Arli Ive told you..said it she said drop it..."
Arli's eyes flashed angrily.
"I'm Deathmaster, you don..." he slurred again
"Ok Ok I kissed her..." Sabien started
Arli's mouth opened then shut again, Sabien would have laughed, but when he looked Arlis face was set in an expression of thin lipped anger.
Sabien opened his mouth to explain it had just been a lesson to her..."and really mate you should give her a good sorting out..." when Arlis fist impacted with some force on his face.
"You little bastard..." Sabien hissed and stood up to face Arli, who by this time had wildly and drunkenly swung another punch.
Sabien side stepped the fist just glancing off his chin. He clenched his fist.
"I dare you..." swore Arli looking angrily at Sabien and launched another blow which Sabien dodged.
"Why...? wrong to hit a deathmaster..gonna send me to Netherstorm as well?" Sabien goaded.
Arlis fists flew again, wildy and uncontrolled his anger fuelled by bourbon.
Sabien feinted and avoided the messy flails, his patience wearing thin. The kid was -really- starting to piss him off now.
"Oi Deathbunny!" Sabien said and as Arli turned to swing again Sabien landed him a short sharp punch on the jaw.
"Gentlemen!" yelled a voice down the inn "Take it outside if you brawling on the premises"
The packed inn it seemed had all turned to watch the unfolding spectacle of two Vile Thorns publicly beating the crap out of each other.
They were all but manhandled outside and left on the pavement.
"Arli..go home! Sleep it off" said Sabien,adding with a laugh "On the floor..."
Arli launched himself in drunken fury at Sabien, lashing wildly with his fists, some blows hitting their target some not.
Sabiens face darkened and Arli too drunk to notice continued his assault.
Sabien clenched his fist and landed a hard punch on Arlis face, sending him reeling back but before he could keel over Sabien had pulled him back by the tabard and struck him again, then again, cold anger driving his fists home with painful accuracy.
"You'll go to Netherstorm...." said Arli angrily as he tried to dodge the fist.
Sabien dropped Arli.
"Tell you what" said Sabien in short clipped angry syllables "Why don't you stick Netherstorm where the sun don't shine" he pulled off his tabard and threw it at Arli "and shove that with it...."
Arli caught the tabard. "Fine...!"
"And tabard means..." Sabien grinned coldly, drew back his fist and sent a powerful punch from the shoulder into Arlis cheek.
"Now go home..."
Arli looked up at Sabien from the pavement. "Give me your comms...youre out.." he snapped slurring slightly from too much bourbon and a swollen lip.
Sabien threw the unit to Arli and turned on his heel, walking away before the urge to beat Arli to death became too much.

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Re: Serrar and Chey

Post by Guest on Thu May 24, 2012 12:22 am

Arli dropped the holdall at his feet and stood before the door. He'd few friends he could call on and although Kel'dos might just add a few more bruises, his hope was that Chey would take pity on him. Arli raised his hand to knock; he hesitated a moment and then with a muttered “please let Chey answer...” he rapped his knuckles firmly on the wooden door, quickly rubbing his hand to try and disperse the pain from his bruised knuckles.

A few seconds later, the door opened and there stood Kel’dos. “You’ve a nerve showing up here, Sunblade” he said coolly. His face remained impassive although it was clear that Arli had recently taken a beating, cuts were still weeping and there was dried blood on his tabard and armour.

“I didn’t sell you out, you know that.” replied Arli with far more confidence than he felt. “But..I..kinda had a disagreement with Sab”; Arli’s voice trailed off. He didn’t want to admit he’d started a fight that he’d subsequently lost. A pair of arms wrapped around Kel’dos’ waist and then Chey ducked under Kel'dos' arm, her face registering a look of concern on seeing the state Arli was in. Kel’dos put his arm around Chey and looked at the bag at Arli’s feet and then back at him, his expression remaining unreadable.

“I..I’ve left Dia, she..” Arli paused, unable to say about how he thought that she had betrayed him with Sabien. “Look...I need some place to get cleaned up a bit, crash out for the night...” continued Arli hesitantly, adding with a small forced laugh “...and you should see the other guy”.

“Then get a room at an Inn or piss off back to your Grandfather's” replied Kel’dos

“I’m kinda broke, just paid the month's rent this morning can you believe?" he laughed bitterly; " welcome back at the Dawnrunner’s right now” he added, looking at Chey and giving her a small smile. Kel’dos face darkened and Arli quickly looked back at him, dropping the smile.

“Bye, Arli” replied Kel’dos, slamming the door.

Arli's shoulders slumped slightly, then he picked up his bag and walked back down to the street, stopping to think through his options. He’d head to Eversong perhaps, clean the blood, his blood, off his armour in a stream and then try and get a few hours sleep - before facing the Thorn Master to explain why he had been fighting at the Inn and on the streets of Silvermoon with Sabien and why, shortly afterwards, Sab had left the Thorn brotherhood.


As the door closed, Chey looked up at Kel’dos, a worried look on her face. “He looks wrecked, Serrar, physically and emotionally”.

“He’s not our problem, Chey” replied Kel’dos with a small smile, “and remember last time he stayed?"

“I know, but he let me stay at his place during the trouble even though it got him in deep water with Dia", Chey glanced to the closed door and then back at Kel'dos; "It looks like Sabien really laid into him....”

“I'm sure Sab had good reason, besides, the kid needs to learn when to shut his mouth.”

“He’s hurt and he’ll be upset about Dia...please Serrar, just for tonight? I can help clean him up, be a sympathetic ear and then he will be out in the morning”

Kel’dos looked into Chey’s worried face and knew the longer he stalled, well the further he’d have to run to find Arli and bring him back.

“One night” said Kel’dos firmly, turning and heading out of the apartment.



Arli stopped and turned to see Kel'dos running towards him. Instinct told him to get the fel away; Kel'dos had always been too ready to use his fists to deal with whatever annoyed him. Arli sighed heavily, he'd not be able to outpace Kel'dos right now, might as well start the fight while he was not out of breath. He dropped his holdall and subtly changed his stance, ready to parry the first attack. Kel'dos noticed the change and slowed to a walk a short distance away.

"Don't be stupid....come on, you can get cleaned up and stay tonight." said Kel'dos, walking over to Arli and picking up the heavy holdall. "But I want you out in the morning and I mean permanently out of our place".

"Thanks Kel" replied Arli gratefully.

"Lucky for you, Chey took pity on how pathetic you look" replied Kel'dos with a faint smirk.

"C'mon admit it, she wanted someone good lookin' around the place for a change" replied Arli with a grin, wincing as his split-lip stung.

Kel'dos laughed and slapped Arli across the back of the head as they started the walk back home.


"Wakey wakey" said Kel'dos lightly slapping Arli's face.

Arli slowly opened his eyes and took a few seconds to take in his surroundings.

"Here" said Chey offering him a mug of strong black coffee; Arli pulled himself into a sitting position and returned Chey's smile as he took the coffee. She had tended to his wounds and then they had stayed up late into the night talking over all of his problems, "Fel" thought Arli to himself as he rubbed his forehead, the hangover taking it's toll, "How does she look so alive and awake when I feel almost dead". Kel'dos leaned against the kitchen counter and cradled his mug of coffee, watching Arli as he did so; Chey had already told him that she had said that Arli could sleep on the couch for another night, give him time to find some place to live. Kel'dos had struggled to hide his annoyance.

"So, Sunblade, going to get a place in Silvermoon or some place a little cheaper? I hear Tanaris is good this time of year."

Arli smiled slightly and then sipped his coffee. Unsure of whether Kel'dos was joking or not, he looked to Chey for reassurance.

"I'll help you look today, Arli, we can start in Silvermoon and then look further afield if we have to" she replied, slyly nudging Kel'dos in the ribs. Kel'dos laughed and put down his coffee, pulling Chey close to him as she looked up and they exchanged intimate smiles.

"I' check mail and stuff" said Arli quickly.

"Good, kid" replied Kel'dos without looking away from Chey.

With a final sip of his coffee, Arli headed for the door, deliberately not looking back. The street was quiet and Arli stretched and yawned in the fresh early morning air. He'd need to head to Orgrimmar at some point today, see if he could pick up a few contracts as he would need some gold to pay a deposit on his new place; it was clear that another night was really pushing his luck with Kel'dos. Arli reached to switch on his comms then hesitated, no, he'd stay off comms today. Avoid Dianthaa and avoid having to explain Sabien leaving to the Thorn Master. He'd wander over to the flat, pick up the rest of his things and just hope Dianthaa was already up and out.

A short walk and Arli was standing outside of his apartment door. The thought crossed his mind that Sabien might be there, with Dia and they might be in bed and...Arli kicked the door sharply "It's me, just getting the rest of my fecking stuff" he yelled as he took his time to open the door, making as much noise as he could. He finally opened the door to a silent, and thankfully empty, apartment. As he closed the door he noticed the holes in the wood from what looked like throwing daggers, Arli sighed, he'd need to repair those and his handiwork on the wall before the Landlord saw them. He walked across the room, on the middle of the empty table was an envelope with his name printed on the front. Arli took the brief handwritten note from the envelope;

"I've moved out, the apartment is yours. And MidfelfaceWinter wants to see you urgently. Dia"

Arli tipped the envelope and stared at the engagement ring that fell into his hand. So she had gone, for real this time. His heart felt heavy as he put the ring back into the envelope, folding it closed and leaving it on the table as he walked to open the long drapes, letting the bright morning light into the silent, empty, room.


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