Serrar and Chey

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Serrar and Chey

Post by Sabien on Mon Apr 23, 2012 3:40 pm

Silvermoon seemed unusually busy, guards were stopping and searching civilians, but more worrying was the presence of Undercity. Forsaken seemed to be everywhere, and one in particular, a distinguished looking official seemed to be in charge of the whole stop and search operation.
Serrar and Chey watched the events from the balcony of their small apartment.
“I wonder whats going on” remarked Serrar in a cautious voice.
Chey looked at him, a worried crease in her brow. “Do you think they suspect....”
Serrar shook his head but unconvincingly, truth be told he couldn’t see any other reason for the official forsaken presence in Silvermoon, other than they had suspicions of a Sin’Dorei plot against their city.
“I’ll go see what I can find out” Chey stated as she slipped out from under Serrars arm.
Serrar nodded, he knew Chey would be careful, after all she was very good at surmounting a charm offensive when needed. She dealt with and handled people well, especially of late with tips and hints from Robi Kaezlan, the former Ravenholdt valentine, who, Serrar had to admit had an extraordinary way of manipulating people.

Chey strolled up the broad avenue, covertly scanning the area.
“Excuse me Miss...” two Silvermoon guards approached her.
Turning to face them she smiled up at them and glanced at them without raising her head.
“Yes?” she replied, her face and smile showing nothing but respect and warmth for the guards.
The guards reeled off some spiel about needing to search her bag and frisk her, subversives in the city...suspected bomb plot on Undercity by an underground Sin’Dorei group....
“Of course” she said handing her bag to the guard nearest to her. “Careful though, I’ve got er..girls things in there, if you get my meaning...wouldnt want them spilling in the street...” she smiled a small slightly embarrassed smile.
“Er...yes Miss..of course Miss....” replied a now flustered guard who gave a cursory rummage in her bag before handing it back to her.
She spread her arms and turned to the other guard, “You said you wanted to frisk me?”
The guard eyed her in her snug fitting leathers and boots as she slowly turned a circle.
“I think we can see you're not carrying anything.... sorry to trouble you Miss, have a pleasant evening”

Chey hurried back to the apartment and rushed through the door.
“Serrar..they know...theyre investigating a bomb plot...we should leave before they find us.....” she gasped and broke off mid sentence as she saw too late, Arli Sunblade standing in the kitchen sharing bourbon with Serrar.

Arli turned to look at her, his face showing an expression of somewhere between shocked disbelief and horror. He turned back to Serrar.
“Tell me this isn’t right Kel...” he said almost lamely
Serrar nodded as he straightened up from his casual lounging against the kitchen bench. “It’s not right Arli...” he said with a humourless smile, “I could tell you that if its what you want to hear..but it wouldn’t be true.”
“You said..but...when I asked....” Arli spread his hands and looked from one to the other, words failing him as he realised the truth of what he was being told. His two best friends had hid this from him, lied when he’d asked about Sin’Anindoth activities. As Chey looked at Arli standing there looking confused and shaken her heart ached with pity for him, he was now in an impossible position, she could see him weighing his choices..loyalty to friends? Loyalty to his people? she feared and suspected, loyalty to The Thorns and therefore Undercity itself. Whatever he chose, both she and Serrar knew they were no longer safe.
Chey and Serrar exchanged a look, Serrar gave a resigned sigh and drew a dagger, signalling Chey to do the same.
Arli looked from one to the other and went for his own daggers.
“You gonna kill me then..just like that?” Arli asked his voice holding a thin veneer of contempt and hurt. “Thorns will come after you..”
“I don’t care about your Thorns Arli..” said Serrar as he advanced. “To kill us they’d have to find us”
Serrar made a feint forward making Arli give him his full attention.
“Now Chey!” he called
At Serrars command Chey swung a heavy ornament just as Arli parried Serrar and spun on his heel to face her, the heavy stone hitting him on the temple, with a low groan he staggered once before falling to the floor dazed.
Through the fog in his brain he was dimly aware of noises and urgent voices. A hazy glimpse of Serrar and Chey hastily stuffing a few things into back packs, then Serrar crouching beside him and patting his cheek.
“Shadows protect Sunblade..”
Then Chey was beside him, her lips soft against his cheek.
“I’m sorry Arli....”
Then the sound of a door closing, running footsteps down the stairs, then silence. He closed his eyes and wondered what the fel he was going to do.

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Re: Serrar and Chey

Post by Guest on Mon Apr 23, 2012 5:03 pm

(( A little bit from the past, to help explain why Serrar and Chey went on the run. Thorns was led by Anethrax, Thorn Mistress at that time and this is modified from rp we had on TVC so that it will fit here. ))

I look out across the darkening skies as I sit in my place of solitude in Eversong. I've two bottles of bourbon to help me stop thinking about things, but they remain unopened still.

Serrar and Chey.

I reach for the bottle and pull out the cork, taking a long drink, almost a third of the bottle already gone.

When Serrar and Chey had inadvertently told me of their involvement in the plot, I had no choice but to tell the Mistress that the two wore the colours of Sin'Anindoth, the ones being sought by Undercity. Thorns could have been harmed, to not tell her would be breaking the oath I took. Deathmasters Squadron and LaSombre plus Fauxion were tasked with capturing the two, interrogating and then skinning alive. What was left of them was to be thrown into the sea. I shiver slightly as I recall how the Mistress fixed me with her stare and said;

"I will slit your throat myself if I find that you have had anything to do with this plot".

And so followed thinly veiled threats and accusations from my brothers....the thanks I got condemning two of my closest friends to a slow and painful death. I take another long drink, willing it to take effect faster.

I saw Squad after the Mistress left, told him that I didn't think Serrar was directly involved in the plan to bomb Undercity, it really wasn't his style and could leniency be shown....perhaps let them live after interrogating to find out the real culprits?

"....well, there are more than just them in the organisation I reckon... not sure they should be blamed, that's all" I add.

"Oh they will not be blamed" he replies, "they will be skinned alive"

"They're friends of mine." I'm aware I sound like I'm pleading and that Squadron will see that as a sign of weakness.

He pauses before he replies "...and friends outside thorns usually ends up well?"

I bite my tongue, Thorns are my family, I don't get to choose them.

"Look....nothing happened, no bombs, just..just suspicion...he told me, no involvement", I lie.

"Well I guess we all should believe him then 'cus of your history with picking the best of friends." The sarcasm in his voice is unmissable. "...and if he truly is innocent you will have proven yourself to the mistress by taking your friends life."

"I've proven that already by handing the information to the Mistress," I reply, unable to keep the edge of anger from my voice, "Only I knew Chey and Serrar were in Sin'Anindoth. They kept it secret from others."

Only i was able to betray them... I take another long swig, I want to forget, even just for one night....I reach for the bottle, almost knocking it over and managing to spill a little. Cursing under my breath I finish it and throw the empty bottle into the sea. I can't fix this. The wheels I've set in motion won't stop until all of Sin'Anindoth are dead. I reach for the second bottle and take another long swig. I smile bitterly, Uncle Valrik would be so pleased to know that I've single-handedly caused the eradication of a group of sin'dorei that don't hang on the every word of our Regent Lord.


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Re: Serrar and Chey

Post by Sabien on Thu Apr 26, 2012 3:56 pm

"I hope Arli is alright" sighed Chey as she and Serrar shouldered their packs, pulled up their hoods and started to trek uphill towards the higher, more remote woodlands of The Grizzly Hills.
Serrar laughed slightly. "He will be, he won't die, he'd be too afraid he was missing something somewhere."

After they had fled Silvermoon, they headed first to Shattrath hoping to lose themselves in the anonymity of the neutrality. This had been short lived however as even within the neutral city there was a great division between the Draenei and Kurenei and the 'Dorei, strangers were noticed and curiosity abounded. Serrar had decided it was best to move on to avoid any unwanted attention.
Having tried Nagrand and found it too open and obedient to Orgrimmar they had moved into Northrend, hoping that there had been a significant drop in postings since Arthas had been defeated. So far so good, they travelled Howling Fjord, seeking refuge in the wooded areas as they felt homesick for their own peaceful woods.
"Grizzly Hills" stated Chey one weary afternoon as they sat around their small campfire. "Its vast, we could find somewhere high and secluded, a person could live there unknown and unheard of years in some places there."
Serrar nodded and smiled across at her, his brow furrowed slightly. This wasn't what he wanted for Chey, he wanted to give her so much more than a life on the run, foraging in the wild just to survive. He felt somewhere that he had failed her, that she was disappointed in the future he had promised her to the one he one he was providing. She smiled back at him and any doubts he had faded, her smile told him all, she was happy as long as they had each other, that no matter where their future lay, it lay together.

So here they were, high in the seclusion of the wooded hills, a remote clearing that held the remnants of deserted log cabin, near a small babbling stream and sheltered from the harsh elements by a rocky escarpment.
It also had the advantage of a clear view of the only track up to it, possibly built originally by someone who needed to be vigilant and hidden.
The door fell from the cabin as Serrar pushed it open and dust and debris fell from the roof into the living area.
They exchanged a look then laughed. Serrar swept Chey into his arms and still laughing carried her over the threshold of the ramshackle hut.
"Welcome home Mrs Lightblade..." he grinned as their lips met.

They saw no-one as they worked on their new home and it wasn't too long before the place was habitable and bit by bit was turned into a home. Their days long and carefree, spent hunting, fishing or just lazily enjoying their days. They were happy, they were safe, life as a fugitive..if this was it..bring it on.


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Re: Serrar and Chey

Post by Kel'dos on Fri Apr 27, 2012 12:17 am

Serrar slowed his step as he approached Conquest Hold. He and Chey lived off the land as much as possible, with Chey usually being the one to venture to the Horde base to stock up on provisions they couldn’t obtain elsewhere. However, what he sought wasn’t sold by the Horde-approved traders within the base and as expected, the goblin was waiting just outside the Hold, out of view of the guards and patrols.

“Ey” spoke the Goblin in a low voice, “Got ya usual, bud”.

Serrar nodded and took his money pouch from his belt. The goblin reached into his pack and took out a similar looking pouch, although tightly closed the smell of Bloodthistle was pleasing to Serrar’s senses.

“Someone been asking around about a belf like y’self” said the goblin as he looked back at Serrar. “Name of Kel'dos, uses the name Serrar now ‘e said”.

Serrar felt his heart sink.

“Asking around where?”

“Over at Venture Bay” replied the goblin, gesturing in the vague direction of the harbour. “I told him I seen nothin’”.

Serrar nodded, taking a few extra gold and handing them to the goblin in exchange for the pouch.

“Thanks” replied Serrar, slipping the pouch to an inside pocket.

“Pleasure doin’ business with you, bud” grinned the goblin as he pocketed the gold.

Serrar nodded slightly and slipped away quickly, his heart pounding in his chest.


Back at the simple log cabin that had been their home since it was decided that they should lay low for a while, Serrar shoved a few essentials into a small leather pack. He needed to travel light; spare poisons, a couple of daggers and a few bandages and potions should he find himself in a bad situation. He fastened the bag closed and went and sat on the bench outside, warming his face in the late afternoon sun as he waited. It wasn’t long before he heard the footsteps he recognised so well and opened his eyes with a smile as Chey walked back, proudly holding aloft four large fish.

“So, venison for dinner?” teased Serrar, Chey laughed as she placed the fish on the table and sat on his lap, her arms around his neck. Chey looked at Serrar, her smile fading as she noticed the packed bag at his side, her smile was mirrored by one of sadness.

“What’s wrong?” Asked Chey, feeling that she didn’t really want to know the answer.

“They’re on to me Chey”


Serrar shook his head; “Blades. Someone was asking after a sin’dorei of my description...they used my real name, they asked for Kel'dos, said I might use the name Serrar too.”

“I’ll go pack” she replied as Serrar tightened his arms around her waist to stop her leaving.

“No. I have to run alone. It’s me they want and with you with me, well, I’m too visible....I’m sorry”. Serrar looked into Chey’s eyes and continued softly, “...alone, I can find them before they find me.”

Chey nodded slightly; she understood.

“I love you Chey, I’ll fix this and then I’ll find you”.

Serrar kissed Chey softly, then lifted her off his lap as he stood.

“I’ll be in touch as soon as I can. Promise me you’ll go back to Silvermoon if you see anything suspicious?”

Chey nodded, a solitary tear trickling down her cheek.

Serrar stepped back a few paces; “I’ll write, I promise”.

Pulling up his hood to hide his face, Serrar turned and jogged away and into the woods, hating himself with every step and unable to look back lest his heart would break.

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Re: Serrar and Chey

Post by Kel'dos on Fri Apr 27, 2012 4:56 pm

"Evening gentleman, the usual?" asked the Bartender reaching for a blue coloured bottle of spirits as the two grinning goblins walked up to the bar

"Aye, make 'em doubles!" said the slightly taller of the two. "Been a good haul by the looks of things" he continued as he held up a small but bulging sack.

Drinks provided and gold paid, the bartender returned to looking across at the hooded figure in the far corner of the Inn as he picked up a washed glass off the draining board and started to dry it with a blue-chequered cloth. The figure sat head bowed, cradling a half glass of bourbon, his face hidden in the shadow of his dark hood. He had been in here on and off for the past couple of weeks, each time he would order the same double bourbon and retire to the same darkened corner of the inn. He was clearly elven by stature, possibly high elf or blood elf, the glimpse of skin on the elfs wrist that the barman had noticed the one time showing he was fair and not kaldorei. The barman placed the glass on the lower shelf and picked up another to dry.

Serrar took another sip of bourbon and stared into the half empty glass. He'd been away too long and he missed her so much. He just wanted to drink the pain away but knew he needed to stay alert at all times, the oblivion of drink was a luxury he could not allow himself as he needed his wits about him at all times. He barely glanced at the two goblins who sat down at the next table and noisily tipped the contents of a small sack onto the table in front of them. The sorts of places he'd been resigned to resting in, well, it wasn't a good idea to show much interest in the other patrons of the Inn - and that suited him just fine.

"Look at me, la-de-daa" said the smaller goblin with a grin as he dangled two ornate earrings from his ears before throwing them into the pile of other pieces of jewelry and small trinkets of value.

"Bit of a looker this one's bit at home, likes a blonde meself" said the taller goblin, "Whatcha think, Jonesy? Wouldn't be a travellin' far if I had that at home!" he shouted, holding up a crumpled photo of a pretty blonde sin'dorei for the barman to see.

The barman just smiled and nodded, continuing to dry the glass in his hand.

Serrar glanced up and froze; it was clearly a photo of Chey. Quickly, he looked back at his drink, finishing it a minute or two later and quietly leaving the bar and the still noisy goblins.

Almost an hour passed before the two goblins left the bar, the taller one still grasping the sack of obviously stolen goods. Serrar watched them from the shadows and silently tracked them, following the taller goblin back to his home when the two parted. He watched the door for a while, no one arrived and no one left, before getting close enough to peer through a crack in the blinds, showing the goblin sitting at a candle-lit table seemingly updating a ledger as he sorted through the pile of assorted items before him.

Serrar checked the windows and doors, looking for a way into the small abode that wouldn't alert the goblin. A small open window at the back afforded enough for him to reach the lower window latch and silently Serrar climbed into the darkened bedroom and made his way to the main room, just as he got close the goblin turned to reach for another sack from the floor and froze on seeing Serrar.

"Aye..Bud" he said cautiously.

"The photo of the girl" spoke Serrar quietly.

"You want to buy it Bud?" replied the goblin, hands open and his arms wide,"Tell y'what, you can have it, token of friendship, whatcha say?"

"Who did you get it from" replied Serrar quietly

"Oh, that's yours?" replied the goblin, suddenly realising that this might be the unfortunate fool that one of his boys had pickpocketted it from. "I'll have 'im beaten within an inch of his life, these kids, they don't understand that a man of your stature don't deserve to be robbed. Within an inch of 'is life, an that's a promise".

Serrar slowly pulled his long leather coat to the side, revealing a rune-etched dagger.

"Who did you get it from" he repeated quietly.

The goblin looked at the dagger and then back at the hooded face, he couldn't see the expression on the face of the one before him but was certainly bright enough to know that this wasn't a joke.

"One of my boys, 'found' it at one of the ports. Coulda been any of the ports along the Northrend coast, got's me quite the network" he replied with more than a hint of pride in his voice.

Serrar looked at the goblin. It was clear that he wasn't going to get any more information of use from him and it was also very clear that he would make sure that the trail would stop here. Serrar quickly drew his dagger, the goblin was no stranger to the possibility of a mugging or robbery and pulled a large dagger that was fastened under the table. The fight was brief and bloody, although mostly goblin blood was spilt that night.

Serrar stepped over the still body and searched through the desk, looking for the photo, he had to have it. Finally, finding it in the pocket of the dead goblin, he looked at the photo of Chey and softly drew a finger along the side of her face. With a sigh he threw it into the grate behind him, the fire quickly curling and consuming the image. If they found him, he couldn't risk having anything that might link him to her and confirm that she meant something to him.....although, it seemed like someone had already made that link and Chey was now possibly in danger.

Serrar tore a sheet of paper from the ledger and quickly scribbled a note to Chey. She needed to get to Silvermoon and find Arli, he was the only one he dared trust to protect her. Folding the note into an envelope he quickly addressed it and slipped it into an inside pocket, leaving the small abode the same way he had entered it and heading out into the night. Once again, it was time to move on.

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Re: Serrar and Chey

Post by Kel'dos on Tue May 01, 2012 1:44 pm

The first faint light of dawn above me as I make my way through Eversong. A profitable night, the pouch of gold in my pocket, every last piece is mine to keep. The lights of the Blades hideout are dimmed, few are awake at the hour, or if awake, so high they won't notice me slip back into the complex and back to my room. Personal contracts are forbidden and at my rank, I can't risk being found out. So I keep to the shadows, cautious as always. A sudden brightness ahead, the sound of splintered wood and shouts of surprise as well as ones of command. I drop to the floor and roll into the undergrowth, inching forward until I can get a clear view of the commotion ahead. Military in Silvermoon colours, Spellbreakers, Blades brothers being dragged out, hands bound behind them and forced to kneel as hoods are placed over their heads.

A raid.

They stand no chance of escape, Silvermoon has made sure of that. As I see those of the rank above me and our two leaders being dragged out, I scramble up and run. I keep running until I reach the border of Quel'thalas, stopping for a final look at my homeland, before stepping from her lands and to a future unknown."

Serrar awoke with the the same lingering feeling of fear and anger as he always did when troubled by the dream of that night all those years ago. The whole gang, rounded up. The leaders executed, most of the rest locked up and the younger ones 'reconditioned' as Silvermoon called it; brain washed was such an ugly phrase. He'd left, assumed the name of 'Serrar' and spent the subsequent years as a mercenary, picking up contracts and keeping his distance from his homelands. He was foolish to return, foolish to think he'd have been forgotten after all that time; Arli recognised him after all and he should have left right then...but Chey had come into his life and leaving without her was no longer in his thoughts.

Serrar dragged himself out of his bed, tipping the jug of cold water into the bowl and splashing his face to wash away the remnants of the dream. The past always haunted his dreams, but now not just his dreams. It was clear that one of the gang, or more, were now free and as Arli had pointed out a number of times, it looked very suspicious that Serrar wasn't around when the raid hit. They had many years contained in their prison cells to come to the conclusion that the one that didn't serve sentence alongside them, was the one that had sold them out. To them he was guilty of betraying the Blades brotherhood although he'd sold no one out and wished many times he had got there a few minutes earlier and perhaps seen the military approaching and at least been able to warn the leaders of the gang.

Packing his meagre belongings into his leather pack, he left the Inn and headed to the flight point nearby. Today he would go to Dalaran and see if he could find one of his underworld contacts from his time as a mercenary. He needed gold, refusing to touch the money he and Chey had saved, knowing she would need it if she returned to Silvermoon as he had asked. It was risky, especially as he himself was being hunted and there was no honour in the business circles he now walked.

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Re: Serrar and Chey

Post by Guest on Fri May 04, 2012 5:43 am

Arli lay on his back and stared unfocussed at the ceiling as he tried to rationalise the events of the past day or so. The recent recruit, Sabien, had joined Thorns after completing his prison sentence and spoke openly about “dealing with” the guy he blamed for putting him away. Concerned this might lead to trouble for the Thorns, Arli had assigned Grimborne to aid him and befriend him, find out who his target was. It had come as a shock to Arli to discover that the target was his good friend Kel’dos and that Sabien planned to use his wife, Chey, to get to him. As far as Arli knew, both Chey and Kel'dos were laying low after the Undercity ‘incident’, possibly some place in Northrend.

So, Arli had confronted Sabien in an attempt to protect his friends. It was only then that Sabien revealed that he was a former member of Blades and whereas Arli was nothing more than one of the ‘rats’ as they called them, the few young elves the gang chose to train, Sabien was one of the four direct reports to the leaders. The four were not a group you crossed and Sabien was of the unshakable belief that Kel’dos had sold them out to Silvermoon and thus responsible for his twelve years of incarceration.

With Sabien now in Thorn colours, Arli was oath-bound to fight at his side should the need arise. The future right now, looked bleak for Kel’dos and by association, Chey. She had returned to Silvermoon this night and thanks to Grimborne, she saw Arli before Sabien. He’d always promised Kel that he’d look out for her if something happened; protect her, make sure she was safe. So, he’d done what was the most obvious way to keep her safe, as far as he was concerned anyway.

Arli screwed his eyes closed and pinched the bridge of his nose; he’d think of something to sort this all out, he usually did, he just needed time. He wouldn’t let Sabien kill Kel, or hurt Chey. With a sigh, Arli turned on his side and put his arm around the sleeping Chey. In the meantime, well where safer for her than at his apartment? And with Dia away there were no complications. Besides, not like he’d try anything on with Chey, not like he’d dare with Kel’dos as her husband.


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Re: Serrar and Chey

Post by Sabien on Sun May 06, 2012 1:11 pm

“Hey Missy, Good day to ya” hailed the goblin trader as Chey ventured into Conquest Hold for much needed supplies. “Wouldn't be staying long if I were you” he added in a conspiratal whisper.
Cheys stomach turned over, she knew it was risking coming here, but since Serrar had left she had let things slide, no food and her daggers were in need of repair.
“Why?” she whispered back
“Been some Belf, asking round after you” he added
Chey forced a laugh “Could be anyone he was looking for, may not have meant me...”
“Had your pitcher he did” the goblin said with a knowing nod.
Throwing some gold to goblin, Chey turned on her heel and fled.

“What do I do? What do I do?” Chey muttered over and over again to herself as she hurriedly flew back to the small lodge she had shared with Serrar. “Oh Serrar...where are you?”

Whoever this elf was he was getting closer, this must be the Blade Serrar had said was now hunting him. She was under no illusion that if she was found by this elf, she would be taken and used to bargain with.
Hastily stuffing a few essentials into a bag she took a last look at the cabin that had been her home, mounted her windrider and flew to what she hoped would be safety.

She arrived travelled stained and weary in Silvermoon city a good few days later, she was relieved to see it was busy, here she was just another Sin’Dorei, she could lose herself in the population, perhaps this Blade wouldn’t think to look under his nose for the one he sought.

She didnt dare go to their old apartment, there was no doubt in her mind that this would have already been identified and searched, the fact he had her picture gave credence to that.
She booked a room in the murder row inn under the name of Mrs Sunblade, she had no intention of staying there but she needed a brief respite to bathe and change her clothes, a scruffy elf girl was guaranteed to attract attention.

Feeling refreshed and a little more optimistic she headed out into the city to look for Arli.

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Re: Serrar and Chey

Post by Dianthaa on Wed May 09, 2012 5:23 am

((Mrs. Sunblade! The cheek! Can't wait to see how this all turns out))

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Re: Serrar and Chey

Post by Sabien on Thu May 10, 2012 1:55 am

"Thcuth me mith, but are you They?" a surprisingly soft voice lisped at her, she turned to face the speaker and was shocked to see a forsaken addressing her.
She looked at him suspiciously and turned to walk away. She had no love for forsaken or they for her after the plot to blow up Undercity was discovered, sadly before it came to fruition.
He placed a scrawny but deceptively strong hand on her arm, she turned sharply to snatch her arm away. She was damned if she was telling forsaken who she was. It was then she noticed his tabard, a red sign of chaos on a black background.
"You're Vile Thorn" she said quietly. Unsure in her mind if this were a good or bad omen.
The forsaken nodded once. "Yeth Mith, and pleath are you They?" She looked intently at him and found his dead eyes almost pleading.
With a deep breath she trusted her instinct and nodded briefly.
"Then come, we mutht talk, away from earth" and without waiting for a reply headed out of the inn and into the Bazaar, she followed cautiously, still unsure if she was being wise.
In the deserted bank he stopped and faced her.
"What do you want?" she ventured.
"I thuspect youre in danger mith, wait here in the thadows and I will thpeak to Arli" he said.
Chey felt a surge of new hope as Arli's name was mentioned and she nodded before slipping into the cover of the shadows afforded by the large plants.
It seemed ages before she heard soft footfalls on the marble floor and the familiar voice of Arli.
"Hey Grim" she heard him greet the forsaken "Whats all this cloak and dagger stuff?"
"They..." he replied nodding discreetly towards the plant. She saw Arli's brow furrow with perplexity and unable to contain herself she slipped from her cover and ran to Arli.
"Oh Arli..Arli" she almost sobbed in her relief as she flung herself into his arms.
"Ch..Chey?" he stammered taken aback at her sudden appearance. He folded his arms around her and held her for a moment."Is Kel with you?" he added in a low voice.
She shook her head, and haltingly explained to Arli about Serrars flight and how she hadn't seen him for a while, all she knew was that Blades had somehow found out where he had been and seemed to be hunting him.
"And....his last note was spotted with blood, and I don't know if he's alive or dead..and ...and..." she broke off and buried her head in Arli's shoulder.
Arli soothed her for a moment then explained he knew who was after Kel'dos and about Sabien's fervour to take vengeance for the prison sentence he blamed Kel'dos for.
" Thing is Chey...Sabien's a Thorn now, I'm sworn to assist him if he's attacked..well you know the rule..." he finished
Chey looked up aghast, "so if Serrar kills this Sabien, you all hunt him down...either way we're dead..."
"He plans to use you to bring Kel in, I won't let it happen Chey, youre under my protection" Arli stressed "We won't let Sabien know youre here"
Feeling slightly more optimistic she smiled faintly.
"He's a hard bastard though, he's out of practice but I know he's training hard, he was a Four in the blades..Kel will need to be careful"
Arli looked thoughtful for a moment, then smiled back.
"Chey Dia is away, you can stay at my place, I'll use the floor..." he smiled.
"I couldn't let you," she replied "We can share the bed, I know you'll behave" she grinned slightly.
Arli grinned back and nodded. "Your psycho husband is deterrent enough, not to mention Dia if she found out..."
They shared a laugh then lapsed into seriousness.

At Arli's small apartment she curled up on one edge of the bed and finally allowed herself the luxury of sleep, tonight she would rest well and tomorrow she would think how to get the information on his hunter to Serrar.
"Thank you Arli" she whispered tiredly. "I'm sorry about your head...." her words faded to silence as sleep took her.
Arli looked at her sleeping and gave a soft rueful smile before leaning over and lightly kissing her cheek.His own cheeks reddening at his gesture even though he knew she was asleep. "S'ok Chey, didn't hurt anyway" he replied quietly before rolling onto his back and staring at the ceiling, once again wondering what the feck he'd got himself into this time.

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Re: Serrar and Chey

Post by Sabien on Fri May 11, 2012 11:14 am

"Just drop it Sab, yeah? Was twelve years ago...move on" Arli was saying
Sabien laughed. "Move on...? This is moving on, once I've given that worm what he deserves I'll move on alright"
Arli sighed and scowled.
"I was thinking you maybe should get out of Silvermoon for a bit, what with your history an all, the guards and Blood-knights won't want you here..." Arli started sounding genuinely concerned and looking earnestly at him. And it was that look that told Sabien everything he needed to know. This Chey, Kel’dos wife was here, in Silvermoon and Arli knew where.
Sabien laughed and wiped his mouth on his bracer before looking back at Arli.
"Thanks for your concern brother, but the Blood-knights want me where they can see me, make sure I don't run off and reform the Blades." he replied
"Why don't you?" countered Arli "reform the Blades I mean...."
Sabien laughed inside, why didn't the kid just say "piss of Sab..."? He was so obviously trying to keep Sabien sweet and protect Chey at the same time. He had to hand it to the kid, he was loyal to his friends, and Sabien didn't doubt for a minute that Arli would do all that he could to protect them from Sabien’s bloodlust. Aye he thought, kid could have made a fine Blade Brother.
But, Arli wasn’t his concern right now, he wanted to find Kel’s woman. Kidnap and ransom wasn’t really his style, too complicated, however as a last resort it may have to do. For now just find out where she was, watch her and perhaps inadvertently she’d point him towards Kel’dos. It wasn’t hard, much later he’d discreetly followed a slightly tipsy Arli home, saw him stumble into a building in the Royal Exchange and sway unsteadily up the stairs to the block of flats above. Sabien smirked to himself in the shadows as he heard Arli knock at a door. Strange…his girlfriend was away, unless of course this wasn’t Arli’s apartment, he heard him whisper “S’ok, just me, you can open the door”
Sabien had seen and heard enough, this was Arli’s apartment, and Arli was hiding Chey there, now all he had to do was watch and wait.

The next few days he found a routine, early rise, a gruelling punishing work out followed by practise at the dummies in Farstrider Square, home, shower, change then take up a discreet position in The Royal exchange and watched. Kel’dos was almost his, so close now he could almost taste his vengeance and it was promising to taste so sweet.
Then he saw her, she slipped quickly from the door and headed towards the Bazaar. He watched as she walked, resisting an urge to grab her and run, so eager was his desire to destroy Kel, the way he had destroyed them. And destroyed them he had, by rights his release should have coincided with the release of the other three seniors, yet so far he had seen no others, he knew Efraim had died in prison at least two years previously, but the others he hadn’t seen for months.
It had shocked him greatly when just two days ago he had seen two of the lower rank than his, he’d started to approach them but stopped mid stride as they both turned and looked at him with eyes that held no recognition and greeted him “Greetings, welcome to our City stranger, please abide the laws” It was all he could do not to throw up, instead he turned and swiftly departed on legs that suddenly felt too heavy. “Reconditioned.”
Shaking his head to clear his thoughts he resumed his watch on Chey, she had stopped at a post box and was retrieving a letter. “Interesting” he mused. “Who else would know to contact her in Silvermoon?” he smirked again “Only you Kel…only you”
Creeping slightly closer he watched as she read the note, the look of love and worry on her face confirmed it was indeed from Kel’dos, he noticed with interest too she held a small silver charm bracelet in her hand, obviously a gift from her distant husband. Ideal he thought, get my hands on that and don’t need the hassle of taking the girl, just let Kel think he had. Sweet he thought, I love it when a plan comes together.
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Re: Serrar and Chey

Post by Sabien on Sun May 13, 2012 3:26 am

Chey read and re-read the letter from Serrar, proof at last he was alive and she couldn't begin to quantify her relief. She'd have to destroy the letter of course, it gave away how to reach him, working from Dalaran, he said and for a moment wondered if she dare risk a trip there. She decided against it, one she may be followed and she'd never forgive herself if it was because of her stupidity Serrar was killed, and two, he had expressly forbidden her to.
Taking a piece of parchment she quickly penned a reply.

Serrar, my love.

You must stay out of Silvermoon at all costs, the person who is hunting you is someone called Sabien, a Blade and something called a four. I am fine and unharmed and I can take care of myself here. So don't worry.
This Sabien has also joined Vile Thorn which worsens things, so on no account do you come here. Promise me.

I love and miss you so much, I wish we could see a way to end all this.

All my love and a little bit more


She popped it in the mailbox and prayed it would find him sooner rather than later. Sprinting back to Arli's apartment she took a last look at the letter and charm bracelet he had sent her. A noise as Arli let himself into the apartment, best not let him see this, if cornered she had no doubt that he would betray the contents even inadvertently. She quickly stuffed the letter and charm under the mattress, just as he entered.
"Hi Arli" she breezed pulling a brush through her hair. "I was just about to make a sandwich...want one?" before bustling him into the small kitchen.


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Re: Serrar and Chey

Post by Sabien on Sun May 13, 2012 1:11 pm

Chey slipped silently out of Arli's flat, she knew the coast was clear as Arli had said Sabien had gone to Outland. She ran lightly down the stairs and out into the avenue for her now almost hourly ritual of checking the mailbox just outside in case Serrar had contacted her again.


She didn't move, just stood looking at the mailbox as if her pure will would send a message from Serrar. She jumped slightly from her stasis as she felt an arm slide around her waist from behind.
She laughed "Stop it Ar...." her heart skipped a beat, she instinctively knew this wasn't Arli, hardly daring to hope she placed her hand on the arm.
"Guess who?" a voice whispered close to her ear.
She turned slowly in the arm and looked up into his face, and although the head was cowled, she knew him, the eyes, laughing slightly but filled with concern as they searched her face.
"Serrar..." she whispered and laid her head against his chest, closing her eyes and drinking in his scent and touch.
His arms tightened around her and held her close against him.
"I'm sorry Chey, I had to know you were safe"
"Come on, youre not safe on the street" she took his hand and led him into the foyer of Arli's flat.
Quietly she led him upstairs and into the apartment.
He looked around warily.
"It's ok Serrar, it's Arli's place, he's letting me stay here."
Serrar pulled off the cowl and smiled at her. "Hope he lets you have the bed"
Chey laughed and pulled Serrar to her again."We share it..." she ventured.
Serrar spluttered "Share it...?"
Chey nodded and laughed again at Serrars expression.
"I trust you Chey, but Sunblade..." he laughed.
"He's a perfect gentleman Serrar, he's scared of you anyway"

They spent the next few moments just standing in each others arms, relishing what would be just a short time together.
"Who is this Sabien?" Chey asked softly
"He's a Blade, I suppose technically in command, he's a cruel and ruthless bastard Chey, stay clear of him" Serrar responded fervently
Chey nodded.
"I need to keep a step ahead until I know what I'm up against,but he's bound to be unfit after prison" Serrar continued.
"Arli says he's training hard" offered Chey.
"I should go Chey, Fel I don't want to leave you again, it's been hell without you" Serrar ran a hand through his hair.
"I don't want you to go, but yes you should, it was foolish to come anyway, I'm fine and I'm safe, promise me you won't come again?" Chey said but not releasing him from her arms.
Serrar kissed her lips lightly and rested his forehead against hers. "You know thats one promise I cannot keep were I to make it"
Chey nodded and smiled ruefully, before lifting her head and pressing her lips against Serrars, the kiss becoming deep and intense, each holding the other as if it were for the last time.
A lingering withdrawl from the kiss and Serrar caressed her cheek.
"Stay safe" he whispered before placing a brief hard kiss on her lips. "I love you, always remember that"
"I love you..." Chey replied plaintively still not releasing him.
Serrar nodded and pulled his cowl back over his head, then gently but firmly removed himself from Cheys embrace.
Chey swallowed hard and smiled up at him, no tears, no begging him to stay, hard though it was for her she wanted to make it easier for him.
"I'll write...I will get us out of this Chey, we will be together again" he winked at her briefly then slipped from her sight, leaving her with only the traces of his scent and taste to last her until they met again.


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Re: Serrar and Chey

Post by Sabien on Mon May 14, 2012 10:01 am

Arli put his arm around Chey and she rested her head on his shoulder as they sat on the sands of the Azurebreeze Coast. A rare moment of relaxation.
Chey laughed softly. "You brought me here once before..." she said wistfully. She tipped her head to look at him "Remember?"
Arli looked down and with a light laugh nodded. "I remember..."
They exchanged a smile before looking out over the sea again, watching dim lights on the horizon of ships that passed in the night.

Sabien had watched from a discreet distance as the two clambered onto Arli's bike and sped off through Eversong. "Enjoy your trip" he'd smirked "Don't hurry back". Then back into the city, to Arli's apartment, deftly picking the lock he entered the small flat and gave a cursory look round. Kid had some pretty nice stuff, well crafted daggers and finely tailored shirts were carelessly strewn around. Pity he liked the kid, those daggers would fetch a fair price. Flexing his glove hands he began a systematic search of the place, careful to replace everything exactly. Amazing how the old skills come back, he worked quickly and thoroughly, his senses keen and alert, high on the adrenalin buzz. Feck he'd missed this... he thought as he pocketed a small pouch of bloodthistle he'd found in a drawer. And there we are....he grinned with triumph as his hand found the letter and bracelet. Quickly stuffing them into the front of his tunic he gave a last look around ensuring nothing was obviously out of place before slipping silently from the flat and locking the door behind him.

In the shelter of his own small basement flat he read the letter and threw the bracelet into the air, catching it with an air of nonchalance and grinning.
Sabien dropped the silver charm into a velum packet then added a scrawled note.


I'm headed to Dalaran.


Smiling with smug satisfaction he sealed the package and handed it to the courier.

Give Kel a couple of days or so to let it sink in, nah he thought I'll go tomorrow, aw what the fel, he's had twelve years to get ready, he must have known it would come eventually, he'd go now.

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Re: Serrar and Chey

Post by Sabien on Mon May 14, 2012 11:31 am

Sabien scraped the chair back and sat down, then swinging the chair back placed his feet on the table and looked at the glass of golden, ice cold beer. The bartender stopped drying the glass and gestured with a nod for Sabien to get his feet off the table. Sabien looked across with an impassive look and raised his glass to the barman. "Problem?" he asked. The barman deciding that the unknown factor of his newest customer was probably best kept that way, he ignored the question and went back to polishing his glass.
Sabien took a long draught of the beer, finishing with an "Ahhh" of satisfaction. He wiped the foam from his lip and went to take another draught, the chair wobbled as his feet were kicked from the table.
"I hear youre looking for me" came a cold voice.
Sabien looked up into a face hidden mostly by a cowl and smirked.
"Kel'dos, what a surprise, long time no see huh, please...take a seat" Sabien said dryly. "How you been.....mate."
The tone of bitterness in his voice was not lost on Kel'dos as he took the seat.
"I want to see Chey" Kel demanded
Sabien raised an eyebrow
"Hardly in a position to demand from me you traitorous bastard" spat Sabien finding it hard to suppress the years of rage and festering that had built up towards the elf opposite him. Fel, he just wanted to reach across and break the bastards neck, but at the same time, he needed answers, a reason as to why one of his most trusted brothers had sold them out to Silvermoon.
"I know what youre thinking Sabien" started Kel "But you got it wrong..."
"Shut it Kel, quit the crap and just tell me...why?" Sabien looked across at Kel, his eyes dark with fury but in their depths was a haunted look, a look of hurt and betrayal. Kel looked away.
"I want to see Chey" Kel repeated "You'll get nothing from me until I know she's safe"
Sabien snorted. "She's ok Kel, you know me, never one to hurt a woman when she still has other uses, if you get my drift"
Kel's fists clenched, his knuckles white.
Sabien laughed. "Sweet little nubile thing ain't she, sight for sore eyes to someone who hasn't so much as seen a woman in years let alone...." Keldos lunged across the table grabbing for the scruff of Sabiens shirt.
"You touch her and I swear I'll kill you..."
Sabien laughed and pushed Kel'dos back into his seat.
"I'll do what I want once Ive sorted you....twelve years of my life brother, twelve years, the others, dead or given in to the promise of a new life with reconditioning..I'm the only feckin one left Kel, see what you've done" Sabiens voice rose with his frustration and anger. "Don't you get what you've feckin done?"
Kel'dos looked at Sabien and spread his hands.
"Sabien, it wasn't me, how can I prove it to you?" he asked
"Who else was it? tell me, who else didn't either get executed or banged up" Sabiens fury was still apparent. "You don't give a damn, do you? and if the only way I can make you suffer is to have that woman of yours while you watch, before I kill you..then fel I'll do it"
Kel'dos clenched his fists tighter restraining himself from flying across the table and beating Sabien, that was a luxury he could not afford, not until he knew Chey was safe.
"You assume Sabien "said Kel'dos calmly "That this is a fight youre going to win, maybe I'll kill you, I have more at stake"
Sabien smacked his fist on the table, the pain causing him to jolt back to reason. He looked across and smirked "We'll have to see won't we...but kill me now, and youre still going to have to find the girl"
Kel stood up white lipped with rage.
"Outside..we settle this now..." he said in a clipped voice, holding his temper in check.
"Oh sit down and shut it Kel...I wan't to know why you did this, and if you insist on denying it even now, then tell me how you gonna prove it"
"I can't prove know I can't, how do I do that? You've already decided anyway." Kel replied as he sat down heavily.
"I guess there are ways, Bloodknights must still have you on the wanted list...." Sabien left the sentence unfinished
Kel looked in disbelief at Sabien
"You want me to hand myself in, is that it?"
"If they arrested you it would prove it, if they don't..which they won't will they? then you die"
"They will arrest me, then will have done to me exactly what youre accusing me of now"
Sabien looked across at Kel'dos, his face hard to read.
"I don't believe for a second they will arrest you, but on the remote chance they do, I'll spring you myself" Sabien replied with feeling and despite it all Kel'dos felt he could trust that.
"Cells are arcane protected..." Kel countered
"Processing unit before they send you down is easier" Sabien replied and looked across at Kel and half smiled. "Come on brother, you can't have forgotten the few times we sprung the young Blades..."
Kel nodded and looked lost in thought.
"Ok Sabien, I'll do it, you promise me you won't harm Chey and I'll come to Silvermoon, you can take me in yourself." he said heavily.
"Swear you won't harm Chey" Kel demanded.
Sabien gave a nonchalant three fingered salute. "Young Farstrider's honour" he said almost facetiously.
"Give me a few days....I need to tie up loose ends, I swear I'll come, no tricks" Kel asked "And let me see Chey"
Sabien regarded Kel'dos for a long moment weighing up his sincerity then nodded.
"Your womans in Silvermoon, try Sunblades place...." laughed Sabien "I hold you to your word, but you hold me to mine, you try to avoid this and I will take your woman, she will be mine for as long as I want, before I butcher you both..."
Keldos nodded curtly before striding out of the inn, desperate to get away before he did something he'd regret and Chey would be the one to pay the price.

Sabien watched him go and smirked.This was a result he never expected, of course there was no chance Kel would be on the wanted list and he'd get his vengeance either way. A thought crept unwanted into his head. "But what if....?" He pushed it away, downed his drink and left for home.

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Re: Serrar and Chey

Post by Guest on Mon May 14, 2012 3:58 pm

(( Write up of last night's rp, with a bit of narrative as we had to abandon when alliance ran through the Inn, pursued by Silvermoon Guards, like some clip from Benny Hill. Thanks to Sabien and Dia for helping put this piece together ))

By the time Arli arrived at the Murder Row Inn, Dianthaa was already berating Sabien over his over-familiar attitude to the female members of the Thorns on comms, and in particular to her. Sabien passed a glass of bourbon to Arli as he sat at the table and he sipped the smooth whiskey as he listened to them bicker. With a twinge of concern, he realised they sounded just like he and Dianthaa did, not long after they met, and it had led to a spark that got them together as a couple.

"Good to have the woman back, huh?" said Sabien with a sarcastic smile at Arli

"'course" replied Arli "you should get yourself one"

"Oh I know just the slut for you..." added Dianthaa quickly

"Dia.." added Arli in a warning tone of voice, if she dared tell Sabien they had Chey....

"You're already spoken for sweetheart" replied Sabien with a small wink, tipping his glass at Dianthaa as he took a swig.

Arli started to laugh, quickly stopping and scrambling to his feet as Dianthaa stood up and stormed across to Sabien, her hands clenching the hilts of her daggers.

"Oath, Dia.." said Arli quietly as Sabien stood to face her.

Dianthaa glared at Sabien "Start treating me and your other Thorn sisters properly, with respect!"

"Well...I can give respect to the title you hold" replied Sabien with a small smirk.

"Sab, just leave it" snapped Arli; Dianthaa was getting wound up and he knew it would be him she would vent at, at some point soon.

"I've earned this rank, worked hard to get here" replied Dianthaa, "I'm not like you, just some petty little thief"

"Why don't you for once just shut the fuck up sit down, drink relax and enjoy" replied Sabien with a small laugh.

"Ok..enough" said Arli, raising his voice. "Apologise".

"No apology needed from her" replied Sabien cooly.

Arli snapped and threw a punch at Sabien; he wasn't going to back down and Dianthaa was looking murderous. The blow caught Sabien on the jaw, instinctively dodging the full impact and leaving him with nothing more than a split lip. Sabien looked up at Arli as he wiped the blood from his mouth with the back of his hand.

“Not as spineless as you look then...” said Sabien with a smirk forming in his face.

“Apologise” said Arli again through gritted teeth, pointedly ignoring the jibe.

Sabien laughed lightly.

A look of anger flashed across Arli’s face as he swore and threw another punch at Sabien, less controlled but sending Sabien back a few steps.

Sabiens face darkened and any humour evident before was gone as he replied low and clear “Ok kid, do that again...without the feckin’ tabard”

Arli hesitated; he recognised the look on Sabien’s face and memories of seeing Sabien’s anger unleashed on another Blade back in his days in the gang came flooding back. He glanced at Dianthaa, he couldn’t look weak in front of her and besides, he was a Deathmaster, he had to instil discipline in the lower ranks. Physical punishment within the ranks was frowned upon, but Arli knew that discipline when he was in Blades were settled this way and if he wanted respect from Sabien, this was the fastest way to gain it.

“Tabard or no tabard, she’s a Deathmaster and you don’t talk to her like that” spat Arli as he again threw a punch at Sabien.

This time Sabien was ready, deflecting the punch easily and following through with a punch of his own, hitting Arli’s face and sending him reeling back a few steps in surprise at the ferocity of the returned attack. The look of shock on Dianthaa’s face was quickly replaced with anger as she too struck a blow at Sabien. He turned quickly as the blow hit and back-handed Dianthaa across the face; “Temper, temper...sweetie” he added with a cold smile, his stance ready to deal with any further attacks.

Dianthaa unsheathed her daggers in anger as Arli stepped forward and grabbed her wrists tightly; “No!” exclaimed Arli, staring intently into Dianthaa’s face; “No...the oath... he ain’t worth it”

Dianthaa growled and tried to free her wrists as Arli held them firm, eyes locked on each other.

“Sab, just go, we’ll deal with this tomorrow” said Arli without looking around.

“Whatever you say...Deathmaster” came the cool reply as Sabien turned and strolled out of the Inn.

Dianthaa didn't even see him leave. Her eyes were locked on the face in front of her and she was using all her strength to get her wrists free so she could use her daggers. Almost there, he couldn't hold on that tightly much longer. The plea in his eyes stopped her. She looked down at their hands and back at his face, then glanced around the quiet bar, the confused barkeep staring at them. Dianthaa took a step back and barely murmured a thanks. Aware of her surroundings and the fact that Arli wasn't the one she wanted to kill Dia did her best to level her voice and put away her daggers.

"Arli you sort him out. I don't want to see him again unless he comes crawling on his knees." There was no doubting her seriousness, and the soreness around her wrist let her know just how closely she'd come to harming, if not killing, a Thorn brother. "I'm going home, you find him, and make sure he stays out of my sight". Arli's expression didn't even register with Dianthaa as she turned and stormed out of the inn. Arli stood alone for a few moments after she left and then with a mumbled “sorry” to the now frowning Barkeep, reluctantly followed Sabien’s path from the Inn and went to look for him.


Dianthaa slammed the door behind her. "That son of a bitch!" she roared, making her way to the nearest bottle of a bourbon.

Chey sat at the table close to the balcony, the doors open but with Chey positioned so that anyone in the street below would be unable to see her.

"Hello to you too Dia, what's Arli supposed to have done this time?"

Dianthaa shifted her focus from the whiskey to the girl. "Not him, Sabien" She spat the name.

Not noticing the look of concern suddenly on Chey’s face at the mention of his name, Dianthaa continued her rant, looking like a little red tornado of rage, her hair whipping around as she angrily shook her head.

"The most arrogant! idiotic! annoying son of bitch I've ever seen! And that's counting you and Serrar! The nerve of him! Useless pick-pocket and he dares call himself a Thorn!"

Chey’s gaze flitted to the door as the sound of someone trying to open the door could be heard, she felt herself tense, what if Sabien had followed Dianthaa home? The door opened and she felt herself relax again as Arli appeared, giving her a small smile before Dianthaa spun around to look at him.

“Well?” snapped Dianthaa

“Couldn’t find him” replied Arli flatly, closing the door behind him and pausing at the hallway mirror to check the side of his face.

“Then look again” came the sharp reply.

“Feck...that’s gonna bruise bad” muttered Arli at his reflection before turning and smiling at Dianthaa. “I will, tomorrow, promise” he replied, unclipping his comms and slipping it into his pocket as he walked into the kitchen. “Coffee anyone?”

With a frustrated growl and a stamp of her foot, Dianthaa stormed into the kitchen, slamming the door behind her.

Chey, turned back to looking out across Silvermoon, ignoring the angry whispers from the direction of the kitchen as she turned back to thinking of Serrar, and wishing him at her side.


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Re: Serrar and Chey

Post by Robi Kaezlan on Tue May 15, 2012 7:28 am

Robi looked perplexed,she hadn't heard a word from her Sin'Dorei counterparts for months, not since...well "that business". Now out of the blue was what could only be described as a begging letter from Chey, written in an uncharacteristic scrawl which screamed of panic and desperation.
"Please Robi, help me, you know what it's like to lose the one you love, please help me get Serrar back..." she muttered as she re-read the letter.
The rest was an almost indecipherable and certainly not very coherent chain of events.
"Sabien....Thorn...Blades..." Robi shook her head, she didnt have a clue. She quickly wrote a reply.
Calm down, Shattrath, usual place, soon as.

She tipped the courier a fairly generous sum of gold to get it there fast, then called for Derek, her new griffon who had replaced Charlie.
As she landed on the Aldor tier, careful to keep out of sight of the Draenei, she saw Chey, looking pale and anxious and pacing the floor,her hands twitching by her daggers.
Chey ran to her and straight away started to explain the need for Robi’s help. Robi held her hand up, this was making no sense.
“Inn, you need a drink” Robi said calmly “No arguments, calm down and come on” not waiting for a reply she led the way down.
“Ok” said Robi satisfied after Chey had gulped a brandy “From the beginning…slowly…tell me”.
She listened closely as Chey narrated the series of events, interrupting occasionally with a question to steer Chey back on course as she tried to explain too much too quickly.
“So..will you help me…?” Chey asked when she’d finished. “I don’t know where else to turn”
Robi nodded thoughtfully “I’ll do what I can, but I really don’t see that killing this Sabien will be the answer”
Chey opened her mouth to protest.
“Listen Chey, the guy is a Thorn, we kill him and it won’t take a genius to work out who it was, Fel even Arli could work that out without using his fingers” she grinned across briefly at Chey.
“Then..?” replied Chey “ Serrar is going to hand himself in…they’ll lock him up for years if not execute him, we must do something”
“Chey…using your head and not your heart, tell me is there a chance that Serrar did turn them in?”
Chey looked horrified and shook her head. “He would have told me”
Robi nodded, “Ok, then there must be proof to that effect in the archives, we get that and show Sabien and hope he accepts it”
“How do we do that?” Chey asked but looking hopeful
“You don’t…I do” Robi grinned. “But Chey I need to know what Im up against, play for time try to get Serrar to disappear for a day…you get Arli to send Sabien to Dalaran and I’ll suss him out there, you Chey, lie low until I contact you again, chances are this Sabien is all bluff but just to be on the safe side”
“Thank you….Commander…” Chey started
Robi smiled “It’s just Robi, Chey, this little caper is woman to woman..”
A few minutes later, having seen Chey safely through the portal to Quel Danas, she mounted Derek and headed home to change. She laughed to herself, she was going to enjoy this, been way too long since she’d done the “Belf-bait” trick.
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Re: Serrar and Chey

Post by Kel'dos on Tue May 15, 2012 11:48 am

Kel'dos pushed his way through the crowd of noisy young elves and made his way to the bar.

"Bourbon...make it a double" he snapped at the busy barkeeper

"Right away sir, just finish serving this gentleman" came the reply, the barkeeper hurrying as he was treated to a dark and impatient look in return.

Kel'dos tapped the bar impatiently with a coin as the barkeeper poured a large drink, completing the transaction without word and finishing the bourbon in two swift swigs. He stared at the empty glass, deep in thought....Sabien knew where Chey was, it seemed. He'd got himself a few days thinking time, but what was Arli playing at? He was supposed to be looking after her......."What the fel am I doing here?" He muttered to himself, placing the empty glass heavily onto the bar and turning swiftly to leave; bumping into a dark haired elf, making him clumsily spill his drink.

"Oi...idiot!" exclaimed the elf

Kel'dos looked down at the beer soaking into his cloak and then back at the elf.

"You fecking made me spill my drink, you'd better be buying me another" said the drunken elf brashly, punctuating the sentence with stabs of his finger on Kel'dos chest.

Kel'dos looked at the dark haired elf, the smirk.... he should have been looking after her ……his fist hit the elf hard between the eyes, sending him sprawling across the table. A step, and he pulled the elf upright, punching again, and again, sending him crashing across another table, glasses smashing as the occupants scurried to get out if the way. The drunken elf fell heavily to the floor and tried to scramble underneath a table as four of his friends grabbed his assailant and tried to hold him back.

"Hey...sorry...friend....he's real drunk...sorry..." they spoke over one another, trying to placate their friends attacker or at least gain their friend a few more seconds to get away.

Kel'dos looked over at the panic striken elf, his face bleeding and his hands torn on the broken glass - he wasnt Arli and he wasnt Sabien and who was he kidding anyway, it should have been him making sure Chey was kept safe. He shook off the four elves with a muttered "it's OK, forget it" and strode towards the inn door. He needed to get to Silvermoon, find Chey and face up to Sabien's deal.

Sabien was a threat to Chey and he couldn't bear it any longer.

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Re: Serrar and Chey

Post by Robi Kaezlan on Tue May 15, 2012 3:24 pm

Arli looked at Chey as she tilted her head on one side and smiled at him.
“Well. Will you?” she asked.
Arli couldn’t help but return her smile and nearly found himself agreeing on the spot to send Sabien to Dalaran without knowing why. Dunno what it is about her he found himself thinking, gentle as a fawn but vicious as a hunted she-wolf if anything she cared for was threatened, and let’s face it Sabien was a threat to Serrar. Yep, he thought she’s up to somethin’.
“Why again?” Arli asked, knowing full well she hadn’t told him in the first place.
Chey looked up at him thought about trying to beguile him with big eyes and coy smiles, then thought better of it and slumped her shoulders with a sigh.
“I need him out of the way for a day Arli, just to buy Serrar some more time…”
Arli looked at her closely and considered carefully.
“You aint planning on havin him killed are you?” he asked with a grin which hid the vague concern he felt. After all this was the girl who threatened to blow up Undercity, was prepared to face the wrath of Silvermoon and Orgrimmar, not to mention Undercity, she was hardly likely to be that bothered if Vile Thorn threatened her for killing one of their own.
Chey laughed and shook her head. “Won’t solve anything that, just get you in trouble again that will”
Arli laughed with her, on that score he trusted her.
“Can’t guarantee he won’t get a kicking though” she added cautiously thinking that Robi might take her evil husband along for protection.
Arli looked at her sternly then grinned. “In that case then…when do you want him there?”
Chey laughed with relief and threw her arms around Arli and hugged him tightly. “Thank you Arli” she said as she kissed his cheek.
“Ooof” gasped Arli as she hugged him tight “You’re suffocatin’ me…” grateful of the excuse to blame his reddening cheeks on her ferocious hug.

“Sab” Arli called across the exchange. “C’mere brother got a mission for you”
Sabien turned to look at Arli then strolled across, his casual walk belying the brooding mood he was in.
“Yes –Deathmaster- “ he answered as he got closer. “No I ain’t apologised to the lady yet..if that’s what youre wondering”
“Nah” replied Arli, “In your own time Sab, just try not to leave it too long huh? Just get it over with then we can all go back to normal”
Sabien nodded. “Whats the mission then?”
Arli handed Sab a sealed envelope “I want you to deliver this to Dalaran, by hand to a forsaken called Mortie, he’ll be expecting you and will recognise the tabard”
Sabien took the envelope and looked at it. “You couldn’t use a mailbox?”
“Yeah, well…” said Arli thinking furiously “Thought best make sure he gets it, and thought you might wanna keep a look out for Kel….two birds with one stone sorta”
Sabien looked at Arli and wondered what the kid was up to, seemed pretty obvious to him that Arli wanted him out of Silvermoon for some reason, but no matter, his deal with Kel’dos would be met, he had no doubt of that.
“Yeah…thanks brother” Sabien replied dryly and stuffing the letter in his tunic bade a swift “shadows protect” and headed for Dalaran.

The inn was mainly empty, a few bypassers came in drank and left, Sabien had sat there for what seemed like hours, bored to the point of aggravation, ready to punch out the next person who so much as stepped near him.
A soft stilted thalassian voice cut into the numbness of his irritated mind, he clenched his fist and swung round, pulling up his punch with surprise as he looked into a pair of melting brown human eyes.
“Whoa, easy on there” said the woman with a light laugh “This is neutral territory you know, we’re not enemies here”
She placed a delicate hand over his fist and lowered it. “I was only trying to be friendly, I was asking if you’d been stood up as well…” she smiled warmly at him.
Sabien growled to himself and yanked his fist from her hand. “No”
Again the laugh, light almost musical and highly amused. “My we are tetchy…”
“Just piss off lady…”
“Pleased to meet you too I’m sure” she replied sharply turning away with a flounce of her head.
Sabien watched her walk back to the bar, his eyes drawn to the glove fitting soft kid leathers that seemed to caress her curves, his eyes mesmerised by the soft sway of her hips as she walked.
“Hey!” he called to her “I just realised you were speaking Thalassian….”
She looked back over her shoulder at him, “Oh clever as well as charming…” she winked cheekily at him and flashed a smile, which Sabien found himself returning.
“Robi Kaezlan” she said extending her hand.
“Sabien Suntreader” he said taking the hand and shaking it awkwardly, hope the fel she wasn’t expecting him to kiss it, he hated to disappoint a lady he thought to himself.
“Oh there are the chores” she said suddenly
“What chores?” he replied
“Oh thanks I’ll have a bourbon” she laughed and playfully elbowed him in the side.
“Huh?” he said then realised and laughed slightly, Fel he’d been had…better keep an eye on this one, she’s probably some kind of thief, spy or high class whore. Nevertheless he bought the bourbon and placed it in front of her.
“There you go lady”
He wanted to leave, get away from this yapping female, but found himself slowly drawn in by her smile, her eyes, he felt almost hypnotised by her full mouth as she talked. He took a draft of beer to break her spell, and took a moment to study her, light she wasn’t beautiful or anything, and compared to the average Sin’Dorei female she was positively chunky, he couldn’t put his finger on it exactly but there was something almost compulsive about her.
She asked polite questions about him, his job, his family and so forth, all of which he answered to his own surprise, found himself telling her about his gang days, his prison sentence and release then about his hunt for Kel’Dos.
“No lady only regret I got is letting that bastard stitch us up…but fel he’s gonna pay…” he finished answering Robi’s last question.
“What will you do to him, if..I mean when they don’t arrest him?” Robi asked him biting her lip and looking up at him.
He held her eyes for a long moment before giving a cough and looking away.
“I’m gonna kill him, after Ive taken his woman, after he’s heard her scream and cry, he’s gonna watch helpless while I desecrate the one thing he gives a damn about, he will beg me to kill him rather than see her come to harm” his voice was filled with vehemence and hate. Robi nodded and tried to hide the concern in her face.

“Sab..Sab?” a voice in his ear
“Yes Deathmaster” he replied half irritated at being disturbed, half relieved to have the spell of this human broken.
“Mortie can’t make it, you better head back” said Arli in the earpiece.
“Aye on my way..”
Sabien downed the remains of his drink quickly and wiped his mouth on his sleeve.
“Gotta leave sweetheart” he said winking at her, glad to have the diversion that put him back in control. “See ya around if youre lucky”
Robi nodded and smiled “Bye Sabien..nice meeting you”
Phew she thought as he left, that’s one bitter elf, dangerous too and don’t doubt for a minute he wont carry it through. I really got be quick with this, he’s not going to wait, he’s ready to blow.
She hurried back to Stormwind, light she couldn’t do this alone, she’d need support would take at least two of them to be quick and thorough. But with the brotherhood all scattered and in hiding, she had no one to turn to. Only one thing for it she guessed, she’d need to find Blayke
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Re: Serrar and Chey

Post by Guest on Fri May 18, 2012 9:44 am


I stop in my tracks and look around Farstrider Square.

“Robi?” I reply quietly and look around to the shadows.

“Love you” comes the reply and I feel myself redden as I laugh, then notice the guards taking a curious interest in the elf standing in the middle of the path, seemingly laughing and talking to no one.

“Eversong” I reply as with a small theatrical bow to the guards, I turn on my heel and make my way towards the city gates.

Over near the lake she steps from the shadows and greets me with a smile.

“ to see me?” I smile in return, then can’t help but add “...or Sabien”

Her smile drops as she replies “Don’t start that again”.

I’d gone and found her the day previously in Stormwind and claiming that I needed to speak to her urgently, we met on the outskirts of the city. I was wound up by Sabiens description of meeting her and I soon turned to making snide remarks about her and male sin’ much that she accused me of acting like a jealous boyfriend. I reluctantly admitted to myself that I am jealous that she seems to find him attractive and annoyed that he has tried to look for her since. Never admit it to her though, no way. A snigger, and Ivery steps from the shadows.

“What did you bring him for” I ask Robi in a clearly annoyed tone of voice

“I like having him around” she replies

“What, no hug?” smirks Ivery, “Not pleased to see me? I thought we were still brothers!” he laughs

“Can arrange to make you forsaken, again” I reply; fel he annoys me. I look back to Robi; “I’d invite you back to my apartment but they don’t allow pets so he would have to stay outside” I add and finish with a sarcastic smile.

“That, was uncalled for Arli” replies Robi, then adding “will Sabien be there?”

“What? Are you crazy? Chey’s staying with me!” I reply quickly, missing what she was getting at.

“Oh well, no point then” she replies casually, and Ivery laughs again.

I bite my tongue; all the replies I want to give will only show how bitter I feel.

“Now run along Arli, me and Robi have some work to do” adds Ivery

I glare at him before looking at Robi; “Fine, see you around..maybe”

“...maybe” she replies dismissively.

“And...and you’d better be the ones running along ‘cos when I get to the gates I’m reporting you to the guards” I spit back and swearing under my breath, walk swiftly towards the gates of Silvermoon. I’d barely taken ten steps before a smack across the back of the head makes me stumble and cursing again, I pick up my step as I rub the back of my head.

I stop in front of the guard who looks at my Thorn colours with mild disgust. “Sir...” I start in my best respectful voice, the one I usually reserve for apologising to my Uncle; “over by the lake, a human male in a tabard with a blue cross...he was alone”. The guard squares his shoulders, and calling a couple of nearby guards with him, starts to run in the direction of the lake.

I smile coldly to myself as I walk into Silvermoon, hope the git gets a good kicking, I know he’d put himself at risk to protect Robi so she should be safe....

My mood hasn’t lighted by the time I reach home and I open the apartment door to the same frosty atmosphere that has pervaded the place since I said Chey would be staying under my protection. Chey looks up from her book and Dianthaa pauses in cleaning her dagger, both give me a small smile which I don’t feel like returning.

“I’m going to bed” I snap; I’m in no mood to be sociable.

“Floor” corrects Dianthaa as she resumes cleaning her daggers. I scowl; I’m still relegated to sleeping on the floor because I moved Chey in for a while.

“For Fels’ sake!” I exclaim, punching the wall in anger, my fist leaving a cracked dent in the plasterwork. “Women! I’ve fecking had it to here!” I exclaim. I yank open the door and slam it behind me, storming back downstairs and into the street. I pause and then head straight to the Inn, I plan to get very drunk and find a bench in the city for the night....and fel, does my hand hurt now....


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Re: Serrar and Chey

Post by Sabien on Sun May 20, 2012 5:36 am

She was tired, the sleepless nights worrying about Serrar and the days of little or nothing to do but fret and pace the floor of Arli's small apartment were taking their toll. She hoped Serrar would run again and not hand himself over to Sabien, she wasn't sure Sabien would or even could fulfil his bargain and spring Serrar from the processing centre once he'd been arrested.
A soft knock on the door broke her thoughts, she smiled slightly and got up to answer it, it would only be Arli, letting her know he was back rather than walk in and startle her.
"Coming" she called softly as the knock came again a little impatiently.
She opened the door slightly and gasped with shock as the door was burst open. Staggering slightly under the weight, she stumbled back only to be grasped and pulled by a strong hand on her wrist.
Trying to wrench her arm free she looked at the intruder. A tall, fairly muscular dark haired Sin'Dorei, his eyes almost manic stood before her, a slow unfriendly half smirk on his mouth.
"Chey I assume" he said coldly "Come on sweetheart I'm taking you home..." and he dragged her from the flat. "You'll play nice now" he continued "No kickin and screamin it ain't you that I want, youre just insurance"
She realised this was Sabien and tried to reason with him, plead almost for him to drop the vendetta against Serrar. Every word she spoke he ignored.
His arm went firmly around her shoulders and held her fast as he walked them through the inn and out to Serrar and Cheys old apartment.

Outside the block he stopped and grasped her tighter against his side, he turned to wait the arrival of the lone black clad, hooded figure that was walking down the row.

"Chey" Serrars eyes scanned her face "Has he harmed you?"
She shook her head
"Cut the dramatic hero act Kel" spat Sabien "She's untouched...for now"
"If you have so much as..." started Serrar
"You'll what?" smirked Sabien "Youre in no position to threaten me"
Sabien pulled Chey closer, smirking again as Serrar's eyes darkened
"I want to see Chey alone" said Serrar "I'll honour the deal"
Sabien nodded towards their apartment door, waited until Serrar reached it then pushed Chey viciously towards him, Serrar catching her and pulling her to him then behind him.
"You got an hour" and as the door closed behind him Sabien sat on the doorstep to wait. Revenge was close, oh so close and he was damned if it was slipping from his fingers now.


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Re: Serrar and Chey

Post by Sabien on Sun May 20, 2012 6:06 am

Soft Thalassian voices whispered in the darkness of the flat, the words were spoken low and although they could not be understood, there was no mistaking their intimacy.
Serrar and Chey lay together, his hands framing her face as he looked down into her heavy eyes. She smiled slowly and intimately at him as her hands gripped his back lightly.
"I love you Chey" he whispered.
"I love you" their voices husky with emotion.

Once alone in the apartment, they had embraced each other holding onto each other tightly.
"Serrar what can we do..." Chey had started
Serrar placed a finger on her lips and shook his head. "The deal is done Chey...lets not talk of it, I want to be with you, forget everything else and be just with you in this last hour"
Chey nodded.
"No tears, no goodbyes, just me and you nothing else matters" she whispered.
Their lips met, softly, she relished the taste of him, indulged in his scent and he in hers.
Their arms tightened, their kiss deepened and they sunk as one onto the sofa. They broke their kiss and exchanged a fond smile, both remembering a time not so long ago, yet seemed an eternity away of another time they had been here, like this.
Their lips met again, a deep longing kiss. Still locked together he rose, pulling her with him.
"Not here..not like this..." he murmured as he lifted her into his arms and headed to their bedroom.

Soft Thalassian voices whispered in the darkness of the flat, the words were spoken low and although they could not be understood, there was no mistaking their intimacy....

Sabien sat outside their door, he couldn't help but overhear in the silence of hallway. Tempted to kick the door yet somehow couldn't do it.
He rose and paced, out of earshot, wrestling with feelings he shouldn't have.
Was he jealous of this moment? Did he begrudge his brother...former brother...a sweet farewell to the woman he loved. What if...? That thought again.
A small unreadable smile touched his lips as he glanced at the door.
Obviously Kel wasn't going anywhere. Ah what the Fel, he'd give them tonight, they'd never know he wasn't outside.
On the street he glanced up at the window, the gossamer curtain fluttering slightly and soft sighs hardly audible carried on the breeze.
Sabien laughed quietly as he walked away
"You really should have shut the window Kel...."


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Re: Serrar and Chey

Post by Guest on Sun May 20, 2012 11:05 am

"Arli! Where are you! I need you!"

Arli folded up the letter and quickly slipped it into an inside pocket; that was Chey's voice "real good job of stayin' hidden, Chey" he muttered to himself as he walked out into Murder Row. On seeing him, Chey ran across, a worried look on her face.

"Need me? That's what all the girls say" he replied quickly, smiling at his own wit.

Despite herself, Chey laughed and for a moment the look of worry that had haunted her since her return to Silvermoon, lifted briefly from her face.

"Problem?" asked Arli

"Read this" she replied straight away as she thrust a letter at him; "It's from Robi".

Arli felt his heart skip a beat and berated himself for his foolishness. After their recent meetings it was most likely to be something telling him to stop acting such a jerk; days of letters from Robi that were more than business-like, were long gone. Arli read the letter, Robi wanted to see him.

"Will you go? Please? She said it was urgent and I'm sure it's about Serrar" asked Chey, almost pleading.

"um..sure..sure.." replied Arli, "I'll go now, I know where she will be..uh..get back to the apartment, Sab is off comms so I've no idea where he is" he added distractedly; Robi wanted to see him..


The beach was as empty as it always seemed to be. Close to Silvermoon but remote enough that Robi would have a good chance of escape and few could approach unseen. So, it was no surprise when Robi stepped from the shadow of the large tree to greet him.

"Missing me huh?" joked Arli as he slipped from his mount.

Arli returned Robi's smile; it was a warm smile of friendship although a voice in his head reminded him that it was probably the same smile she would give Sabien were he here on her request.

"It's about Keldos, I've proof he's innocent" said Robi as she turned and took a file from Derek's saddlebag.

"Proof? How?" replied Arli

"This file, me and Ivery stole it from Silvermoon, that night you saw us there"; Robi hesitated, "...but I don't think you'll like what it says."

Arli shrugged "So there's proof, that's good and I don't really care who Sab hunts now then." Arli reached for the file "so want me to hand this to Sab?"

Robi hesitated and then handed Arli the file "you need to read it and then decide".

Arli opened the file and read the top report, an overview of the closure of the trial of the "Blades" gang. "... key information was provided by a senior Silvermoon officer to link them to the deaths.......the one proviso was that a relative of the informant, a younger and relatively recent member, was released without prosecution."

Arli stared at the words, his eyes flitting to the crest at the top and the signatures at the bottom; it was clearly a genuine report.

" can't be right?" he finally said, looking back at Robi.

"I'm sorry, but you need to decide what to do" replied Robi softly, it was clear that Arli had no idea of his involvement in the downfall of the gang.

Arli closed the file and looked at Robi; "If I give this to Sab, he'll blame me...and Kel will..."

Robi shook her head; "No, they'll know you didn't sell them out".

Arli nervously chewed on his thumb nail, his mind was racing around the paths he had to choose, and the outcomes of each.

"Then...they'll go after my family" he said quietly, as if to himself.

"Arli, if you don't give this to Sabien then you'll be sending Keldos to prison and possible execution for avoiding arrest in the first place." Robi hesitated before playing the card she knew would get through to him; " wouldn't sell out a brother would you?"

Arli looked up sharply at Robi, he'd sworn his loyalty to Blades as he had Thorns, to betray either was just something that he knew he couldn't carry through. Sure, he'd threatened to many a time but he knew that he never could, he needed to belong.

"Tell them you'll hand them in if they go after your family? Arli, you know what you need to do." added Robi softly.

Arli nodded slightly; "I..I'd better go, get this to Sab...he's gonna hand Kel in tonight" said Arli, slipping the file inside his tunic and swinging up onto his mount. "Then I've business to sort out.."

"Arli, don't do anything rash" replied Robi, laughing and adding "..that's like telling the wind not to blow" she smiled.

Arli smiled slightly, he'd get this file to Sabien and then, well, he hadn't visited his family in a while.

"Sab?" he said over comms as he urged the mount into a canter. "Meet me now, Duskwhither Spire...and yes, that's an order".


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Re: Serrar and Chey

Post by Guest on Sun May 20, 2012 12:11 pm

Arli finally slowed his mechanohog as he approached the gates of Dawnrunner Spires, having picked it up from Silvermoon after handing the report to Sabien. For a moment he thought Sabien was going to go for him, fists or daggers, he knew he would have one helluva fight on his hands. But he'd listened to Arli plead innocence on the downfall of the gang but could make no promises what he would do now; he had to get to Kel'dos before he handed himself in. They arranged to meet next day and Arli already knew he would do everything in his power to protect the Dawnrunners from Sab's and Kel's blades.

The guards stepped aside and the gates slowly opened, Arli accelerating through as soon as the gap was large enough to let him pass. He'd spent the whole journey obsessing over what had happened, how the gang had been brainwashed, jailed....executed...and all because his Grandfather was ashamed that his grandson was involved with the gang. The skid of the back-wheel as he braked outside the front door sent gravel clattering against the carved statuettes that framed the doorway. Killing the engine, he closed his eyes and made himself pause a moment; "Stay it over...make him explain why". Hearing the door open he jumped from the bike and jumped up the small steps, barging past the servant at the door and heading straight for the main living room, his moment of calm already lost.

"Arlithion, what a pleasant surprise" said Grandfather, standing up to greet his grandson.

"Indeed" added Uncle Valrik dryly, peering briefly over his newspaper.

Arli strode over to his Grandfather; "Blades. Explain"

"Arlithion, you know that is a subject we -do not- discuss in this family" replied Grandfather

"Tough" spat back Arli "I've seen the report on the trial. "You brought them down....why the FEL did you think you had a right to interfere in my life."

Valrik carefully folded his newspaper and stood up next to his father.

"Because" replied Grandfather calmly, "you were little more than a child.".

"And had you remained there" said Valrik tersely "I doubt you would have made it far out of your childhood, they were violent criminals... and language Arlithion, I won't have you swear under this roof"

Arli glared briefly at his uncle before returning the focus of his anger to his Grandfather. "Executed...locked up...for fel's sake...the other Rats, my friends, brainwashed so they didn't even know me any more!"

"Language Arlithion" admonished Valrik.

"Feck language" spat Arli taking a moment of pleasure at the look of anger on Valrik's face and vaguely aware of the servants behind him, obviously drawn by him shouting. "And all because YOU.."Arli stabbed his Grandfather's chest with a finger "..couldn't bear to think that one of your precious fecking family wasn't gonna tow the line and end up another puppet of the military"

"Actually" said Valrik "It wasn't your Grandfather that instigated and directed the raid, it was me". Arli turned to face his Uncle. "You were a child, no rational thought" he added "...not much has changed it seems".

Arli felt his anger overwhelm him; his Uncle never had a good word to say, always having a go at him. Years of pent up anger and frustration exploded as Arli threw a punch, hitting his Uncle with enough force to send him sprawling across the floor. The servants jumped forward and grabbed Arli, restraining him from any further attack; not that any were likely, the shock of finally snapping had already brought him back to his senses as his Uncle was helped to his feet by a shocked-looking Naimen, his hand over his face and blood dripping onto his crisp, white shirt.

Arli opened his mouth to apologise, but no words would come, he expected his Uncle's anger but all he saw on his face was hurt. The servants kept a firm grip on his arms and shoulders; he was unable to move, to run.

"Your Grandmother was very upset at the deaths of Satharus' and beside herself with worry about you in that gang. I couldn't bear to see her like that" spoke Grandfather softly behind him. "So when Valrik told me of what he had heard, well, I didn't hesitate to authorise him to take the action he proposed."

Valrik nodded in agreement, taking the damp towel offered by a worried looking servant and holding it to his face, all the time watching Arli.

"I knew he was acting in your best interests Arlithion" Grandfather continued. "Valrik has tried to be the father you never had, I know you have felt that he has acted against you, but I assure you, he treated you as he would have had you been his real son".

"Sartherin" said Grandfather, beckoning the servant closest to the door. "Push the boy's motorcycle out of the gates for me please"

"Yes sir" came the reply, Sartherin disappearing from view.

Arli's Grandfather walked around and stood next to his son; "Arlithion, I think it would be best if you came back another day to apologise. Jackob's, Kald'ier...please, escort my grandson to the gates".

Without further word, Arli was turned and pushed to the door, giving no resistance as he was walked swiftly to the gates.


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Re: Serrar and Chey

Post by Sabien on Mon May 21, 2012 2:25 pm

Sabien's hands shook as he read the report Arli had handed to him a minute before. Dark fury clouded his eyes as he raised his head and looked at Arli.
"You...." he started one fist clenching in his rage.
Arli held up his hands and took a step back.
"Sab..I swear I knew nothing of it..." he said emphatically "I wouldn't have sold Blades out, I liked being a Blade...belonged..."
Sabien studied Arli's face, funny but he believed the kid, he'd only known him a short while but had been impressed by his unyielding loyalty to those he called friend. Besides he doubted the kid could have kept it from Kel'dos, his face at times, could tell volumes.
Sabien nodded curtly.
"What will you do? To my family I mean..." Arli started, he knew from recent experience that the need for revenge ran deep in Sabien, that he was determined to take his lost twelve years back in the blood of those that betrayed them. "Don't hurt them...I can't and won't let you harm them"
Sabien shrugged almost casually.
"Don't even know who they are kid, and anyway I got more important stuff to do right now" he glanced at the report. "A lot of apologising to do, amends to make for doubting the word of a brother"
"He'll understand Sab...I thought it was him at first as well.." Arli tried to placate Sabien.
Sabien half smiled. "Guess he wont mind me disturbing him and his woman for this"
Arli laughed "Don't count on it..he nearly knocked me out cos I disturbed them by're doing it on purpose"
Sabien gave a short laugh.
"I'd better go give him the news.."
Arli nodded and again looked concerned.
"My family Sab...Kel will want revenge too..."
Sabien nodded, "Can't answer that right now kid, sorry...I'll tell him you didn't know..but can't answer for the rest"
Arli nodded and sighed he'd expected no less, it was understandable in a way that the pair would now want revenge on the guilty ones.
"Meet me tomorrow, we need to sort this" said Arli
Sabien nodded "Will do and oh kid..." he said raising the file "thanks for this"
"No worries" said Arli trying to sound glib. Who was he kiddin no worries? Looked like solving his last problem had just led to the creation of a bigger one.
Not for the first time in recent weeks did he thought "What the Fel am I gonna do now"

Sabien took the stairs to Serrar and Chey's place two at a time, eager to give his old Blade Buddy the good news, he knew he'd probably get a smack for his trouble but expected nothing less. He had spent years festering over the betrayal, had it firmly in his mind that Kel'dos was the traitor and that Kel'dos would pay. He would need to make amends somehow but had no idea how,vengeance was now Kel's by right and he hoped he would take it, if only to take away this all consuming feeling of guilt at his own betrayal of a brother away.
He paused by the door,raised his hand to knock then realising Kel and Chey would probably be still in bed, made the decision to enter unannounced.
"Kel...?" he called as he opened the door
He stepped into the dimly lit living room "Hey's Sab, it's important."
"You bastard!" a voice shrieked at him and before he knew it he felt a stinging across his cheek, followed by the warm trickle of blood.
"What the..." he exclaimed spinning on the ball of his foot and sinking to a street fighter position.
From behind he was assaulted, a foot to the small of his back, rolling with the blow he sprang to his feet to face his assailant. His eyes widened in surprise as Chey, fury and hate etched on her face sprang for him again.
This time prepared he grabbed her easily by the forearms and held her at arms reach, giving her a shake.
"Behave yourself woman" he spat "Go get Kel Ive something to tell him..."
Chey struggled in his grasp "Get off me you murderer..."
"Wheres Kel?" barked Sabien realising he had not come to the defense of Chey.
"He's gone....left me sleeping...couldn't face my tears...." she cried at him " He's gone to honour your deal..." then struggling free once again launched at Sabien.
Realising that he may already be too late he felt almost sick to the pit of his stomach
"When?" he commanded Chey
She didnt hear him and continued an onslaught, kicking and punching him in her fury and despair.
"Sorry woman I ain't got time for this" he said shortly and raising his hand landed her a stinging blow to the head, sending her sprawling across the room. Without waiting to see if she was unhurt, he turned and sprinted from the room.

Pushing bystanders out of his way, Sabien sped up the avenues, cannoned around corners and careered around merchants carts. No sign of Kel'dos, light please...don't let me be too late...
He ran through the gateway just to see Kel'dos pause, then step into the Bloodknight Headquarters.
"Shit!" Sabien cursed. He couldn't call out for Kel'dos that would be as good as handing him in, and feck it, he didn't want to set foot in that place again. A shiver down his spine at old memories of being "processed" in their cells. A deep breath, forget it...move Sabien move...he sprinted across the square and into the building ignoring the looks from the duty guards as his eyes scoured for Kel. There, top of the stairs, about to talk to that arrogant Captain.
"Serrar!" he yelled and ran up the stairs.
Kel turned to Sabien, unable to hide the surprise of hearing his alias from the one who was keen to let these Bloodknights know who he really was.
Sabien looked at the Captain and gave a forced smile and an exasperated shrug
"My brother making a nuisance of himself again has he?" Sabien laughed and clapped his arm on Kel's shoulder. "Another argument with the wife...everytime tells him he's a waste of space, everytime he tries to be a bloodknight..."
Kel stood there watching Sabien in bewilderment.
"Sorry pal I'll take him home..." he added as he turned Kel'dos around.
"Just get him out of here" The captain growled "Bloodknights are an honourable institution not some marriage guidance service, get out the pair of you before I have you arrested for being in possession of an offensive wife...scram" The Captain chuckled dryly at his own humour. Sabien forced a patronizing laugh and clenched his fist.

Outside Kel raised an eyebrow. Sabien silently handed him the trial report and stood stock still while he read it.
"Sunblade!" he spat as he finished.
Sabien looked at Kel "Brother..I am so sorry...I.." words failed him, the guilt and the enormity of what he was going to do hit him and he couldn't look Kel in the eye. He fell to his knees and bowed his head.
"I betrayed you brother..vengeance is yours, take it..." Sab said quietly.
Kel looked around then down at Sabien and hissed.
"Get up you feckin jerk" and hauled him up. "We need to talk..but tomorrow..I have to get home see Chey tell her its over..she'll be upset..I left without goodbye..."
Sabien grinned and pointed to the scratch on his cheek "I know"
The two elves looked at each other and laughed, then clasped hands.
Kel'dos departed and Sabien watched him go. Somehow a new bond had been forged, they were in some ways brothers once again. Tomorrow they would meet as the last of The Blades to decide how to extract their mutual vengeance on those responsible.

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