[A][IC] A World of War: Call to Arms

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[A][IC] A World of War: Call to Arms

Post by Khendran on Sat Apr 21, 2012 10:05 am

Messengers carrying Alliance colours have been delivering letters to several prominent, lawful organizations. They've travelled far and wide, seeking out all known allies. Covered in mud and dirt from their strenuous task, they hand over the piece of paper carrying two seals, one of blue wax with the Alliance sigil, one of black with a closed fist.

Greetings, honorable lord/lady,

I write to you with grave news, and a most desperate plea.

Long ago, we were told that the Dragonmaw orcs of the Twilight Highlands had started to gather strength, for reasons unknown to us. At that time, we chose to remain idle to be able to comprehend the full scale of the situation, and I regret to inform you: it is far worse than we could've expected.

Reports regarding the Twilight Highlands have reached the Alliance High Command, telling us that the Horde is preparing to launch an attack in the area. They have been seen storing supplies and building fortifications to surround their recently established camps outside the Dragonmaw Port. It is our fear that they intend to force us out of the region, and then use it as a staging ground for further attacks south of Thandol Span. A strong force has gathered, and we must respond accordingly.

It is for this reason that I ask your order for aid: to gather your troops and join us in the defense of the southern lands. Our estimates show that the Horde will finish preparations and commence the battle on the 27th day of this month. At that date, we will do our best to assault their force, and ensure the safety of our homes.

I await for your reply with a burdened mind.

Khendran Galedric Ironhand
Baron of Tirisfal Fields
Acting Commander


Due to limitations the in-game mail has, I've decided to post this here instead of mailing it to the different organizations and guilds.

This is the call to arms taking place IC right now, as the Alliance host seeks volunteers to reinforce the ranks for the upcoming battles. The letters would not be addressed to individuals, but organizations: as such, any officer could read and reply. If your Alliance-side RP guild is interested in joining the "A World of War" campaign, respond to me via PM or in-game mail (preferably address the letter to "Khendran". I might not notice it in time if you send it to Galedric), and we can discuss an IC meeting with you, should you wish it. Alternatively, you can just show up in Twilight Highlands on the 27th, whichever you fancy!

If you want more information on the campaign, you can find it in the thread here.
I hope to see you on the battlefield!


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