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Angeli Mortis

This is a World of Warcraft guild

Serrated Sun

World of Warcraft Roleplaying Guild on Earthen Ring.

Obama Gaming

World of Warcraft Guild de avance

Ventas WoW

Ventas en World of Warcraft Quel'Thalas Latinoamerica.

Victory For My Llamas

Victory For My Llamas - World Of Warcraft Guild on Shattered Halls EU

Part Time Legends-WoW

The World of Warcraft guild named "PartTimeLegends" from Dragonblight-Ghostlands Realms

The Couch Potatoes

Home of the World of Warcraft gaming clan " The Couch Potatoes "

Theatre of Blood

Welcome to the guild forums of The Venture Co. EU World of Warcraft guild, the Theatre of Blood.

Cold Bëër Gaming

A World of Warcraft raiding and mythic plus guild. Here you can learn about and apply to Cold Bëër Gaming.