[H][IC][Poster] Fallen to shadow

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[H][IC][Poster] Fallen to shadow

Post by Naomi on Sun Apr 15, 2012 8:10 am

*Pieces of parchment hang from various places, not too in the open, around the cities of the Horde. Neatly written with excessive capitals used where needed.*

To those who wish to aid,

I am in need of assistance in dealing with the realms of shadow. Not too long ago I was consumed and had to flee from my kind to not endanger them. I now seek to keep it under control after time of keeping it under suppression. The time I have had it hidden has been my downfall. It is now spontaneous that I fear I will do something beyond my own will. I am a child of An'she and do not wish to become an abomination.

Seek me on the Bluff

Kosul of the Featherhoof


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