Granwat the Botanist on Silverleaf.

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Granwat the Botanist on Silverleaf.

Post by Granwat on Sat Apr 14, 2012 4:56 am

Out of Character.

Hello everyone. This is my first post, and I'd like to say hello to all you fine roll-players out there. After some convincing I decided to try RP'ing on Defias Brotherhood. It took me quite some time to gather enough knowledge and insight on the subject, because I find it quite intimidating in a way. I'm not new to the subject at all, but, I'm new to the deeper sense of it. So I've been told I've probably picked one of the hardest races to RP, but frankly I find that interesting. I've studied the lore, stories and 'feeling' behind the Draenei race and I find them absolutely fascinating, so this will be the race I'll be playing. A very ancient Draenei that has seen enough of living to perhaps be painted as someone that is 'crazy.' I will do my absolute best to play him as a genuine and useful character to the RP community! He'll be a plant-freak and I'll be giving my own twist to the plant-life of Azeroth, and will be creating a few of my own that I will share as GHI items to the people that are interested. If anyone has set a standard of the properties of plants, that please forgive my intrusion in the matter - I hope you will enjoy my vision of the botanic life of Azeroth! Please, [i]I would love feedback on the story - that would be very much appreciated.

In Character

The sky was blue, not even a hint of clouds. The birds held a sing-off, because it was that time of the year you had to find a partner, or wait the year around, and the energy of song made it clear they did not want that. The trees of Elwynn were filled with young leaves still wrapped in their protective shells waiting to be drenched in sunlight. Silverleaf however, didn't care much for sunlight. Silverleaf preferred moonlight, or startlight, as long as it came from the night it was content. Granwat simply sat before the plant, observing it. Now, the reason the plant reflects sunlight – he pondered – is because of the thin silver tissue between the actual leaf and its cells that would start the photosynthesis. Granwat called this mirror-tissue. Though he was not certain what the material was comprised of, he certainly would find out. It was his understanding that this material, if synthesized would be an amazing heat-shield.

Granwat flipped a leaf, exposing the other side of the leaf that does not have the protective layer to direct sunlight. Almost instantly the tissue of the leaf became a darker green, and a full minute later the tissue started bleeding. He gently turned the leaf around, giving it a chance to recover.

Granwat sat, still – for hours to wait the sun to trade places with either two of the moons. He did this, because Silverleaf did something amazing. Silverleaf had developed cells, that in a way function like a muscle. Each minute mirror-cell was attached to such a cell. At night, when the sun vanished, the plant turned the mirror-cells 90 degrees, slowly turning the plant in a beautiful full green plant, and now the plant could begin absorbing starlight or moonlight. Fascinating.

“It dislikes heat. Direct sunlight. It sleeps at day, and grows at night.”

Granwat, when first arriving on Azeroth was stunned by the botanic diversity of Azeroth. He could not believe that amount of plants, leaves, herbs, trees, shrubs, bushes, toadstools – he felt his knees shake the first time he came to his senses, the amount of plant-life was simply stunning. The amount that could be learned, and put to good use was a well of eternity!

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