[IC][Poster] The Injustice

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[IC][Poster] The Injustice

Post by Timna on Tue Apr 10, 2012 11:23 am

The following poster is viewable in the City of Stormwind; some of the town criers seem to have gotten their hand on a few.
They seem to be blowing through the City and set up on walls. Regardless of the disappearance of the criers, the posters remain.

People ask what the Light has done wrong. What the Council has done wrong – what we call the Grand Alliance has done wrong. We have gathered your attention now: so let us tell you. It’s a long list, so bear with us as we list the wrongs of the people that shape your lives.

The Disciples of Light

- Brutal treatment of a boy of eleven years old both physically and mentally.
- Holding Ishap Balancer in high regard, despite the fact she wield a weapon blessed by the magic they abhor!
- Protecting people such as Lephia Velsen, former wife of Dethrohan, a supporter of the group of Serpents and a known user of the magics they outlaw!

The Chapter of Holy Anethion

- Guilty of numerous murders and kidnappings
- Owning hidden dungeons beyond their abbey designed solely for “interrogation” or torture.
- During their crusades in Duskwood many innocents died along with a handful of criminals due to their ruthless purging.
- The ones meant to purge evil hide their identities. Maybe they are the evildoers?
- Their Arch-Lector Corleth murdered one of their own, one known as ‘Regelius Renn’ or ‘Jehorius Amaltheria’, who know’s what trickery and deceit hide in their ranks?

Not only that! How can you put faith into either of these organizations when they resolve to fighting each other?

People are being executed in the streets, murdered in their own homes, yet all you see is the Regiment hunting cultists beyond the City and arresting petty thieves who fight on the streets for their mere survival! Where are they when we truly need them?

Is this right, Citizen? Is this the type of world you wish to live in, or will you stand up and make a change? Think closely.

Do the ones that make our faith, stand up and personify it, truly grant the goodness that you seek?

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