An important letter

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An important letter

Post by Jeanpierre on Tue Apr 10, 2012 4:15 am

Brother Fredric huddled himself in his cloak and listened to the echo of his boots in the hall of the Cathedral. Despite the improvements to the building, it could be cold at night sometimes. Merrily we walked into the infirmary to check upon his patient, and stopped in his tracks. The sheets of the sickbed were thrown aside, Pierre was missing. He followed the flickering of a candle light to the Doctor's desk.

- "Brother Pierre, what are you doing? You ought to be resting!"
"I.. I have... to finish this...letter"
- "It can wait, Brother. It can wai-"
"It cannot.. I... must finish.. this lest.. the shadow gains.. momentum. We risk.. loosing the Disciples and.. damage our Kingdom."

Pierre blinked his eyes, focusing on his letter. Painstalkingly slow he slided his hand to the inkpot, clumsily dipping the pen in it. Air stiffened, his lungs cramped, his breath choked. Pierre released his pen and reached for his chest, failing to summon the strength to beat it back into order. After a violent cough, Pierre continued his wheezy breathing.

After a moment's pauze in confusion, Frederik resolved to pick up the pen.
- "I'll write, if you can speak, Brother."

"Sir, our leadership has failed." Pierre wheezed, bitter tears running down his cheeks, lacking the strength to cry out loud. Breathing twice for every word, they continued the letter,
"We did not resolve the conflict with The Chapter of Anethion. We did not succeed..

Pierre pauzed and closed his eyes, the tears slowly rolling down his chin. "Sir, my leader, my captain, I have failed you. I could not find the words to counsel you properly. Please let my weakness not lead to our failure as a whole. Light, in its severe Compassion granted us a chance to correct this. We must comply lest our failure be complete and we prove unworthy. Restore our symbol.

The Light blessed Ishap with a chance for redemption. Extend that blessing to the Chapter of Anethion. Let this seal the gap and end the discord. They have wronged us, as we have wronged them. End this. Permit no Brother or Sister to speak with them until they understand the importance of our unity.

I was told Brother Wulfgnar and Sister Irys are witheld from Knighthood, following their objections to Ishap. This injustice is beyond measure. Have them publicly redeemed. Our rules state they may not deviate from the Virtues. I have found their faith strong and pure. I refuse such rule to be used against them. Your Chaplain of Faith, your former chaplain of faith and your two senior Disciples reject Ishap's action. Set the record straight.

Have Sister Ishap disciplined, suspended from duty, brought before a Magistrate. After punishment by law, she needs to redeem her faith. Our refusal to act against her has reaped her death and dispute in our Order.

Have Brother Vardrek silenced. Discord follows his trail. He delivers heavy judgements and insults with too much ease. Until he is taught the error of this, I will oppose by what power I may have left that he takes our vow of Knighthood. I can no longer show flexibility in this.

Should I not recover soon, Sister Amaryl and Sister Alarianna passed their demonstration of Respect. I hope to explain later."

Pierre leaned back in his chair. "Darkness is shrouding my senses, Brother". Fredric obediently noted down the words till he realized he was addressed instead.
He quickly finished the letter and carried Pierre in his bed, muttering a few prayers.

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