If they're worth it.. Tag 'm.

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If they're worth it.. Tag 'm.

Post by Amatho on Thu Apr 05, 2012 2:49 am

A small skirimish somewhere in Northrend.


Adabella snapped from her trance. She looked at a wel geared wizard, his garmin purple, and eyes hidden behind a way to large hat.

"I'm going to create the portal, this will be a one way trip, you realise that, don't you?" the wizard said hinting to impatience.
"Yes.. I do." She said.

"I'll get the team together. Anyone preferred?" she asked the Mage.

"No.. Though. A doctor couldn't hurt. Holy magic can only do as much." he said distracted while fiddling with a beat hanging from his hat.

Adabella looked at the mage, and gave of an expression of irriation.

"You do realise I am a docotor too, do you?" she said to the mage. The mage still miles away and a bit arrogant.

"Yeah... But, with all the indoctrination of the Holy ch-..."
"Shut it.. Caster. I outrank you in rank, skill and experience. Don't be-..."
"Hey! You asked my opinion ... ... Captain Nightshade ... ... ... ."

Adabella took a deep breath.

"True.. Forgive me, Commander." she said. A biting breeze touched the tent the two people were in. The mage gave her a nod, understanding the stress.

"I'll get the portal up. Once there, we'll have to walk back, and it will be a two day journey. Food and water aren't needed, I've got plenty in my skillbook. Make sure you dress well, unless you want to kill a baby-critter for its pelt!"

And with that the mage walked away to a clear patch, he began his delicate art of making a portal.

Adabella walked out of the tent. She looked up, towards the cloudy and frozen sky. She then looked over the horizon.

"Anderson, New Girl - err, what's your name again?"
"Amatho, Captain."
"Right.. Amatho. Anderson you'll be in charge of getting us back home, you've the best skills as far as I know. Amatho, we could find people of your kin. My knowledge of healing them is limited. That's where you come in, understood?"

Both the Worgen and the Nightelf, nodded.

"We are to.. Salvage those who are worth salvaging at minimal time and rescources. They then will be tagged, and teleported to Dalaran for further healing, en replacement. We are NOT - She said this very, very firm - there to help those who are to far gone, or are incapitated. Remember.. We are not humane. We are efficient. Any question?"

Lots.. Lots of 'm, but none dare ask them. They knew what they signed up for.

"Good. Report the Commander asap."

They walked to the former clear patch, now covered in a purple light and surrounded by a deep chime. The portal was completly stable, and perfect.

"Going up?" The Commander playfully said.

The party stepped into the portal, as in a blink they were immediatly transported to a massive, field of carnage, pain and death. Moaning, crying and praying filled the area, resulting in a Minor hymn.

The party stood there, all of them frozen. Adabella's breath shocked.

"Right.. " A short burst of breath, her sound sounded vague, and distant.

"Right! Start looking for people that we can tag! Remember.. Worthwhile! Do not fall into emotion." Her voice now firm and disciplinced.

They scouted the battlefield. Ignoring countless pleas for help, people begging - stating that without the arm or eye they'd be ever more effecient. A soldier sat against a rock, fully armored, covered in blood, pieces of dying flesh with in his hand his blade - proudly.

"Sir! Sir! are you okay? Sir!" Adabella yelled. The man looked at Adabella, then at the Elf, Mage and Worgen.

"So... Have you c-come to enjoy the view?" He said with a drug like tone.

"You seem able-bodied, Sir. What's your name!" Adabella firmly said.
"Nicalos.. Nicalos Jefferson, and you're Adabella, I know why you're here," - he said angry and in grief. "- h-how can you sleep at night?" he said, his face now in sadness, tears rolling from his battered skin. He projected a massive scream - echoed over the whole of Northrend, grabbing his blade, squeezing the hilt.
"Let me die! Let me die in honor, Witch!! Arrrgghh - ... "

The party looked at the man, and though on a cold mission - they all understood his pain, anger and grief. Adabella bit her lip, and gave her party a firm nod.

"Tag 'm." Adabella said.

Amatho stepped forwards, and placed a small pin, infused with a blue faint energy. She pinned Nicalos, but through the skin. The blood, coming into contact with the pin opened a small, unstable vortex like portal. The soldier got sucked in, and the portal closed with a echoe-like ka-fump, the same sound one would hear, if a dwarven mortar was shooting away.

To be continued.

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Re: If they're worth it.. Tag 'm.

Post by Ruby on Tue Jun 05, 2012 6:10 pm

Love the idea of these tags.

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