[IC-Book] Grimoire of the Eldritch Flames

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[IC-Book] Grimoire of the Eldritch Flames

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OOC: There have been several things I always wanted to do in WoW. One of them was to create a religion (check!), another was to write an IC warlock grimoire. This is long in the making, collecting scraps and pieces of my earlier failed attempts with some recent insights. First of all, I hoped to explain to myself the nature of warlock magic so that I can have better time role-playing with apprentices (apprentici?) Secondly, I simply enjoy writing about magic. So here goes nothing! Thirdly, those evil bastards of the Kirin Tor are on the rise. I challenge them! Fel > Arcane. Fourthly, I want to inspire more people to abandon whatever petty class they are role-playing and join the ranks of Hell. Kil'jaeden wants YOU! Thanks to Drustai for proof-reading the thing to make sure it is not at (major) disagreement with the Magical Guide she is writing.

PS: there are 3 more items on my WoW to-do list. None of them includes an Epic Wall of Text. Light-willingly, this is my final big post. *prays to the Dark Gods to protect him against writing any new Chapter-propaganda*
PSS: I will slowly work on a GHI version, but won't start untill weekend. If you are inspired and can beat me to it, go for it!

This book has been sent to several known warlocks, cults and covens and somehow found its way to the shelves of respected magical libraries. Many copies will perish at the hands of the fanatics and the frightened mages of the Kirin Tor, but some will survive. They will find their way into the hands of young magi and open their eyes to the true glory of the Eldritch Flames and challenge them to wield destruction and harness the power of Fel Magic. One may wonder why a warlock would publish a book aimed at teaching others with nothing to gain, what motive could possibly be behind this act of fiendish charity?

Grimoire of the Eldritch Flames
by Lady Aldaar the Helltouched

It is no coincidence that the Demons wield Shadow and Flame as their magic of choice; Fire is pure power, passion and chaos. To wield the flames is to hold destruction with your bare hands. Fire is the greatest of the four elements, the driving force behind the most awe-inspiring and terrifying phenomena on our plane as well as the substance of our most intense emotions. Those who do not crave destruction will find wisdom and knowledge, for Fire was there when the creation was young and will remain until the end of times.

When Fire and Shadow meet, raw passion meets unbridled capacity for destruction and whole worlds bow before its might. When Fire and Chaos unite, not even reality itself can stand against them. Let the dusty old fools with their crumbling scrolls cower before the might of the Eldritch Flames and deny them in their ignorance, we are the true mages and we do not fear to embrace Power in all its primal might and raw beauty.


Our plane is static and boring, like the sea frozen over. It is a pale reflection of the glory and infinite possibilities of the Twisting Nether. The primordial chaos rages like the stormy sea and has spawned our reality, and one day it will consume it again and the order we cling to will return to its true state of Chaos. Every object, every thought and every emotion imaginable send ripples across the ancient waters of the Twisting Nether. Those who possess knowledge from the dawn of time itself can manipulate and recreate these vortices and shape the world around them to their will. This is what we call magic.

Those who work magic rely on the learned craft of spellweaving to seize the strands of Mana from which reality itself is woven like a tapestry and shape them into forms and patterns which resonate across the Nether and manifest as fire or lighting, shadow or a gust of wind. Yet mastering the craft of spellweaving is not enough. True mage must know the phenomena he is calling forth. This is true knowledge, going beyond mere recollection of facts read in an old tome, this is the knowledge that must fill every shred of your being and come as second nature; the knowledge that cannot be passed on in words. To have such profound knowledge is to be changed by it, and we must welcome the Flames to touch our soul and shape it; let them carry us on the waves of passion and we will follow wherever they lead. What pleasure it is to be flametouched, to carry such power and raw passion in your heart and to just let yourself go!

Nature of the Flames

What we call ‘Fire’ in our mortal plane is an amalgam of primordial and powerful concepts within the Twisting Nether. To summon the flames is to call upon these concepts: Passion, Desire, Power, and Havoc. Only those who truly know these things are to be feared.


Power is the flesh of the flames. Primordial, elemental power; raw energy and action that touches the whole of creation. All living creatures carry this spark in their essence. We are all flametouched. It is no wonder that all mortal creatures feel drawn to fire and wield it with ease. This pure energy, this unharnessed power, this desire for action with no vector is as old as time itself and is firstborn scion of the primordial Sea of Chaos. There is no need for mystic union to touch upon the True Knowledge of power; look back to your energetic youth full of life and vitality, and you will know power.

What does it mean to truly know this Power? Mortal vitality, sense of being alive, desire to act, restlessness and ambition all tie to the concept of Power; but Power goes beyond that. Let the Priests revel in strength they get when connecting to the Light, whatever it is they feel pales in comparison to Knowledge of the primal Power. To know true power is to realize that the whole world is not enough, to harbor ambition that cannot ever be satisfied and to never tire of action.


Fire is havoc. Rough, raw and uncaring chaos of nature. Havoc is the soul of flames, making them capable of annihilating and consuming that which they touch. Yet there is also something natural and beautiful about this chaos, it is in the nature of fire and not a conscious intent to destroy any semblance of order. This is what makes the true knowledge of Havoc hard and costly. Impersonal and indiscriminate destruction is not in our nature. Those who lack intimate knowledge of Havoc cannot summon wild and spectacular flames capable of undoing all in their path, yet gaining this Knowledge transforms you to transcend merely human and makes this raw, natural chaos your second nature. Little wonder that the frightened old fools of the Kirin Tor feverishly deny themselves any knowledge of this aspect of Fire.

It is hard for a mortal to comprehend Havoc. We can see it in the chaotic forces of nature that send storms, hurricanes and earthquakes to ravage our cities without any mercy or hatred. Destruction is simply in their nature. Mortals can find some connection in their consumption of other life in order to sustain themselves and in easy violence they slip into when fighting for self-preservation.


Fire is unbridled passion. This blind, unrestrained passion has no regard for the consequences and the future and no regrets about the past. There is only now. The passion cannot be predicted or divined and follows the whim. This raging passion characterizes the flames. All mortals are capable of passion but we have been doing an excellent job at restraining ourselves, no one allows herself to let go and simply be carried along by her whims. Yet Passion is what gives the flame their wild and uncontrolled beauty, what causes them to spread and consume. Unsurprisingly, the cowering mages of the Kirin Tor are only capable of boring, shackled fireballs and fire blasts and cannot match the wild and raw beauty of Hellfire.

Mortal passions are nothing compared to the whole depth of the concept, they are like a firefly against the Sun. Yet those simple mortal passions can serve as a starting point on the quest for the True Knowledge of passion. It is the sweetest thing that there is. Exhilarating and care-free, unrestrained and wild. It is the stormy sea that drowns whole fleets, flames that consume cities, lovers who are ready to face the world in the name of their love. There is no yesterday, no tomorrow, no regrets, no consequences, no limits…there is only blissful ‘now’.

Desire for Destruction

Fire is the desire for destruction. This is an all-consuming longing that allows no other goals and mobilizes every shred of your being to this single goal: to see the world burn. This Desire is connected to Passion, but is so powerful and so specific in describing the nature of the Flames that it deserves its own attention. ‘Passion’ is the character of Fire, ‘Desire for destruction’ is its sole reason to exist. This desire is what moves and compels the flames.

Those who seek to ‘control’ the flames must know that all-powerful fire cannot be shackled or contained without diminishing its strength, one must know the Desire of the flames and direct it towards it. This is the only true way to make the flames do your bidding. Even though we wince at mention of destruction, we all crave it deep down in our souls. We are capable of it as much as demons; was it not the desire to destroy that the first human mage felt when he directed his newfound powers against the Trolls? Yet again the fools of the Kirin Tor deny themselves the scope of this Desire and deny it…and their flames grow weak and cold.


When Desire to Destroy gives birth to an inner void that cannot ever be filled even if the sky, the earth and the seas are all on fire, then Shadow and Flame meet. This insatiable hunger to consume and destroy unites the pure destructive power of Shadow with the raging passion of the Flames. Mortal hunger cannot ever compare to this. This hunger is a profound sense of emptiness within which the whole universe can never fill. One cannot truly know such Hunger and not be changed into an agent of destruction. Yet the temptations are many, for those who surrender to this Hunger may unite Shadow and Flame and unleash destruction on the scales only the demons can dream of.


When Havoc transcends raw chaos of Nature and turns into deliberate destruction of all order, fueled by hatred of reality itself, then it becomes Chaos. Chaos is Havoc on superhuman, demonic scales. It transcends any desire for destruction and loathing of order that a mortal can possess. All order we see in our plane is nothing compared to the order of Creation itself. Chaos comes from the loathing of this order. We, as created beings, cannot ever know Chaos without remaking our natures in the image of the Demons. Those who know Chaos are capable of destruction on unimaginable scales, leveling cities and unraveling reality itself.

This power is mesmerizing, to touch upon the arcane weave that binds our world together and not break it, not even shatter it to smallest fragments and scatter them to the winds….no…those who know Chaos can destroy the weave itself and restore it to the primal state of Chaos. To know Chaos is to open your mind to the infinite creativity of the Nether and smile knowingly when others lose their sanity. Those who saw infinity cannot help but be insulted and infuriated by the static, frozen world that ticks away as clockwork in accordance to a petty plan. How can order, any order, compare in glory and majesty to the raw Chaos of the Twisting Nether?

Only regular consumption of demonic blood or a pact with the demons can give us mortals any knowledge of Chaos. Even a shred of this knowledge will change us forever, remaking our souls and in time our bodies in the image of the Demons. In time, those who follow Chaos will find their flames turn from the warm orange glow of merely worldly fire to the green of Felfire.

True Knowledge

Craft of weaving the arcane patterns goes a long way in using magic, but magic is impossible without True Knowledge of the concepts at hand. The craft can be learned by meticulous practice and dumb repetition, Knowledge requires genuine experience. Of course, we carry True Knowledge of many concepts deep within our soul, some races more so than others. To develop True Knowledge of a concept we must experience it and allow it to change us. Those who desire a shortcut may seek out the Demons and strike a bargain, the demons have the power to bestow part of their Knowledge upon a mortal. Consuming demonic blood will too grant a temporary boon to intuitive grasp of the concepts behind Fire, but will change merely mortal flames to demonic Felfire.

Power is the easiest concept to Know. Energy, vitality, activity and ambition are familiar to all living beings. Being lost in activity, feeling exhilaration from own energy and vitality and allowing yourself to be carried by your ambitions are all steps necessary to fostering this inner Knowledge. Knowledge of Power will increase the Potency of the flames, allowing them to burn hotter and longer.

Havoc is the hardest concept for a mortal to master. Harsh, raw and uncaring chaos of Nature is what characterizes chaos, simply having it in your nature to destroy that which you touch. The ease with which we take life to sustain or defend ourselves is weak connections we have to Havoc. Knowledge of Havoc will increase the destructive capacity of the flames, allowing them to shatter and annihilate all in their path.

Passion comes easy to us, but we have done our best to hack at our connection to this concept. It is the nature of civilization itself to chain our passions. Yet we all know passion in our hearts. Passion is unrestrained, uncaring about the future and never feeling regret about the past. Knowledge of Passion will increase the unpredictability of the flames and their capacity to spread while also increasing their intensity; flames of passion burn right through to the core of that which they touch and spread with ferocious speed.

Desire for Destruction is a dark presence in all of us. Anger, hatred and even jealousy offer ties to this powerful concept. Knowledge of this concept will allow you to direct the flames where you will, channeling all their wild fury at a target and restraining their passionate nature when needed.

Hunger is what ties Fire to Shadow. We can identify with insatiable emptiness that only destruction can fill. But to truly know hunger, we must transcend this merely mortal craving. Knowledge of Hunger unites Shadow and Flame, giving the Fire the raw destructive power of Shadow. Shadowflame can only be dowsed by powerful magic and burn ferociously, touching even metal, stone and water.

Chaos is unknowable for mere mortals. Those who accept the price and allow the knowledge of Chaos to change them will be capable of focusing their flames to destroy reality itself and unleash fury of truly otherworldly scope. Felfire does not abide by the rules of this reality and can bypass most magical defenses, burning the target and twisting it with raw chaos of the Nether.

Obtaining True Knowledge of General Concepts

Power is best fostered by being absorbed in activity and denying the lure of slothfulness, by taking pleasure in your own energy and vitality and following your ambition without restraint. Those who were so caught in their ambition that they follow it without rest are on the right track to mastering Power. As knowledge of Power increases, so will this capacity for activity and ambition. Physical sickness or mental depression are the bane of Power, capable of setting a mage back by months if not years.

Flames of the Equinox
Find a man or a woman at the height of their youth, gender of the target must match yours. Wait until the vernal equinox. You must slit the throat of the victim and let her blood leak into bowl made from young oak right at the astronomical moment of the equinox. While you wait for the victim’s soul to detach from the body following physical death, you will carve the twelve phases of the moon on the outside of the bowl with a hot knife. At the very moment that the soul leaves the body you will throw the blood into a raging magefire and inhale the fumes, letting them fill your lungs until you pass out. In your delirium, revelation of True Knowledge of power may come to you.

Havoc is best fostered by never holding back or showing restraint in our purely animalistic destruction. Hunting for your own food, destroying those who threaten you and having no regard for others when pursuing your whims will all lead to increasing your capacity for Havoc. Every time violent tendencies call to burst out, you must give in to them. Restraint and fear are the true bane of Havoc.

Fiery Communion
Summon an unbound Fire Elemental and set it free to rampage. You must now catch it unaware into a magical trap and draw out its soul before its craving for destruction can pass. Collect the embers left by the elemental and bury the soulshard in the exact spot of the summoning together with the embers for a night. Draw this magical circle over the site:

[Intricate circle is dawn, with step-by-step instructions on how to reproduce it]

You shall come to the site before dawn and excavate the soulshard. Just before the sun rises, you must prepare a burning pyre. When the first ray of the sun touches you, you must devour the soul of the elemental and jump into the pyre. You will be burned, your wounds will be horrendous…but in that very moment you may receive a revelation of Havoc.

Passion is best fostered by ignoring the consequences of your actions and blocking out all sense of regret and focusing on the here and now. All inhibitions must be lifted and you must follow your every whim. Maintaining this attitude will foster the knowledge of Passion. Restraint, consideration and regret at the bane of Passion.

Passion of the Seven
Consult the alchemical manuals for the preparation of Dream Potion, capable of granting lucid dreams and mystic insights. Wait until spring and collect one thousand rose petals and spread them in a circle. Spend the night lying in the circle of roses while wearing fire-red robe or dress. Prepare six cups of wine. Drink them as following stars first rise above the eastern horizon: top-right star of the Lovers, central star of the Lion, Conqueror’s Light, central star of the Bride, Kinslayer’s Eye and Queen Harlgida’s Star (Sehra Uwanath in Demonic). When the Morning Star appears in the sky, you will rise from the circle and consume the Dream Potion and begin spinning in the center of the circle. Just as you feel the potion take effect and snuff out your consciousness, you must set the petals on fire the instant before you collapse. In that dream you may gain further revelation of Passion.

Desire for Destruction is best fostered by focusing on your hatred and anger. Especially in the moments of great anger we are capable of desiring destruction on truly superhuman scales. Letting these two powerful emotions run their course and lead to their conclusion will foster your understanding of Desire. Mercy and forgiveness are the bane of Desire for Destruction.

Unholy Vow
Draw a pentagram with your own blood. Find the person you hate the most and get hold of five items in his possession that is the closest to him. Position each item at the corner of the pentagram. Locate a murder-weapon used by somebody to slay his or her kin out of vengeance and bury it six inches under the center of the pentagram. Position a candle near each of the five corners. Wait for the night of the full moon and begin the ritual six minutes before the middle of the night (middle between dusk and dawn). Spend one minute to vow horrible revenge upon your enemy to each of the personal items and light the candle near it. Spend the final minute excavating the weapon with your bare hands, making sure your nails break and fingers bleed from its sharp edges and little stones in the earth. Once the middle of the night comes, you will point the dagger at the full moon and shout in anger against your enemy, saying everything that comes to mind while drawing only smallest breaths. Once you faint, you may receive further revelation of the Desire for Destruction.

Hunger is best fostered by focusing on your hatred and anger and allowing them to consume you and expand beyond their initial targets and encompass the world. When desire for Destruction expands like this and is paired with pleasure and invigorating strength one gains from destroying, it will turn into Hunger - an addiction to destroy and feed off the strength of others.

Demon Blood and True Knowledge

Consuming demon blood will always grant an intuitive understanding of Fire all demons are capable off, allowing you to perform the spells with greater power. Yet consuming the demonic blood will always bestow a temporarily knowledge of Chaos, turning simple flames into Felfire. Most potent blood for pyromancers is Annihilan. If anything, consuming Demon Blood allows you to tap into its power and draw mana from it for use in your spells.

The most potent mix involves adding the ashes left from the demise of an Infernal or an Abyssal into the demon’s blood and boiling it over the simple Elemental Fire of this world. Mixing blood of different demons is a dangerous alchemical procedure which involves countless additional reagents to negate the conflicting sides of each demon’s nature.

Recipe for Pyromancer’s Wine:
Pyromancer’s wine is a cheap imitation of Annihilan blood that is well beyond the potency of normal demon’s blood but nowhere near the true blood of pitlords.

Pour felhunter, succubus and doomguard blood in three separate crystal vessels. Add mortal blood to each of the three vessels (1 to 5 demon-mortal ratio). Put the vessels on the outside of the obsidian furnace fueled by Elemental Fire and allow them to boil while stirring succubus blood with a wildvine rod, doomguard blood with a steel rod and felhunter blood with an arcanite rod.

Once 1/4th of blood has vanished from each vessel, add perfectly symmetrical bird’s feather into succubus blood, peacebloom to doomguard’s blood and crumbs of conjured bread into felhunter’s blood and allow to boil while stirring until another 1/4th has evaporated.

Pour the Doomguard blood into the quartz chalice and add a pinch of nether-residue. Put into the furnace until the blood begins boiling violently. Take the chalice out of the furnace and add half the succubus blood and half the felhunter blood. Stir with a copper rod while adding a cup of volcanic ash into the chalice. Put back into the furnace and wait until the blood boils violently again.

Take the blood out of the furnace and put it on the outside so that it stays hot. Add a whole kobold heart into the chalice upon dusk and allow to simmer until dawn. When the sun rises, take the heart out of the mix and add the remainder of succubus and felhunter blood and stir with the copper rod while adding a cup of ashes left from an Infernal or an Abyssal.

Now evaporate the mix and allow the fumes to pass through four-year-old wine (to keep a good concentration, use 10 times as much wine as you have blood-mix). Pour the wine into a vessel made from volcanic glass and allow it to stay warm without boiling by burying it in sand together with hot coals for three days. Pyromancer’s Wine is ready to be consumed.

You can distill the demon blood after it was evaporated and add it back to the wine to increase its potency at the higher risk of being transformed by the knowledge of Chaos.

Demonic Pacts and True Knowledge

Demons have the ability to bestow True Knowledge upon mortals, increasing their capacity to wield fire in ways similar to the Demons. All knowledge passed from the demon to the mortal will always contain some of the demonic knowledge of Chaos, contributing to what is commonly called ‘Fel Corruption’. All Knowledge obtained from demons is affected in this way, but it is also possible to negotiate directly for the knowledge of Chaos.

Demonic Pacts have one advantage; knowledge obtained by personal experience will always be general and will lack intuitive grasp of particular patterns and concepts that must be worked into individual spells. This specific knowledge can be obtained from Demons or passed from mage to mage and developed by practice of the spells. Those who seek to learn ancient and powerful magic must either be ready to track down those few mortals who have mastered these spells before them or negotiate with the Demons.

Not all are gifted with the insight needed to unlock the mysteries shrouded in time and glimpse the patterns dreamt of at the dawn of creation. Even the most talented cannot hope to make more than a few great discoveries. Those who crave strongly enough deserve to obtain the object of their longing. Do not fear the Demons and call upon them, if you are strong and determined you will be able to strike a bargain upon bargain and obtain knowledge undreamt of in the Violet Tower. Only the weak fall victim to the technicalities of the contracts and lose their souls to the Nether. Only the weak see the touch of Chaos as a curse, the strong embrace it and find comfort in the True Knowledge it provides. Those who accept the Fel can feel the churning of infinity itself.

Demonic Blood is easiest to negotiate for, general knowledge of the concept is harder and particular patterns are harder yet. The demons need little of what mortals have to offer, so be prepared to pay a high price. Any book on Demonology will provide you with comprehensive lists of Demons, how and when to summon them and what to offer them in return.

Arcane Weave

Arcane Weave is an irreducible, elemental concept in its raw form within the Twisting Nether. The language of the Weave is infinitely more precise and nuanced than any mortal language and is capable of expressing the finest details scholars and poets would never even begin to comprehend. Stands of the arcane weave are woven into patterns, which express more complex concepts and ideas. The concept of ‘Power’ is a pattern composed of incomprehensible number of individual strands. As created beings, knowledge of many strands is imprinted in our souls – we must simply practice and let it bloom. Other concepts transcend our comprehension and must be sought out or bargained for.

Every object, every thought and every emotion on our material plane is reflected in the Nether by the means of the weave. To perform magic the caster must seek True Knowledge of those individual strands; fortunately it comes easy and can be cultivated by practice. To cast a spell is to weave together individual strands and empower them with your True Knowledge of the concepts they represent. Spellweaving forms the somatic component of most spells, and the very act of harnessing the required weave and arranging it into the pattern requires mana, or magical power, which the caster must draw from the surroundings or from within her own soul. There are many sources of mana. Some harness few scraps from the world around them, others draw from the nodes in the ley-lines, others use Blood Magic, demonic blood or consume stolen souls.

Pure thought affects the weave and often it is easier to think than to perform complicate gestures of spellweaving. Many spells have this mental component, harnessing the mind’s inherent power to intuitively shape the Weave and create patterns. Speech helps direct the thoughts and reciting ancient formulae helps the caster recollect conditioned patterns of thought required to perform particular spells. Some words have power of their own, adding to the pattern. This verbal component can never be dismissed, no matter the power of the caster.

[The pages are filled with hundreds of arcane weave-patterns representing various aspects of the spells. Each pattern carries a Demonic name to ease association and make referencing easy.]


It will take you years, decades, to master the spells within this tome. Do not be deceived by their simplicity. You can get all the gestures and the words right, but without True Knowledge of the particular weave you are using you will be impotent. True Knowledge takes time to develop, by practicing simpler spells you will prepare yourself for more complicated ones. By meditating you will unlock the Knowledge within, by reflecting upon evocative texts of magi of old you will collect the Knowledge without. By bargaining with the Demons, you will learn anything that you may desire.

Yet even with Knowledge powerful spells will elude you. You must train your soul to descend into the Nether and draw mana to empower the spellweaving. The more you draw, the more you will be able to draw next time. And what pleasure it is! When you touch the arcane and let the Knowledge it brings infuse you, you will pity the fools who have never tasted magic! With time, you will realize that no worldly wealth and power even remotely compares to the joy of magic coursing through your being. Arcane is just dirty washing water left over from the chalice that held the sweet nectar of Fel. Fel is the power that churns within the primordial seas of Chaos, the power that spawned this dull reality and that will claim it back!

Primitive Spells
Experienced magi can perform primitive spells without any verbal or somatic component and with speed that makes them nearly-instant. Mental concentration required is almost non-existent, masters can perform these spells while intoxicated and severely distracted.

Weave is the first ‘spell’. The caster focuses on the flow of magic around her and seeks simply to alter it, drawing upon mana from within or without to shape magic into a pattern. Any pattern. Mastering the spellweaving is the first step towards learning magic and rewards the caster with her first glimpses of the pleasure and glory that is to find union with the winds of Nether.
[Several mental techniques are described here, helping the neophyte to ready her mind and find this ‘union’ with the Nether]

This basic training spells consists of one single weave, a simple verbal component and a minor mental one. The caster focuses on a target and raises its temperature up to ignition point of most flammable materials. Lack of focus can enable the caster to warm up a small area to desert-like temperatures.
[A primitive weave-pattern is added here, with step-by-step instructions on how to perform it.]
“Thara naar-su lu xaras.”
“Let the fire touch this world.”

Call the Flames
This practice spell is used to familiarize the caster with complex arcane patterns and accustom her to the burning sensation of the flames. The caster focuses on her knowledge of fire and calls raw flames which then freely dissipate, unaffected by caster’s will and may single the surrounding area and the caster herself.
[A primitive weave-pattern is added here, with step-by-step instructions on how to perform it.]
“A’zeer thara’i naar-su kudarin”
“I call upon the fire to enter this world”

Gust of Fire
This practice spell is the neophyte’s first step to exerting mental control of the flames. The caster Calls the Flames, but instead of allowing free dissipation she focuses them in a cone in front of her. Proper control can compress the flames to a long-range ray which marks the neophyte’s readiness to proceed to more complicated spells.
[A primitive weave-pattern is added here, with step-by-step instructions on how to perform it.]
“A’zeer thara’i naar-su kudarin, atash ar-tharass!”
“I call upon the fire to enter this world, flames go forth!”

Ring of Fire
This practice spell is the neophyte’s stepping stone to not only controlling, but also containing the flames. The caster Calls the Flames and contains them in a shell around her until they build up in potency. Then she propels the shell to expand around her in a ring of fire which may cause considerable damage to flammable materials and a major inconvenience to living beings.
[A primitive weave-pattern is added here, with instructions on how to perform it.]
“A’zeer thara’i naar-su kudarin, sandar naar-su ul khu’arran-su. Atash ar-tharass!”
“I call upon the fire to enter this world, taste this world and consume it! Flames, go forth!”

Harness the Flames
This practice spell marks the neophyte’s mastery of control and containment and teaches her to wield the flames, shaping them to her liking. The caster Calls of the Flames and subjugates them with a Weave of Control and the force of will. At the beginning, the flames are contained in a dilute cloud; with time the caster may compress them to a small orb and even shape then into other forms.
[A primitive weave-pattern is added here, with step-by-step instructions on how to perform it.]
“A’zeer thara’i naar-su kudarin, ul a’rudat-su iffaran rukashim. Atash e’kartoum!”
“I call the fire to enter this world and give it shape with my will. Flame, obey!”

Dissipate Flame
This practice spell is neophyte’s first attempt to create wards that protect her against fire. The caster focuses on her knowledge of Desire and experience of controlling and commanding the flames to dissipate any fire that may be threatening to her. This spell is highly effective against natural fire and mishaps with small spells but is useless against powerful and focused fire magic. After the Ward has been cast it will remain in place for as long as the caster focuses to maintain it, making it first exercise at casting spells while maintaining another spell at the same time.
[A primitive weave-pattern is added here, with step-by-step instructions on how to perform it.]
“Sa thara’i ipirath ra akhtharas! A’karrat atash’i suzarat-am!”
“That which is wrought of fire cannot be burned! I command the flames to part before me”

Fiery Union
This spell introduces the neophyte to the mystical aspects of Fire. The caster focuses on her knowledge of all the four aspects and allows them to overtake her, gaining a boost to her ability to cast fire magic and increasing her resistance to flames and heat. Union remains active for as long as the caster can concentrate on maintaining the spell. It is said that in the moments of Union the caster may gain rare insights and increase her true knowledge of various aspects of Fire and even catch glimpses of particular weaves needed to perform new spells.
[A primitive weave-pattern is added here, with step-by-step instructions on how to perform it.]
“Thara lu ufrakh-ash ul aerdan-ash serantin-su!”
“Let the fire consume me and remake me in its likeness”

[This book continues with elaborate descriptions of many other fire spells, slowly growing in complexity. Most mages can only hope to master Core. It ends with a few instructions on how to enhance regular fire spells and turn them in either Felfire or Shadowflame. The following ready-to-cast spells are included in the grimoire, provided the caster possesses the True Knowledge to perform them.]

Minor Spells
Minor spells incorporate more weave-elements focused mostly on boosting the potency and intensity of the flames. Experienced magi can perform minor spells without any verbal or somatic component. Mental concentration required is so minor, that they can do it while distracted. Great masters can perform these spells with speed that makes them nearly-instant.

Cone of Fire : burns everything in front of the caster
Ignite : rapidly heats the target, igniting flammable materials
Torch : wreaths an object in mostly harmless fire
Fire Blast : releases a potent and wild blast of fire at the target
Blastwave : unleashes a shockwave of scorching hot, compressed air around the caster
Flaming Armor : surrounds the caster with heat and fire, making attacks against her uncomfortable

Lesser Spells
Lesser spells incorporate complex mental components and several weaves as well as delving into the complicated concepts that compose Fire. Experienced magi can perform lesser spells without any verbal or somatic component but must be able to concentrate fully.

Fireball : releases an explosive orb of fire at the target
Fire Ward : protects the caster against natural and magical fire
Flaming Arrow : releases fire compressed to a sharp arrow, easily burning through most armor
Fire Lance : releases fire compressed and lengthened to a lance, penetrating armor with the superheated tip and burning the insides with the shaft.
Immolate : sets the target on fire, this magical fire cannot be put out by ordinary means
Flame Strike : summons a violent blast of dilute flames at a location away from the caster
Ray of Fire : compresses the fire to a persistent ray that can be used to burn through walls, doors or shields.
Command the Flames : allows the caster to easily mould and compel natural fire, making it part, causing it to spread, fanning its intensity or using it as projectiles.

Core Spells
Core spells are complicated and require long experience with spellweaving, mastery of core-spells usually signifies that a neophyte is ready to begin on her own. Core spells can be cast without either the verbal component by experienced magi.

Incinerate : releases an intense gust of fire at the target, melting stone and metal and turning flesh to ash
Pyroblast : unleashes a sphere of potent fire that explodes with great power upon impact
Conflagrate : consumes the energy of fire, releasing it all in a quick blast further empowered by the caster
Fiery Soul : infuses the soul with power of Fire, increasing ability to cast fire-spells and boosting resistance
Fire Blade : conjures a blade of pure flame which the caster may wield
Blazing Whip : conjures a whip of pure flame which the caster may wield
Soulfire : mixes Fire and Fel to burn souls, focusing destructive power to chip away at memories and personality and cause tremendous spiritual pain
Hellfire : unleashes wild waves of potent fire around the caster

Potent Spells
Potent spells are complicated pieces of spellweaving most mages can only expect to learn and master by the very end of their career unless very talented. Truly talented magi can usually shorten the verbal component to its bare essentials but never dispense with it altogether.

Rain of Fire : opens up the skies and rains destruction upon an area, blasting it with intense heat and powerful shockwaves
Fire Orb : sends a great sphere of fire which burns everything near it with its heat and explodes in a mighty nova when control is released
Fiery Halo : wreaths the caster in flames that burn those who dare come close
Felfire : combines Fire and Fel, releasing a chaotic arrow that can bypass some magical wards.
Shadowflame : combines Fire and Shadow, releasing a gust of fire that burns even water and rock and cannot be put out without use of potent magic.
Chaos Bolt : combines Fire and Fel, releasing a powerful blast of chaos that rips the reality and bypasses most magical wards.


You may have the book, but you are nothing until you dare to reach out and let the flames touch you. Do not look to the frightened old men in their pink towers, their devotion has never been to magic – politics and dry paper are their only gods. We do not fear and we never hold back. Reach out and seize the fury of Fire and make it your own. Only those who let the Fire remake their very nature are destined to wield it. The Demons are the true masters of the Twisting Nether and Fel is the sweetest manifestation of the arcane; if you truly believe in magic, then you will dispense with scrolls and books –even this book--, you will forget the boring old men and reach out into the Nether and let countless successful bargains mark your path to True Knowledge of the Eldritch Flame and all the strands of the Weave which compose it.


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Re: [IC-Book] Grimoire of the Eldritch Flames

Post by Eloresh / Tyreld on Tue Apr 03, 2012 10:33 am

((just finished reading it all. Impressive, to say the least, Melnerag))

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Re: [IC-Book] Grimoire of the Eldritch Flames

Post by Skarain on Tue Apr 03, 2012 11:28 am

((As a (former) Warlock i really appreciate your effort creating this Grimoire. As i love magic it's something i dreamed about writing, but sadly writing isn't my strength. I trust that this Ic book will guide many young men and woman who seeks the true power that Skarain foolishly abandoned. But since Skarain is what she is...))

In the darkness where the only source of illuminated comes from the bonfire in the center of the room Sandahi closes the book. He wraps it in paper, ties it with rope and leaves it with a note "To Nelian Dimlight, passed by your teacher" in a small box in the corner. Standing back up to return to his research "You had ambition, my young pyromancer. Maybe you and your hound find this useful when if ever you return from hiding with new stories to be told". Smirking to himself he sits down behind the desk, lighting a candle and lifting his quill. "That accident of yours in the barrens is still one of the most amusing stories heard in this coven"

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Re: [IC-Book] Grimoire of the Eldritch Flames

Post by Melnerag on Wed Apr 04, 2012 1:20 am

((Should gather a 'cult' of fire-wielding warlocks and unleash FIRE AND BRIMSTONE upon the world!))

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Re: [IC-Book] Grimoire of the Eldritch Flames

Post by John Helsythe Amaltheria on Wed Apr 04, 2012 2:17 am

Still got to read some parts more thoroughly, as it's a damn huge read, but this should as well work for my fire mage, yay, and who knows he might one day convert into a warlock.

Very useful, thanks

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Re: [IC-Book] Grimoire of the Eldritch Flames

Post by corleth on Wed Apr 04, 2012 12:39 pm

You always manage to out-do yourself, Meln.

P.S I do not object to more wall-of-text Chapter propaganda Wink

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Re: [IC-Book] Grimoire of the Eldritch Flames

Post by Aadaria-Ioanna on Tue Sep 11, 2012 10:02 pm

Put somewhere we can easily find it?^^ Please.

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Re: [IC-Book] Grimoire of the Eldritch Flames

Post by Thelos on Wed Sep 12, 2012 3:20 am

Melnerag wrote:((Should gather a 'cult' of fire-wielding warlocks and unleash FIRE AND BRIMSTONE upon the world!))


A slimey frog full of warts and wounds leaps off of the cover of an elegantly-bound red book. As the helpless amphibian tries to wiggle away, he gets mercilessly stomped out by a clawy black foot and explodes in a goopy fountain of red blood and green bile. The long unkept nails of a worgen claw seize the tome and quickly skim trough it, confirming its contents. The tome, along with the worgen who claimed it, vanish in to the night from whence they came.


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Re: [IC-Book] Grimoire of the Eldritch Flames

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