Lost little lamb

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Lost little lamb

Post by Gesh on Mon Apr 02, 2012 3:48 pm

Consciousness swept over her eyes like a cold, and itching wave of sea water.
Wordless voices echoed and cracked inside her swirling head.
She was weightless, and yet buried beneath a weight of sand that forbid movement.

It was only a superficial and pointless breath that awoke her.
Once lit eyes now smoldered in darkness, her entire frame was pinned down to the stone slab, even her fingers were incapable of movement, it was if cruelty knew a new way to torment this creature, this shadow of a warrior. Only her voice invaded the stillness.

" ..F-fel it. "

She pursed her corpse white lips and shot her eyes up, gritting her teeth and hissing in defeat.


A small story exploring Vectoria's recovery from her near death experience.

Contactable ingame via Geshel(Alliance)

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