Court of Souls

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Court of Souls

Post by Kalitar on Sat Mar 31, 2012 5:33 am

Court of Souls
Rumors are starting to fill the streets... the Court has returned.. people are vanishing never to be seen not struggling more like going to them. there is all one thing in common they all either have a history of dark magic or dark arts. Once more... the same name rings out clearly. Shadowrend.
(ic recuitment hearable to all dark casters unless stated you have items to stop it)
*dark magic slowly starts to invade your mind giving the feeling of dread and fear as a voice slowly sounds in your mind*
"It is time.. to rise and prove to the world.. that we are not going to stand back and let them cast us away from the cities.. and public affairs.. come my breathern.. Shadowrend call you home."
The Court of Souls is a new evil rising in Eastern Kingdoms that is aiming to make a better existance for the dark magic users... and is going about it in a more peaceful way then before. Some of the current members are drop outs and cast aways from civilisation. Others are dark magic users that have heard the call and came for the promise of a better life, a fuller life in service to their new master, Thundriel Shadowborne, otherwise known as Shadowrend.
The hierarchy of the Court are as follows.
High Councillor.
Royal Guard.
Soul weaver.
(I will update more when get around to it what is up now is the basic idea and info of the guild. Guild website is: Court of Souls. )

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