Lessons of Life and Death

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Lessons of Life and Death

Post by Vaell on Mon Mar 26, 2012 1:13 pm

"Vaell, my lad. Come quickly." Yelled Kavius, Violet Warden and mentor to Vaell. "I have a gift for you."
Kavius sat on a flat surfaced rock, waiting for his student to come bounding over. Kavius hunched over a moment, coughing into his hand and choking with a slight wheeze of air on the last one. Illness was no stranger to the Warden, he was battling the pains for almost a year now. When Vaell arrived, they exchanged a smile. Kavius lost his wife to a murderous criminal who sought vengeance against him. She was pregnant with Kavius' daughter at the time. He looked down on Vaell as more of a son now than an apprentice, the boy filling the gap of his lost child. When he found him, he was a talented young boy who spoke only in muffled grunts and facial expressions. Now, he was a mirror image of Kavius (He was even beginning to grow faint hair upon his face).

"Mentor, I completed all of what you asked of me. I'm telling you, I'm ready for the test. I was born to be a Warden." Kavius smiled in response, almost chuckling at the young mans determination. oblivious to the gift Kavius had collected for him.
"Master Vae-"
"I may not be as familiar with various art schools as you wanted, but there is still time. You don't need those to be a Warden. I'm only Thirteen, I have time to learn. I promise I can-"
"I won't dissapoint you. Is that what it is? I will pass it first time. I will be the best Warden you-"
"Vaell!" Kavius barked in a tone that would usually scold the young man. It worked by the expression and silence upon Vaell's face. "I have been searching for a certain species for a while now. You already know of this."
"Aye, the griffin. The one with blue stripey feathers, wings of gold and a beak as dark as Dwarven Stout. You speak of it often, Mentor." Vaell ran his hand across the very few hairs on his face - a gesture his tutor often did.
"I was waiting a few days to give this to you, but I fear it'll be too late unless I give it to you now."
From his utility bag, Kavius produced a large egg. He held it up and the sun shun through it, glistening the various colours that ran across the shell. Vaell's eyes widened at the beauty of the egg. They widened just that bit more when Kavius placed the egg in his palms.
"This is my gift to you. Nurture and take care of it. It will out live you one day. Make sure to take good care of it." Kavius smiled, delighted to see the young lads eyes full of joy.

Later that night, Kavius sat by the fire and watched as the egg hatched in the hands of Vaell. His brief smile was interrupted by another coughing fit but he waved his hand to Vaell, who was standing up to come to his aid. Kavius wanted to watch his student experiance responsibility and compassion. He wanted to watch as Vaell grew a companionship. The griffin churped, raising its head and attempted to nuzzle against his students finger. Kavius chuckled, standing to his feet.
"I am going to get some rest. What will you call her?" Kavius raised his eyebrows, curiously.
"I was thinking, if you will it, I'd name her Alexia. After your daughter, Mentor." Vaell spoke in a hushed tone, trying to avoid any offence.
Kavius' eyes filled with tears. He tried to remain strong in front of his student, but he could not help it.
"Yes.. I think that fits nicely." Kavius responded with a shakey smile. "The Griffin are a loyal species. Never let that bond break. I want her to be there even when I am not. To protect you and for you to protect her."
Vaell smiled, looking down to Alexia, stroking her wafer-thin fur. "I won't lose her. I promise."
Kavius left with a nod. His thoughts were interrupted once more with a howling cough. As he looked down at the handkerchief that he had raised to his lips, he saw a splutter of red fading into the material. He voiced his thoughts into a soft, lonely whisper; "I hope she is enough to protect you, my son." His eyes peered through the entrance of his tent, catching a glimpse of the two playing "I won't be here to do so much longer."

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