[IC]Tirade of Narrow-mindedness

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[IC]Tirade of Narrow-mindedness

Post by Melnerag on Mon Mar 19, 2012 6:10 am

This essay has been published in small literary circles in Stormwind and Dalaran. Its subversive character means that it would most likely end under censure should the authorities get a whiff of it.

Tirade of Narrow-mindedness
by Helen of Elwynn

You all speak of the Legion and the Cataclysm like they are the greatest foes. I am hurt. Do you think any of those would ever succeed at anything had it not been for me? I am the power behind the throne. Without me, Arthas would never claim Frostmourne and unleash the scourge against the world. Nobody recognizes me. Perhaps your un-recognition is the best compliment, after all it is very narrow-minded to miss the biggest picture. Yes, it is my name - Narrow Mindedness.

I don’t work alone. I have many helpers and many servants, most of them too narrow-minded to realize that they serve me in the end. You all know my son Zealotry, conceived on the night when Religion embraced me and relaxed in the confidence of its own greatness. Ah the sweet, sweet sight of my dear son as he makes grown men and women slaughter each other like pigs simply because they don’t read the same books! Zealotry – he is a master of exaggeration. How else can he convince men who share almost everything see a small difference as character-defining? Whom does the Chapter truly praise when they ignite their pyres? They say the pyres burn for Anethion, in truth they sacrifice to me. I am their mistress. The pleasure of seeing those who share an enemy bicker and kill each other despite the shared danger they face!

I am invited to every war council and meeting too, a guest of honor. I speak the most of them all. Well, I don’t – but I whisper words in the ears of others and they speak with my voice! How many brilliant plans, solutions to problems, great decisions and far-sighted calls could have been made in the time spent bickering . Indeed, go to any war council. Generals spend twenty minutes coming with a sound strategy, next two hours are spent not on refining it to perfection, but dismissing a completely alternate strategy proposed by a slighted general. When invasion of Northrend began – what was the topic of every Council meeting in Stormwind? It wasn’t the Lich King or the war effort; it was King’s already made decision to allow the Ebon Blade in the city. Wondrous and sweet! When time is short and every second may cost lives, men still argue about smallest details. It is known that it takes an hour to amass an army but a day to select its leader. It would take Community of Light one minute to agree that compassion is a virtue, but endless hours to argue which groups are unworthy of compassion. Ah, the smallest details, the passion with which they are contested is ecstatic!

I whisper in the ear of Kings and Warchiefs. I may be Narrow-mindedness, but short-sightedness is my dear younger sister and constant companion. We often work together and are seen side by side. I am not elitist in whom I give advice, even the humblest may benefit from my wisdom. Guess who tells the peasants to drink their money away? Who tells the mages that a little sip of the Fel is a lot of short-term gain? What better time to start a world war, than the world itself cracks in two and all armies in the world don’t seem enough to stop the mad Aspect?

What would the world do without me? You think that I am the enemy? You are wrong! Just imagine what would happen if everybody saw the bigger picture. Suicide rates would go through the roof. Besides, realizing the full consequence of your actions would make you sick . In a way you can thank me that anything is done at all . It takes a narrow mind indeed to think that you have an authority to lead and judge. Without me there would simply be no Kings and no Judges, no Priests and no Teachers. Hate me all you want, but you need me and you certainly cannot get rid of me!

I hold this world in my grip indeed. Good thing I work so subtly, imagine what would happen if all knew of my involvement and tried to stop my ‘evil’? Unnerving! But then, even if they did then my good allies Fear and Ignorance would keep my servants loyal and in-check. Who wants an open mind anyway? I don’t remember a single time when knowledge made anybody happy!

[OOC]: Some of you will recognize at once what this is inspired on. So, I give credit where credit is due! *tips hat to The Man*. Feel free to react to this essay in any way you like, up to the point of trying to identify the author!


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Re: [IC]Tirade of Narrow-mindedness

Post by Sullee Swiftspeech on Mon Mar 19, 2012 8:40 am

Love this. Spread more of this! Wink
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Re: [IC]Tirade of Narrow-mindedness

Post by Aadaria-Ioanna on Sun Dec 02, 2012 9:11 am

Poking this for its awesomeness. Let it not be forgot.

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Re: [IC]Tirade of Narrow-mindedness

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