Essay on the Evils of the Horde

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Essay on the Evils of the Horde

Post by Melnerag on Sun Mar 28, 2010 5:51 am

This scholarly paper has been spreading among the clerical circles of the Cathedral of Light, as well as the scholars of Stormwind, Ironforge and Dalaran. No doubt some hobbyists with interest for politics have acquired their copies somehow as well. Notably, copies were sent to political bodies such as royal councils, house of nobles, Ironforge senate and the Aldor.


Sentiment is spreading amongst the Human population of Stormwind that the Horde is in some-way misunderstood and has been mistreated either by the hand of Fate or directly by the alliance policy. These misguided individuals then go on to argue that the Alliance leadership is in the wrong for waging a destructive war against the Horde and should sue for peace. In this paper I will illustrate that all the assumptions of Horde's innocence or victim-status are inherently wrong, and the only logical decision a well-thinking individual can make is the utter obliteration of this unholy union of the primitive races with the abominable Forsaken and the deceived Blood Elves.


To my surprise, members of the Chapter of Holy Anethion have been reporting encountering Horde sympathizers on the streets of Stormwind who go as far as to declare the forsaken guiltless and misunderstood. Not taking their word at face value, I've set out to investigate this myself. After several interviews and conversations I was forced to admit that indeed some layers of Stormwind population are prone to seeing the Horde in a romantic light and do not hold them accountable for all the misdeeds.

Written documents which I have unearthed show such devious acts as Kingdom of Arathor negotiating with the Orcs of the Red Blade about a cease-fire and certain foreign priestess advocating peace and understanding in our Cathedral. There was also a fair share of Horde-Alliance peace summits, which demonstrates just how misguided the population has become. I feel obliged to give due credit to the people of Ironforge and the Kal'dorei who have denied any such claims of Horde's innocence on both popular and governmental levels. And Long Live King Varian, who looks right above the heads of fools and sees the Horde for what it truly is. May the Light bless King Varian with subjects who have the wisdom to share his irrefutably correct views.

The Orcish Horde - From Demon-pact to the gates of Lordaeron

Good people of the Human Nations, dwarves of Bronzebeard and Wildhammer clans and the elves of Quel’thalas have tasted first-hand the savagery of the Orcish blades. It is an undeniable fact of our history that the Orcs have swept across Stormwind Kingdom leaving no two stones piled together and no tree uncut. Loss of life was astonishing. Light-willingly, the Grand Alliance has prevailed in the end. It is not known exactly how many lives have been lost in the war, but numbers go well over hundred thousand.

The atrocity the Orcs have committed is unforgivable, their crimes mass up to nothing short of genocide of all civilized life as we know it. At this point the proponents of ‘Peace’ argue that the Orcs have been forced to commit their crimes by the Legion.

We hold it as Truth that one’s soul is only lost when he willingly yields it, and in this case it was not different. The Orcish leaders and people have willingly embraced the Demonic evil, and the brutality with which the chieftains who opposed such radical change were destroyed, shows that there was a plenty of those who tried to fight the Demonic corruption. The Orcish people had enough warning and sufficient chance to fight back and resist. They gave in, which makes them fully responsible for their acts during the War against the Grand Alliance and near-complete genocide of the Draenei.

Uther’s Mercy – Internment Camps

While the Orcs came to destroy us utterly, revered followers of the Holy Light have shown clemency to these misguided savages. The Dark Portal stood sealed and a great number of Orcs remained stranded on Azeroth. By all laws in existence, all royal decrees ever pronounced, these monsters had to be executed for their misdeeds. Yet followers of the Light kept true to their virtues, and despite political pressure from Arathor and Gilneans chose to give Orcs a second chance.

Orcs and Horde-sympathizers can cite poor conditions of Internment Camps and whine on how inhumane they are, but these individuals do not think clearly. Let us not forget that the Horde caused tremendous loss of life and economic damage which goes beyond any accountant’s worst nightmares. It was in this situation of hungry, scarred peasants crying for justice and famine and poverty spreading throughout the war-torn lands that nations of the Alliance have taken it upon themselves the upkeep of thousands of Orcs. I see it as my duty to remind the reader that although the conditions were prison-like, the Alliance leadership did not use these Orcs as slaves despite the terrifying costs of running the facilities.

The Horde Reborn

It is obvious that as older generation of war-criminals withered away in the camps and new generation grew up exposed to the superior culture of the Alliance, human Kings would seek a more permanent solution to the Orcish problem. They’ve invested in the camps for twenty years, therefore extermination of inmates at this point was out of question. Maintaining the camps was out of question as well due to phenomenal high costs of running them. Was it not for the Scourge, Orcish camps would be abolished in 10-15 years and replaced by Orcish diasporas where the new generation could live as ,albeit second-rank, citizens of the Alliance.

This was not to happen as an inpatient and ungrateful Orc named Thrall has facilitated a massive uprising and exodus of Orcish people. From any doctrinal point of view we should cheer these people’s wish to self-determine and take maintenance of their people in their own hands. However, what the Orc-lovers forget to mention when citing ill treatment of Thrall, is that the savage green wave has destroyed hundreds of innocent human guards who were doing their job. These men have given away best years of their lives maintaining underfunded facilities so that the Orcs have a chance to live, rather than be exterminated. This is how they were repaid.

New World Politics

And so, the Orcs whose conception as a newly freed people was far from immaculate have landed on the shores of Kalimdor. Their first deed as an independent political species was to rescue the Darkspear trolls from the murlocks. Orc-lovers refer to this as an act of great compassion; I say this was simply politics. It is a common notion now that the Trolls live as a protectorate of the Orcs. The migration of Trolls from Durotar into the embrace of the Gurubashi Empire stands as testimony of popular discontent with the Orcish regime. They who were slaves, now became the slavers. Should any Troll who has broken the bonds of savagery and is mastering the sublime art of Magic in the halls of Dalaran, or does his duty for the hallowed Aldor read this, I implore him or her to seek self-determination for his people and liberate them from the Orcish yoke. I am sure the Orcs would fully approve of that, even if you slaughter their soldiers, for that is what they’ve done to the soldiers of the Alliance who saved their lives at price of liberty once.

Political Course set

Orc-lovers amongst the alliance are going into a state of near-ecstasy which is prone to heresy at this point. Like frothing horses, with foam steaming out of their mouth, they boast Thrall’s benevolence and compassion at this point. Saving Trolls from the Murlocks was hardly a big –choice-, but now the Orcs were finally set before their first major political decision.

Most of central Kalimdor was dominated by primitive species known as the Centaurs. These species were engaged at war with the nomadic Tauren. The Orcs stood before a choice of what species to ally with. The act of true compassion would be to act as mediator between the two warring races and bring them to a peaceful co-existence. The Orcs chose to ally with the Tauren, something those horde-lovers cheer as an act of compassion for saving the poor bull-men from Centaur imperialism.

However. Had the Orcs sided with the Centaur, they would now be in a Kalimdor with a race which is their equal. The Orcs would now have to reach political compromises and fully account of Centaur ambitions and interests. By siding with the Tauren, they’ve spared a petty race which they’ve then turned into a protectorate with which they do not have to account at all. Examples of this negligence of Tauren-interest and values are the Orcish treatment of the Kaldorei forests. While Tauren Druids and Shamans speak of natural balance and unite with the Circle to preserve the land, their Orcish overlords destroy very-same lands. I hope that you now see that the Orcs have chosen to side with the ‘underdog’ for solely political motives of eliminating a race to be reckoned with from their living space.

New Genocide

When Orcs came to Azeroth urged forth by their demonic overlords, they got it in their thick heads that they are in some way entitled to the Land held for millennia by other races. When they came to Kalimdor, a free race, they did no different. You see, the provinces of Barrens and Durotar which now form the heartland of the Orcish nation were already occupied by the Quillboars. Although Quillboar technology and administration is primitive, their numbers and fighting spirit make them a force to be reckoned with. Again, Orcs had a chance to ascend to modern Nationhood and start advanced diplomatic relationship with the new species. They did not. Orcish colonists have chosen to start a massive genocide against the Quillboar and now Durotar and the Barrens lay filled with the traces of this unholy battle. Is this truly the ‘free’ Horde? Not tainted by the Demons? They still choose genocide as a legitimate way of dispossessing land from rightful owners.


Initial clashes between the Orcs and the Kaldorei are a misunderstanding. Following the Battle at mt. Hyjal the Orcs and the Kaldorei had sufficient understanding of each others’ way as well as an initial boost of relationship. This was as good a chance as any to initiate friendly relationships between the Horde and the Kaldorei. Orcs have made peace with the Tauren, with the Trolls…what went wrong with the Night Elves?

As I’ve illustrated above, the Orcs are only interested in alliances in which they are the top dog or in which they don’t have to share and compromise. That is why they’ve chosen the Tauren over the Centaur and decided to destroy the Quillboar instead of seeking a settlement. The Kaldorei are too advanced and too powerful for the Orcs to subjugate, and therefore the new Horde have chosen a path of blunt imperialism, continuing their abominable policy of dispossession and genocide perfected against the Quillboar.

In Proudmoore’s defense

This is usually the point where Orc-lovers among us start sweating and stare off into the distance before finally pulling their trump-card out of the sleeve: Admiral Proudmoore. Apparently, Admiral Proudmoore’s attack on the Horde is cited as a great injustice on alliance’s behalf and justification for an all-out war.

The Horde attacked by Admiral Proudmoore is already a growing, imperialistic power prone to genocide and usurpation. Let us put ourselves in his place. Before your eyes Quillboar thorns burn throughout the night and countless creatures are dispossessed of the land they held for generations, those who fight for their homes and families are brutally slaughtered. Savagery of the Horde went as far as to hire mercenaries and pay bounties for Quillboar tusks. Not only did the Horde initiate genocide, but they also treated this race with arrogant contempt. Mighty trees of Ashenvale fall before your sight as the Orcs push into Ashenvale and slaughter Elven defenders fighting for what is left of their ancient empire. Then some smart-ass delivers so-called evidence that the Orcs are no longer demon-controlled. You ask, ‘Does it matter whether or not they are controlled by the demons? Are their crimes not self-evident?’

Back to Lordaeron

I’ve never spoken to the ‘Spirits’, but from what I’ve learned from the Draenei these Spirits are manifestation of the natural forces. How can the Horde, led by a –Shaman-, ever side with the Forsaken who blight the land with their evil experiments and are an abomination to every natural law imaginable? By this point I call upon you all to open your eyes to callous, pragmatic politics of the Horde. So-called ‘Benevolent’ Thrall openly sides up with monsters and fully supports their despicable experiments on living creatures and their attempts to create a new plague. Vile intent is so evident with the Forsaken that a brain-damaged weasel would recognize it. If this does not expose the Horde for what it truly is, it gets better.

Back to the Demon’s fold

You are approached by the emissary of a deranged prince who endorses genocide of the Draenei, sabotages a neutral Naaru vessel, Channels demonic powers and makes pact with the demons. He asks you for an alliance, what do you do? Thrall says “So be it.” Do you still have the illusion that the Orcs have truly broken with their demonic past?

Conclusion and Advice

It is self-evident that there is nothing innocent and benevolent about the Horde. They had been given a generous and selfless chance by the Alliance to walk the path to redemption, but they’ve returned to their foul ways of imperialism and genocide. Horde as a power today is the Orcish nation with its two protectorates the trolls and the tauren, and an alliance of convenience with the Forsaken and the Blood Elves.

The Horde endorses the use of necromancy and demonic magic, employs foul plagues which murder indiscriminately and spare neither the child nor the widow. Horde forces have decimated the Quillboar and Centaur races and are slowly pushing the Harpies to near extinction. Are the Kaldorei next on their list? The Horde knows nothing of proper international relationships and knows only the path of war and genocide. I promise you that once the Tauren or the Trolls grow in power and start challenging the Orcs, the Warchief will show his true face to the world by quelling his subject’s wishes to self-determinate as a rebellion.

To all the men of affluence within the Alliance I recommend to see horde-sympathy as a cancer upon our society and punish it as an act of Treason. We are dealing here with a well-organized, callous and cunning force Evil which seeks only to dominate this world while cleverly playing its cards of innocents and playing the victim when convenient. Let us look at the races who have already faced destruction at the hands of this so-called ‘New Horde’ and never let anything of the like to befall humankind ever again.

The most reasonable policy against the Horde would be to offer monetary and military support to the splinter-groups amongst the Tauren and the Trolls while weakening the Orcs. Once the Trolls and the Tauren have risen in comparative power, they will abandon the callous Warchief who has forced their people to commit countless misdoings. I advise the Alliance to seek settlement with the Blood Elves now that they had a change of leadership, if the Alliance is no threat to them, they will have no further reason to remain on the side of the Horde. I firmly believe that liberated Tauren, affiliated with the Cenarion Circle, are potential allies in the reclamation of Lordaeron from Forsaken, especially as Tauren dominions lay outside the Alliance strategic zone of interest. We must be weary of the Gurubashi Empire which might seize the chance to turn the Darkspear trolls into their protectorates. We must also not forget that the Orcish nation still owes the Grand Alliance reparations for the First War, upkeep of internment camps and the recent warfare as well. Reparations which we will have to strip from their corpses and salvage from the ruins of their cities.

May the Light give us wisdom and strength,
Sister Ioánna Adrasteia
Archlectress of the Chapter

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Re: Essay on the Evils of the Horde

Post by Kozgugore Feraleye on Sun Mar 28, 2010 6:06 am

(( That's it! More h8! More random big-headed buffoons to run into our territory to harass us! We don't want your flowers - we want your heads!

Really well-written, and as horribly biased as can be. <3 ))

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Re: Essay on the Evils of the Horde

Post by (Goggy) - Exilius on Sun Mar 28, 2010 6:17 am

He summed it up! <3' Needs more Undead though!
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Re: Essay on the Evils of the Horde

Post by Zhakiri on Sun Mar 28, 2010 6:55 am

Loved it! Awesome read! \o/

Why so h8 though? :<

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Re: Essay on the Evils of the Horde

Post by Krogon Devilstep on Sun Mar 28, 2010 7:29 am

Krogon sat Crossed legged in the corner of the Dalaran inn, the lounge was quiet tonight. only the arcane lanters and the yawn of the bored bar maids to give any indication of activity. the Orcish blademaster as usual sat with Tea in one hand, and a pile of papers in the other, while his Blades sat prestinely across his lap upon his kilt.

he liked how the alliance Boasted about their achievements or ranted about their opinions in documents, paper's, journals and other's of the fashion. he'd even become an avid reader of the iron guardian for its more proper tactical uses.

"always nice to know what them dwarves are up to..." he murmured as he shuffled the latest iron guardian issue aside, looking to a strange new group of papers...

"The Chapter eh?" the elder orc grumbled, his muscle bound arms setting down his cup to run a hand through his long grey beard. he didnt like the sound of this chapter, its slogans and posters from what he could make out had one simple point to make.

"Do as we say, or die" ... the Blademaster chuckled, murmuring the word's on the paper in half common. it was kind of the humans to teach him their language in hammerfall, all those 15 years in a cage, beaten every other day had given him a broad vocabulary, and a fair set of insults.

"well we shall see what these blind fool's will with their Zeal and hatred... a shame they are not like their honourable cousins, even we orc's know the tennant of 'commpassion'.."

The Orc chuckled lightly, lifting his cup to sip his Tea once more.

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Re: Essay on the Evils of the Horde

Post by Melnerag on Sun Nov 11, 2012 7:23 am

(Bumping it. Because it is relevant. And 100% true)

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Re: Essay on the Evils of the Horde

Post by Gogol on Sun Nov 11, 2012 8:21 am

Melnerag wrote:(Bumping it. Because it is relevant. And 100% true)
(I second this. Could it be secret Night Elven propaganda infecting the minds of the youth?)

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Re: Essay on the Evils of the Horde

Post by Muzjhath on Sun Nov 11, 2012 8:33 am

((How Could I have missed this back when you posted? I should kill myself for this.
Still, Muzjhath would have had a long talk, ending with a pointy argument, about the"mercy" of putting orcs in camps. Ending with the line of "Death would have been the true mercy" Hopefully before the death of the human/Whatever who thought the camps where.
Thankfully for all humans she's dead.))

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Re: Essay on the Evils of the Horde

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