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[A] Blue Recluse

Post by Iriel Silversong on Mon Mar 12, 2012 4:37 am

Hello, Hello!
Come closer, everyone!

The Blue Recluse is under new management, so I've heard!
The tavern in the Mage quarter is looking for staff, and of course customers to become regulars.
You all will love this crazy new staff, all kind of colourful personalities to recover the not allways social ones, or those looking for curiosity in that purple
They got all kind of drinks and refreshments, for those who loves to whipe off they're memory for a while or those of healthy ways, also fully stocked for serving meals at all times!! Come in and check they're menu!

The Tavern is runed by a Dwarf Death Knight, rude who loves siting on the counter, he is fat so fat I bet he will crack the counter, but no matter he being the owner will cover the costs.
His name is Mudyr, go to him is you want to join the staff and fill your pockets with the tips, could be more than the pay certainly.
I know they're looking for Bouncers, Bartenders, Heralds and exotic dancers.

You could contact less rude tavern matron Tallirah, to ask for the job.

There's always wide open doors for customers who wishes to spend some coin and join the constant chaotic party

Well these is much I can tell, approach and find out by yourself

( Recruiting its done by Ic meeting, whisper or Mail Murdyr or Tallirah/Inneh.)
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