Kuzzeon's "Amongst the Murlocs" Diary

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Kuzzeon's "Amongst the Murlocs" Diary

Post by Hermie on Sun Mar 11, 2012 9:09 am

A diary written by the Murlocologist Supreme, Kuzzeon Whamblam.
Day One
Today, I went searching for the rare murloc specimen called the Blue Finned Pidopalus. I chased it throughout Orgrimmar and up to the gates leading into Azshara. There, instead of my prized murloc. I found a goblin.
I asked if he had seen the murloc in question. "He. It. Her. The point remains the same- have you seen a murloc nearby?" He replied with a no, later telling me he was the C.E.O for Ironboot MPG. I had recentley heard about them on my Murlocologist adventures. They were new- very new.
I said what would it take to join them, and before I new it I had signed the contract. I was one of them. But a burning passion had entered my mind at that moment- I wanted power. Leading Murlocs was one thing, leading Murlocs and Goblins was a completely different story.
I asked if I could become the Manager of Medics and I explained I had had much expeirience patching of murlocs and that goblins were not much different. He told me, if I was to be considered I had to make an invention on the spot. Something that would enhance my healing ability.
"Gurky!" I called. Incame a little waddling baby green murloc. He was my favourite. He was holding my toolbox that contained some of my most secret equipment and blueprints. I got the box off him and had a search around until I came across the Healbot 2000.
This is perfect, I thought to myself. "Purky, Lurky, Murky, Rurky, Kurky, Burky, Hurky, Wurky! Get in here and helm Gurky an' me!"
In they waddled and swarmed the desk I was sitting on. I spoke to them in the tongue of Murloc in which, as you know diary, I am fluent in.
I ordered them around and soon my contraption was there, it's metal gleeming, the energy inside it practially glowing. My baby murlocs, well trained, stood in a line, gawping at the totem-like mechanism.
I explained what it aimed to do and the C.E.O pulled off one of his gauntlets and bit his hand, making it bleed. He did as I instructed and to all are amazement- yes diary, even mine. It worked.


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