Federation Announcement

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Federation Announcement

Post by Raelo/Lucanor on Sat Mar 27, 2010 4:05 pm

((this is written on a poster that hangs on a wall in Tinker Town, in the Stormwind Trade District, in Kharanos and near the Ironforge gates, it is written in gnomish, dwarvish and common))

To all gnomish citizens and to the people of the alliance:

The Tinker Federation is glad to hereby announce that successful negotiations with the Tinker Court have led to the following decisions:
- The Tinker Federation fully recognises the Tinker Court and its members as rightful rulers of the technocratic republic of gnomeregan and no longer questions its capability of ruling.
- The Tinker Federation pledges its full military power to the cause of aforementioned Tinker Court, and will now officially fight under the colours the government of the technocratic republic of gnomeregan, and protect the Court against any illegal outside intrusions and influences.
- The Tinker Federation will join the Tinker Court and the High Tinker in their efforts to retake the city of Gnomeregan. Any potential recruits capable and willing to fight for their homeland can join the tinker federation's ranks by contacting an officer.

The Tinker Federation would also like to encourage all gnomish citizens to support the Tinker Court and the Tinker Federation in their war for our homeland. The Tinker Federation reminds all members of the Alliance that the technocratic republic of gnomeregan even under the current circumstances is an independant nation that will not allow any intrusions upon its souvereignty.

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Re: Federation Announcement

Post by Magaskawee/Anaei on Sat Mar 27, 2010 5:08 pm

*Anaei blinks several times*
"It just goes to show how undervalued the Gnomes are, I had no idea their government was being doubted. Oh well, crisis averted I guess.."

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Re: Federation Announcement

Post by Gesh on Sat Mar 27, 2010 5:22 pm

<Glances at the poster and mutters to himself>

That cursed Blinkie, ..Well I suppose such disagreements were unavoidable. Now we can focus on the matter of Gnomeregan and perhaps teaching The Longlegs the proper respect for Gnomekind.

<He runs a hand through his erected strawberry coloured hair, Adjusting his bright pink goggles>

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Re: Federation Announcement

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