Started with nothing...still have most of it left. (edited 7th March)

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Started with nothing...still have most of it left. (edited 7th March)

Post by Sabien on Thu Mar 01, 2012 3:14 pm

(( I really should add that these stories are all in the past and form Chey's backstory. Her "thing" with Arli was probably a good couple of years ago, both of them now very different people now.))

"Quel'Dorei? Sin'Dorei..? Does it really matter what they call us..?" Celena raged at her husband. Although she was angry there was a note of desperate pleading in her voice.
Eldaran ran a tired hand through his hair and looked at his angry wife. He was growing weary of this arguement, every day she railed him about his decision to denounce the new order in Silvermoon and live here in Shattrath City in relative poverty.
"Its not what they call us my dear" he said "It's why..., I cannot, will not be a part of the new order, I have my principles..."
Celena interupted him " Principles...we cannot eat your principles, and look Eldaran..look what youre doing to our child"
She pointed outside of the small stone hut they now called home. "Look at, rolling in the dirt" she gave a shudder "and shes playing orc"
Eldaran followed his wifes finger and looked at his small daughter, she was as his wife said, barefoot and rolling in the dusty street as she play fought with the young orc from the nearby orphanage. He tried to hide a smile as he thought he had never seen his daughter to so happy or carefree.

Cheyenne was indeed carefree, wild was how some of the locals described her. Seemingly joined at the hip to "young Grok" as he was known, the pair roamed the lower city of Shattrath playing and finding mischief,only seperated for short periods whilst Cheyenne attended lessons at home with her mother. A duty she saw as a chore and as soon as her mother closed the book Cheyenne darted back outside.
Her downfall started innocently enough, the children feeling peckish duped old Granny Smith into thinking Grok was hurt, and while the kind old lady soothed the crying orc, Cheyenne nimbly slipped behind the barrow and stole an armful of fruit.
From then on it became a game of sorts with them, testing their nerve and stretching their imaginations as the pilfering became easier.
Cheyenne quickly learned how to manipulate any given situation and person. Taurens she thought both male and female were complete suckers for big tear filled eyes and a trembling bottom lip, many a pocket she picked as a huge tauren offered her a soothing arm and a handkerchief. Orcs she left to Grok, he'd make a show of being weak and inept and when the warriorlike target Orc came across to offer "expert" advice and invariably a cuff around the head, Cheyenne would creep unseen behind and take what she could.
Forsaken they avoided unless they were desperate, nothing but nothing worked to beguile them, they were impervious to everything they could do.
As she grew, she learned that Sin'Dorei males were fools for a slow burning sidelong look and a coy smile.Top this off with a strap half falling off one shoulder and she never had to steal from them, their purses opened willingly and they parted with their gold.
Grok voiced concern at this tactic, convinced that sooner or later one would want more from her than a come on smile and a promise. She laughed lightly and shook her head."I'd kill him first" she replied. Grok frowned, he wasn't altogether sure if she were joking. A few days later a Sin'Dorei Bloodknight was found with his throat cut in a side alley of the lower city,there was an outcry and for a while there was unrest and tension between the factions as it seemed an alliance rogue was the perpetrator. Grok saw Cheyenne smile and had his doubts but said nothing.

It was around this time that Cheyennes mother dropped the bombshell.

"Darling" she smiled hugging Cheyenne to her "wonderful news, the scryers have agreed to take you three days a week to train you as a mage....isn't that just good news?"
Cheyenne struggled free and sneered "What do I want to be a mage for? If I wanted sheep Id marry a shepherd..."
But her mother wouldnt hear of any arguements and the following day, dressed in a secondhand blue robe she entered into her training.
The days seemed to drag endlessly on for her, sitting in a blue curtained chamber surrounded by blue robed mages and blue water elementals she struggled to keep her eyes open. Hearing but not listening as her tutor droned incessantly about fluxes and counter fluxes.
She was startled back to reality as a hand slammed down on the desk in front of her. She looked up at her annoyed tutor.
"If you will please give us your attention..." his voice was patronising and scolding. She affected a sigh.
"What would you do Cheyenne...if you were faced by a warlock summonimg his spell to immolate?"
"Huh?" she replied
He repeated the question
"Turn him into a sheep..." Cheyenne replied
"your polymorph misses" her tutor countered
"Freeze trap him?" she retorted
"his minion takes the force" was the reply
"Id kick him in the nuts then..."
There was a stunned silence.

Her mother cried and wrung her hands and nagged at Cheyenne about the shame she'd brought to them, she looked to her father for support but he shrugged and turned his back, once again disappearring to the nearby inn.

A few weeks later Grok dropped the bombshell that he had to leave the orphanage and the matron had found him work in Terokkar forest at a building project. He was leaving the following day. As he left Cheyenne hugged him tightly and cried as he promised that one day he'd come and find her again, he was loaded into the back of a cart with several others and driven away. Cheyenne stood watching and waving the cart out of sight then returned home with a heavy heart.
Perhaps it was that she didnt care or had become careless that a bloodknight caught her by the wrist as she tried to pick his pocket.He grasped her tightly and slapped her face.
She tried to struggle free and kick him but the plate mail he wore made this impossible, she looked at him sidelong and gave a sultry smile and his hand found her cheek again.
"Don't even think it you little street rat..." he snapped " where do you live Im taking you home. you parents shall hear of this, its only because youre Sin'Dorei Im not taking you in"
"Quel'Dorei -actually- " she spat then cried out as he yanked her arm.
He took her home and her mother was appalled and apologised profusely to the Bloodknight, who gallantly smiled at Celena and kissed her hand. Cheyenne rolled her eyes as she saw her mother blush.
The Bloodknight was there the following day and the next..and the next. She noticed her mother smiled more often, looked younger and happier than she had for years yet something in the back of her mind worried her.

A month or two later her mother announced to Cheyenne that Haldiir, the Bloodknight, was taking them away from Shattrath, through the portal to Silvermoon City.Where Celena would be a Bloodknights lady and she Cheyenne would train to be a Bloodknight herself. Cheyenne tried to protest but Haldiir wouldnt listen and they left the same day, not even allowing her to say goodbye to her father.
Cheyenne loved the city, its tall airy streets and avenues, its glittering cleanliness and the beautiful buildings and fountains.
For a while she towed the line, Haldiir sponsored her entry to the Order of Bloodknights and she set to her training with a will. Learning the lore of her people, Cheyenne embraced Sin'Dorei, proud and defensive of her race.Gradually the once clear sapphire blue eyes subtly changed hue and deepened to a dark shade of green.
She passed her training and was summoned to General Baneth to take oaths and enter his command. She entered the study where the young general sat at a large desk, he glanced up at her briefly.
"you can go through there" he said not looking up but motioned towards a room behind him "undress and get to the bed I'll be through shortly"
"What?" Cheyenne spluttered and laughed " Youre having a laugh..."
The general looked up his eyes spitting fire.he rose angrily and in a quick fluid motion sent a heavy plated gauntleted backhanded blow to her face. She staggered and fell stunned by the attack, he hauled her up and threw her through the door.
"Do I look like Im laughing?" he glowered "Now do as youre ordered"
Cheyenne looked uncertainly at him then shook her head defiantly "No"
"you'll be cast from the order" he spat
"So cast me..."she hissed "but touch me again and I'll kill you..."
The general laughed coldly but the laugh died on his lips as he saw the look on her face and her hand already curling around the hilt of a small dagger she had had in her boot.
pushing him comtemptously to one side she left the room and the order.
"You should think twice about what youre doing missy" he called after her. " The way youre headed you'll end up a Thorn and eventually swing with them on the gallows"
She ignored him and continued out.
Haldiir was furious and her mother cried in shame.She left to let them cool off and when she returned they had gone, the house locked and a hastily written note to her pinned to the door, telling her they had left Silvermoon for Haldiirs new posting in Nagrand and that she was not welcome to shame them further.

Cheyenne refused to be beaten and mentally shrugged, the next few months she spent in and around the city and woods, living off her wits and utilising the tricks and guiles she'd learned in the gutters of Shattrath.
Her life was good and rich, not going short of anything she wanted except occasionally companionship. People tended to mistrust her and give her a wide berth. She'd often overhear whispers of Thorn...and this intrigued her.
What was a Thorn she wondered, it was mentioned in hushed fearful whispers or low voices of awe and she was utterly puzzled.
She mooched into the city one night and into the inn on murder row, the only place she felt welcome if she was honest.
After a quick drink she decided to head back to Eversong woods for the night, as she left she all but bumped into a young Sin'Dorei, she looked up to see a pair of laughing green eyes over a red mask. She flashed a semi apolgetic smile and went to continue.
"Hey" he called her back "Fancy a drink?"
She looked back over her shoulder and smiled back, eyeing up his demeanor looking for signs of any pickings.
"Yes thanks...that would be nice" she replied somehow warming to the young elf.
He gestured to the inn door and guided her through.Smiling down at her as they walked he said
" Tell me have you ever heard of the Thorns.....?"

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Re: Started with nothing...still have most of it left. (edited 7th March)

Post by Sabien on Thu Mar 01, 2012 3:15 pm

Cheyenne sat outside the inn in Shattrath City and sighed. She was bored and missed Grok. This was supposed to be "qualitytime" with her father but as usual they'd got as far as the inn and her father had disappearred inside.
Normally this wouldn't have bothered her, she'd have run to the orphanage, collected Grok and gone off to entertain themselves as someone elses expense.
"But he's gone now..." she thought miserably and turned her gaze to the tunnel that led from the city into the the forest.
Her mind started to formulate an idea. It was only a forest how big could it be and it's where Grok was, a building project in a forest couldn't be hard to find. Yes, thats what she'd do, slip out of the city and pay a suprise visit to Grok then nip back before her father came out of the inn. She knew her mother wouldn't miss her, she was too busy prettying herself on the offchance of a visit from some paladin.
Chey rolled her eyes at the thought, then pushing a small fishing knife she'd acquired into the cuff of her boot she set about finding Grok.
Through the tunnel and out into the forest, she and Grok had been this far but never out of sight of the entrance or the ugly Draenei on his ugly mount that guarded the entrance. As she walked past the guard he signalled for her to go back inside and muttered something at her in his indecipherable language.The only word she understood was "Belf" which she knew to be an alliance word for Sin'Dorei. She flashed him a wide warm innocent smile and answered him in Thalassian " Sod off you over grown goat...." and laughed to herself as he returned her smile.
The forest was huge and as she peered into the distance she could see no sign of any building project only huge spiders and hungry looking wolves.She thought of turning back but her lonliness urged her on, driven by the need to see her friend.
Keeping to the shadows and rocks she navigated the woodlands for what seemed like hours she was tiring and was getting hungry and still no building project. She reluctantly decided to give up the idea and return to Shattrath, she turned and saw nothing but trees and with a sinking feeling realised she was probably lost.
She wearily sat for a moment partially to rest but mainly to get her bearings. as she chewed her lip thoughtfully the faint smell of roasting meat drifted across and looking into the near distance she saw the faint flicker of a campfire and two people.
"Oh thank you..." she said to no-one or nothing in particular and made her way stealthily towards the camp. There were two men there, both human, from the sanctuary of the shadows she watched them. Warrior she thought as she looked to the bigger of the men, all muscle and with a slightly acrid smell of blood, sweat and metal. The other a wiry looking individual with lank black hair she took to be a warlock judging by his lack of armour and weaponry. They were engaged in casual conversation none of which she understood but they sounded friendly enough. The fire crackled invitingly and the roasting meat dropped its juices into the flames sending an irresistable aroma towards her. Hunger conquering fear she stepped from the shadows into the clearing.
The warrior reached for his sword and held it towards her, the warlock merely raised an eyebrow laconically as he eyed her waiflike demeanour.
He spoke to the warrior who lowered the sword but his eyes never left her.
Cheyenne looked longingly at the fire and the food, hoping they would understand.The warlock appearred to and walked to the fire and pulling a leg of meat from the rack over the fire, casually threw it to her.He motioned for her to sit and sat beside her.
Pressing his fingers to his chest he said "Delnar". Cheyenne looked at him and smiled gratefully and warmly as she ate.Pointing to herself she said "Cheyenne..I'm Cheyenne".
The warlock smiled and nodded, not a pleasant smile she thought to herself and made a decision to leave as soon as she was finished.
She'd never encountered problems with any of the "opposite faction" as she'd heard humans referred to, not realising that this was because Shattrath under the rule and guidance of the Naaru insisted on the city being an arbour of sanctuary. She was blissfully unaware of the depth hatred that existed between their two races.
Finishing the meat and feeling rested she rose to leave, again flashing her smile and voicing her thanks. The warlock smiled the unpleasant smile and she saw the warrior smirk, a small knot of fear formed in her stomach.
They were going to kill her she thought, swallowing on the rising panic, but why she wondered, why would they want to do that after they'd shared food. She rationalised she was just being silly and took a step back.
The warrior had moved behind her and she stumbled against him as she stepped, his strong hands gripped her shoulders. Her heart seemed to jump into her mouth and she looked to the warlock, he bore no weapons and didnt look as if he were preparing to cast, he just looked at her with that cold smile on his lips.
I t was only as the grip on her shoulders tightened and the warlocks eyes laviciously roved her form did she realise their true intent.
"No...please No...."

The ache and pain in her body was nothing to the shame and humiliation she felt as she crawled away and under a bush. The men, as if nothing had happened went back to their fire and food. She curled up into a foetal ball and silent tears rolled down her cheeks. She heard movement at the camp and it stirred her from her lethargy, she had to get away before...before..., she couldnt bring herself to even think about what had happened. As silently as she could she rose to a crouch and scanned the area for an escape route. A last glance at the men to see if they were looking for her, they still sat drinking and laughing around the fire oblivious to her presence.
A cold anger started to replace the pity, deep in her stomach it knotted as she looked at them...laughing...she looked at the warlock, her violater, she could smell his scent clining to her, invading her senses and swallowed the urge to vomit. He had had no right..he had taken from her what wasnt his to take, but hers to have given to who she chose when time was right. Her eyes glowed deep green as she festered on her thoughts. A sharp stinging pain in her hand brought her to her senses and glancing down saw a trickle of blood from the heel of her hand, she raised her hand and sucked the blood away to examine a small thin razor like cut. "Ow.." she thought. Looking down she saw an old rabbit snare, a long thin sharp wire looped to form a trap, secured by two small wooden pegs half buried in the soft earth. She dug it up intending to throw it away, a cruel device she thought, set by a hunter who was no doubt too inefficient to kill it himself..probably a Nightelf....
"dangerous" she thought as she ran her thumb delicately along the wire," you could cut someones thro...." she looked towards the small camp and her mind raced.
She'd need to get rid of the punch from those huge fists and she'd be down, she noticed he was bared chested and unarmed as he washed in the stream, The warlock some distance away was fiddling with his pack. Her mind worked furiously, resisting the urge to shout in fury and charge she slunk quietly into the shadows and inched forward. She reached the warlock, his scent repulsed her, incensed her...from the shadows she aimed a low kick at his groin, sharp quick and stabbing she couldnt help but feel smug as he soundlessly slid forward, his mouth open but no words coming out as the pain of her blow sent him into a state of semi paralysis. "I'll have you later...." she spat as she slipped back into the shadows and headed towards the washing warrior.
Her heart pounded in her chest and she tasted andrenelin as she crept closer, he slowly rose and shook his wet hair then as idly rolled his shoulders she struck, leaping from the shadows cat like and silently,the snare held in both hands she swung her arms in a loop over his head as she leapt. Her foot found the small of his back and using this as leverage she propelled herself back pulling the wire tight against his throat. It was with an almost perverse pleaure she heard the sickening squelch of the flesh split and his blood spurt.
Spitting blood the warrior fell to his knees, his hands clawing at the wire around his neck. She released the makeshift garotte from her hands twisting it shut as she did so and darted towards the now stirring warlock, pulling the knife from her boot as she ran she launched herself at him. Dodging her initial assault, all she could do was flay the knife and hope it struck, she missed and she saw him come towards her his minion already summoned.
She saw no quarter in is eyes as an icy fear gripped her heart, she looked at him defiantly as he began to cast.Then her knees buckled, her spirit wavered and she fled....running crying into the depths of the forest. She dimly heard him laughing cruelly and spitefully but he didnt follow.
From her sanctuary of shadows she watched him fly from the forest but it was still sometime before she got the courage to leave her shelter. Creeping back to the camp she saw the warrior still there, lying on his back moving feebly as his blood ran from his ruptured throat. He turned weakly towards her, his hand held out towards her asking for help, his eyes beseeching her. She looked down at him and drew her knife.
It was there the hunter found her, straddled across the body of the warrior, her hand loosely coiled around the hilt of a small knife which was still embedded in the chest of the fallen human.A mutitude of puncture wounds littered the body some bloodless ovbiously done while the warrior was dead. Her exhaustion and the wounds showing it had been a frenzied and merciless attack.

The hunter said nothing, just placed a firm but gentle hand on her shoulder and nodded towards a waiting windrider.
She looked up as if in a daze at the Sin'Dorei before her. He guided her up and gently lifted her onto the beast wrapping a soft hide cloak around her.Leaping on behind her and holding her safe he flew them back to Shattrath.

She ran to her home, her father was still in the inn and her mother was brushing her hair and singing softly.

"Mamma..." Chey cried softly using the term she hadn't even thought for years
Her mother turned and looked a look of horror on her face.
Chey stood there looking waiflike and lost, her dirty face streaked with tears, her clothes torn and bloodied.
She and her mother exchanged a look and Chey knew that her mother knew what had happened to her.
Her mother knelt before her and took her shoulders.

"You mustn't tell anyone..anyone do you hear...." she said.
Chey nodded, she wasn't listening all she wanted at that moment was her mother.She opened her arms.

There was a knock on the door and a polite cough and there stood the Bloodknight. Celena rose smiling, her child forgotten for the moment.
"We'll speak when I get home..." her mother said

Chey nodded numbly.

She resolved there and then that no-one but no-one could be trusted.Humans only less so than your own mother it seemed.
No one would ever get close enough to her again and any man that so much as tried to touch her she would kill.

The warlocks face and scent etched in her senses, she knew she would know him if their paths ever crossed again and if they they did, she would be ready.

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Re: Started with nothing...still have most of it left. (edited 7th March)

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She tried to recall when it first happened, when had she first seen him as more than just her Deathmaster and started to be drawn towards him.
"Hmmm I don't really know..." she mused aloud.
She knew that she hadn't tried to beguile him into parting with his gold when they first met...that had been a first.
But no that wasn't it. And after she'd joined the ranks of the Thorns, thrust head first into the unaccustomed discipline, meeting the "Mistress" and being chilled to the core by her, she'd seen him as her superior, her Deathmaster to obey without question.
"Ravenholdt" she nodded to herself "I think it started there..." she recalled going to her first Thorn meeting, kneeling before the Mistress and saying her oath, donning the colours of the Thorns, then trying to walk back to a seat without her knees giving way and betraying her fear. He'd looked across at her and winked, telling her in his way it was ok and she'd done fine.
She remembered how he'd argued with the Mistress about something she'd been pretty much thinking, then how he'd looked after her as they hunted afterwards. She smiled to herself.
Then Stranglethorn, her first journey there, the newest and unseasoned thorn sent to hunt with with the higher ranks, she laughed with wry amusement at the memory.
He'd taken her from the zeppelin to Booty Bay on his bike, that had been amazing...they'd chatted on the way, about nothing and everything, quite often saying the same things or finishing each others sentences.
Then how after the hunt he'd started the bike again, she'd asked him "Am I with you?" He'd eyed her up and down and said quietly "I wish"

She liked the way he greeted her on comms "Hey Chey..." not the usual formal "Hail Sister..."
Yes she decided, it had been around that time when she realised she liked Arli a lot more than she should.
She knew he had a girlfriend or wife of long standing, none other than the Mistress's daughter so she'd put her feelings to the back of her mind and continued as normal.
She thought little about it to be honest, it hadn't bothered her until one day he and her had been alone on comms, somehow their conversation turned to relationships and he'd asked who the man in her life was.

"There isn't one" she'd said
"Woman then?" and they'd laughed together.
"Never even been kissed Deathmaster"
a silence.
"I find that harder to believe than you liking women"
"Well believe it cos its true"
And it had continued from there, light flirtatious comments all in jest.She'd asked about his wife.
"We're not married"
"but youre spoken for"
He'd laughed and said he was.
She couldnt recall all their talk only that it had ended by her saying
"I'll say this now and only once then never mention it again, but I wish you weren't..."
"Believe me when I say Chey, if it weren't for Antel..well things would have been different between us"
The subject closed.

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Re: Started with nothing...still have most of it left. (edited 7th March)

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I enjoyed this, though it was uncomfortable to read at times due the subject matter.

Cheyene wrote:A last glance at the men to see if they were looking for her, they still sat drinking and laughing around the fire oblivious to her presence.

I will have such revenges on you both
That all the world shall— I will do such things—
What they are yet I know not, but they shall be
The terrors of the earth.

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Re: Started with nothing...still have most of it left. (edited 7th March)

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"He loves me...he loves me not..he loves me..he loves me not..." Chey laughed as she pulled the petals one by one from a sprig of peacebloom. She was lying on her stomach propped up on her elbows relaxing by a pool in a grassy hollow high in the hills of Nagrand."hmm..not..."
She picked another stalk and started again. "he loves me...he loves me not...he loves me " she gave a sigh as she pulled the last petal "he loves me not..."
Laughing to herself and at herself she tried again. "He loves me...he loves me not, he loves me, he loves me not," the last petal was pulled as she laughed again "he loves me..."
She rolled onto her back, her flaxen hair spreading out behind her like a tarnished halo.She held the the battered flower stalk aloft and laughed wryly but amused as there curled back under the stamen was a small white petal, she pulled it off gently, "he loves me not...".
She threw the remnants of the flower away and sighed "ah well..."

She wondered to herself why she'd felt a tinge of disappointment as she'd found the final petal, it was only a silly childs passtime and she didnt love him any more than he loved her.Yet she couldn't deny there was a certain something, call it what you will, a chemistry..a spark..more than that perhaps, an empathy? She scanned the skies looking for the windrider bringing him to her. He'd asked to meet her here to talk, she was worried slightly, he'd seemed anxious almost nervous when he'd said he was on his way.
Surely nothing to worry about though, they'd sat here just yesterday and talked their situation through. They had nothing to hide, they were just two like minded Thorns having a bit of fun away from the rigors and stress of training.They shared the same likes and dislikes, had a love of exploring and drinking. What was wrong with that? Absolutely nothing. Was there?
She hugged herself mentally as she recalled their meeting the previous day, how he'd come to Nagrand to see her, how she'd brought him here to this little hollow she'd found quite by accident.
He'd looked around and said "Nice". Nothing amazing in that, yet the way he had said it...oh it was hard to explain..but that one word, his look. He wasn't just saying the hollow was nice, not even saying she was nice, it was..was... she scowled with frustration unable to put sense into what she meant.

Her thoughts were broken as she saw Arli arrive, she watched him walk to the edge of the pool and sit down. She rose and walked to meet him. As she approached he rose and turned to face her, his expression grim and slightly pained. Her smile died on her lips and she looked at him looking at her...and she knew.
"I can't lose Antel..."
Chey nodded slowly
"I'm sorry Chey..." his voice trailed off
"so youre saying we can't be friends anymore?"
"It wouldnt be right.."
"I understand"
He tried to smile and she managed a smile back.
" I should go..." she said a bit too brightly.
She walked away slowly her head down slightly.
She looked back over her shoulder at him now sitting by the pool.
"You know I nearly dared to dream that the first kiss under the moon would have been from you"
He looked at her
"So many times these last few days, so very nearly..." he said with faint trace of a smile
He looked so lost and helpless for a moment that Chey hugged him, his arms circled her and he hugged her back.
"I'll leave Arli, it will be easier that way..."
And with that she turned and walked away, mounted her windrider and flew back to Shattrath.

Then summoned by The Mistress to explain her desire to leave, she garbled some excuse of having developed a crush on her Deathmaster and that her affection wasn't returned. They talked some more and Chey left still a Thorn.
Then out of nowhere...anger, she thought of Arli and felt anger, not temper or rage but a cold anger that came from her hurt inside.
"How dare he..." she thought of their meeting in the inn just a couple of nights ago, he'd come striding into the inn to find her being "chatted up" by a young trader. He'd sat and scowled and made snide comments until the trader left. She was questioning him about it when Antel arrived and she dropped the subject as Arli turned his full attention to her.
" Im going to bed" Chey had said. "no Im going out"
Her comm crackled into life in her ear
"Youre meeting him aren't you?"
She nodded.
"You have training in the morning...get to bed sober up and report to me first thing in the morning" he almost snapped at her.
She raised an eyebrow across the table.
"Thats an order"
She looked at him and decided against arguing, she'd never seen him like this.
"Yes Deathmaster"
He nodded curtly.

The following day, a note had been left.

Training cancelled I need to spend time with Antel.


She seethed silently and went to train alone. All morning she festered and seethed.
"Hey Chey..." Arlis voice crackled on the comm
"Deathmaster" she replied shortly
"You ok?"
"Fine Thank you Deathmaster"
His voice was low muffled at times as he explained he had agreed to spend the day at home with Antel, hence the cancellation of their training. That she was in the other room and he would meet her later in Nagrand.
Almost against her will but unable to pass up the chance to be with him again she agreed and later that afternoon they met and she took him to the place she'd found.
He looked at her, apologised for the previous nights behaviour.
"I acted like the jealous boyfriend, which Im I mean."
Chey shrugged
"I don't want you to see other guys Chey" he said, his cheeks reddening slightly.
She looked up sharply
"Bit selfish of you..."
He nodded, told her yes he was but it was the way he felt and knew it was unreasonable and that she should ignore it. See who she wanted...
She smiled and nodded, not telling him that it didn't matter, she didn't want to see any other guys.
They talked for ages, laughing and just enjoying each others company until he had to leave, get back to Antel who was waiting at home. They promised they'd meet soon, to explore and Elwynn Falls, to a desert island in an island in Westfall.

And now this...

She felt tears prick at the back of her eyes, more anger than hurt, he'd known how she felt about him...he'd played with her, amusing himself at her expense. In that brief moment she hated him.
Later that day a tense meeting followed in the inn. She joined in the conversation in monosyllables.
" You played with me..." she said once they were alone.
" No..."
She looked away and snorted and Arli glanced towards the door.
"Not here..come..we'll find somewhere, talk, clear the air,
" No, Im going" she said standing up at walking out of the inn, calling back over her shoulder "Im going to find that kiss"
She strode off,
Arlis voice crackled on comms.
"Chey...if that was meant to hit me hard....well done..."

This wasn't fair she thought not on either of them, she was behaving like a jilted lover, playing the martyr.They'd done nothing wrong but they knew perhaps it was only a matter of time before they did...she'd go back, have that talk, clear the air with Arli then they could both move on back to Deathmaster and Assassin as it should be.

They'd met, they'd talked, and still it was there..that indescribable something that seemed to draw them together and before long they were discussing fanciful notions of what they could be like if the situation was different.

"..and making love in the moonlight" she'd said
"..or in hidden hollows in the hills" he replied.

It was no good it couldnt be, they agreed, she would stay a thorn, he her Deathmaster and things would be fine, they'd put this behind them and carry on.

Back to the city, a few drinks and he was called away.
As he left he turned around and smiled

"Chey...the moon..keep it for me....

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Re: Started with nothing...still have most of it left. (edited 7th March)

Post by Sabien on Tue Mar 06, 2012 2:34 pm

The moon was high in the sky above Eversong woods, she stood gazing at it before sighingsoftly and turned to start home.
As she reached the gate of the city she stopped..there he was. She fought with everything she possessed to stop herself running to him. She knew that if she did he wouldnt push her away.

He looked at her, his face again troubled.

"Another goodbye Chey, get out of my life?" she smiled, dreading the response.

He shook his head.

"I hate this" he said. "I want to spend the night with you, under the stars...but I can't, they'd know where I was, who I was with..."

She nodded

"I want that too..."

They exchanged a look and a bittersweet smile.

" Go home" she said
He nodded and walked into the city. She didn't follow,

This was wrong she made a note to strengthen her resolve, she could do this, save her from pulling Arli into a maelstrom that would only cause trouble and heartache.

She looked up at the moon and vowed to stay out of its temptation..

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Re: Started with nothing...still have most of it left. (edited 7th March)

Post by Sabien on Sun Mar 11, 2012 3:20 am

Chey closed her eyes and smiled, leaning back in the chair in the inn she took a long swig of bourbon.
Could today have been any better she thought to herself, from first thing this morning until now, quite late in the evening, things had just got better and better.

As she'd switched on her comms first thing and Arlis voice greeted her with the customary "Hey Chey.." she'd known today would be good. A little bit of small talk ensued between them then he asked her to meet him in Northrend and he'd fly her Dalaran as he'd promised he would a few days ago.

The cold hit her as she stepped off the zeppelin, she gave a shiver and pulled her cloak tighter.She scanned the new scenecry and thought " What a horrible place". Vengeance Landing? called that because everyone who landed here hated it with a vengeance perhaps? She laughed lightly to herself and walked around the forsaken run compound.

She was patting the Windriders at the flightpath and feeding them little treats, when Arli landed a few feet away. Smiling happily she turned and walked to meet him. He returned her smile as she approached.

"I promised you a ride around Northrend..."
She nodded still smiling, excited at the thought of seeing this new place and happier still at her guide.

"You'll have to hang on tight Chey, its a fast vehicle and a little erratic at times"
She nodded and a little nervously slid onto the rear seat of a strange rocket. It took off with a shudder and she grasped the bar in front of her tightly as they rose. She thought about inching forward and wrapping her arms around Arlis waist but dismissed it as it would mean having to let go of the bar.

He took her various places in Northrend, pausing the rocket at intervals to point out sights and landmarks, at one point flying through the centre of a rainbow that arced across a lake at the bottom of a waterfall. Scholzar or somewhere he'd said and she made a note to return someday and see it again.
Then to the top of a high waterfall, almost the roof of the world she thought. It was Arlis favourite fishing spot and she gasped in awe at the stark magnificent beauty of it.
" I'll bring you back at night, and we can watch the moon...."
" That will be beautiful, reflecting off the snow, casting shadows on the water..."
She looked up at him and they exchanged a smile. It was then she felt that mentally at least they had somehow taken that extra step, that if they did come here in the moonlight they wouldn't resist.
In fact she thought in slight amusement, if it wasnt for the fact he was wearing his mask, she may have just kissed him then.

Then on to an ice floe covered in penguins, she smiled happily as Arli fed them treats then laughed as he half slipped half ran around the floe followed by a gaggle of adoring penguins.

She shivered and rubbed her arms, beautiful it may be, but so cold. Arlis arm wrapped around her and pulled her against his side, she revelled in the warmth and basked in the scent of the warm leather, she snuggled in closer to him and his arm tightened around her, she closed her eyes and inhaled his scent, glancing up she smiled.
Damn that mask she'd thought.

The comms became active all clamouring for Arlis attention for some business or another, she sighed slightly as he released her from his embrace.
Reluctantly it seemed he flew her back to the zeppelin so she could get back to Outland for more training before that nights Thorn meeting.
He put it to her that she might like to work and train in Northrend, then that way they could see each other more. She nodded happily and hugged him before boarding the zeppelin.

Then the meeting, held in the graveyard as The Mistress had business to discuss away from possible eavesdroppers in the inn. She sat near to Arli and throughout the meeting where they exchanged small smiles and looks.

Then the mistress announced that because of her dedication to her training and therefore proving herself commited to the Thorns, she..Chey was being promoted within their ranks. Although suprised and taken aback she felt proud and pleased as Kerrin announced it to her.
She stammered her thanks and a promise that the Mistress's faith in her would not be in vain, she cast a glance at Arli who smiled and nodded.

Then onto the hunt...Westfall to help a new thorn get his mask, they ran amok, instilling the fear of Vile Thorn into every Alliance and defias they ran across.
Chey found herself more than once looking out over the sea towards the island she and Arli had spent the evening on,they had promised they would return and camp there...
She looked across at Arli and wondered if he was thinking the same.

Then onto Duskwood, she enjoyed the hunt there, sharing looks and smiles with Arli on the way. Then back to Silvermoon for drinks....
Walking with Arli from the orb to the inn they talked.
"Suppose Id better stop being so familiar and keep a distance now" she'd said
"Nah, she doesn't suspect anything, you wouldnt have got a promotion if she did"
Chey nodded and smiled happily and they entered the inn.

Chey savoured her drink and relaxed and wallowed in a sense of contentment.

Arli spoke softly into his comms, obviously on the other channel, the conversation seemed short and as he looked up his face was grey. He looked at her and nodded towards the door.
She nodded her understanding and smiled as she rose. As they left the inn he turned to face her, the look on his face, although she couldnt describe it...concern? worry? hurt...fear? made her smile go cold on her lips. The two words he spoke sent her heart to the pit of her stomach.

"She knows..."

Please no not again...she thought, don't do this to me again Arli.
" I can't be with you Chey, not unless I leave the Thorns"

Chey shook her head.
She knew this wasn't an option, his life, his family his home was all in the Thorns. Besides its not an option she wanted or expected him to take.

She nodded slowly, this feeling was all to familiar now she thought she'd be used to it, bouyed by him one day, let down by him the next, she'd been a fool. Letting herself hope and dream...well no more she thought.

She smiled weakly and turned away.

"I'm sorry...." he said softly as she walked back to the inn.

She walked back inside and straight through the other door clicking off comms as she went. She needed to think.

He'd played with her again, oh not altogether intentionally or maliciously but played with her nonetheless. She had been taken for a fool again. It seemed to reinforce all her previous experiences of people, let no-one in...keep them arms length if not further.

She promised herself there and then as she walked, that this would be the last time and the barriers around her faith that slowly Arli had lowered raised themselves again, higher and stronger than before.

Walking towards the shepherds gate she mentally said goodbye to all her dreams and packed her hopes. Squaring her shoulders she stepped out of the city and into the glittering cold mocking moonlight.

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Re: Started with nothing...still have most of it left. (edited 7th March)

Post by Sabien on Sun Mar 11, 2012 3:25 am

Chey tilted her head to one side and bared her neck to the looking glass, gently pushing her hair over her shoulder in order to examine the small but extremely intricate brand on her neck. It had been painful, she'd never known such pain as the mage had slowly etched the mark of The Dead Rose into her flesh.
And all the while the hooded man, stood there silent and menacing.
He finally spoke in stilted Thallasian.
"Pretty isn't it?" he had said coldly.
He'd barked orders in common and she was hauled back to her feet and roughly manhandled out of the small cell where she and Antel had been held.
"Run" shouted Antel "Find Arl...."
Antel was silenced and felled by a single almost casual blow from the hooded man.
"Yes elf, run..find Arli.." he addressed her again in thalassian. "Tell him Shay is waiting"
Chey tried to look defiant, her green eyes spitting hate and fire.
"You're Shayanan..." she said through gritted teeth then spat at his feet. He laughed coldly and nodded before landing her a backhanded blow across the face.

"Tell Arli, I'll be in touch" he turned and dismissed her.
Released by her captors she turned to flee, as she did so Shayanan threw the remnants of her comms to her.
"Let him know with this, he might get here quicker"

She'd switched on her comms and garbled into it, nearly crying with relief as Arli's voice replied.
"Chey, orcish on comms"
"Shayanan has Antel...he'll be waiting..." she gabbled still in Thalassian.

Somehow Arli had calmed her down, managed to secure her location and flew in to meet her as she landed.
Staggering forward she collapsed into his arms.

He never said as much, but Chey got the impression that Arli blamed her for the capture of Antel and the subsequent mission mounted to find her and rescue her. He was certainly colder and harsher towards her.
He'd looked at her neck and given her an order to get the mark removed in a week or face the consequences. She'd asked how, he'd snapped a reply that it was her problem, but if it wasn't off in a week he'd do it himself.
She felt angry as she looked at him, she festered inside and dragged up every memory of how he had ever hurt her. She looked at him and glared and for a moment she hated him.
"You've changed..." she said "and I don't think I like you as much"
He had shrugged and repeated "One week"

Every day it was the same, had she got rid of the mark, she had less than a week..
"A week Chey, do you understand?"
"I heard you the first time -Deathmaster-" she spat back.
She looked at him and hated him more.
When he accused her of wearing the mark with pride it was the final straw as far as she was concerned. Not once had he asked how she was, but oh yes Antel was fine, she just needed rest, he was making sure she got it.
Whereas he had her training and was constantly berating her about the mark.
She almost wished the hooded man would find him. rough him a little not kill him just enough to knock some humility into his arrogant head.

She wondered....and a seed of an idea began to plant itself.

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Re: Started with nothing...still have most of it left. (edited 7th March)

Post by Robi Kaezlan on Mon Mar 12, 2012 5:06 pm

(( thought Id post my little bit to keep the flow, sorry if its late I had to be nudged))

"Shay?" Robi entered the house they had just acquired, glancing around for Shay.
"Mmmm? came his reply from the chair near the fire and he turned to greet her.
"That Sin'Dorei girl? Arli's little you remember her?well she wants to meet you.."
Shay raised an eyebrow and reached out to take a letter Robi was showing him.
"Think its a trap?" she asked
"probably" he replied as his eyes scanned the text.
He grinned up at Robi
"Only one way to find out"
"Shay no..." Robi's brow puckered."I'm coming then"
He laughed and put his hand on her cheek.
"No you're not, if it is a trap, I stand a better chance of getting out alive if I don't have to worry about you" his voice was full of authority and she knew it was pointless to argue with him, he wouldn't allow it.
She smiled and nodded her acquiescence.
"Get a message to her, tell her I'll be alone at the shore in Tirisfal" he smiled to himself as he added "and Robi, throw in a few threats about what I'll do if she's not alone, just for effect."

She laughed and kissed his cheek before turning to leave and mounting Charlie flew off to deliver her message.
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Re: Started with nothing...still have most of it left. (edited 7th March)

Post by Valtor on Fri Mar 16, 2012 11:09 am

This is a really good read, I like the writing style.

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Re: Started with nothing...still have most of it left. (edited 7th March)

Post by Sabien on Fri Mar 16, 2012 12:54 pm

((Oh thank you very much, I'm glad you like it))

Chey watched Shayanan stride towards her and a knot of icy fear gripped her heart. He looked dangerous, shrouded in black with not a hint of his face showing, his wickedly sharp blades dripping with poison.
She had heard of him by reputation, evidently he was quick with those blades, even Arli respected that. His head would make a good prize she idly thought but dismissed the idea immediately, his whole demeanour showed although he appeared relaxed, he was alert and coiled to spring should the need arise.

She knew he was alone, she forced a smile on her face and raised her hand in a peaceful greeting. Shayanan returned neither that she could see, he stopped a few feet away from her and nodded once curtly.
Her mouth went dry and she stumbled for words as she felt his eyes on her,she was sure she'd seen his hand twitch near the hilt of his dagger.
"Speak Belf, don't push your luck" he said, his voice cold and contemptuous.
"Push my luck?" she managed to say
"You're a Belf girl, you don't know how hard I'm finding it not to kill you where you stand"
She eyed him and bit back a retort.
"I can take you to Arli" she said "Show you where he is and you can...."
Shayanan whistled sharply and a huge drake swooped down.
He nodded
"Not now..." she said quickly
"Now" he commanded

They flew to the outskirts of Brill, where she knew Arli was in the graveyard.
"He's there" she pointed to the figure by the tomb. "Just hit him a bit...pull him down a peg or two.."
Shayanan laughed coldly as he reapplied poison to his blades.
Too late she realised, Shayanan was a cold calculated killer, he didn't draw blades to "hit him a bit..." he drew blades to kill and knew they wouldn't be sheathed until they'd drawn Arli's blood.
She started to run but he caught her and pulled her back, throwing her to the ground.
"ARLI!" she started to yell "SHA..." . A well aimed boot-heel to her face silenced her.
She could only drag herself to her feet as she watched him slip into shadows and sprint towards Arli.

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Re: Started with nothing...still have most of it left. (edited 7th March)

Post by Sabien on Fri Mar 16, 2012 12:59 pm

In and out of shadows she ran heading towards the tomb, hoping her half shouted warning had alerted Arli to the danger he faced.
She saw them, a few feet apart facing each other, they appeared to be talking. As she neared she heard their voices, both speaking in common,unintelligible to her ears.

Ignoring the dull ache in her jaw where Shayanans boot has struck she slunk a little closer and it was with some relief from the corner of her eye, she spotted some more Thorns lurking in shadows close by all poised ready for any command to strike..She smiled to herself and thought "Times up Hooded Man".

She saw Shayanan's head turn as if he was surveying the land then he nodded once to Arli as he raised his right arm casually. As if on command several assorted winged beasts hovered into view, each bearing a rider in the same tabard as the hated hooded man.
There was a rasping as several swords were drawn in unison.
She saw Shayanan draw a dagger.

She had to be quick, leaping from the shadows, pulling a sharp throwing knife from her boot she let it fly from her hand towards her hooded target.
She didn't expect it to kill him, but she hoped it would buy Arli some time to react and get out of his daggers reach.
Shayanan's feet didn't move from the spot as the knife hurtled towards him yet his torso seemed to twist slightly, he rocked almost lazily back on his heels and her knife sailed harmlessly past him, landing on the ground with a mocking thud.

Before she had time to jump back into the shadows, Shayanan had covered the short distance between them and dealt her a stunning body blow, making it only possible to stand helplessly as his dagger pierced her side. She buckled to her knees,unable to even cry out, her mouth opening in a silent scream. She raised her eyes towards him as his fist impacted the side of her head, sending her into a welcome unconsciousness.

As she stirred groggily some minutes later, she was dimly aware of a battle raging or so the noise in her head suggested.
Opening her eyes she was met by a blurred sea of combating figures, all she could make out was tabards, the black on red of the Dead Rose, mirrored by the red on black of The Vile Thorn. It made little sense to her muddled vision and thoughts made weak by the loss of blood, which was still flowing quite freely from the wound in her side. All she could see was battle, all she could hear was steel on steel.
She was only too aware of the fact that it was by intention she was alive, had he intended to kill her, she had no doubt she would be already dead.
Dragging herself into a sitting position, her hand across the wound she looked at the scene unfolding, The Dead Rose it seemed were losing as more Thorns rallied to the mistress's call.
Despite the pain she felt she couldn't help but laugh as she saw the hooded man surrounded by her brothers, his daggers a blur as he tried to parry and counterstrike the raining blows. She saw him fall and she gave a strangled cheer, she hoped Squadron would leave some of his corpse uneaten so she could spit on it.
The Thorns seeing him fall stopped their melee and kicked his fallen form in turn, then Arli dropped to his knees dagger in his hand,
Then the remnants of The Rose rallied to their fallen master and with growing despair watched as her brothers and sisters melted into the shadows.
She tried to crawl away into the shadow of the tomb but it was then she realised she was being guarded by a warlocks void walker which shadowed her every move.

Her despair deepened when she saw Shayanan was not dead, despair turned to fear as he barked orders and pointed in her direction, fear turned to terror as she was seized by a Deathknight and flung onto the back of a drake. She struggled and lashed out.
Another blow to silence her, then Shayanan facing her grabbed her hair and roughly yanked her head back and down and forcing a vial to her lips poured a bitter fluid into her mouth.
"You've been keen to help The Dead Rose tonight,we have one last task for you" he said with a cold humour.
Her eyes became heavy and her senses dulled, she was aware of flying then landing, being bound at the wrists and flung into a small room and the door locked.

"Don't worry Belf" Shayanans voice mocked her coldly from behind the door "It won't be for me"
Then she heard laughter from several others,loud amused laughter which faded with their footfalls.

Left alone in the cold and dark she wondered what their task for her could be and knew whatever it entailed she had brought it on herself, that no redemption from her brothers and sisters would be forthcoming.


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Re: Started with nothing...still have most of it left. (edited 7th March)

Post by Robi Kaezlan on Fri Mar 16, 2012 3:59 pm

Robi looked down at the body of the Sin'dorei girl and gave a slightly rueful sigh. She knew that The Dead Rose had taken a prisoner and used her in a sacrificial killing as part of their rituals to try and raise Iskaroth, but she was shocked and slightly saddened to see it was the young Sin'Dorei she'd harassed to take messages to Arli.
Her body drained of blood then cast aside like so much rubbish, Robi felt a twinge of pity as she looked at her. Her face frozen in death in a mask of pain and fear. Robi knelt and closed the empty green eyes and gently smoothed the bloodstained blonde locks out of her face.
Shay had asked her to organise "disposal" as the circle would be needed again soon.

"How do I do it?" she'd asked.
"Get a couple of the rank to take the corpse and throw it out of the grounds" Shay had replied.

He was with other key members of The Rose, so she hadn't argued, just nodded her understanding of his order and left.

She'd supervised the removal and dismissed the rank, she had stayed, somehow reluctant to leave the Sin'Dorei girl alone. Silly she knew, she was dead, but somehow Robi felt as if she almost knew her in a way and that somehow the girls passing should be marked.

"Ah well, nothing I can do I guess" she thought and turned to mount Charlie her gryphon and fly home. As she did so from the corner of her eye she caught a movement and she slipped into shadow, this was horde country so any intrusion was not going to be friendly.
As she was slipping away she saw it was a Bloodknight and on impulse she sprinted silently and swiftly towards him. Still cloaked in shadow she whispered to him.
"Amish shaothn"
She saw him smirk and turn then look startled as he saw no one.
She kept moving in a stealthy circle around him so he couldnt pinpoint her position by her voice. She told him the best she could in her basic Thalassian the location of the dead Sin'dorei.
He looked around perplexed, his hand going to a holy libram at his waist.
She tried not to giggle.
"Ha ha" she laughed to herself "He thinks Im some kind of messenger from the light I think..showing him his true calling or something"
Again she swallowed a giggle.
She slipped away as she saw him see the discarded corpse. At least now Robi thought, the girl might get a decent burial fitting of her kind.
Robi found Charlie and slipped out of the shadows and mounted, as she soared and wheeled around, she saw the knight kneeling by the body, streams of holy light pouring from his hands and into the girl.
Robi gave a small smile, she doubted it would work, the girl had been dead too long and had been drained, but at least she'd given her a chance.
She leaned forward in the saddle and ruffled the gryphons feathers affectionately.
"C'mon Charlie lets git, Im starving...."
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Re: Started with nothing...still have most of it left. (edited 7th March)

Post by Sabien on Sat Mar 17, 2012 1:09 pm

Chey sat on a ledge overlooking the goblin ghetto in Orgrimmar and stared at nothing in particular. For days she had sat here, quietly looking at the sprawling city, she seemed to remember it differently but couldn't quite be sure if the memories were false or whether she'd dreamt it. She desperately fought to make some coherence of the jumbled thoughts and 'memories' that crowded her head at times.
The last 'real' thing she could recall was a hooded not just a hooded man, it was the hooded man. She shuddered as she recalled him, his hidden face and his cold cold voice as he ordered her dead.
Dead! Was that it? Was she dead?
She shook her head, no she couldnt be, she was tired, she was cold, she was hungry and surely death stopped those things?
A look of frightened confusion crossed her face, she hadn't lost her memory, she had vivid clear memories that her gut told her were not false. A lavish house, all marble and gold, a father who adored her and a beautiful mother, then she remembered being excited and a bit afraid as her father and mother came into her room one night, told her they were all playing a game where they had to be very very quiet and try to get out of the house and the city without being seen.
It hadnt been a nice game...everyone around them was shouting and houses were on fire..she smiled as she remembered her father holding her close and telling her she had won...
A stone hut was next to her thoughts, she knew this memory was real, she could still feel what it was like to learn , to be too cold to be too hungry too young. It was something she would never ever forget.
Her mind wandered again, Silvermoon City, her father no longer with them, just her and her mother and the new man in her life. She had been a Bloodknight..hadn't she?She shook her head to clear the encroaching memories.
Then in her minds eye she saw him...Arli Sunblade, befriended her, mentored her and took her into the Vile Thorn, gave her a reason and a purpose then... broke her heart.
And Orthos, Deathmaster, always on at her about slacking in her training, on and on...

Vile Thorn? what was she thinking? They worked for the Undercity, took orders from could she have joined that?The memory must be false...must be. But no, she recalled being punished for speaking Thalassian...How dare they? she thought.
Where were they when the hooded man had her? She felt anger and it felt good, stirred at last from the apathy that had engulfed her spirit for so long.
She stood up a little shakily and stood erect, she looked down at the squalor below her and shook her head.
"I'm going home,back to the city of golden spires, back to silvermoon..." she told herself.
"I am not forsaken, I am not Vile Thorn"
She grinned to herself as she tipped back her head and yelled across Orgrimmar
"O quethuiel Cheyene, O quethuiel Sin'Dorei"

"I am Cheyene I am Sindorei"

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Re: Started with nothing...still have most of it left. (edited 7th March)

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