Dog eat Dog,

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Dog eat Dog,

Post by Robi Kaezlan on Mon Feb 20, 2012 2:46 pm

Robi ordered a bourbon and slugged it down, Dave the barman grinned and poured her another.
"You're my best customer these days Mrs K..."
Robi eyed him as she placed the empty glass down on the bar. She guessed it was true, she had been drinking a lot lately, a nightly ritual almost, a bourbon or three to calm her head of the days agitation. The agitation and frustration caused mainly by Aresh and his one man obsession with Anethrax.
She smiled humourlessly to herself, that at least was over, Shays blades had seen to that.
Taking the refilled glass she went to sit in what was now her usual seat. She sat down, stretched her legs out in front of her and let out a long sigh of relief as she closed her eyes, letting her mind aimlessly drift. She was just cuddling up in Shays arms when the scrape of a chair leg on the wooden floor next to her shook her from her daydreaming.
She opened her eyes and groaned silently as Blayke sat down next to her, his piercing blue eyes looking over her and the usual gleaming white friendly smile on his face.
"Oh light" she thought "what now...?"
"Evening sweetheart.." he smiled as he turned the chair around one handedly and swung his leg across to sit straddling it, his arms folded casually on the chair back.
"Evenin..." Robi replied tersely taking a sip from her glass as an excuse not to smile at him. The way she felt right now she couldn't be bothered to pretend she was pleased to see him.
"Hows the Commander this evening then?" he asked "Still chasing shadows in Thorny lands?"
Robi shook her head.
Blayke raised an eyebrow with feigned curiosity.
"Aresh is dead" Robi stated without looking at Blayke.
From the corner of her eye she saw Blayke grin and fought with herself not to ram her fist straight into his smug smiling face.
"Dead?" replied Blayke tilting his head, the grin now replaced by a slight smile and a mocking note of false sympathy in his voice.
" in not alive anymore....not breathing...which part didnt you get?" Robi snapped at him
He nodded at her, a slight smirk still present.
"My poor must be sincere condolences..."
"Thanks" she said flatly "you can't know how much comfort I find in your words..."
A silence followed while the two exchanged looks, hers a look of disdain and his a knowing smirk.
"Well..this changes things" he said finally breaking eye contact with her briefly. "Of course I will send a report to the Five..informing them of Aresh's brave and noble the meantime I will assume command of the Stormwind chapter until a replacement be appointed..."
Robi looked at him sharply
"You'll write a report? You don't know what happened..."
"Already written sweetheart...been written for days..just waiting for you to give me the reason to post" he laughed as he saw her face. "It was inevitable Robi...tragically inevitable" and he laughed again.
"You heartless piece of shit Blayke" she spat
"Ah Robi...still the flattery I see" he smirked
"Believe me Blayke it was no flattery to the piece of shit..."

They regarded each other for a moment before Robi looked away in disgust.

" Lets hope the report doesn't need amendment..." The threat in Blaykes voice was obvious.
Robi looked back at him
"I'll tell you this Blayke...I did not kill Aresh"
He looked mildly surprised
"Shay did...and for one reason only...I was threatened..." she let her voice trail off letting Blayke draw his own conclusion.
She noted with satisfaction that it registered.
"Now excuse me Blayke..I need to inform others of Aresh's death..."
He nodded and smiled coldly
"Ah yes of tell Mistress Anethrax that the Brotherhood is under new management and that Ill be in touch..." he laughed "Oh and please tell Shayanan the same...."

Robi didn't deign to respond. Blayke rose from the chair and with a sardonic inclination of his head walked from the inn, whistling a happy tune as he did.
Her hand went to her throwing dagger.....his nonchalantly retreating back just asking for it.
Common sense for once dictated her reason, one commander dead and a new one self appointed...if he died too so soon it was obvious who the suspect would be.

"Your time will come Blayke..." she growled to herself "Your time will come"
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Re: Dog eat Dog,

Post by Kel'dos on Mon Feb 20, 2012 4:06 pm

Blayke opened the door slightly and looked up and down the empty street before stepping out and quietly closing it behind him. The journal, of course, had been retrieved the night of Aresh’s unfortunate demise and safely deposited in the bank vault that Blayke ensured was cloaked from general view, but it was worth a more leisurely look around for records that may have proved of use at a later date. Quickly turning the corner of the house, he almost walks straight into Robi. Pulling down his mask and quickly adopting a relaxed composure, he greets her with false warmth; an equally warm greeting is returned as she reaches to a pouch on her belt.

“If you’re sticking around, I suppose you’ll need one of these” she says as she hands him communicator.

Blayke takes the communicator and fixes to his ear. “Don’t worry, sweetheart, I’ll be around for a long time”, he smiles before tilting his head slightly and continuing “I'm sorry.....I didn't quite hear you.... I missed the 'Commander' at the end of your sentence”.

A quickly veiled look of contempt crosses Robi’s face, “Here?” She replies, “in general conversation?”

Blayke laughs and with a sweep of his hand replies “Here…there….anywhere”

The veil drops and with a look of pure contempt Robi replies “Yes…Commander”.

“Not so hard now is it?” he laughs mockingly, switching on the communicator and introducing himself to Odenia over the airwaves and with his cold blue eyes fixed on Robi, he gives Odenia a gentle reminder of the need to call him Commander.

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Re: Dog eat Dog,

Post by Robi Kaezlan on Tue Feb 21, 2012 2:33 pm

Robi glanced across at Blayke, if he was nervous he gave no indication of it whatsoever,catching her look he gave her a small patronising wink and smiled easily.
"Just leave the talking to me" he said quietly as the huge oak doors swung open.
"Acting Commander Blayke and Active Second Kaezlan," a deceptively mild mannered voice addressed them "The Five will see you now" and with a sweep of his arm gestured them into the room behind the doors.

Their footfalls made no noise on the plush red carpet as they walked towards a large highly polished table where The Five sat.

They had both received a letter that morning summoning them to report to The Five, the shadow council of The Brotherhood of Shadow.
A brief moment of panic gripped Robi, what had Blayke said in his report she wondered, was this a summons to answer for Aresh's death? Or as Blayke had smugly suggested it was to let them know officially of their new Commander.

" Bit quick for that isn't it?" she'd asked, probing for reassurances.
Blayke shook his head and grinned at her.
"They obviously know who they want, it makes sense to get the best man for the job in as soon as possible, and it seems where the Stormwind Chapter is concerned..theres no contest" he laughed and Robi could see him mentally preening himself.
"Well i hope they dont need to stick a crown on your head or something...they'll have a hard job dislodging it from your ass..." Robi said dryly not looking at him.
Blayke laughed, that irritating devil may care laugh and Robi gritted her teeth.
"Sticks and stones dear Robi...sticks and stones"

And here they were standing before the five, Robi hoping and praying that Blayke was right in his assumptions.
She felt them all looking at her and assessing her, she looked up and offered a warm confident smile to each of them in turn, pausing slightly to cast an appraising glance at who she presumed to be Three. She noted with relief and satisfaction that he returned her smile and looked away first. The woman, Four, if she wasn't mistaken smiled slightly and nodded approval as she noted Threes reaction. Robi inclined her head slightly and exchanged a look and smile with Four that only two Valentines would understand.
Five coughed and she turned her attention to him with another winning smile which totally belied the nervous knot in her stomach which made her fear she was going to throw up.

Blayke greeted them all courteously but added warm friendly smiles and, she noted as he looked at Four, his smile instantly switched to one of shrouded intimacy.
Light he was good thought Robi and for a moment envied him his easy charm as she noticed Four smile back almost imperceptibly.

"You'll want to know why we have seen fit to ask you both to be present" started One
Robis heart beat fast with apprehension and the blood rushed pounding in her head and hissing in her ears, she felt nauseous.
"They know..they know" she thought anxiously to herself.
".... tragic death...." she could only catch snatches of the voice as she struggled to calm herself. "...sterling job....he spoke highly of you....Stormwind"
Robi's nerves steadied and her world came back into focus as she realised they didn't know, it was as Blayke said just to officially appoint the new Commander.
She turned to look at Blayke, plastering a congratulatory smile on her face.
The smile died as she saw for the briefest of moments a look of horror and utter disbelief on his face. In a blink it was gone replaced by the usual bright charming smile which he wore like a trademark.
She looked to the Five who were all looking at her with a look of expectancy.
"What do you say Miss Kaezlan?" asked Five "You officially accept the post of Commander of the Stormwind Chapter of the Brotherhood?"
Robis jaw threatened to drop, but in a heartbeat had pulled herself alert.
She smiled at the Five as she prepared to offer her refusal. It wasn't a job she relished or particularly wanted and Aresh would be a hard act to follow,except for his Thorn obsession...
A thought hit Commander, even would give her leverage to renegotiate with Anethrax, to parley with total authority, to come to an agreement that was trustworthy and word binding.
She allowed herself a smug secretive smile and mentally punched the air as she realised how sick Blayke had looked.

"I would be proud to take up mantle of Commander Aresh and I trust I can wear it as well as he did" she replied graciously.
"We have faith in you as did Aresh" replied Four. "Blayke, please remain we would talk with you alone"
"Commander Robinas, go with Shadowprowler Matthew who will issue you with the new insignia and guidelines for your chapter."
Robi nodded and turned to leave following the uniformed Matthew.
"Congratulations Robi" Blayke smiled at her.
She looked at him and smiled back
"I'm sorry..I didn't quite hear you" she said " I missed 'Commander' at the end of your sentence"

As she turned her back on him she allowed herself a small laugh at his whispered "Touché"
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Re: Dog eat Dog,

Post by Kel'dos on Thu Feb 23, 2012 12:17 am

Blayke glanced at Robi as they stood before the huge oak doors that led through to the boardroom of The Five. To his satisfaction, she seemed nervous and apprehensive as to why she had been summoned to see the shadow council. He smiled and winked at her, it was good that she would see him officially gain the rank of Commander, remove any doubt from her pretty head that he wasn’t the man for the job.

Nodding an acknowledgement to Shadowprowler Matthew as they were shown in, Blayke walked confidently and stood before the Five. He watched as Robi flashed her winning smile at each then with a smile, he greeted each in turn, allowing a more personal tone to his words as befitting his soon to be assigned rank.

Standing at ease, hands clasped behind his back, Blayke allowed himself the briefest of glances at Robi and notied how pale she had become. Poor girl must think they have called them here to question over Aresh's death. He knew he was in the clear, after all, he had never told Robi to kill Aresh, merely hinted at a possible outcome and always verbally, never the written word. Turning his attention back to One, Blayke listened and adopted a suitably respectful look as One recounted the sterling job done by his former Commander, Aresh.

“…his steadfast loyalty to the Brotherhood will be sadly missed.” Spoke One, pausing to look at Blayke and then Robi.

“He spoke very highly of you, Miss Kaezlan, and of your dedication to the Brotherhood and commitment to doing what needed to be done for the overall good of the organisation. The frequent reports received show the trust he placed in you and the integrity of character shown.” One paused again, as Two through Five nodded in agreement.

“And as such, we have no hesitation in offering you post of Commander, to continue to build on the excellent foundations laid by your predecessor” finished One as he looked at Robi.

Blayke stood dumbstruck, how could this be? He had much more experience in the Brotherhood, had risen in rank through various Chapters and indeed had been trusted with investigating the alleged abnormalities within the Stormwind Chapter itself! He looked to Robi, a triumphant smile on her face and quickly composing himself he smiled back graciously.

"What do you say Miss Kaezlan?" asked Five "You officially accept the post of Commander of the Stormwind Chapter of the Brotherhood?"

Blayke looked straight ahead, careful to maintain a relaxed composure as his mind raced ahead through the various options now open to him.

"I would be proud to take up mantle of Commander Aresh and I trust I can wear it as well as he did" replied Robi graciously.

"We have faith in you as did Aresh" replied Four with a warm smile. "Blayke, please remain we would talk with you alone"

"Commander Robinas, go with Shadowprowler Matthew who will issue you with the new insignia and guidelines for your chapter." smiled One at the newly appointed Commander.

Robi nodded and turned to leave following the uniformed Matthew.

"Congratulations Robi" Blayke smiled at her.

She looked at him and smiled back; "I'm sorry..I didn't quite hear you" she said " I missed 'Commander' at the end of your sentence"

"Touché", replied Blayke graciously through gritted teeth and as the heavy oak doors closed behind him, he once again turned back to the Five with a warm smile.

“Blayke..” started One with a serious look on his face. “I am sure we do not need to emphasise the importance of the Stormwind Chapter to the Brotherhood?”

“No, my Masters and Mistress” replied Blayke smiling courteously with a slight tip of his head. Blayke looked at the Five, their faces impassive as One continued. “The loss of Aresh as Commander was very unfortunate indeed and certainly not something we expect to be repeated. Although it appears he may have been misguided in his actions, dealing with such matters is not the remit of the lower ranks. Do you understand Blayke?”

Blayke dropped his smile and nodded slightly.

“Miss Kaezlan is our choice of Commander and we expect you to support that.”

“Yes, of course, I follow your lead my Masters and Mistress”, replied Blayke courteously.

“You are to remain in the Stormwind Chapter until further notice. You are to aid Miss Kaezlan in continuing to build on the foundations laid by her unfortunate predecessor and to ensure that she gets the support she needs and to …advise on any errors of judgement that may be made.”

“Yes Master, I would be honoured to assist her”, smiled Blayke, “I assume I will be assigned as her Second?”

Blayke looked at each of the Five as the room fell silent, each studied him, their faces expressionless and even Four not showing the usual warmth.

“No.” replied Three. “the Commander Is to choose her own Second and assign the ranks as she sees fit. Of course we will support the decisions she makes as Commander of the Stormwind chapter. ”

“But”, continued Four in her silken voice, “we expect your loyalty to the Five to continue and any…irregularities to be highlighted but in a more objective manner in future.”

Many years of practice enabled Blayke to retain his relaxed composure as not only was his Acting Commander rank taken but his rank within the Stormwind Chapter left open to the whim of that damned woman.

“Shadowstalker Matthew will see you out” spoke One.

With a bow, Blayke turned and walked from the boardroom. It had been an unexpected turn of events that now needed some careful thought.

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Re: Dog eat Dog,

Post by Kel'dos on Thu Feb 23, 2012 12:19 am

“Greetings, my shadows” spoke Blayke as he switched on his communicator as he strolled through Old Town on his way to the Inn. The greetings received back were polite but cold, little warmth was afforded him since the appointment of the new Commander it seemed. To give her some credit, he had been impressed how she had called them all to meet and informed them that she would now be their Commander, and somewhat relieved that she promoted him to the rank of Second although he knew her well enough to know it was a tactical move, rather than some misplaced token of friendship.

Robi and Jeliana were talking at the Inn when Blayke arrived and after greeting the Commander he listened with interest as Jeliana was sent to Tirisfal to find any Thorn to pass a message to their leader that Robi wished to meet her. Blayke watched her leave, her enthusiasm was very evident.

“Blayke” stated Robi as she turned her attention to Blayke.

“Commander” he replied politely with his usual smile.

“I want you to start to build the ranks of the Brotherhood”

“I am of course at your command”, replied Blayke cordially, belaying his pleasure at being given the task of managing recruitment for the Chapter, thus ensuring that those recruited would be most likely to be sympathetic to his designs on leadership. “If you will excuse me, I will get to this task right away”. With the Commander’s agreement, Blayke turned and walked back towards the trade district. As soon as he was out of sight he summoned his Gryphon and soared into the sky, on towards the horde base of Grom’gol to hitch a lift to Tirisfal.

It didn’t take Blayke long to find Jeliana, talking to a sin’dorei in Thorn colours, it looked like the one he had seen a couple of weeks previously at Ravenholdte, talking to Robi. Carefully moving as close as he dared, he could overhear snippets of the conversation. The elf spoke common, albeit with a heavy thalassian accent; he told Jeliana his name was Serpiente and yes of course he would contact the Mistress over his communicator to see when she would be available to meet the new Commander. Blayke watched carefully as the elf talked to Jeliana, his words were interspersed with warm laughter and his gestures were open and friendly. The elf kept talking and smiling, apologising that the Mistress had not yet replied and he hoped the worgen would wait? The smile, the friendly body language, the eye contact bordering on openly flirting with her, Blayke tilted his head slightly and smiled, he recognised all the signs of tactics meant to keep Jeliana there, at ease and waiting, until...? Perhaps he should warn her? No, his smile widened, it wasn’t his place to interfere in the order she had been given from the Commander.

Suddenly, Jeliana gasped and looked dazed as a female forsaken stepped from the shadows behind her. Instantly the sin’dorei’s whole demeanor changed as he saluted the forsaken and stood attentively as others melted from the shadows in a circle around Jeliana.

“Thorns! Many!” gasped Jeliana over the communicator.

An orcish cry goes up and Blayke turns to see one of the Thorns running towards him as three others slip to the shadows. Without a moment to spare, Blayke sprinted away and finally losing his pursuers, laid low and listened to the communicator as Robi gave reassurance and orders to those available to make their way to Tirisfal to accompany her; she was going to meet the Thorn mistress.


The meeting with the Vile Thorn and their Mistress had been tense. It was the first time Blayke had seen Anethrax although he knew too well of her deeds and that of her Vile Thorn followers. When they were finally allowed to leave, Robi and Blayke made sure that Odenia and Jeliana were able to gain safe passage back to Stormwind when it became clear that one of the forsaken Thorns still lurked in the shadows.

“Now you Blayke, go” spoke Robi in a quiet voice as both looked around to the shadows, aware that an attack could be imminent.

Blayke shook his head “No, Commander, you go, get to safety”.

“It’s my job to make sure my people are safe”

“And it’s my job” replied Blayke with unusual authority in his voice, “to make sure that my Commander lives to lead the chapter, now GO!”

”...can’t have her dead at the blades of the Vile Thorn just yet” thought Blayke as Robi made safe her way to Stormwind, ”...look far too obvious should another Commander be dead so soon”. He smiled grimly to himself as he slipped to the shadows and put some distance, he hoped, between himself and the Thorn forsaken still close by.

It was late evening before Robi, Blayke, Jeliana and Odenia arrived back at the Inn within the Old Town.

“She will give us a task, to prove our loyalty” spoke Robi as they gathered around a table in a quiet part of the Inn.

“Our loyalty is, first and foremost, to the Brotherhood” added Blayke with a smile, fixing Robi with his cold blue eyes.

“Yes of course, but this could work out to be beneficial in the longer term and besides, I said what I needed to say to get us out alive tonight” replied Robi, holding his gaze.

“Of course”, replied Blayke with a slight tip of his head to emphasis his agreement their eyes still locked, “but perhaps it wasn’t advisable to send a Shadow, a Gilnean at that, alone onto forsaken territory...Commander?”.

“Thank you for pointing that out, Blayke”, replied Robi tersely

“My pleasure” he replied with the faintest hint of a triumphant smile. “We all make mistakes when under pressure, ”

“A small seed of doubt sown” thought Blayke, his blue eyes glittering coldly, “the first of many...make her want to give up leadership and with my place now secured as her Second, the rank of Commander will soon be back with it’s rightful owner”.

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Re: Dog eat Dog,

Post by Robi Kaezlan on Thu Feb 23, 2012 12:31 pm

Robi watched Blayke walk away from their meeting, supposedly to start the task of recruitment for the Brotherhood. He had seemed keen to accept the task she gave him, she smiled wryly to herself, probably thinks he can influence them onto "team Blayke", she thought.
However there were more pressing matters to attend to and she dismissed him temporarily from her mind and turned to Odenia.
She smiled at the newly appointed Shadow, she liked what she had seen so far, she seemed keen and from what she had seen so far, dedicated and loyal to those she worked for.
"Odenia..I have a task for you, if you want to accept it" she said
Odenia tilted her head and smiled a little uncertainly but nodded.
"Yes Commander" she replied
"This is between you and me Odenia..."
Odenia nodded and looked at her curiously.
"I want you to get to know Blayke, stay on him, befriend him..fancy him if you must..." she pulled a distasteful face playfully. "But I want to know what he does, where he goes and what he gets up to, think you can manage?"
Odenia looked at her squarely and nodded.
"I'll try Commander" she replied.
Robi nodded and smiled, impressed by Odenias willingness to take on this task which Robi knew would be harder than it seemed.
"And Odenia..discretion huh? this is between you and me"
"Yes Commander"
Robi opened her mouth to speak but was distracted as Jeliana's voice came over the communicator.
"Ive found a Thorn Commander,..."

"Ask him to take a message to Anethrax..."
"I think he's in love with you Commander..." Jeliana's voice was somewhere between totally confused and highly amused.
"Huh?" Robi gasped "Whats his name?"
"Says he's called Serpiente Commander"
Robi was confused.
"Says the enemy sends his love..." Jeli continued "does that make sense?"
Robi laughed.
"Whats he look like..?" she asked.
"Well he's alright I suppose if you like spikey ears and spikey hair" came Jelis reply.
Robi laughed again "Give him my love back then"

Their conversation was interupted by a soft groan from Jeli
"Jeli..Jeli?" Robi said calmly but urgently "Trouble?"
"I'm surrounded by Thorns Commander" came the slightly nervous reply
"On my way Jeli...sit tight"

A quick call over comms to Blayke.
"Get to at the Monastary"
A laugh from Blayke.
"Yes Commander...."
"Odenia come on we're going to get Jeli"
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Re: Dog eat Dog,

Post by Kel'dos on Thu Mar 01, 2012 4:19 pm

"Whisky, Reese” spoke Blayke cordially to the Inn Keeper “and make it a double”. Reese nodded in return and reached for Blayke’s usual whisky. He poured a large slug of “Four Hammers”, pushing the glass across the bar as Blayke pushed a few coins in payment in return. With a slight incline of his head to acknowledge, Blayke picked up the glass and walked to the large table in the centre of the Inn and started to pull out the chair just to the side of the one at the head of the table. With a small smile to himself he stopped and instead pulled out the chair at the head of the table, the one the Commander usually occupied, and sat down.

He sipped the whisky and lounged back in the chair as he looked around the quiet Inn. It was now usual for him to end his evenings here at the bar, a whisky, maybe some company and then back to his newly rented home not far from the Inn. The furnishings were homely but the previous occupant had kept it clean and tidy and the housekeeper, Betty, that visited daily meant that the mundane tasks of cleaning and provisions were efficiently dealt with. Blayke looked up as Robi entered the Inn, accompanied by a hooded male.

“Evening, Commander” spoke Blayke with a faint smile on his face as he remained seated and relaxed.

“Evening Blayke” replied Robi, returning the smile

“Got any more of our Shadows captured today?” Blayke glanced at the hooded male that seemed to be studying him, then looked back at Robi and smiled.

“I beg your pardon?” replied Robi.

“Well” continued Blayke as he leaned forward onto the table and fixed Robi with his cold blue eyes, “the incident in Tirisfal was rather unfortunate, I’m sure you will agree?”

“Well yes...but not as bad as you’re making it out it seems”

Blayke laughed lightly before continuing, “Perhaps the Five could be the judges of whether having a Shadow as a captive of the horde is a problem or not”.

Robi looked at Blayke “Are you threatening me, Blayke?”

With a slight tilt of his head and a soft smile, Blayke replied, “Have I ever, my dear Commander? I’m sure you knew what you were doing when you sent the Gilnean Shadow, alone, to forsaken lands”.

There was a moments silence before Robi looked at the hooded figure and then back at Blayke, “Oh, where are my manners?” she smiled, “Blayke, this is husband”. Allowing a few seconds for this to register with Blayke she continued “And Shayanan...this is Blayke”. Shayanan looked at Blayke and nodded curtly.

The slightest falter of his smile was the only visible change in Blayke’s demeanor as the realisation of who stood before him hit home. He was aware that Robi’s married name was Kaezlan but had not made the connection to the infamous Shayanan. Few in his line of work had not heard of Shayanan, his reputation as a ruthless and efficient killer went way before him. Blayke stood up and walked over to Shayanan and fixing a warm smile on his face, offered a hand;

“Shayanan, an honour to meet you”

“I told you about him” continued Robinas, “he’s my second in command”.

There was a long silence; Blayke nodded slightly in acknowledgement as he dropped his hand to his side, his smile fading a little.

“Yes” replied Shayanan coolly “I’ve heard about you”.

Blayke laughed lightly in an attempt to lighten the heavy atmosphere; “All good I’m sure”; he looked at Robi and smiled.

Blayke looked back at Shayanan. The hood made him unable to gauge the response but he felt as if the hooded assassin was staring at him fixedly.

“I’m going to tell you as clearly as possible” spoke Shayanan, his voice cold and clear. “I’m not going to repeat myself so I advise you to listen closely”.

There was a pause; Blayke looked at Shayanan, his eyes flicking to the well crafted weapons he wore as he nodded slowly.

“If you ever...and I mean from now until your final much as hint at a threat to Robi, I will personally make sure that she no longer has a second in command. You will meet the same fate as the fool who was leading your order but a short time ago”.

It was clear from the way that Shayanan spoke that this wasn’t an idle threat, this was just an alternative future for Blayke should he be perceived as a threat to Robi. There was a pause as Shayanan allowed time for Blayke to register the gravity of his words;

“Are we clear?”

Blayke broke his gaze from Shayanan and looked at Robi. He was part of the Brotherhood and as his Commander, Robi had a duty to him...surely?

“Commander” spoke Blayke evenly as he fixed Robi with his cold blue eyes “your dear husband threatens me?”

Robi looked directly at Blayke, all smiles gone as she replied coolly “No, Blayke. He’s making you a promise”.

“I keep my promises” added Shayanan with an edge of menace to his voice “you can trust this”

Blayke looked at Shayanan and then back at the now smiling Robi.

“I...see”. Blayke was no fool. He’d just been given a very clear warning by one of the most ruthless killers in the Alliance. Robi was protected and he was nothing to this man before him, a word from her and Blayke would simply cease to be.

He looked at Shayanan before replying in an even tone “I’m sure that the Commander and I can work together to our mutual benefit”.

“Yes, I’m sure you can too” replied Shayanan, his voice still edged with danger “Let us hope we won’t have this talk again...yes?”

“I doubt that we will need to do so” replied Blayke, holding Shayanan's gaze briefly before turning to Robi.

“Commander, if I am no longer needed this evening?” spoke Blayke courteously.

“Dismissed, Blayke” replied Robi

With an incline of his head and a slight, forced, smile, Blayke acknowledged his permission to leave.

“Then I bid you a good evening Commander...Shayanan”. Blayke walked away and found himself breathing a sigh of relief at the meeting ending.

“Sleep well” added Robi

Blayke stopped and paused before replying, “Indeed” then carried on his way out of the Inn and into the cool night. Sleep well he thought as he shook his head slightly, I doubt sleep will come soon tonight, there is much to think on, too many plans to rework.

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Re: Dog eat Dog,

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