[A RP-WPvP] Blood of the North

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[A RP-WPvP] Blood of the North

Post by Ulfrik on Fri Feb 10, 2012 9:00 am

Wind, snow and pain.

These things filled Thurir's world now.

The blizzard was unrelenting and Thurir now cursed his stupidity in straying so far from the cave. The wind howled about him and tore at his cloak, whistling through the holes in his armour, making a sound like the accursed war pipes of the Scourge.

He paused, half-standing, half-kneeling in the deep snow. Placing an ungloved hand down to steady himself he saw that most of the blood had now frozen on his armour. The golden Lion sigils he was so proud of, darkened with his life's essence.

Kneeling in the snow, a fatigue like none he had known began to creep quickly over him. He tried to will himself up on two legs again but his body would no longer obey his mind; his will slowly ebbing away. Desperate to break the fatigue, he straightened the thumb of his free hand and with a great effort jabbed it into the gaping hole in his chestplate, shoving the arrow-head in deeper and causing a hot bolt of pain to lance through his torso. The pain was almost unendurable and he panicked for a moment fearing he might black out, he cried out in pain but then he was in control again, the pain turning to fire in his limbs and he dragged himself to his feet once more, ignoring the fresh stream of blood that coursed from the hole, painting the icicles that were forming on his legplates a deep crimson red.

He raised his head and tried to see through the wall of falling snow, his hair whipping into his eyes, the wind stinging his cheeks. Ahead he saw a the tree line of a dense forest of firs. If he could just make it there, he could hide out of this accursed wind and rest.

The distant peal of an Orc war horn drifted through the roar of the wind and Thurir tried to quicken his pace. It wouldn’t be long now before he heard the soft padding of their wolves and then it would be over. Again he cursed himself for leaving the cave and wandering so far in the storm.

Peering through the snow, he thought he spotted movement, a dark figure standing just inside the tree line. He paused and instinctively his hand went to the hilt of his sword only to grasp empty air as he remembered that his blade was gone, taken by the Orcs when they ransacked the corpses of his company. The figure too was gone now, faded back into the shadows between the trees, either obscured by the blizzard or figment of a fevered mind. Thurir took another step and teetered for a moment before his vision began to grow black, the last of the strength left his limbs and he collapsed face down in the snow.

A moment later, the Orc scout, heading south, spotted the fallen knight and yanked on the reins of his mount, the great, grey war-wolf wheeled to the left without slowing, it’s loping run unhindered by the deep snow. As they approached the fallen human, the wolf sniffed at body and growled. The scout, leaping from its back, approached pulling a cruel looking dagger from his boot.

Roughly grabbing the human’s cloak he rolled him over with ease. With the dagger raised in a guarding position, he looked for signs of movement and, seeing none, grunted with satisfaction. His head snapped up, his ears picking up a noise and his eyes scanning the tree line. He waited, motionless, looking for some sign of movement. There was nothing but the roaring of the wind and the driving snow. He looked back to the corpse and there was a sharp “woosh” and a “snick” as the arrow tore through his neck. His wolf yelped and bolted away through the snow. Thick dark blood flowed from the wound as the Orc clawed ineffectually at his throat a making a sickening gurgling sound. He fell to his knees and soon, enough blood left him that he staggered and fell back into a sitting position hot blood gushing over his leather armour and onto the snow beside him.

The scout lived just long enough to see a group of figures emerging from the tree-line. Warriors dressed in furs and in strange dark armour. To the extreme right of the group a tall, lean man carrying a huge Ironwood bow, no doubt the same that had fired the the arrow that had ended him.

A large, powerfully built man in a horned helm led the group and approached the Scout, peering at the face, the eyes still open but unfocused, dead. He cocked a booted foot and planted it in the Orc’s chest tipping him over backwards into the snow and blood. He turned to the figure behind him, it’s face covered by a dark cowl, pale, ice-blue eyes glowed within its folds.
“Alliance Soldiers make good bait eh Mörgoth?”, the figure with the eyes nodded and stepped forward, reaching down to feel for the Knight’s pulse.
“Dead”, he said flatly. The tall man turned to the group behind him.
“Make a bier and bring him back to camp” he ordered. “We will give him a warrior’s funeral, we owe him that much”. Two of the group broke off and headed for the tree line to find wood for the bier. The figure with the bow stepped forward.
“This is the closest I have seen them come in months Ulfrik”, he said. The tall man nodded again.
“Ride back and begin striking camp”, he said grimly. “It’s time to move on”.


War is coming.

Announcing the imminent creation of Blood of the North the working title for a new heathen humans-themed RP-WPvP guild for Defias Brotherhood.

The RP basis for the guild is a semi-Nomadic Warband comprised primarily of Humans (and some non-Human sympathizers) that have become disillusioned with the prissy, high feudal trappings of the modern Alliance and has adopted the ancient Warrior society of the Vrykul/Proto-Human tribes to more effectively fight the Horde.

"To fight savage, one must become a savage", Mörgoth Thoraldsson.

The guild is still loosely aligned with the Alliance but only where the common wish to eliminate the Horde races from the face of Azeroth applies.

The concept is simple: to create a WPvP-focused guild with a solid RP basis. The guild is NOT intended to be a hardcore RP guild, nor simply a PvP guild but an even mixture of the two.

All RP is driven by the escalating war with the Horde and all WPvP is driven by the RP so members can look forward to enjoying regular IC WPvP and RP activity.

Non-combat RP will revolve primarily around feasting, mead drinking and fighting/duelling as well as storytelling, the singing of battle-songs and the reciting of histories. We will also engage in ancient heathen rituals to honour the Titans and our ancestors.

Combat activity will primarily focus on WPvP in the form of planned and ad-hoc events including city and settlement raids as well territorial patrolling and the taking and holding of key strategic and political locations. In addition, we will encourage all members to respond to the WorldDefense channel where appropriate. We will engage in in-character guild-group Battleground and Rated Battleground and also Arena. It should be noted that (Arena) will be treated more as a way to obtain gear and intensive practice, allowing us to be more effective in WPvP than as an IC activity.

is primarily a Human guild (we still class Worgen-curse afflicted Gilneans as human for these purposes), although we will accept members of other races providing there is a solid RP reason for them to join and they are willing to reject their native racial allegiances and fully engage with the Warrior-society philosophy of the guild. We would have a particular affinity for and liking of our Dwarf brethren, but Elves, Draenei and Gnomes are viewed with suspicion and will only be accepted in rare circumstances (and with a very good IC reason).

All classes are welcome in the guild including Death Knights.

Characters above level 30 are welcomed with the understanding that becoming more effective in Battle is everyone's responsibility, which includes levelling at a reasonable pace. Lower level players should also recognize that some events/activities will obviously be closed to them until they reach sufficient level due to geographical restrictions.

Gear/Spec Requirements
There are NO gear or spec requirements currently. We want to ensure that anyone who is excited by the concept and wants to be involved can be. That said, we obviously expect people to be focused on improving their gear/optimizing their spec to be as effective a member of the Warband as possible.

RP and PvP Skill requirements
The only requirements for RP is a decent command of English and a commitment to the server RP policies. Guild Chat is OOC and all In-Character communications must occur by letter or in person. We do not require any particular skill level in PvP either, all we ask is that each member has a desire to be improving their skills and to be able to accept friendly advice and constructive criticism from other, more experienced players.

Rank and Structure
The guild is intended to be an extremely egalitarian warrior-based society. The guild rejects the overly militaristic organization of the Alliance and does not have a complex system of title and ranks. The guild master is the Warleader and remains so until he is killed (IC) or until the Warband decides that someone else would be a better leader. The Warleader nominates a small council of advisors that stand as the "officers". They are usually chosen by class and are respected as the most seasoned combatants of that class. New members are given a “tryout” rank for a period of one week during which time they must earn a permanent place in the guild by taking part in any guild activities and demonstrating a commitment (IC or OOC) to the guilds aims.

To join, simply contact me in-game by mail or whisper on Ulfrik or Mörgoth.

I am in the process of creating the guild currently so I’d love to hear from anyone looking to be involved from the ground floor.

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Re: [A RP-WPvP] Blood of the North

Post by Lexgrad on Fri Feb 10, 2012 10:15 am

As before dude im Excited and want Lex to join you in your mead hall!

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Re: [A RP-WPvP] Blood of the North

Post by Krogon Devilstep on Fri Feb 10, 2012 11:39 am

Jarl yorold looks forward to smashing you upside the head with a shield!

otherwise, a bump for awesome :>
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Re: [A RP-WPvP] Blood of the North

Post by Guest on Fri Feb 10, 2012 12:05 pm

Good luck, hope it works out


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Re: [A RP-WPvP] Blood of the North

Post by Bradley on Fri Feb 10, 2012 1:03 pm

This is very interesting indeed.. We'll see what happens..

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Re: [A RP-WPvP] Blood of the North

Post by Ara on Mon Feb 20, 2012 12:41 am

Yee lot should get in cotact with theo for TLA world PvP action

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Re: [A RP-WPvP] Blood of the North

Post by Humphry on Mon Feb 20, 2012 12:56 am

Lexgrad wrote:As before dude im Excited and want Lex to join you in your mead hall!

Lex is a DK... DK's can't process food nor drinks, should they consume either then it will sit within them, rot and then bloat them until it escapes their body by force Razz But he could stand around telling tales of how none of the other humans like him and how it makes him a sad panda Wink

But yes, this does sound like a very interesting idea and I'm quite looking forward to seing how it does.

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Re: [A RP-WPvP] Blood of the North

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