<The Sanctum of Esarus>- Arathorian Roleplay.

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<The Sanctum of Esarus>- Arathorian Roleplay.

Post by Zhakiri on Thu Feb 09, 2012 10:38 am

<The Sanctum of Esarus>

Throughout the ages, Arathor has always had a big theological front that differs it's faithful from those of the South. It's Ancestral Faith. Whilst the South reveres the Light as an entity in itself, a cosmological force, and follows the Philosophies of Foal, the North personifies the Light as the Greatfather Suxen and equally, the Shadow as Phelgas the Uncaring. Such as been for years as the Seikenid Line of Trollbanes took up the throne and reinvigorated the Arathorian people in the wake of the Third War.

Since Arathor's revival and the rebuilding of Stromgarde, time and time again, Wars waged themselves bloodying the lush Plains of Arathi and during this time more and more Arathorians came out of the woodwork to return home and protect it, amongst these include the Family; Thorgint.

Led by the Elder Orthur Thorgint, whom later became Head of the Faith, the Thorgints proved themselves as valuable assets to whomever held the Throne and whomever lead the Forces to protect the Nation's borders. One of the methods that they did this was by reviving an Ancient Divine Magic known as Blood Magic or the Arts of Esarus, Esarus being Blood in the nigh dead Ancient Arathorian tongue.

Whereas Warlocks of the South tainted this Magic with Fel and Shadow, dealing in the Blood of Demons, their Northern cousins kept it true to it's original purpose. To quote Elder Orthur; “Blood is te physical manifestation of the Light, it is necessary t'Life an' Lifegivin'. Whereas most would connotate Blood wit' death an' pain, I connotate et wit' life an' pleasure. I dare ye t'disagree with me.”

Yet times are even harsher in the Northern Plains, the Throne lays empty, the Trollbane line has been shattered as the Banner of Lionmane replaces it and Danath, the True King of Arathor, is yet to be seen outside of the conquered Outlands. It's time that the Arathorians that remain spread their culture to bigger, stronger parts of the Alliance and as the glory of the Vanguard reignites itself under Seiken Trollbane now Thuros Lionmane, the Elder finally has decided to actively spread the Ancestral Faith and draw more back to the cradle of Humanity.

This is one of the purposes of <The Sanctum of Esarus>, to preach and spread the Arathorian Faith however this is only one and by all means it isn't necessary to give into Arathorian Doctrine to join. The second purpose of the Chapel is as an Academy to spread the Divinity of Blood Magic to all those that call themselves Magi and Priests. Hopefully in turn, both of these efforts will help the North to continue to strive.


Hi! Yes, it's true, I'm willing to teach any and many the tempting arts of Blood Magic! Come one and all and embrace one of the most interesting aspects of current Arathorian Roleplay; the Faith and if deemed worthy the Divine Magic associated with it.

This is a new concept to broaden the circle that is Arathorian Roleplay by enhancing the more popular part of Northern Rp, the different Faith. We've all seen our own Fanmade Religions on this server prosper from the Chapter to the newly formed Naruuvarda. Our Ancestral Faith is no different. The main drive behind this guild however is to keep the taste of Arathorian RP alive throughout the Realm whilst not capitalising on the concept of "Kingdom" guild. I think we've all realised that it just doesn't work as well as we would've thought due to many reasons I shan't go into.

Regardless by joining us in the Sanctum you'll be not only incorporating yourself in the deep history of Arathorian Lore that has been created for years, but be able to be part of something new and fresh that is still waiting to be molded by the Community anew. Blood Magic is a good attraction I think, hopefully you'll all accept my methods behind that, I think I've made a good enough start on my own to set that in stone.

Anyway, I'd be happy to answer any questions you might have Very Happy
Just contact Orthur to join.



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Re: <The Sanctum of Esarus>- Arathorian Roleplay.

Post by John Helsythe Amaltheria on Thu Feb 09, 2012 1:21 pm

I think this is a grand idea, good luck

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Re: <The Sanctum of Esarus>- Arathorian Roleplay.

Post by Skarain on Thu Feb 09, 2012 1:56 pm

*Sears the stamp of Approval*

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Re: <The Sanctum of Esarus>- Arathorian Roleplay.

Post by Lexgrad on Thu Feb 09, 2012 2:30 pm

Ah Hoom in excelsis deuo!

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Re: <The Sanctum of Esarus>- Arathorian Roleplay.

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