Son of Zaoldyeck.

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Son of Zaoldyeck.

Post by Robi Kaezlan on Sun Feb 05, 2012 12:51 pm

(( I thought Id post this old post from TVC forum, maybe give a little insight into the character Ive developed over the years, I hope it will help her settle on this fine server))

Sasha Parry gave a low grunt and a sharp cry of pain as she pushed her child into the world. Slumping back against the stack of pillows exhausted she held out her arms as the druid midwife placed the silent bundle into her arms.
Sasha looked down at her child touching the small face gently with the tip of her finger.
“You’re so perfect little one…” she whispered.
The child screwed up it’s face and yowled, the shrill baby’s cry filling the air. Sasha laughed and winced by turns and held her baby to her breast.
The door of the room burst open noisily, Sasha looked up startled as the druid jumped to her feet and turned to face the door.
Robinos Zaoldyeck shot into the room a look of concern etched on his rugged features, hand poised by his dagger hilt.
Sasha looked up at him and laughed softly as she held the child out to him.

“Look Rob…we have a little girl….”
Robinos’ eyes flickered with what looked like disappointment for a fleeting second as he awkwardly took his daughter from his wife.
Cradling the child in one arm he looked down, the child quietened in his arm and opened her eyes and at that moment Robinos knew, this was now his life, he would kill for his child and aye he thought wryly, die for her if necessary. Light help -anyone- who even glanced her way with intent.

“Robinas..we’ll call her Robinas” Sasha announced and smiled affectionately as Rob pulled a distasteful face.
“ I thought Sasha-Rose…” he started but looking at his wife he knew she’d decided and the poor child would be saddled with his feminised name.

Robi idolised her father, never more than a few toddling steps behind him she shadowed him everywhere. Robinos for his part doted on his child and from an early age had her with him everywhere he went.
Safely out of the sight of Aesacha he taught her to hunt and fish and wield daggers. He told her tales of his youth, how he met her mother and regaled her with stories of “The Zaoldyecks” his family.
All of these she drank in and believed them implicitly. Her dad was invincible, from a family of invincible fighters and heroes. While Robinos Zaoldyeck walked, the world could rest safe. No-one could tell her otherwise. He was the archetypal swashbuckling hero in her eyes, dashing in masked and wielding a sword to sweep her mother off her feet and carry her off into the night.
Sasha just laughed and agreed, not wanting to prick the childs bubble with the truth.

Her life was to change when in her early teens her father took her to Ravenholdt, she'd met Fahrad and her teenage heart turned over and keen to impress him she threw herself into training with the Assassins league for the duration of her stay. After one particular lesson she glanced up to see her father on the balcony in conversation with Fahrad, the two men were laughing and drinking easily together and waved casually at her as they noticed her looking.
This she thought was an excuse to go up and be close to Fahrad...

"She shows promise Rob" said Fahrad as they watched her " She could be quite an asset when she's older"
Robinos nodded and grinned with fatherly pride. "Aye, shes a good girl, pity shes got her father looks and not her mothers though"
The men laughed,
It was true, Robi had inherited her fathers dark eyes and hair and lean build, not for her was her mothers exquisite delicate features and huge emerald eyes. But Robi for one didnt give a damn.

"She certainly has the Zaoldyeck look" laughed Fahrad
"Aye, with my looks she should have been a boy" replied Robinos.

Robi had run up the stairs eager to see Fahrad and her father, pausing short of the balcony door to smooth her hair and wipe the dust from her clothes.
She could hear their muffled conversation and as she opened the door she heard her fathers voice.
"...she should have been a boy"

She stopped where she stood. What had her father said? should have been a boy? All these years she'd followed him, adored him...and all the time he'd wanted a boy....
She felt the bottom drop out of her world.

She ran out and into the hollow tree where she often went to think. And think she did, thoughts running around her head, confused and irrational at times, cold and logical at others.
Finally she stood up grim faced and determined and late that night as her father slept she crept silently into his room, picked his pockets, sheathed his best daggers to her waist and slipped to the stables. There she stole his horse and as silently as she could left Ravenholdt and father behind, determined not to return until she'd proved herself worthy to be called
Son of Zaoldyeck.
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Re: Son of Zaoldyeck.

Post by Valerias on Mon Feb 06, 2012 1:53 pm

I've just been catching up on your stories, they make a good read! Welcome to the server. Certainly looks like you all have a finely developed setup and vivid characters. Let me know if you'd like a personal story section!

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Re: Son of Zaoldyeck.

Post by Robi Kaezlan on Mon Feb 06, 2012 4:07 pm

Robi exited the tunnel from Ravenholdt manor and was met by pitch black night. Had she not been so angry and upset she may have just turned around and gone back but her hurt impelled her forward and she urged her fathers horse slowly down the rough track into the foothills.
She picked up the road just past Durnholde keep, pausing briefly to get some sort of bearings. It seemed lighter to the left she thought I'll head that way.
She picked her way along the road by moonlight, ahead of her in the distance loomed a huge wall. "Hope we don't have to climb it Buck" she said patting the horses neck.

Through the old gate house of the wall and she may have well have been on another world, she had no clue where she was and even less of a clue where she was going. It seemed she'd been travelling hours, the night seemed endless cloaking itself around her as she let the horse have its head and pick its own pace.
Strange unseen beasts gave strange unearthly cries to each other and she looked around her frantically, fear creeping into the pit of her stomach, the tinny taste of it tainting her mouth.
She thought about wheeling the horse around and going back, back to see her mother, tell her what her father had said, she would sort it out, she'd tell Robinos Zaoldyeck that he was proud to have Robinas as a child that she was as good as any son....
But that wasn't the point was it? she thought. She had to show him, unless she did she'd never really know whether he was happy with her as a daughter or was just saying so because Sasha had told him...
She sighed, picked up the reins ans squeezed the horses sides with her legs urging him into a brisk trot.
"Halt" a mans voice called out from in front of her. She started with fright and although she couldnt see anyone she fancied she could make out the shapes of three or four mounted men ahead. "Identify yourself stranger"
She stayed silent and reined Buck to a halt her heart pounding with fear.
She heard hoofbeats of a horse walking towards her and slowly she made out the form of a soldier on horseback.
"Lieutenant Valorcall" he said as he approached. His tone softened as he saw her, realised her youth and recognised her fear. "Follow us Miss, we'll see you safely to refuge point" He turned his horse and gestured his men to follow.
She rode with them flanking her at a brisk pace and fairly quickly it seemed they arrived in a fairly large camp with a large fire burning brightly and invitingly.
She was led to a tent where a woman soldier made sure she was fed and rested. No one asked her awkward questions and she offered no explanation. She ate the offered food, stuffed a few pieces of fruit and some bread into her pack, and after snatching a few hours sleep sloped off just as the dawn broke.
Refreshed and in the breaking new day she felt a lot more optimistic about this new life she was creating for herself and trotted on into the Wetlands with a will.

Travelling for days she hardly met a soul, the odd traveller exchanged a passing greeting but the place seemed all but uninhabited except for strange froglike creatures and hairy upright piglike things, both of which she avoided.
Then ah home sweet home...Loch Modan...she'd been born here, spent the first few idyllic years of her life here...again she fought the urge to turn for Hillsbrad.
She was out of food now, and hunger gnawed in her stomach, she emptied her pockets, two silver coins and a few small coppers...that wouldnt get her anywhere or anything.
"Now.."she thought "What would Zaoldyeck do?"
She slipped of her horse and as stealthily as she could crept into the inn in Thalasmar, she seemed to go unnoticed and slunk into the kitchen, there she helped herself to some cooked meats and bread, eating as she looked around, stuffing what was left into her pack.
She crept out again.Laughing to herself at the ease of it all.

She left Loch Modan travelled through Dun Morogh and entered Ironforge. She was aghast at its sheer size.
"Why would such small people want a huge place like this" she wondered then shrugged she didnt really wonder at all, it had just seemed a natural observation.

She stayed there a few days, people were open and friendly and pickings were rich and easy.
She became quite skilled at picking the unwary travellers pocket, a skill she wasn't overly proud of. Zaoldyeck wasn't a pick pocket...this wouldnt do, she needed more of a purpose, more of a goal...

She'd head to Stormwind City, see what was there, she'd find a way to make her mark, make her father eat his words...
She smiled at the flightmaster and patted the gryphons. she admired his uniform and asked a few inane babbling questions of childlike curiosity.
The flight master smiled good naturedly and answered, pleased at last to have someone who seemed interested in what he did. Robi looked at him with what she hoped was awe and nodded in response.
He told her about how he trained gryphons in the Hinterlands, how many years it took, Robi smiled and gave him her attention.

She waved goodbye and thanked him profusely, he waved back and wished her a safe journey. It was only as the gryphon soared up and out of Ironforge did he realise she hadn't paid....

((thanks for your kind comments Annie, much appreciated))
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Re: Son of Zaoldyeck.

Post by Skarain on Tue Feb 07, 2012 12:32 am

Have read every one this far. Have enjoyed. Oh if you were a warlock.... Sad
Then could get into touch icly

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Re: Son of Zaoldyeck.

Post by Robi Kaezlan on Tue Feb 07, 2012 11:37 am

(( this bit is a reflective view of Robi as told by Fahrad to an SI:7 investigator after the "war" with Horde guilds to free Robi, it was a W-PvP event, the culmination of Arli being kidnapped by Robi and a maverick SI:7 operative))

"Robi Zaoldyeck? Yeah I know her, daughter of Mad Rob Zaoldyeck and that peachy little wife of his Sasha, light knows how he caught her."
Fahrad leaned back in his chair, hands behind his head and feet on the small table in front of him and grinned at the intelligence audit officer from SI:7 who was compiling a report update.
" Bad times eh when you big boys rely on us Alterac scum to let you know whos screwin' around with your agents?" Fahrad laughed without much humour. Light this dick had been here less than an hour and already tried patience to the limit.

"First time I saw her she was twelve, mebbe thirteen, dark haired lanky leggy lass with the figure of a racing snake, but light those eyes..."
She shot through, ran away leaving me a note asking me to tell Rob she'd gone"

Fahrad remembered it well, not a job he'd relished, Robinos was renowned for his mad outbursts and he'd had no desire to start one without Sasha around to calm him down. As expected he'd lashed out at all around him then left for his home in Hillsbrad.

"Couple years later she breezed back in...." Fahrad continued "was always vague about where she'd been and what she'd done, we suspected Defias activity but never proved"

Aye he thought he remembered it well, hardly recognised her at first, gone was the stick-like frame, replaced by a lean toned frame of an athlete but whoa...those curves and that ass...
her jet black thick hair caught back in a long loose plait,and light those eyes.

She'd looked at him and smiled "Train me" she'd stated.
He'd looked her over and nodded, something in her stance told him she could be of use.
So their training had begun, she worked diligently and hard, keen to learn.

She'd excelled at stealthy covert tasks, her ability to sneak virtually unseen impressed even him. Her combat skills however although better than average and she could more than hold her own were never going to be brilliant.
Aye lass subtlety is where we'll put you, he'd thought.
A small smirk played his mouth as he remembered the day he realised where her true talent lay.

They'd been sparring, open-handed full contact sparring and he'd slapped her around quite mercilessly, trying to get her to quell her rage and concentrate, yes she was her fathers daughter there alright, both Zaoldyecks had a penchant for a quick temper it seemed.

Robi was tiring he could see it, her face was flushed and damp, her hair clinging in strands to part of it. Long ago she'd forsaken her leather tunic and was now in an old vest which also clung to her perspiring torso.

She'd bent down hands on her knees panting for breath, she held up a hand palm out as he approached for another blow.
"W..whoa..easy Fahrad" she'd raised her head and looked up breathlessly laughing lightly.
He'd stopped and found his eyes drawn to her heaving chest, his height giving him sight of her cleavage, he looked away.
"need a drink..." she took a quick mouthful of water from a canteen and tipped some over her face, shaking her head, then seemingly refreshed she stood upright.
She drew her hands across her face to wipe the excess water, a graceful fluent motion, he noted with approval. His eyes were drawn almost unwillingly to a single droplet of water which ran down her neck to her collar bone, then as she leaned forward slightly trickled slowly down her chest, his eyes followed it as if hypnotised as it disappeared into her cleavage.
A sudden movement caught his eye too late he realised, her head swung round and her plait came flying towards his face, the heavy lead weight on the band that held it in place landing a stinging blow to just behind his ear. He reeled but retained his balance but in that split second she'd kicked his legs and he sprawled at her feet. A moment later she'd dropped onto his chest and held her dagger to his throat.
He held his hands up in surrender laughing.

He smiled to himself as he addressed the auditor "Believe me her father would have skinned me alive and staked me out to dry if he knew what we did that night..."

From then on in, he'd subtly guided her in the direction of "seduction" using female guile's and charms where combat wouldn't do. Sent out to beguile and bewitch unsuspecting targets into dropping guard then assassinating or acquiring as necessary.

She worked out of Ravenholdt in this capacity for a while, returning after missions to share his bed, life he thought was pretty damn cosy.

Then one day out of the blue she'd announced she was quitting for a while, she was still young, wanted to see the world a bit she'd said. He was damned if he was going to beg her stay....

He'd watched impassively as she rode away, returning her wave before she disappeared into the tunnel.
He'd smiled to himself, once a daughter of Ravenholdt always a daughter of Ravenholdt, he knew that one day she'd be back.
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Re: Son of Zaoldyeck.

Post by Robi Kaezlan on Wed Feb 08, 2012 11:17 am

(( a letter from Robi's mother to the paladin who was Sasha's best friend))

My Dearest Elkan

I know I am always seeming to be wanting something don't I?

You are my oldest and dearest friend, you have never steered my wrong and your shoulder has always been a strong source of comfort to me.

Robi has run away from home, she wrote to me to say she was safe in Stormwind and I wasn't to worry.

How can a mother not worry about her child? I beseech you Elkan, look out for my daughter, don't let her fall prey to the leeches and vultures of Goldshire. Don't let her become another wretch in the city.

She wants to prove herself as good as a son to Rob...silly girl. I fear this will be her undoing you know how she is.

Perhaps you could find her for me, tan her backside and send her home?

I know I can rely on you to help her

yours with much affection

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Re: Son of Zaoldyeck.

Post by Robi Kaezlan on Wed Feb 08, 2012 11:18 am

Elkans face was ashen as he handed Robi a cup of Goldthorn tea.
Robi sniffed the drink and pulled a face but forced a grateful smile.
"Uhm..thanks" she said as she feigned a sip.

Elkan looked at Robi and a faint smile touched his lips as he watched her, how she'd grown and blossomed in the few years since she'd run away in a fit of pique at something her father had said.
Although he'd promised her mother he would look out for her, somehow she'd never seemed to need his guidance or help, she'd always seemed to land on her feet no matter what.

He knew a little of what she'd done in her quest to prove herself to her father, knew she'd worked for Ravenholdt and more recently SI:7, but in what capacity he felt it best he didn't know in case her mother had asked.
"Her the light" he closed his eyes, inhaled deeply and pulled his mind back to the task in hand, back to the reason he was sitting in his home with Robi forcing her to drink the soothing, calming Goldthorn tea he knew she loathed.
"Robi" he started in his deep calm voice. "I.." he broke off momentarily lost for a choice of words as she looked up at him a small frown furrowing her brow.
She was no fool he thought, she read people well, she knew he was being uncharacteristic.
She raised an eyebrow and in response he nodded.

"Theres no easy way to say this Robi" he started " Your father went through the Dark Portal into Outlands as part of the vanguard reconnaissance." he faltered slightly as Robi'e dark eyes searched his face. He could see a hint of panic in them and he reached across to put his hand on her arm. " I'm afraid Robi, he hasn't been heard of or seen since and has been declared missing in action, presumed dead"
Robi's face paled and tears sprung to her eyes but didn't fall. She looked numb as she continued to stare at Elkan. He went across to her and placed a strong comforting arm around her. She didn't move she just sat looking ahead for sometime before slowly turning her head to look at Elkan, her eyes still brimful of tears she nodded, smiled a ghost of a smile and whispered chokingly "Thank you Elkan.."

She turned to leave, wanting to get away, find a place alone and dark and shed her tears for her father, to take in the news to come to terms with what she had just been told.

"Robi" Elkan pulled her back and held her in a one armed embrace. Light help me he thought, he knew despite her stoic outward appearance Robi had taken this news hard and now on top of it all he had to tell her about her mother.

He held her close as he explained that Sasha had taken the news badly. She hardly heard him as the grief crowded her brain.
"Telrunya....returned...." his words cut through the fog in her mind. What had Tel got to do with all this? "Rejected your mother and his son..."
Robi looked up confused. Elkan read her confusion and tried to smile his reassurances.
"Just tell me Elkan...please" she said in a small voice.
He nodded in reply and explained that on top of Robinos assumed death, Telrunya had turned his back on Sasha and their son, telling her she could rot and that in his eyes he had no son. Sasha in a state of distress and grief had thrown herself to her death.

Elkan took a deep breath and continued to hold Robi, he felt her tense in his embrace, her shoulders shook and she clung tightly to him, sobbing into his chest..

Later and alone, Robi sat staring out to sea, all tears for her father and mother spent but the grief at their loss still heavy in her heart.

"Son of Zaoldyeck.." she spat self critically. All he would want from a son is someone to look after and protect her mother should anything happen to him and in that she had failed.

"Missing in action..presumed dead..." she mused

Wiping her face on her sleeve she rose with a fresh determination. She mounted Indy and rode for the portal.

"Hang on in there Dad..I'm coming..."
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Re: Son of Zaoldyeck.

Post by Robi Kaezlan on Thu Feb 09, 2012 12:47 pm

They'd turned her back at the messing, they'd taken one look and turned her around steadfastly refusing her any further than the bottom step.
Oh she'd argued and tried to fight, but a huge plate wearing soldier in Nethergarde livery hoisted her up onto his horse and leading Indy behind had ridden back to Nethergarde Keep with her and as if reading her mind about sneaking back, escorted her up the flight tower and set her on a gryphon for Stormwind.

She was determined to go and if she had to take time out to train her skills to get the desired rank to go then so be it and she set about it with a will. The belief that her father was out there somewhere kept her focused and strong, keeping her from sinking into a lonely despair born of her grief.

In a rare break from training, she sat on the cool stone steps of the bank in Stormwind eating some fresh bread and sipping juice, idly watching the city go about its business.
She gave a sigh as a now familiar figure walked towards her.
"Oh Light" she groaned to herself "Now what...?"
She looked up at Angharad, a former waif and stray her mother had taken under her wing and had been sponsoring through mage school. It seemed as if Robi has inherited her and not to put too fine a point on it, couldnt stand the girl.
"What?" Robi looked up and snapped.
Angharad looked nervously at Robi and hastily averted her eyes, muttering something about needing some equipment and she knew where to get it cheaper than normal.

Robi affected a sigh, she had every intention of following her mothers wishes and giving Angharad what she needed, but for some reason wanted to make it as begrudging as possible.
Robi threw a purse at her which she missed and the contents were strewn on the ground.
"Clumsy idiot..." Robi snapped "pick it up before the beggars do"
Angharad fumbled around on the ground frantically eager not to annoy Robi further.
"Today...would be nice" Robi said making no move to help.
"S..S...Sorry..." Angharad stammered, her haste making her fumble more and the coins spilled again.
Robi rolled her eyes.

"Here, let me help you" said a voice and Robi noticed a man in battered armour bending down to help Angharad. He calmly picked up the coins and gently placed them in Angharad's hand.
He smiled at her and passed a frown of disapproval to Robi as she rolled her eyes.
She might have known...Owyn de knight in town, fresh out of the cathedral she guessed, eager to prove to the world it couldnt survive without him.

She'd tried to pick his pocket once, just a gesture in response to some comment he'd made about rogues being thieving class. Since then he'd been wary of her and tended to keep slightly more than arms length from her.
She noticed Angharad blush and laughed.

"Angharad this is Dudley Doright...Dudley this is my "sister" Angharad" Robi offered a sarcastic sounding introduction.
"Angh..Ang...what?" said Owyn with a laugh "May I call you Harry?"

Angharad laughed and nodded, again blushing as Owyn gallantly but slightly awkwardly kissed her hand.

Leaving the couple talking Robi went back to her training.

From then on it seemed Harry and Owyn were everywhere, obviously now a couple she hoped she would see less of them but it wasn't to be.
Owyn came to her one day looking worried, Harry it seemed had gone to Stranglethorn Vale and hadn't returned.
Robi shrugged and laughed it off "Probably been captured by savage trolls and as we speak theyre bartering her off to the highest bidder before sacrificing her to their ancient gods and eating her...."
"Thats what I was afraid of" replied Owyn with a totally straight face.
Robi looked at him in disbelief and shook her head slowly.Light this guy was a moron..if that wasn't insulting a moron... she thought. As she turned away she noticed a small smirk playing around the corner of his mouth, she smiled at him which he returned. Maybe there was hope for him after all.

They'd looked for Harry together but couldn't find her, eventually giving up and returning to Goldshire, where Harry had left a message for Owyn saying she would be slightly late as she had some study to do.
"See no panic" Robi said "Not even trolls could put up with her..."
They both laughed slightly and exchanged stilted conversation for a while.
"I should leave..Im late already" said Owyn
Robi nodded and smiled at the young paladin.
"Thanks for helping look for Harry" they both said together and then laughed and offered hands.
They stood looking at each other in a long awkward moment of silence, their eyes locked fleetingly, their hands still clasped. The moment stretched....
"Ahem" they coughed together and averted their gazes and almost reluctantly let go of each others hands.

Robi watched him leave to meet Harry and found she was smiling.
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Re: Son of Zaoldyeck.

Post by Robi Kaezlan on Sat Feb 11, 2012 2:25 pm

Robi felt a prickling sensation between her shoulder blades. Not a physical sensation more a slight discomfort as if she were being scrutinised from a distance. She twitched slightly and reflexly turned around.
The village square was filled with the usual inhabitants, doing their usual things, mainly brawling and no-one that she could see was looking at her.She shrugged and laughed to herself and went to turn her attention back to her companion. As her head turned she caught a glimpse of a lone figure walking down the road still some distance away. She stopped mid turn and stared, she shook herself dismissing the immediate thought that came to mind.
She couldn't help but look again.
Shadowcraft armour, she recognised its blue grey tint, and a wolfs head mask..a childhood memory made her smile. She looked back at the figure closer now, she glanced to his waist looking for his weapons, her heart thumped wildly and inexplicably as her eyes fell on a pair of black handled daggers. The huge sword slung across his back she ignored.
"Dad...?" she whispered to herself. She looked up again, the figure now closer still was surely walking towards her.

"Dad...?" she cried "Dad.." she stood rooted to the spot her legs and hands trembling in disbelief.
She turned to her companion and grasped his arm. "That's my dad..."she whispered incredulously.
"Dad..Dad...." she cried, she turned and on slightly unsteady feet started to run towards the approaching figure.
"Robi" he replied and stopped as she ran.
"Oh Dad..Dad...Daddy...." she sobbed as she reached him, his arms reached out and he caught her as she flung herself into his open arms.
For a long long moment she hugged him tightly, clinging to him as he did to her, breathing in his scent and drinking in his presence.
Her head buried into his shoulder and neck she cried softly.
She heard her father laugh softly and his hand stroked her hair as he gently lowered her to the ground.
"How youve grown..." he said and laughed. "Such lame words for a reunion"
Through her tears she smiled and laughed, she tried to speak, so many much to tell him...her words just would not come.
She stood and looked at him, disbelief and happiness in her expression.
Finally she found voice and tucking herself under his arm launched into an excited gabbling, telling him snippets, asking him questions, often breaking off to just look up at stare incredulously.
"Oh Dad I can't believe youre finally home..." she gasped "We can find someone to help mom now...and we can go back to The Loch and be a family again..."
So excited and taken with Robinos's return, she failed to notice at first that he had fallen completely silent.
His arm tightened around her shoulder and he squeezed her lovingly.
"Come I have something to say and show you" he said sombrely and led her towards the lakeside.
Despite her happiness, his tone made her apprehensive as he released her and turned to face her.
"I haven't come home little one" he said " I am here only to see you, a selfish act on my part I admit and Im sorry for what I am about to do"
Robi looked up at him unsure what to say or do, confusion in her head, he had come to see her but was leaving again? Why would seeing her be selfish? She tried to voice her thoughts but he put a finger to her lips
"Hear me first little one" he said
She nodded.
"First..." he said as he unstrapped the black hilted daggers from his waist and handed them to her.
She took them uncertainly and looked up questioning him with her eyes. She'd always loved these daggers ever since he'd first shown them to her, they were highly honed and polished and Robinos rarely went anywhere without them.
"Iv'e had those ever since my father gave them to me, and he had them from his father and so on" he explained "I now pass them to you...from father to...son"
He smiled
"You made me proud Robinas Zaoldyeck, a father couldn't have asked for more, youre more than a son could ever be, I am proud to call you Son of Zaoldyeck" he laughed kindly "If that is truly what you want to be"
She laughed with him and looked at the coveted daggers she now held.
"Why aren't you staying Dad?" she asked "Where did you go? Is that where youre going back to? Can't we come with you?"
Her voice was almost pleading again tears threatening to spill.
Robinos shook his head slowly
"I could not ask it of you or your mother Robi, and it is my love for you both that compels me"
"We love you doesn't matter where we go...."
Robinos shook his head. "I know I know, your mother would come with me..honour her vows, but Robi...can you see her gentle soul being happy with this...?"
Her father raised his hand and pulled off the mask that had hidden his face and looked at her.
Robi stifled a yell and bit back her horror as she looked up and into the cold glittering eyes of a Deathknight.

"It would be no life for her, yet she would live it because she had promised herself to me..and for me too Robi, this half life is no life, remembering what I was, who I was.." he stroked her cheek.
"I ask you to understand that I do this for you and for Aesacha, so that she may find happiness again, I ask you not to tell her I was here"
Robi nodded mutely
Another stroke on her cheek and a kiss on her forehead.
"Goodbye Son of Zaoldyeck" he said and winked at her before turning away, drawing the huge sword as he did so.
She stood and watched him go through a haze of tears. She heard his voice call across the village
"Hey you..yes you Holy crusader...come on if youre man your holy duty....."
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