Hush my dear, mother is here...

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Hush my dear, mother is here...

Post by Braiden on Fri Jan 27, 2012 4:51 am

This is a short mood setter for a new character of mine and a witches coven. Quite crude but I hope you enjoy it anyway.

Hush my dear, mother is here...

The hour is late and night shrouds the green forests of Elwynn in darkness. Somewhere among the trees the sound of someone crying can be heard. It is a young girl, dress torn and eyes red.

”Hush my dear, mother is here...”

The child flinches and looks around, but there is only darkness. She crawls up against a tree, making herself as small as she can.

”Let mother take care of you...”

A sense of warmth and comfort spreads within the child as thick mist slowly spreads across the area.

”Don't fear the dark my child...”

The child closes her eyes and relaxes, leaning back against the tree trunk.

”Come to mother...”

The child rises to her feet but does not open her eyes. She begins to walk, disappearing into the darkness...

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