Shadows in the City

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Shadows in the City

Post by Robi Kaezlan on Sat Jan 21, 2012 11:27 am

Blayke sat in the high-backed green leather armchair in the library of Shadowcroft Manor. The letter had been received that morning, instructing him to attend a meeting with The Five at 2pm the same day. The courier had given nothing away as to the purpose of his summons and he had, of course, arrived early as a show of respect. The Chapter of the Brotherhood that he was Sub-Commander of had been in hiding following the 'incident' with the Horde and had only recently been posted to establish a base in Stormwind. Blayke was optimistically confident that the call was to appoint him as Commander of his own Chapter, leaving Robi to establish a base in Stormwind.

As the large pendulum clock struck the first chime of two, the library door opened and Shadowprowler Matthew announced, in a deceptively mild voice, that The Five would now see him. Blayke acknowledged with a small nod as he followed Matthew and was shown into the large oak-panelled room, the door closing silently behind him. Blayke's footfall made no noise on the plush red carpet as he walked towards the highly polished table where The Five were sat awaiting him. A small box in front of Three briefly drew his attention.

"Masters, and Mistress" greeted Blayke with a small bow, "An honour to be called before you, as always" he added with a small smile as he stood with his hands clasped behind his back, an image of polite confidence. Of the five before him, only Four returned a small, brief, smile.

"This has come into our possession, Blayke" said Two as he pushed a large leather-clad book across the table, the initials 'J.W' clearly stamped onto the front.

The room fell silent as each of the Five fixed him with a steady gaze. Blayke stared at the book; it was the journal of his former Commander, Aresh...his history with him had been less than positive. However, what was of greater concern right now was that the journal had been in Blayke's possesssion after Aresh's murder, in a cloaked bank account.

"Did it not occur to you, Blayke, that the Brotherhood would have operatives in all of the major financial institutions?" said One.

Blayke looked quickly back at The Five, retaining an outward veneer of quiet confidence as his mind raced over the possible outcomes of the meeting.

"It was a good attempt, Blayke, but not quite good enough" added Two as he stood up and tipped up the box above the table; papers and bonds falling onto the table, small pieces of fine jewelry clattering across the polished surface.

"Your actions cause us concern as to your loyalty" said Three in a cold, quiet voice, a small throwing dagger twisting between his fingers as he spoke.

Blayke looked quickly to Three and felt himself pale; it was rare that Three spoke and being of interest to him, was a bad place to be.

"Explain!" commanded One, his fist slamming on the table.

Blayke lowered his head; "I...have no valid reason other than...greed, Masters...Mistress". Blayke stood in silence, head-bowed and waited. He had of course heard rumours of how traitors were dealt with, an Organisation of this calibre had no need to tolerate those that worked against it. His only hope, and right now he was willing to cling onto anything, was that his rank of Sub-Commander would give testament to his loyalty so far.

"You have not acted as befits your rank, Blayke. With immediate effect you are demoted to that of Shadowblade."

"Thank you, Masters and Mistress", replied Blayke with as much sincerity as he could muster.

"It does NOT end here" added One.

Blayke looked up sharply; "I...can assure you I have no other cloaked accounts"

"You assurances, right now, are worth about as much as your sorry hide" spoke Three.

"Indeed" continued One, curtly. "We will speak with Commander Kaezlan over your conduct under her command and the then decision will be made as to your future in the Brotherhood".

"...or at all" added Three with a cold smile.

"Dismissed" said One, sitting back in his chair, his face etched with displeasure.

With a small bow, Blayke turned and walked back across the plush carpet, the oak doors swinging silently open as he approached. He felt numb; his relationship with his Commander was poor to say the least. All he could try now, was damage limitation - speak to her before she met with The Five.
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Re: Shadows in the City

Post by Timna on Sat Jan 21, 2012 12:25 pm

Most intriguing...

I would love to run into one of you lot someday. This sure seems awesome.

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Re: Shadows in the City

Post by Odenia on Thu Jan 26, 2012 11:17 am


Odenia cried out as she landed on the hard wood floor and flailed frantically until her senses caught up with her and finally realised what had happened. The sun was glaring in through the window and Odenia found herself squinting as she looked around her room in a daze. With a weary groan she pulled herself back up onto her bed and grabbed the sheet to cover up her pale naked skin. Her hair fell wildly over her shoulders and down her back, burning a fierce red from the light that pierced through her dark attic room. As she wrapped the sheet around her and knotted it so it would hold its place, Odenia padded bare foot across to her window and leant out to look at the world. It hadn't been long since they had all returned to Stormwind, but the smells and sounds remained just as she had recalled. With a deep sigh she breathed in the sea air and let the cool breeze wash over her. For a brief moment she felt that she was the only woman in the world and all its glories belonged to her and her alone. The nightmare she had had crawled menacingly into the fore front of her mind and the moment sunk into the darkness that now possessed her thoughts. It had been a long time since she had last had those dreams, but it seemed the move back to Stormwind triggered their return. Looking back over her shoulder Odenia glanced at her bed and a thick lump choked in her throat. She must have really thrashed out in her sleep to throw herself so far from her bed. Odenia tugged the sheet up as she walked slowly to her closet and pulled out her old worn leathers and threw them onto the bed carelessly. She decided to go out and run along the rooftops before meeting up with any of the Brotherhood. Her head was still spinning and she needed to clear it first. After all she was Sub-Commander now and Odenia needed to be sharp and in control.

Blayke had been cold with her ever since his demotion and her unexpected boost up the ranks. Any warmth they had once shared seemed a million miles away and Odenia found her chest aching at the thought that he would never genuinely smile at her again. Robi had tried to convince her that he'd get over it and things would get back to normal, but she doubted things would ever truly be the same again. With a soft smile she remember the weeks she had spent living with Blayke when she was homeless. For whatever reason he had reached out to her and taken her under his wing. She was his 'go to girl'. This was all very long ago now and so much happened since then. The bonds were broken before they had time to be truly made and now only a void existed.

Odenia pulled tightly at the last buckle on her boots and quickly pinned her hair up roughly before heading towards her window. Her foot was already on the ledge when a faintest sound came from her door. Slipped underneath the door sat an envelope with her name written neatly across it. Panic ran through her veins as she picked it up and held it delicately in her hands. She had given the Landlords a false name and not even the Brotherhood knew she was renting an attic room yet. Turning it over she quickly broke the seal and held her breath as she read the single line that seemed to weigh heavily on the white page.

You have been summoned by The Five


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Re: Shadows in the City

Post by Kel'dos on Fri Jan 27, 2012 5:58 am

Blayke stared moodily ahead, his eyes unfocussed, as the sounds of Stormwind and the stride of boots on the cobbled street below gently filtered in through the partly open window. He hadn’t been out in two days now, not since the humiliation of his demotion was made public to the rest of the Stormwind Chapter to which he at least, still belonged. He had welcomed the return to Stormwind and was thankful he had paid ahead to retain the small dwelling he had lived in the past six months. At least he had some place to go lick his wounds out of general view. He reached for the almost empty bottle of whisky and topped up his glass, not turning as the rap of knuckles sounded on his closed bedroom door.

“Mr Blayke!” called out the Housekeeper, Betty. “You still in there?”

“Yes” replied Blayke gruffly.

“You still feeling poorly? I’ve made you a venison sandwich dear, you need to eat something.”

Blayke took a mouthful of whisky, savouring the warmth of the alcohol briefly.

“Just leave it there, Mrs B.” he called back.

“You didn’t eat the one I left last night, dear. You sure you don’t want me to get a doctor?”

“No....No..I’m fine. I’ll have something to eat shortly”

“Maybe a nice cup of honeymint tea? I’ll go get the kettle on and make you one before I go fetch the groceries. Do you a wonder it will!”

“NO!” Blayke pinched the bridge of his nose between forefinger and thumb and sighed heavily. “, please just get along and I will be out later...for dinner”.

There was a noticeable pause and Blayke felt a twinge of guilt for yelling at his loyal housekeeper. “Well if that’s what you want. I’ll make you a nice chicken soup and get some fresh bread for your dinner, dear. Now you stay wrapped up warm and I’ll be back shortly.”

“Thank you” called out Blayke as he heard her footfalls on the stairs, followed a short moment later by sound of the front door being pulled closed.

Blayke picked up the communication device and looked at it - He’d had high hopes of making Odenia one of ‘his’ people within the Chapter but with him now of a subservient rank to both her and that woman, the situation had changed irrevocably. He topped up his glass with the last of the bottle; he would have to go and face his Commander and....Sub-Commander at some point soon, but for now it could wait. Blayke placed the device back on the table and looked once again unfocussed at nothing from his window as he savoured the very last of his whisky. His plan to assume control of the Chapter, or gain one of his own, had been shattered and now with his private funds from the cloaked account removed, he needed to re-plan and focus on building his reputation with The Five once again and securing a second income, perhaps more legitimate to the Brotherhood this time.....


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Re: Shadows in the City

Post by Robi Kaezlan on Sun Jan 29, 2012 12:09 pm

Robi breathed a sigh of tired relief as Shadowprowler Matthew showed her out of Shadowcroft Manor.
"Oh Blayke..Blayke you bloody idiot..." she muttered to herself, shaking her head.
She had been hauled before the Five, an urgent summons the letter had said and she'd quickly changed Shay's dressings, kissed him a quick farewell and flown to the manor. There she'd been interrogated quite thoroughly, about her income, her bank accounts, her deposit boxes and The Brotherhood account in her control. Confused she's answered as honestly but as vaguely as she could, knowing to be caught out on one lie would lead to a more intense probing of her affairs.
"But of course the deposits into the Brotherhood account have dried up, we were on the run and in hiding for a good few months on your orders..." she had replied "We are still trying to re-establish a base in the city, its quite fair to say it's proving hard, no-one trusts us completely since the "incident" with Sin Aresh".
The Five had nodded and acquiesced to her reasoning.
"We are still of the opinion that the Horde avenue is still worth exploiting and would recommend that once you are established again to open up Sin'Aresh." said One in his clear clipped voice.
"Of course" Robi had replied sending the five a warm smile, which all returned in various degrees. Four gave her a small nod of approval.
They had then explained the reason for the enquiry, Three twirling his dagger lazily as he watched her reaction.
"Hah" she thought "Shay can do the lazy dagger twirl with a full fan of knives, you don't scare me Three-Boy".
Thank Fel she had told them about her involvement with Aresh's death as One explained Blaykes misdemeanour's and asked her to report on Blaykes conduct under her command.
She mentally rubbed her hands, this at last was the perfect opportunity to get rid of once and for all remove that particular thorn from her side. Looking at Three, she could see he too was waiting for her to damn Blayke and effectively sign his death warrant. This was too good a chance to miss, Blayke removed without the need for Shay to bloody his hands again.
"I haven't had any real issues with him to be honest" she found herself saying "Yeah hes a bit of an arrogant prat at times and has a slight beef with me sometimes but he knows his job and he's good at it, I can handle him."
The Five nodded as one.
"He really does have the Brotherhood at the heart of his actions.." she continued then glanced at the contents of a safe deposit box "Well in most instances, I really believe he is an asset to me and to the Stormwind Chapter, especially in recent months."
"Very well" said One, "We will accept your testimonial and Blayke will stay under your command but he loses his rank and the privileges it carries until such a time as you deem him fit to resume".
"Yes Sir" she replied with a small bow of her head.
"Dismissed Commander Kaezlan"

Once back in the city she hadn't enjoyed facing Blayke, surprisingly she felt quite sorry for him, it was obvious he felt humiliated especially when she promoted Odenia to sub-commander, and that was another issue, she just hoped Odenia would rise to the rank, show some oomph or whatever it was she seemed to lack, she'd never really heard her say more than two words together, generally she sat and blushed a lot and said nothing always wary of speaking out of turn it seemed.
Ah she'd miss Blaykes verbal sparring. Well sort of...

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Re: Shadows in the City

Post by Odenia on Mon Jan 30, 2012 7:17 am

Shadowprowler Matthew ushered Odenia into the room where The Five sat silently. This had been the first time she had been summoned before and she could feel her heart crashing violently against her rib cage. Odenia had only had small pieces of information that Robi and Blayke had given her about The Five, barely preparing her for the eyes that looked upon her now. Swallowing her panic Odenia bowed her head and slowly looked up towards the blank expressions spread across the faces of The Five. The silence hang in the air for what felt like a life time. Nobody spoke or moved. Tension began to fill the empty void and Odenia had to pull back the irresistible urge to turn and run. Just as her eyes started darting around the room, searching for possible escapes through the shadows, One cleared his throat and beckoned for her to step forward.

Miss Hayes, if you would.” One gestured to a spot directly in front of The Five, far too close for Odenia's liking. Reluctantly she shuffled forward and struggled to keep eye contact at this distance.

“We have had concerns with particular member's financial dealings. Naturally given your recent leg up we have had to look at you more closely,” explained the Second with a cool and motionless face. Odenia knew immediately that this must be linked to Blayke and his demotion. He had always had a taste for finer things and it hardly surprised her that he'd step over the line to possess more and more.

“Reports show you live only just above the bread line and barely show any interest in monetary gains. You choose to live this way, but have a comfortable sum still sitting within your accounts that has not been touched since before we order you into hiding. Why is this?” Second raised his brow and considered Odenia closely as she awkwardly described how she had never been rich, so lived happily with the bare minimum and preferred to save rather than spend even in the worst of times.

The Five turned to look at each other and nodded before turning their gazes upon Odenia again.

“We were hardly concerned with your financial issues, but given recent events it would have been unwise for us to ignore it,” exclaimed Four with a gentle smirk slipping across her lips, “We summoned you here for other reasons.”

Odenia froze in place. She had honestly believed that that had been it and she could leave. Suddenly her mind swam with possibilities and it took all her might to appear calm.

Three leaned forward in his chair and a wave of dread swept over Odenia. “What we want to know is why a timid mouse would want to be part of the Brotherhood of Shadow. Let alone be its Sub-Commander?” sneered Three as his eyes bore down on Odenia.

She found her mouth moving, but no sound came. She had no idea what to say and she felt her cheeks being to burn bright red. This was the last thing she wanted to happen in front of The Five. Odenia convinced herself that the rank would be stripped away from her as fast as it had been given to her. A faint flicker of relief fluttered in her heart at the thought.

When you initially joined we requested reports from your time defending Gilneas from the Forsaken army. It was an interesting read.” Second pulled out a file from beneath his cloak and lazily flicked through it. “Thing is, this describes a brutal fighter that showed no mercy and lavished in the destruction she brought. A natural killer with endless rage and a taste for death.” A wide grin spread across Second's face as he look back at Odenia.

“Not the frail little girl that stands before us now,” growled Three as he rested back into his chair.

“Wh-wh-I-I can explain...”

Odenia felt her entire body shake with blind panic.

“We originally thought that maybe this Odenia died in battle and you took her identity. Would certainly explain a lot. But then we dug a little deeper. Amazing what you can find when you look in the right places.” Second nodded towards a small table placed to the side of the room, his wide grin held in place.

She felt dizzy now. All the blood from her face seemed to drain and her body felt light as a feather. Stepping carefully she made her way to the table and looked down to see a ornate wooden box. Odenia turned back to look at The Five and the Fourth nodded for her to carry on. Odenia squinted her eyes as she lifted the lid, afraid of what she might uncover.

Odenia snapped the lid back down and spun round to face The Five. Her heart jumped up into her throat and she felt like she was going to choke. Clutching the table behind her to steady herself Odenia met The Five's stares and her eyes flashed with anger.

How?” The word cracked in Odenia's mouth, but it was all she could manage.

“So much got forgotten a buried in Gilneas. With such chaos it's hardly surprising that something like this would get ignored. All it takes is someone piecing together simple bits of information and it's actually rather obvious.” The grin from Second's face slowly dropped.

We know the truth now and who you truly are,” Fourth spoke softly with a silken voice.

“NO! That's not me! I'm not that person. Not any more. I am me now, this is who I am!” Odenia could feel tears stinging in her eyes. She stormed back in front of The Five and stood rigidly as she glared at them all.

Finally! About time the mouse barked.” laughed Three with a poisonous tone.

“We don't quite understand why you chose to put on this act. Makes more sense about why you joined the Brotherhood now though. I honestly think the innocent, naïve little girl thing can work in certain situations, but if you're to be Sub-Commander then we will need more from you. We need to to drop the act and be the warrior that fought in Gilneas.” Four look Odenia up and down and gave her a condescending smile.

I couldn't be that person any more. I had to stop and I had to suppress it all. I just wanted to be who I was before it all happened. I won't go back.” Odenia's voice was calm and steady. Although her face was red and dripping in tears she stood solid as a rock and her face was a placid as a still lake.

Second looked down at the file again and spoke frankly as he studied the pages,“I'm sorry, but that isn't acceptable. We understand that living the way you have for so long will mean that part of you will actually believe you are the wet towel that first walked through those doors. Can't keep up an act like that without it becoming ingrained. However, although we may have a use for this persona of yours from time to time...”

“Certainly worked on winning over Blayke,” Four whispered under breath with a sweet smirk.

“ need to find a way out of it and you need to do it soon.” Second tossed the file down towards Odenia's feet and she looked down at the papers feeling all but defeated. Spread across the floor was a past she wanted to forget. It was true that the way she behave was initial a performance, but over time it was who she was and she was finally at peace with herself.

What if I decline?” The words spat from Odenia's lips like venom.

Under Three's hood Odenia could sense a cruel grin forming and he pulled out one of his blades, turning it over in his hands. “Then we have no use for you any more.”

There it was. Odenia saw everything she had worked for slip away from her in an instant. Either become what she hated or the alternative. She knew Three's threat was only for his amusement and she'd probably just be asked to leave the Brotherhood and never look back. But that would mean leaving too much behind. She couldn't leave them, she couldn't leave him....

“Fine. I'll do it.” Odenia looked back towards the small table, “What about the box?

We will keep that safe. No doubt there would be those who'd be very interested in the contents. But we protect our own and will make sure it is secure.” One spoke with such gravitas that Odenia believed fully in his words. As long as she was in the Brotherhood it would remained buried.

“And none of this will be disclosed to my Commander or anyone else?” However delicate, Odenia wanted to hold onto what was left of the life she created. They may be confused about her change in attitude, but it was a small price.

One considered this for a moment and finally nodded in agreement. “They need not know anything Miss Hayes, as long as you do what is requested of you. We will send you instructions shortly.”

Odenia bowed her head and whispered her thanks.

The sun had started to set as she flew away from Shadowcroft Manor. Odenia felt like chasing the sun down and being able to hold onto this day for just a little longer. Tomorrow everything will be different and Odenia felt a part of her die inside.

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Re: Shadows in the City

Post by Odenia on Tue Feb 14, 2012 8:23 am

The air in the bar felt dense, clinging to Odenia's face as she weaved her way past merry patrons. It was far busier than she had hoped for, but this was her best and potentially only opportunity. She glanced over to the innkeeper through her hood, being careful not to catch any one else's eye. His tiny yellow eyes met hers and he nodded back as he continued to clean glasses and yell at his staff. Odenia would have preferred not to have relied on a Goblin for information. A Goblin's loyalty usually fell with the highest bidder and she just had to pray that on this occasion that it was her. Hesitantly she made her way quietly up the staircase to the sleeping quarters, holding her breath as she peered through the shadows. A single light flickered from the room furthest down the hall. Each step was taken with great care and precision as not to make a sound. Odenia found herself an inch from the doorway when the thin raspy voice echoed from within.

“Stop creeping up on me like a rat and just get in here already child!”

Blood swelled in Odenia's cheeks as she stepped sheepishly into the room. It was a bit ambitious to think she could get past someone with such age and experience, but it still stung her pride. The man sat alone at a table with a candle illuminating his coarse, hard features. His once blonde hair had almost completely faded to white and his body had withered with time. Although he appeared little more than a frail old man Odenia new better than to under estimate him. The report from The Five had been clear enough and she needed to make sure she kept her guard up. The man kicked out the empty seat at his chair and a twisted grin cracked across his face.

“Sit down then. Seems I'm at a disadvantage for once. You know me but I don't know you child.”

Odenia tried to stand tall as she spoke, not wanting to give him any reason to think he had the upper hand. Pulling down her hood she smiled softly and did her best to speak calmly and clearly.

“Yes Metcalf, I know you. But I very much doubt you have no clue as to who I am.”

Metcalf chuckled lightly, but kept his pale green eyes fixed on Odenia as she took the seat the other side of the small round table. He leaned back in his chair and considered the girl critically in front of him.

“You lot just get younger and younger. Youth over skill these days I suppose,” Metcalf commented dismissively. He watched Odenia carefully, hoping to see a reaction for the insult, but was only met with her constant soft smile. “So what brings a pretty little thing like you into the employment of The Five then?

Odenia couldn't help herself wince at the question. She allowed herself a deep breath before flashing a bright and sweet smile. “My motives are hardly important. What is important is the message I have come to deliver.

Metcalf sighed and his crooked grin slipped as he scratched his head. “Straight to business is it? Shame. I don't get many visitors and I do miss small talk.” He patted his chest until he found a silver case and pulled a cigar from it. Running it under his nose he took in it's scent and hummed with contentment. “I do enjoy small pleasures where I can get 'em.” With a wink Metcalf lit the cigar with the candle and returned his stare to Odenia as he puffed rings of smoke into the air.

They both sat mute for a time. Each unwilling to fold and break the silence. Eventually Metcalf rolled his eyes and grunted in defeat. “Fine, what's the message? Can't imagine anything they'd want to say to me. Cutting my throat as I slept sure, but a message?” He looked Odenia over curiously and impatience began to grow in his expression.

Odenia tucked a stray curl of hair behind her ear and cleared her throat. “They are willing to give you a pardon for your loyalty once again.”

Metcalf stared blankly at Odenia before bursting into a fit of laughter, coughing through his cigar smoke. Odenia thought he may have fallen off his chair as he threw his arms up over his head in hysterics. Biting her lip she awkwardly waited for him to calm down and watched him wipe tears from his eyes as he gained composure. “You do know what I did right? Tried the kill the lot of 'em! Was going to blow up Shadowcroft Manor. Boom! In one go, the lot of 'em!” Metcalf laughed. “Are they complete idiots to think I'd ever want to work for 'em again?”

“You were able to wire up Shadowcroft Manor without detection and nearly succeeded with your personal vendetta. A man of your skills could be very useful, even with the unfortunate past. They will over look this and are offering you an alternative option.” Odenia could feel her inner strength begin to fail her as she spoke. She knew there was no way he'd agree to the terms and dread swept over her.

“Alternative option? What? To death? Ha! I've been on the run for years sweetheart and they've never got me. Had a price on my head but no one been competent enough to come find me! Kinda amusing that a messenger has been the only one to track me down. But I'm afraid to say you're efforts have been fruitless and you're just going to have to go back with your tail between your legs. Let them send their best assassin, I'll be ready for 'em.” Metacalf gave her a mocking smile and shooed her away.

Odenia lowered her head and sighed gently. “It did take a lot of effort to find you. And I'm very sad to hear your answer,” she whispered as she slowly raised up from her chair. A single tear rolled down her cheek. Metcalf sucked on his cigar, amused with the young girl's distress and felt pretty self satisfied with himself.

With no time to react he found the girl launching herself across the table and twisting into a vicious beast mid air. Odenia slammed his body onto the ground with terrible force and pinned him firmly down with her large white paws. Metcalf stared wide eyed up at the snarling muzzle filled with razor sharp teeth. Odenia could feel the man shake under her weight and found pushing her snout further into is face. The power she felt was intoxicating and she blood that rushed through her veins seemed to fill her with euphoria. The warm breath stung his eyes, making it almost impossible to see anything. Metcalf blindly reached out in desperation and pulled out a blade that he had concealed underneath the table. He lashed out and sliced across Odenia's face, cutting into her cheek and ripped down. With a roar of pain she slammed his arm down and bit hard down on his throat. Metcalf's body shuddered and a croke of a whisper escaped his lips as the life bled out of him. “W- well done little girl. Wo-wouldn't have guessed y-y you were one of their monsters....”

Odenia kept her jaw locked until his heart gave up pulsing blood from limp and lifeless body. Her white fur was stained and matted, covered in thick dark red liquid. Cracking her bones she twisted into her human form and padded silently over to the wash bowl across the room. Odenia looked at her reflection and saw the blood that enveloped her pale face and the empty eyes that gazed back at her.

When she was done the bowl was bright red and many stained towels covered the floor. The innkeeper wouldn't be overly happy with the mess, but Odenia would make sure she would line his pockets for the inconvenience. Metcalf's body was wrapped up neatly in the blankets from his bed in what almost seemed like a parcel ready for delivery. Well, that was what it was now really. Not a person, but a gift to The Five. Odenia touched her deep scar on her cheek as she took one last look at the room. Once she had gotten the scar sown up she could finally go back home and see everyone again. But it was never going to be the same.

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Re: Shadows in the City

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