Findings and Report of the Buckholme inquiry.

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Findings and Report of the Buckholme inquiry.

Post by Lexgrad on Tue Jan 17, 2012 2:13 pm

(a large and detailed report full of witness statements, the oppinions of the committee and reports from several other sources. You flick through the pages comming to a letter from Baron Braiden to Earl Buckholme.)

Most Honored Lord Buckholme

I write this letter to you because I will not be able to attend tonights inquiry due to a sudden illness. I expect to be well enough to be out in public within a few days however so do not worry. Due to the nature of the inquiry I would like to express my professional opinion on the matter in written form. I will in this letter adress it per issues described in Lord Buckholmes own announcement.

I. The Legality of such summery executions and if they were outside of the approved and lawful conduct of the Kings guards.
While no trial was conducted for the matter at hand there is no explicit text of Stormwind law forbidding such an action. However my opinion as a Magistrate of this Kingdom would be that the conduct was highly unethical, as Cathedral grounds could be considered our most holy piece of land in the Kingdom.

II. Possible failings in the Justice system in the implementation of guidance from Stormwind's Council
It is clear that guidance from His Majestys council was not there, while some would argue that no minister of defence was appointed in the absence of Minister Dyllain the fact remains that the matter got out of hand. When it comes to matters of law Minister Galenos of the justice department is the highest available authority save for His Majesty himself and should hence have stepped in to guide the guardsmen in this matter. The Magistry while officially supported by the justice department does not have the authority to step up in matters like these unless the law specificity states such is forbidden. To sum this point up I would state that Minister Galenos lack of action could have contributed to the matter getting out of hand.

III. The process that led to such a burning occuring in such an area of the city.
I find this final matter difficult to address whilst not in inquiry session and will hence leave it to the gentlemen available to determine.

This would be all I can possibly contribute by written means with the facts we have at hand. I hope they are taken into consideration by the inquiry panel.

Kings Honor
Baron Braiden Arthur Bernard Mistmantle,
Grand Magistrate of Stormwind

(Skipping through to the back of the report you come to the summary of the inquiry)

Page one hundred and forty two.

...Taking all of the evidence into account the committee make these comments on the affair; intended for the use of all departments, ministries and regiments involved directly or subsequently encroached upon by the actions that lead to this inquiry. It is the hope of the committee, and of Lord Buckholme in particular, Minister of the interior and above all a lawful citizen of the King and the Alliance, that the parties involved take these comments under serious consideration. Light bless all and guide those affected by proceedings towards justice and truth.
Listed here are the summaries of the points discussed. For a deeper analysis please find the appropriate pages listed on the index. These findings are not legally binding, nor are they in any way an obligation upon any of the Kings servants or citizens. They are the musings and informed views of a number of experts. They are to be seen as wise council and worthy of all parties consideration.

Article 1 - The location of the burning.
The committee find the location to have been in very poor taste. Due to this we, the committee make the following suggestions.
1.a - An appropriate place of execution is found within the city for all future executions. The committee suggest it is a place that is not too public as to distress passers-by. However it should be in a place that such happenings can be freely visited and easily approached so as the public can see justice’s ultimate sanction.
1.b - Having heard the testimony of Corporal Sador Steelmane, the choice of the Cathedral for this execution is deemed to have been made by the Guard commander. It is clear that the law was not broken however such summary executions are considered "unethical" in the view of the committee's legal expert, Baron Braiden Mistmantle (See page thirty four, paragraph two for the Barons quote, his full report is in section eight, summarised on page seventy two). As such we suggest such summary executions are postponed pending legal review from the Minister of Justice.
1.c A meeting should be set up between all guard units and their minister/co-ministers of defence to explain the failures and to form a better relationship between the ministry of defence and their Guards leading to an improvement in communications and guarding against misunderstandings. It is also suggested the Minister of the interior is regularly updated on these matters to offer council and to see that all guidance is in the interests of the king, the Council, the Guards and the people of Stormwind.

Article 2 - The Execution.
2.a - It was deemed that the execution was carried out professionally and no fault could be found in the manner of the Guards actions in the ending of the life of the condemmed.

Article 3 - Emergency powers.
3.a - The emergency powers implemented to deal with the cultist threat should be withdrawn pending review and only reinstalled after the successful implementation of the suggested improvements listed in this report.
3.b - All future powers should be have its extents and limits clearly defined. It should be made public knowledge and special attention should be made to explaining the changes to the guards.

Article 4 - The Minister of Defence.
4.a There was clear evidence given to the committee that the Ex Minister over stepped his authority and acted beyond the commands of the King and his Council. The Minister was not able to give evidence due to his kidnapping and probable murder at the hands of the mentioned Kidnappers therefore an accurate probe into his actions is impossible. A review should be set up to insure that ministers do not in future overstep the law. A suggested root and branch review into all departments by the Minister of the interior is suggested upon successful implementation of the suggested improvements listed in this report.
Article 5 - The Justice system.

5.a It is the view of the committee that the justice system is reformed. Trivial matters should be in the realm of the guards. All serious crime should be judged in the partnership of the Magistrates and the guards with only cases in the public interest needing a full public trial. However all cases of a serious nature should need a tribunal in front of a magistrate.
Kings Honour.

Signed by the Committee.
Earl Jarric Voldmoore Tarlwynn Buckholme, Minister of Internal Affairs.
Baron Braiden Arthur Bernard Mistmantle, Grand Magistrate of Stormwind and Spokesman of the House of Nobles.
High Chaplain, Sir Valestrion Drayke.
Bishop Fortesgue Witherthorpe.

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