6. Sharyssa "Skytalon": A nest for the Eagle.

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6. Sharyssa "Skytalon": A nest for the Eagle.

Post by Sharyssa/Adenah on Sat Jan 14, 2012 10:52 am

Under her boots the grass crunched at every stomp of her feet from the frost within the air, the sound a rhytmical tudding, audible and slow paced. Far from a soaring bird flying across the fields but more like a clumsy jog. Lacking the usual agily grace that carried her across Arathi, yet a more lively and glowing expression then ever before shown upon her face.
Sky was running, despite her rounded belly that had become easily visible, sticking to her desire to feel the wind upon her skin and the strong beating of her own heart.
On a small slope she comes to a halt, eyes closed to take a deep intake of breath before letting her eyes wander, looking over the green fields towards the Thorgint farm in the distance as a smile slowly forms around her lips.
Sighing happily for a moment Sky lowers herself to sit down, legs crossed underneath her and one hand resting lovingly on the form of her stomach. Caressing the unborn child that is warmly craddled in her womb while simly enjoying her moment in the wilds.

A moment to reflect on her life perhaps even, or the life that is about to come in not too many months. Involuntarily she starts humming to herself, to the child growing inside of her. A tune long forgotten and unmentioned from past memories. Filling her heart with a sadness of loss, the loss she once had to go through as child but came out from as a strong woman. A woman who now finally had moved to a point in life where everything that had happened only had guided her to where she stands now. Happy and content with everything she had gained and achieved.

The past didn't matter anymore, that much was certain. Skytalon lived her life day by day and there's nothing more she'd add and nothing she'd change of anything that happened before.
A sudden stirring made her snap out of her blissfull pondering, startled when looking down to her hand resting on the rounded form underneath her palm. Blinking at it while supressing a suprised gasp. It happened again, a small jolting kick within her womb against the warm touch, the unborn boy moving inside of her, aknowledging the sound of her voice and her touch for the very first time.

If there'd be a way to measure the feelings overwhelming her right there and then it'd be words of utter joy and incredible happiness. A whisper forming on her lips while her smile brightly grows upon her face while savouring this moment.
“Do midor dek Koror”
The sound of her voice thick with unmatched affection and love for the human being that came from the love between herself and her husband Faralan. A child she hadn't truely craved before but couldn't imagine to not have anymore. Not yet born from her womb but already loved and cherished.

The wind sweeping into her face felt fresh, sending the scent of a soon approaching spring her way, the season of new life, like the one she carried. Still holding a hand against her belly she slowly rises, her pace swift when moving into the direction she was staring at, her destination determined while breathing heavily and the joyfull tears well up in her eyes. Her heart pounding within her chest as she makes her way up the path leading towards the house and she chuckles before managing to yell, the tone urgent and filled with her overwelmed emotions.

“Bearcla'! Midor! Where are ye? 'e moved!! Our son ..'e's kickin'!!!”


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