Web of Shadows. (formerly report on...)

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Web of Shadows. (formerly report on...)

Post by Robi Kaezlan on Tue Jan 10, 2012 9:51 am

Masters and Mistress,

The Brotherhood is starting to establish itself and I am concentrating on gathering information on just who runs the City, the important and influentual rather than the officials in their robes and finery.

I have recruited a fine rogue by the name of Robinas and despite initial concern on just how much trouble she seems to attract, she has many good contacts, even some within the Horde and does seem to have her head screwed on. Having given me a Vile Thorn communications device she stole from one of the members of that gang, I am impressed by her ingenuity and eagerness to aid the Brotherhood, although she does seem to have a particular grudge against the Thorn leader, Anethrax. However, overall a good addition, she will do well I think.

Another young rogue joined us by the name of Brody, he seems a little rough around the edges but shows good potential. I've tasked him with gathering information on a guild I have heard spoken of around the City. I will include his report when received.

An initial base of operation has been established within the Old Town, the proprieter was more than happy to accomodate the Chapter once explained that he would be paid a small regular sum for the use of his premises and of course receive our protecton, without the usual fee.

I will send further reports as key milestones are reached.

Loyally yours,
Shadowblade Aresh.
Commander Brotherhood of Shadow
Stormwind Chapter

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Re: Web of Shadows. (formerly report on...)

Post by Velspeth on Tue Jan 10, 2012 2:25 pm


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Re: Web of Shadows. (formerly report on...)

Post by Robi Kaezlan on Wed Jan 11, 2012 3:14 am

((this is all taken from earlier posts on TVC forum, and just gives a bit of background into the guild and the characters in it. I am posting the majority of it as Aresh is not a forum member here))

Masters and Mistress,

We have a new recruit that may be of particular interest to the Brotherhood. Kydian approached me in Stormwind last night having just resigned from SI:7 and his disillusionment with the SI:7 establishment may be of particular use to us. Either way, he has had excellent training and is skilled in tracking and the subsequent dispatch of targets. The rougher recruit, Brody, has been undercover for a few days but I received a good intelligence report from him and will be assigning him the rank of "Shadow" when I next make contact with him.

A trusted engineer has been found to craft us a set of communication units based on the design used by the Horde assassins, Vile Thorn. He is a gnome by the name of Warzor and came highly recommended by Robinas and another contact. By the end of the week we should have the base receiver/transmitter and the first set of communication units which will be assigned to my operatives. I will keep you informed on the use of these as you may wish to consider using them across the Brotherhood as a whole, if they can be scaled-up satisfactorily.

Loyally yours,
Shadowblade Aresh
Brotherhood of Shadow
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Re: Web of Shadows. (formerly report on...)

Post by Robi Kaezlan on Thu Jan 12, 2012 2:35 am

Robi passed the dossier to Aresh who read it gravely.

"You're sure of this?" he said looking intently at her
She nodded "As sure as can be but it all adds up"
Aresh fingered the hilt of his dagger and looked thoughtful.
"We hear what he has to say" he sighed "Then he dies"
Robi nodded again.
Kydian was summoned through their communicators and the three of them flew to the quiet valley in Elwynn.
Robi smiled warmly at Kydian as they stood by the pool.
"I was in SI:7 HQ today" she said casually.
Kydian returned her smile
"Find anything useful?" he replied
"Oh yes" she said and dropped her warm façade. "I found your file..."
She studied his reaction as did Aresh, the Gilnean looked uncomfortable.
"They didn't exactly love you there did they?" she stated. "Dishonourable discharge..warrant for arrest which was revoked and replaced with an SI:1 kill on sight tag...popular guy aren't you?"
Robi smiled coolly, "No big deal in itself..probably an ideal résumé for the Brotherhood..."
The Gilnean relaxed and smiled from Aresh to Robi, albeit a touch nervously.
"However.." Robi added "It's the Anethrax connection that bothers me slightly...."
Kydian stiffened.
"You gave her my dossier on them" she stated
"H..H..How did you know...?" Kydian floundered slightly
Robi grinned without humour.
"You just told me..." she replied.
Kydian seemed to slump at the shoulders and looked defeated, but surprisingly he seemed a little relieved.
"She saved my life...I felt I owed it to her" he tried to explain
Robi shook her head slowly while Aresh tilted his head interested.
"She didnt save your life Kydian..she spared it..theres a subtle difference."Robi said simply.
"I deeply regret it, if you had been just another group of faceless people I wouldn't have cared.." Kydian started shifting uncomfortably. "But you took me in, gave me somewhere to belong...became the family that I lost in Gilneas.."
Robi studied his face and saw the truth and sincerity of his words.
Aresh too seemed satisfied and nodded.
"You do know Kydian.." began Aresh "That Anethrax was deeply involved with the mass slaughter of your people?"
The Gilnean looked at Aresh in horror.
"I.."he began, his shoulders slumped forward and he looked bereft. Robi almost pitied him.
Kydian squared himself and faced Aresh.
"I cannot begin to atone for what Ive done...my actions towards you are little better than Anethrax has done to my people, I am gravely sorry Commander" Kydian spoke emotively as he dropped to one knee before Aresh.
Aresh nodded at Kydian.
"We should kill you where you stand" he said gruffly and Kydian nodded his head in acquiescence.
"My life is yours to command"
A look of cold fury crossed Aresh's face, Robi looked across curiously.
"That god-damned bloody harpy..." he raged "She's gone too far...I will not be dictated to by her any longer"
Robi looked slightly taken aback as she watched her commander unfurl his fury.
"Kydian..I'll give you a chance to redeem yourself" Aresh said motioning for Kydian to rise.
"anything commander, I willingly fight that evil woman at your side, let me prove my loyalty to my friends"
"She has played her last trick Kydian" continued Aresh "We will assassinate her, and without her to lead them, the Thorns will be sent into chaos and be scattered"
"Aye" agreed Kydian with a malicious grin "When do we leave"
Robi snorted
"Don't be so stupid even if you could kill her..which I doubt...Thorns won't run away crying, they'll rally to a man and hunt you..us..down" she tried to explain
Aresh raised his hand to silence her.
"I suggest Robi you advise your Belfboys to leave if you don't want them dead..."
"Oh so now rather than kill Anethrax, youre going to kill all the thorns as well" she almost laughed "Oooh my heroes..." her voice dripped facetiousness.
Aresh grinned coldly and nodded while Kydian growled his approval.
"Yes..once that harpy is dead and the thorns are in disarray, we'll pick them off one by one..we will see the end to that murderous band" Aresh's voice was determined
Kydian gave what she could only assume was a battle howl of agreement.
"Come Kydian, aid us in this and I consider your loyalty to me proven"
"Us...?" Robi asked "Im not coming..."
"Youre not invited Robi..." Aresh countered "Your face is too well known to them."

Kydian and Aresh walked to their mounts, discussing their attack on Anethrax and the subsequent annihilation of the Thorns.
She would have laughed but it just wasn't funny. Did Aresh really believe that him and some flea bitten gilnean could eradicate the Vile Thorn, bloody fool she thought.
She chewed her lip..they would fail and bring the wrath of Anethrax down on them, and she would be included..held accountable on behalf of The Brotherhood.
"Light" she thought "What the hell am I going to do?"
Then the warm glow of reassurance shivered through her as she thought.

"Shay" she thought and smiled to herself "Shay will know what to do..."

She called for Charlie and swiftly headed for Stormwind to find her husnband.

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Re: Web of Shadows. (formerly report on...)

Post by Kel'dos on Tue Feb 07, 2012 1:23 pm

Blayke pulled down his white mask and nodded to the porter as the oak doors swung open and he strode purposefully into the oak panelled room. The five sat silently before him, only number four acknowledging his arrival with the faintest of smiles on her lips.

“My Masters and Mistress!”, smiled Blayke as he bowed and looked at the five sat before him, pausing briefly to return the smile to Four.

One looked up from the report he was reading, placing it on a small pile of parchment on the table in front of him.

“There is some concern around the Stormwind Chapter of the Brotherhood, some association with the Vile Thorn has been rumoured”, stated One, “As you are currently unassigned and you have worked with Shadowblade Aresh, then you are best placed to find out if these are indeed idle rumours or something more substantial”.

“Aresh eh? I was his Second in Theramore”, grinned Blayke

“We do know that”, replied Four in her silken voice, “And we do know that he had us remove you from his command”.

Blayke laughed, “He claimed it was a ‘clash of personalities’ didn’t he?”

“Indeed” replied Two curtly, adding in a low voice to Three “understandable, poor chap”

“I want a report on the association within the week”, stated One, “This report tells you what you need to know of the current status of the Stormwind Chapter and of information received from Aresh, and of course from our other sources”. Blayke stepped forward and took the small bundle of parchment. “Dismissed”, stated One.

Blayke bowed before the Five, again pausing to smile at Four before turning and striding out of the room, pulling up his white mask as he left.


Blayke walked swiftly from the Gryphon Master and on towards Old Town. The report from the Five had made interesting reading, although he doubted Aresh would be overjoyed at a reunion with his deposed second. On reaching the Inn, he paused briefly outside, pulling down his white mask and with a mischievous grin on his face he entered the Inn. Aresh was sitting at the large table, and as he looked up, his eyes narrowed slightly in recognition.

“Aresh!”, exclaimed Blayke proffering his hand to Aresh as he strode over.

“Blayke”, replied Aresh simply, returning to the report he was writing.

Blayke dropped his hand and laughed lightly as he strode to the bar and returning with a large whisky, he pulled a chair from the table and sat down. He leaned back in the chair and taking out a small case of cigarettes he lit one and watched Aresh.

“What brings you here”, spoke Aresh evenly without a pause in his writing.

Blayke grinned and leaned forward onto the table. “Just passing through, thought I’d spend a few days and sample the hospitality of Stormwind”.

“No doubt”, replied Aresh.

“And of course, my blades are at your disposal during this brief stay”, replied Blayke, sitting back once again in the chair and sipping on the whisky.

Aresh looked up as he folded the report, “Then you can make yourself useful. We are aiding a group known as the Last Alliance this evening and are to provide scouting resource and of course protection should the need arise. We meet at Aerie Peak, I suggest you make your way there now and make yourself known to their Commander, Gerrond. I will follow you there shortly. and I will remind you that whilst working for me, you will refer to me as your Commander. Dismissed, Blayke”.

Blayke regarded Aresh for a moment, a faint smirk on his lips at Aresh’s enforcement of rank. “Of course Commander”, he replied as he stood up, draining the last of the whisky, “I will await your command at Aerie Peak”. Aresh merely nodded in reply, his disdain for his former Second clearly evident.


Blayke hopped from the Gryphon as it landed and slipped quickly to the shadows, making his way down the hill to the Keep and keeping hidden from the guards. The supplies were already loaded onto wagons ready for moving out and finding a vantage point, Blayke settled down to watch who would arrive.

“So, Wardens of Azeroth eh?” spoke Blayke quietly to himself as he watched the group congregating around the loaded wagons. “And Grundal Um Karaz too..” he nodded to himself on recognising the tabards worn. He smirked as Aresh arrived and immediately made his way to what he assumed to be the leaders of the expedition. Blayke listened as the red-haired warrior explained the route to be taken, then silently slipped away as the group assembled to move out.


Lying on his stomach and using a spy-glass, Blayke watched the battle below from his vantage point on the hilltop. The caravan had been attacked just as left the pass from the Hinterlands and interestingly, the attackers all wore the colours of the Vile Thorn. The attack from the Horde was swift and soon the Last Alliance were overpowered and the Vile Thorn took control of the caravan, leading it towards Southshore. he watched as the Last Alliance rallied themselves and attacked again, almost over-powering the Vile Thorn but being overwhelmed by sheer numbers. Blayke focused his interest on Aresh who during each battle was stood on the periphery of the battle and seemingly fell injured quickly, despite only receiving a few minor injuries from the Vile Thorn attackers. Blayke grinned to himself, maybe his Commander was somehow in with this Horde warband after all.

It soon became obvious that the supply caravan would remain in Horde hands. Blayke stood up and brushed the dirt off his armour. “Aresh, you traitorous old dog”, grinned Blayke, “Play your cards right, Blaykie-boy, and you might just get your own Chapter out of this”. He smiled as he looked across towards the Alterac Mountains. “Might as well visit my old friends at Ravenholdt while I’m in the area” he spoke quietly to himself then whistled for his Gryphon.


Blayke talked easily with the other Ravenholdt assassins, catching up on what each had been up to since his last visit. He was a Ravenholdt trained rogue and made the effort to drop by and catch up with those he knew through his training when he could. Blayke watched as the male Sin’dorei in Thorn colours walked into the Manor, greeting Myrokos then looking around as if trying to find someone, before walking back out to the courtyard.

“Who’s that then?” smiled Blayke at Cherie, one of his long time friends at Ravenholdt

“He’s not very welcome here”, she replied in a low voice “apparently Fahrad got reliable information that he was working for the Syndicate. He was held for interrogation a couple of days but some orders came through to release him. Nothing was every proven, but the information was from a reliable source so I heard”. Blayke smiled and nodded, filing the information away in his head for possible future use.

“I’ll go pay my respects to Fahrad then I’d best get back to Stormwind, been good to see you again Cherie”, Blayke smiled and winked at the grinning Cherie as he turned and headed for the stairs.

Blayke was informed that Fahrad was busy but he could wait if he wished. Blayke walked out onto the balcony, quickly pulling up his white mask and stepping back into the shadows of the doorway on seeing the male sin’dorei talking in the courtyard below with two others. Blake’s eyes rested briefly on the pretty red-haired female sin’dorei, also in Thorn colours and from the snippets of conversation he could overhear, was having a bit of a go at the male. The male had his back to him, his replies were animated and his tone of voice showed annoyance. What was of more interest, however, was the dark haired girl standing very close to the male Sin’dorei and wearing the colours of the Brotherhood. Blayke watched as the male reached and touched the girls hand, and smirked as she took his hand in hers. “Well..well...”, whispered Blayke to no one but himself as he noticed the flash of anger in the female Sin’dorei’s eyes.

Blayke watched as the male left, leaving the two females to talk, again filing away information for later use. Finally the Brotherhood operative turned to leave and at last he could see her face. Blayke furrowed his brow, she looked familiar...”Zaoldyeck!” he exclaimed in barely a whisper, stepping back a little to avoid being seen. He’d seen her around as he had trained, not really got to know her, she was trained mostly by Fahrad and he grinned as he remembered the rumours about just what training she was getting. He looked her up and down, yeah, he could appreciate why she got to be trained by the Grand Master Rogue, he was always one for spotting ‘potential’ he smirked.

“Here to see me?” came the gruff voice of Fahrad behind him.

Blayke quickly pulled down his mask and stepped further into the room, saluting Fahrad as he replied “Yes Grand Master!”. Fahrad nodded in return, waiting for the rogue to continue.

“I was just passing by thought I’d catch up with my peers and before I go, pay you my respects of course”, he smiled politely at his Grand Master before him.

“Good to see you remember your roots, boy”, replied Fahrad as he walked past and onto the balcony over the now empty courtyard.

Blayke watched him walk past and made his excuses to leave to the back of Fahrad who simply nodded in return. Making his way out he again bumped into one of his peers and wasted another half hour talking of old times, work taken and plans to meet and perhaps drink a night away.

Finally, Blayke walked out of the manor, whistling for his Gryphon who soared down from the nearby Hillside. “Stormwind, boy”, spoke Blayke patting the Gryphons neck as he took hold of the reins. “See how my old Commander is and find out a bit more about what he’s up to”. With a kick of his leg, the Gryphon soared up into the night sky and headed south.

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Re: Web of Shadows. (formerly report on...)

Post by Robi Kaezlan on Wed Feb 08, 2012 10:47 am

Robi strode into the old town inn still bristling with anger from her last conversation with Aresh.

"Youre not invited Robi..." she mimicked his tone.
"Borbon Dave...thanks" she nodded and half smiled as the barman measured her a good slug of whiskey, which she downed in one.
She shuddered as the bitterness of the liquor hit the back of her throat.Then feeling a little calmer turned her thoughts back to Aresh and their heated exchange a few moments ago. She hoped he had been just annoyed and just venting frustration when he threatened to go and attack Anethrax with Kydian.
Was he really so stupid to believe the Vile Thorn would take it lying down? that they wouldnt know it was him?That "the Vile Thorn would wither and fall to pieces without that harpy at their head"
She almost laughed out loud at his naïvety and probably would have done had the implication of his possible actions werent so horrendous. "Sometimes" she thought "I could kill the old fart..."

"Zaoldyeck..? It is you isn't it?" a mans voice cut into her thought. She turned towards the speaker. She arched an eyebrow inquisitively when she didnt recognise him.
"You have me at a disadvantage" she smiled winningly as she posed against the bar as she noticed him eyeing her.
He smiled back and inclined his head slightly then looked at her.
"The names Blayke" he said, his deep blue eyes looked intently at her and seemed to almost twinkle with warmth and friendliness.
"Glad to know you...Im Robi..or Zaoldyeck if you prefer" she replied."So where do you know me from?"
Again that slight bow of the head and that slightly smirking smile.
"Drink?" he asked and not waiting for her reply ordered a large white wine for her and a whiskey for himself and at his invitation they took a seat in the far corner.
Sipping the wine she studied him over the rim of the glass,
Light he was drop dead gorgeous, black hair carelessly braided in several places, a close trimmed beard and the deepest bluest eyes she'd ever seen. His whole demeanour was of casual ease and he exuded confidence, his eyes never faltering on her even when she caught him watching her. He'd merely winked and smiled.
"Ravenholdt!" she said suddenly "I know you from there...you were under Wolfe"
He laughed lightly and bowed his head in gracious defeat.
"Ah then the advantage is no longer mine" he laughed.

They exchanged a little small talk about Ravenholdt and the people they knew and she relaxed enjoying the casual exchange of pleasantries.
As they talked for seemingly no apparent reason she started to feel slightly uneasy, he had recognised her tabard, nothing too strange about that she supposed, then he mentioned "The Commander" then a few moments later he mentioned Aresh by name.Her senses screamed "Care!"
She raised an eyebrow and opened her mouth to speak, but he carried on in his easy manner, talking of Ravenholdt...how all were welcome there...regardless of faction..where a human could converse freely with oh..lets see a bloodelf or even maybe two...
She looked suspiciously at him, he caught her eye and smiled. Not the warm easy smile of before but a cold smile that was almost sinister and the once sparkling playful sapphire eyes now glittered as hard and as cold as their namesake.
"What do you want?" she asked
"Me? Why nothing..I was merely wondering why a member of The Brotherhood would be fraternising with our Belf cousins"
"The Brotherhood?" she questioned, curious as to his use of the name they used amongst themselves.
He nodded, she smiled and quickly leaned across and grabbed his left arm, pulling it off the table as she pushed his shirt sleeve up to reveal a small blue cross tattooed on his wrist.
She pushed his arm away and snorted.
He laughed "Ah you have me..quite the
smart little lady aren't we?"
She glowered angrily
"So whats all this about...who are you...who sent you and -what- do you want?"
Even as she uttered the words, she half knew the answers.
He was Brotherhood, not here by accident and from his observations had been here a while watching them, and as to who sent him? she could only suppose it was the 5.
He looked at her, his eyes still hard and cold, he lowered his tone slightly.
"So sweetie...the Five now know that you are in on this working for the Horde but for now they think youre corrupted by Aresh. Of course I told them this as you're an old friend from Ravenholdt....hate for them to hear otherwise, wouldn't you? Now if one of his Shadowstalkers were to turn on their corrupt leader, well, I'm sure that would be completely understood and give no doubt on her loyalty...."
She shook her head not quite believing what she was hearing.
"Youre ordering me to kill Aresh?" she asked
He gave a patronising laugh
"Come now sweetheart...did I say that? I merely suggested that were it to happen that a dedicated loyal blade were to remove a corrupted Commander...." he left it open
"It would be better for her rather than her Commander decide he had been corrupted by his Shadowstalker and she should be removed for security..."
"You wouldn't...?" she growled but she knew the answer
He laughed, not coldly or unkindly but in such a way she knew she wasnt being toyed with, he was serious, deadly serious, she was being given the choice Her or Aresh.

Blayke scraped back his chair and rose to his feet, he inclined his head graciously and Robi fought the temptation to ram her knee in his face to wipe off that roguish smirk.
"Im staying in The Guilded Rose, you know it? Good...you have two days..think about what I have said and find me" he said as he turned to leave.
She watched him go, her mind working to find a solution. She needed to think.
He looked back at her and smiled
"Don't even think it sweetheart...."he said and he left the inn.

Robi downed the last of her wine and as an after thought finished Blaykes whiskey before striding from the inn.

"Crap" she thought heavily."Now..think girl think..what would Zaoldyeck do...?"
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Re: Web of Shadows. (formerly report on...)

Post by Kel'dos on Wed Feb 08, 2012 11:54 am

Blayke sat on the balcony at the Inn in Old Town, blending into the shadows afforded by the darkened corner in which he sat. Aresh had arrived sometime earlier and as usual, sat writing detailed reports at the large table below; his love of paperwork was a running joke between Blayke and a few of his close Brotherhood colleagues. Aresh had missed a career opportunity in the Stormwind census office was one of the kinder jokes they made about him.

It wasn’t long before Aresh was joined by his Second, Robi, and the Gilnean, Kydian. Blayke’s relaxed demeanour gave little indication of the intensity with which he listened to the conversation below him. His piercing blue eyes fixed on Aresh as the plan unfolded, that fool Aresh planned to take on the shadowy assassins of the Vile Thorn? A wry smile played on Blayke’s lips as the tone of Aresh’s usual annoyingly calm and rational words took on an edge of anger; he would kill Anethrax and the Vile Thorn would just crumble. His old Commander was, to put it frankly, losing the plot.

Blayke’s eyes flitted to Robi, her anger in Aresh’s planned actions were blatantly obvious. An anger that could be used to his advantage, with a few more subtle words from himself. The Gilnean, Kydian, intrigued him. From what he’d picked up from overheard conversations, he was the root of the problems now faced by Aresh. It would be interesting to find out exactly what happened, lessons to be learned perhaps. Kydian was voicing his approval of the plans against the Vile Thorn, although how much was said just to gain his Commanders trust wasn’t clear to Blayke; a puzzled look flitted across his face, he found the Gilnean hard to read.

Blayke continued to watch from the darkened corner on the Inn balcony as Aresh pulled up his mask and limped towards the door, Robi firing a last scathing comment about the stupidity of his actions as he left the Inn. He was again off to Hillsbrad Foothills to look for Vile Thorn and Blayke had to agree with Robi on this one, it was stupidity taking into account Aresh’s lack of mobility. A few moments later Robi sighed heavily and bid farewell to the Inn Keeper and left, although he doubted it would be to aid her Commander.

After waiting a few moments, Blayke slipped quietly from the Inn and it wasn’t long before he was outside Aresh’s rented home. With a quick glance along the empty street, he deftly picked the lock and slipped inside the quiet building. He walked silently around the small dwelling and took in the simplicity of Aresh’s living quarters. It had a homely feel to it, simple furnishings and everything in its place, not even a dirty plate in the kitchen he mused. He carefully searched the main room and not finding what he sought, he headed quietly up the bare wooden stairs. The bedroom was similarly furnished to the main room below, waxed pine furniture and everything tidily in it’s place The heavy dark oak chest beside the bed, of course, stood out like a beacon in the dark; Blayke smiled as he sat down cross-legged and started to pick the intricate lock.

With a loud clunk, the lock dropped open and with a satisfied smile, Blayke readied to push up the heavy lid, stopping as he noticed a piece of linen thread being held by the closed lid. Careful to remember just where it was, he lifted the heavy lid, catching the thread with his free hand, and peered inside the chest. A large leather-clad tome, with the initials J.W stamped on the front took his immediate attention, this was indeed the prize he sought. Lying next to the book was a child’s rag doll and next to that was a bundle of yellowed letters tied with a red ribbon, the address on the top one showed signs of being written by the feminine hand. Making a mental note of exactly how the tome was placed in the chest, Blayke lifted it out and resting it on his lap, opened it at a random page.

“…my days remain filled with darkness since the passing of my beloved Melissa and Calianne, focus on my duty to the Brotherhood is all that gets me through each darkened day and I…”

Blayke turned another set of pages;

“…Theramore is well established and the Five have advised me of the placement of a Second with me, by the name of Blayke, since none of the current operatives have shown the qualities I require in…”

Blayke smiled to himself, making a mental note of the page number for reading at a later date, his interest lay in much more recent times and he quickly flicked through the pages, finally finding the one he sought;

“…aided by Kydian and Sevron, the planned ambush took place in Hillsbrad foothills. Robi and Odenia accompanied us and split off so as to provide us with early warning of any further of the Vile Thorn coming to aid their Mistress. The bloodlust was evident in the eyes of Kydian and Sevron, their eagerness to rid Azeroth of this evil woman was almost animalistic and it took firm command to get them to hold back until the opportune moment presented itself. We tracked them for a short while, four on horseback including Anethrax herself. How many surrounded her in the shadows, we were unable to discern. Allocating targets, on my word we struck, the fight was furious and we were easily outnumbered. A dagger slashed deep across the back of my knee causing me to lose my footing, falling and rolling away as a blade sunk into the earth mere inches from my neck. I scrambled to my feet, throwing a handful of dirt into the eyes of the Thorn Mistress herself as I called the retreat and with some effort we slipped to the shadows, eventually managing to lose them around the ruins of Durnholde Keep. We retreated to Stormwind where Robi aided me in seeking medical assistance at the Cathedral, a Paladin calling on the powers of the light to cleanse the poisons and to heal the gaping wound. A fresh dressing was applied and as I write this, the bleeding has stemmed somewhat although the pain is still intense. The assassination attempt failed, and I must devise a new plan to rid us of this commitment to the Vile Thorn and to remove their evil from our world”.

Blayke looked up and pondered on what he had read. His Commander’s actions, although commendable, were not in fitting with the aims of the Brotherhood. Blayke flicked a few pages, stopping to read the final entry in the journal.

“..instructed the operatives to rid this world of the Vile Thorn but to ensure that their allegiance to the Brotherhood is not visible, no tabards are to be worn. We kill them off one by one, so that few remain to protect their leader, that harpy, that thorn in my side, Anethrax. My leg wound still pains me greatly and causes me to limp like some wounded animal deserving of a quick end. The poisons ran deep into the wound and it heals slowly, so I am unable to face the best of the Vile Thorn assassins as of yet but I know that I will see that forsaken woman die at my blade.”

Blayke closed the journal and carefully placed it back in the chest, in exactly the same way he found it. Placing the linen thread on the lip of the chest, he closed the lid, the lock clicking into place. He walked to the top of the stairs, deep in thought. The journal, should it fall into the hands of The Five somehow, would provide sufficient support to his reports already filed with them to show that Aresh was no longer fit to lead – and leave the way open for him to take Aresh’s place as head of the Stormwind Chapter. A sudden loud knock on the front door makes Blayke stop and stand still, the sound of a key rattling then turning in the lock as Blayke pulled up his white mask and side-stepped into the bathroom, peering through the cracked door and down the stairs as a large older woman stepped in though the front door.

“Mr Aresh!” she called in a loud screeching voice, a pause as she looked around and peered up the stairs… “Mr Aresh? It’s Betty, just dropping your groceries off, dear”. With that she closed the front door and bustled into the kitchen with her laden wicker basket, covered with a red chequered cloth. Blayke stood stock-still, his breathing slow and steady as he listened to the opening and closing of cupboard doors below and weighed up his options should Aresh’s housekeeper decide to come upstairs. Finally the woman reappeared from the kitchen and with a cursory glance around the front room, leaves and the house once again falls into silence. Blayke allowed a few minutes to pass before stepping from the bathroom and pulling down his mask, made his way quietly back down the stairs. Peering through the lace curtains to check the street was clear he opened the door and slipped back out into Stormwind, returning back to the Gilded Rose.

The journal had confirmed his suspicions surrounding the injury that crippled his former Commander so, and indeed would provide valuable evidence should he need it. However, other wheels were in motion and should Robi fail him, well, the journal could be acquired and it provided enough evidence to damn them both in the eyes of The Five.

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Re: Web of Shadows. (formerly report on...)

Post by Robi Kaezlan on Thu Feb 09, 2012 12:15 pm

Robi looked at herself in the long mirror and quite liked what she saw for once.
She'd been invited to a Midsummer Ball, hosted by Leov, a one time compatriot from her time as a Knight of Lordaeron. She'd been surprised to be invited if she was honest and half thought about refusing, in case it had been a token invite that Leov expected or hoped she'd refuse.

She'd never really got to know Leov, always got the impression Leov didn't like her much, probably understandable in a way though as Robi herself wasn't the most approachable of people and there had been that crazy night when a meeting she had with Arli turned sour and somehow Leov had ended up badly wounded. It seemed to all that Robi had somehow been responsible because of her association with Arli.
Robi shrugged mentally, it was all a while ago now and with hindsight she could understand better and perhaps understandable on Leov's part.

Robi's contracts had been many and as a result she had quite a sum of gold and having accepted the invitation spent some on a bespoke embersilk gown, dense black but shot through with metallic threads in every iridian hue, making it shimmer as she walked.

She had gone to the party and to her surprise had quite enjoyed it, there was a firework display that only a dwarf could put on and a five piece band playing styles of music from all over Azeroth. They weren't exactly The Tauren Chieftains, but it fitted the scene well.

She'd mingled and exchanged small talk with old friends and made new acquaintances, her only regret that Shay wasn't with her.

"A dance?" she'd asked the enigmatic Gilnean Zachari.
He'd laughed and tried to refuse but she hadn't let him, they waltzed a little, his steps although light were slow and clumsy at first, it had got better but maybe it was over confidence on his part, he stumbled and stepped on her foot, bringing the dance to an end. She smiled as he apologised, shaking her head, assuring him there was no need.
She made a mental note to dig around a bit on Zach, find out who he was, what he did. She'd known him a while now, he'd asked her on a date quite some time ago. She laughed lightly at the memory. He'd nervously told her she was a lovely looking woman and would she care to go out sometime for a drink or a meal, just as Shay had walked into the inn. Funnily enough he'd never repeated the invitation.
Yet he'd always been around in the background, often she got the feeling he was watching her or watching over her was probably a better description. Whenever she was in a tricky situation he seemed to step out of the shadows as if just passing. She had to admit he puzzled her.

After their dance they exchanged small talk.
"No Shay couldn't make it...."she started, then looked up as she heard her name.
"Robi, you look beautiful" Blayke said flashing her a warm smile as he walked across to her, extending his hand to Zach and introducing himself.
Robi closed her eyes briefly and cursed silently. "What the hell did he what" she thought as she looked up at him plastering her face with a warm bright smile.
"Blayke..how lovely to see you..."
She extended her hand towards him, palm down which he gallantly took with slight bow and kissed it atop, all the while his electric blue eyes holding hers,no warmth in them as he regarded her.
"I'll need a word with you at some point Robi" he said his warm charming smile never wavering.
"Of course" she replied and in return flashed him a beautiful warm smile of her own.
Zach took a step closer to her and looked hard at Blayke.

Robi and Blayke locked gazes and neither of them were fooled by each others warm smiles and ambient greetings.

"May I?" he outstretched his hands to her as the band struck up a vibrant waltz.
She curtsied before him with a laugh and took his hands
"Of course"
His left hand firmly on her waist as he took her into his arms, his right hand holding hers as he led them into the centre of the jetty that served as a dancefloor.

Blake swept her into his his arms and led her effortlessly and lightly around the dancefloor,he leaned close,his smile never waivering.
"So sweetheart?" his voice was low,soft but incredibly cold. "Have you had time to think over your predicament ?"
She laughed lightly and shook her head as she reached up to his ear.
"You don't give up do you?" she hissed
He laughed and almost made it sound intimate.
"The Five are questioning our commanders judgement" he almost growled through his smile. "Now do I tell them the problem is with Aresh alone..? or that his second has corrupted him?"
"You bastard Blayke" she snarled back through her smile and she fixed her eyes on him.
He held her gaze and with an amused smile inclined his head graciously
"Ever at your service..."
They danced as the band played, elegantly and gracefully stepping lightly around the floor, their eyes locked their smiles fixed as they whispered threat and counter threat to each other.
They drew the occasional gasp from onlookers and many an envious smile, they made a beautiful couple as they dominated the floor, to many they must have looked the epitome of loves young dream with their constant gazes and warm happy smiles, but had they cared to look closer many would have seen that their eyes held a different story, his glittered cold and mercilessly as he whispered to her, hers were filled what could only be described as pure loathing.
The dance ended, Blayke bowed graciously and Robi saw beneath the smile the traces of a sly smirk that was almost triumphant.
He held her hand to his lips and locked his eyes on her.
"You know what you have to do lest the Five discover they have an agitator in their ranks...." he winked as he released her hand "You know where to find me,"
She held his eyes with hers as his hand gripped hers with deceptive force, as he bowed to kiss her hand she jabbed her hand discreetly upwards, the stone of her ring gouging into the soft flesh of his lips. She smirked back with satisfaction as a trickle of blood escaped his lip.
His eyes narrowed and she swept a graceful curtsey.
"Thank you for the dance" she gushed "You have some clever moves"
"Thank You Robinas" he said with equal fervour "Lets hope it wasn't a last waltz..."
And with that he turned and left the floor.
She exhaled with relief and a touch of anger, then smiled again as she noticed Zachari looking hard after Blayke then at her with a touch of concern.
Leov approached her, a slight look of worry on her face.
"Is everything alright with him, I mean youre not in trouble or anything?" Leov asked her hesitantly
Robi shook her head and forced another smile.
"Light" she thought "If I have to smile any more tonight my face will crack"
"Its fine Leov..really" she replied and for a moment almost wanted to tell her, tell Zach, tell someone about Blayke and his threats.
"Well.." said Leov looking slightly unconvinced "If there is anything, we're all still here for you"
Robi nodded her thanks and made to leave.
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Re: Web of Shadows. (formerly report on...)

Post by Kel'dos on Thu Feb 09, 2012 12:56 pm

Blayke leaned on the alcove of the window and looked out across the every-busy Trade district. The cool night air tumbled in through the open window, the faint breeze blowing the smoke from his cigarette back into his room. He took another drag and exhaled slowly, his plan was moving along very nicely and tonight he would prepare the report to send to The Five informing them of the sad news regarding the Stormwind Chapter. The news was yet to pass but of course it was now inevitable, the meeting he overheard between Anethrax and Robi assured that; he just had to keep applying the subtle pressure to Robi from this side and the job would soon be done.

The Journal was good insurance, ensuring that should Robi fail or get cold feet, the information it contained would give him the same result - although some clever footwork would be required to absolve himself of all blame in the eyes of the grieving Shayanan since the journal would condemn both Aresh and Robi. As soon as possible, he would retrieve the journal and deposit it into his private bank vault, the one in the name of a long departed friend so as to hide it from the Brotherhood and any other interested parties.

Blayke took another drag of the cigarette and tapped the ash out of the window. Of course Robi would have to remain as his Second, after all, keep your friends close and your enemies closer still. Blayke smiled slightly, he looked forward to seeing the look on her pretty face as The Five announced just who the new Commander for the Stormwind Chapter would be. His report would offer his services in temporarily leading the Chapter and comforting the grieving Second while The Five decided who should assume the Commander rank for Stormwind. He would give them no reason to doubt his capabilities and he was almost certain that within a short few weeks, the position and rank would become permanent.

Blayke sat at the small table and positioned the parchment in the pool of light afforded by the small candle and started to write;

“Masters and Mistress,

It is with deepest regret that I write to inform you that….”


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Re: Web of Shadows. (formerly report on...)

Post by Robi Kaezlan on Sat Feb 11, 2012 2:21 pm

Robi paced the inn floor restlessly, occasionally her hand would flex next to her dagger as if in a nervous reflex.
She sat down,slugged a bourbon, shuddered. got up, paced the floor..sat down,slugged a bourbon,no shudder, stood up, paced the floor.

She wasn't long back from her meeting with Anethrax and her nerves were still fraught, she'd had been questioned by the forsaken Mistress of the Vile Thorn, not harshly but deeply, the questions so precise she had had a hard time giving her usually non committal answers. It was almost as if she had been primed.
Had she known who the attacker was? She'd answered evasively that she didnt know the identity of who had physically attacked Anethrax, then it probed deeper, Had she know anything about the attack? Again she sidestepped giving a precise answer but it hadn't been allowed, Anethrax questioned her relentlessly, demanding answers as a yes or no.
Robi was aware that other than the three Thorns in attendance, there were several around her in the shadows.
"You have not yet answered me Robinas" Anethrax had stated in her cold tone "Think before you answer, as any mistake you make will be your last"
And Robi knew she was beaten.

"Ma'am" she had replied "I will right this wrong done to you..."
"Unusual choice of words" was the response "You have two days, you know what is needed"
And with that Anethrax turned and left Robi alone on the bridge.
Her mind was working furiously for a way out as she flew back to the city.
She sat down, slugged a bourbon, got up and paced the floor.

Damn it all she thought as she mulled over the situation.

"One...I have a mad commander, obsessed with killing Vile Thorns whatever the cost, Two...I have Blayke threatening to tell the Five its my fault that Aresh is mad unless he is removed, and Three...I have Anethrax giving me two days to stop the attacks. The common factor?" she laughed wryly " My death most likely"

She stopped pacing and the barman closed his eyes with relief.

She left the inn. striding purposefully.
"Shay" she thought " I'll find Shay, ask his advice..because light I need some"

She walked to mirror lake and could have cried with relief as she saw the dark familiar figure standing waiting.
"Shay..." she smiled wearily as she reached him
"What's wrong?" were his first words as she felt his eyes on her.
She sighed softly and smiled up at him. He knew her so well.
"Tell me" he said gently and she nodded.

She explained quickly and concisely, Shay nodded now and then but remained silent, letting her tell him everything.
"..and thats it...I have three people all threatening me, I need your advice Shay..."

He wrapped his arms around her waist and held her reassuringly close.
"It's easy Robi" he said "Aresh dies"
She tilted her head up to look at him, relieved to hear someone else say the words she had been thinking.

"This is what I need you to do" he explained "Get him somewhere away from people...Guru'bashi should do well, even if he's seen people will think he's there for the chest..."
"You'll warn him?" she asked
"No Robi, I'll kill him"
She gave a soft laugh, why had she even asked she wondered.
"Blayke, I'll warn, he needs to know how things are" said Shay "If he steps the line again he'll die"
Robi hugged Shay tightly and his arms tightened around her.
"Don't worry about this any longer Robi, I'm here and its sorted"
"Are you sure...?"
He held a finger to her lips.
"I'm more than sure, I want to do this for you, you are mine to protect."
"Light I love you Shay..." she said, the relief in her voice obvious.
He nodded and she knew he was smiling.
"And I you."

The weight taken from her shoulders and standing in Shays reassuring, protective embrace she knew that it was as he said....Sorted.
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Re: Web of Shadows. (formerly report on...)

Post by Robi Kaezlan on Sun Feb 12, 2012 10:41 am

(( this bit was originally posted by Aresh, sadly long gone.))

Taking the key secured in the lining of his tunic, Aresh unlocked the heavy chest and placing the linen thread inside the chest, he took out the leather-bound tome. Sitting at the table in the alcove of the window he opened the tome and started to write;

I wake, I dress, I eat, I poison my finest daggers and then I start my journeys once again to the Forsaken-held lands. I spend my days watching and waiting in the shadows of their dark towns, looking for those that wear the colours of the Vile Thorn. I have seen plenty but never alone, always in groups, never alone, never.

Two nights previous, I watched as a large group of them assembled in the square of what was once the small farming town of Tarren Mill, now degenerated into a depressing and dark forsaken outpost. There was a military feel about the gathering, each saluting their leader and then standing silently and attentive as she spoke; a Belf with an air of authority standing silently at her side. I watched as a young female troll was called forward and then knelt before that personification of evil and recited an oath, swearing her allegiance to the Vile Thorn and their leader. The Troll looked proud as the oath was completed and the other Vile Thorn applauded and congratulated her - some initiation ritual perhaps - before again returning to attentive silence. Almost as one, they slipped into the shadows. Whether they saw me, or perhaps the forsaken members sensed my presence, I do not know but I took it as an omen that I should return to Stormwind for the night and catch up on my journal and perhaps a report to The Five. The wound I received from their blades continues to pain me and mars my ability to fight at full strength.

My report is overdue but I cannot bring myself to catalogue the mistakes made that have led to this situation I now find myself in. I cannot report on what I do, nor can I lie so I send nothing although word has reached me by good and trusted friends, that they question what is happening within the Stormwind Chapter. My former Second, Blayke, remains in the City and the concerns of The Five along with his sudden interest in us cannot be a mere coincidence.

My current Second, Robi, would have me drop this vendetta, but then we will remain at the call of that vile forsaken and I will not continue to be at her command; not after what the forsaken have done and what her band of assassins continue to do, killing indiscriminately both man, woman and heinously, child. Azeroth needs to be freed of their terror; Anethrax will die as will all those that wear the colours of the Vile Thorn as by doing so they have pledged their allegiance to her and marked themselves for death.

Aresh closed the book and placed it back in the chest. He picked up the rag doll and stared at it for a short while, seemingly lost in thought, before placing it back carefully in the chest. Placing the linen thread he closed the lid and stood up, catching the reflection of a much older looking man than the one that arrived in Stormwind such a short few weeks ago.
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Re: Web of Shadows. (formerly report on...)

Post by Robi Kaezlan on Tue Feb 14, 2012 12:14 am

She felt no pleasure yet she felt no regret at the decision she had come to.

"I'll be waiting" Shay said as he mounted his drake "Trust me" he grinned and gave her a small wink as he pulled on his hood.
"As always" she replied as he soared away from her.

She switched on her communication unit.
"Commander I need to speak to you" she said
"Go ahead" came the slightly tinny echoing response in her earpiece.
"I need to see you, this can't be done over the channel"
"I'll be back in Stormwind shortly, I'll hitch a ride on the zeppelin to Grom'Gol..."Aresh started
"Oh good..look Aresh Im meeting Arli in Gurubashi soon, how about I meet you afterwards as we're both there anyway?" she interjected
She held her breath slightly, would he take the bait? A chance to strike at Thorns? To kill Arli who would be unprepared for any attack?
"Come on Aresh...bite..." she willed silently.
"I will meet you at the arena, I will wait on the stands....Aresh out". A slight metallic click in her ear told her he had switched off his device. No doubt to silence the protestations from her he would be expecting. "But not today Commander...not today"
She smiled to herself and mounted Charlie to join Shay and Aresh in Stranglethorn Vale.

She knew Shay was there cloaked in the shadows somewhere, she sensed his presence, well that and the recently killed troll lying in the dust. The vicious looking slash across the throat and the myriad of punctures to the back being a hallmark of Shays kill.

Aresh walked down the steps towards her, she watched him descend and smiled up at him.
"Have you seen him?" Aresh asked, his eyes darting around the immediate area, his hands poised at his daggers hilt.
"Not yet" she answered.

She looked Aresh in the eyes.

"Aresh, this Thorn business has to stop.."
He raised his hand to silence her.
"We have had this argument too many times Robinas, you know my stance and I will not be questioned by my second, am I clear?"
"Youre endangering us all..I'm being threatened by Anethrax, they know its you..."
"They cannot possibly know" he was emphatic. "Youre being irrational, I expect sterner stuff from my second..."
"And Blayke..." she paused as she said his name, looking for Aresh's reaction. "He too says you must stop, the Five have concerns..."
"Blayke.." Aresh all but spat the name. "A self-server nothing more"
"And you Aresh..you too are threatening me if I don't agree to your attacks"
"Dammit Robi you knew what to expect as my second, and yes if necessary I will hold you to account"
Robi looked squarely at Aresh again and shook her head slowly.
"Then you leave me no choice...I am truly sorry Aresh" she took a few steps backwards.

She saw Aresh look puzzled for a fleeting second, then saw him buckle forward with a groan as Shay stepped out of the shadows his dagger already bloodied.

Aresh drew his daggers and aimed a stab at Shay but the wound in his leg slowed his reaction and Shay moved in for the kill.

Aresh coughed blood and fell to his knees, looking up at his hooded attacker.

"You were warned.." hissed Shay as he drove the dagger home.

Robi watched her commander die, she felt no guilt, no remorse, no pleasure. It had become a necessary act to ensure her survival nothing more.

She glanced at the body of Aresh, he somehow looked younger in death, she hoped he'd find peace.

She looked up sharply as something caught her eye. "Shadows" hissed Shay and the slipped quietly back.
There was no-one there, but a strange shiver ran her spine. She thought she could see a faint shimmer beside Aresh, she looked again and there was nothing. She looked back down at Aresh and felt, no she knew, he was no longer there.
She glanced up at the sky,smiled and softly whispered "Travel safe..."
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Re: Web of Shadows. (formerly report on...)

Post by Robi Kaezlan on Sat Feb 18, 2012 11:10 am

(( The original was posted by Aresh..may he find peace in the lights embrace.))

He strikes the final blow and I fall to the sandy arena floor, the life-force draining from me, the fight is done and my daggers slip from my hands as I lie in an ever increasing pool of crimson. Pain courses through my veins as unable to move, I half hear words exchanged by my attacker and Robi as my eyes close and the darkness envelops me.


A gentle voice fills my mind, I open my eyes to a soft light, the silhouette of a woman walking towards me. My darling Melissa. I fight the pain and raise my arm to reach for her.

“Come on Joe, it’s time to go home”, she smiles softly and touches my hand, her warmth courses through my veins, soothing the pain away as she helps me to my feet.

“Melissa, my love”

Without a word she leads me forward, towards the heart of the light. I look back at the figures of Robi and Shayanan as they fade into the distance, the soft light envelopes me and I turn and smile on hearing a child’s voice, filled with laughter.


I laugh as my beautiful daughter, Calianne, runs to me and hand in hand we walk towards the light. Reunited, I am at peace at last.

Former Shadowblade of the Brotherhood
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Re: Web of Shadows. (formerly report on...)

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