Sullee's Stories.

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Sullee's Stories.

Post by Sullee Swiftspeech on Mon Jan 02, 2012 8:38 am

This first story describes the most influential event in Sullee's life. It is the immediate cause for Sullee winding up in the Criminal circuit.

'That night...'
Whilst the day grew darker, the city’s life also slowly dampened. The hard working classes of Stormwind abandoned their working stations and went homewards, to fill their empty bellies with the so-scarce food. Whereas other’s activities slowly came to an halt, others would soon begin their day.

Artificial lights would soon light up the District of Mages, helping the lost souls of this upper-class area to find their ways to the spectacle of that particular evening. For weeks, the aristocracy of Stormwind had anticipated for this event: a grande party at The Blue Recluse.

At the entrance of the expensive establishment, standing on a elevated platform, stood a round-bellied gnome. His well-combed mustache laid on his face like moss on a tree: spread over its bulbous surface from ear to ear. The host was clad in a top-notch tuxedo: one that must’ve been custom-tailored to fit the gnome’s far-from-average appearance. Around his waist hung a black leather belt with a different use than holding up his pants. The belt had fourteen small slots in it, every single one of them filled with sharp looking throwing knives of various size.
With a wide-spread smile, the happy little man welcomed his guests with a friendly pat on the back and a well-meant ‘Good evening!’ that was followed by a boisterous guffaw.
Nothing, so it seemed, could spoil this gnome’s good mood!

After most of the invited had entered the establishment, the little man jumped off of his platform, landing with certain confidence, and turned to the door before straightening his jacket and heading inside.

The restaurant held a pleasant ambience, one that would encourage anyone to drink copious amounts of alcoholic beverages and enjoy the evening. Most of the guests had moved further into the restaurant’s main area, taking a seat at one of the well-set tables. Others had positions themselves near one of the many standing tables.
It seemed as if the entire exterior of the restaurant was expecting something, as most of the heads were turned toward the bar, which, for the occasion, had been transformed into a large stage.

The chubby little gnome strutted into the bar, his head held up high. With his right hand, he plucked his lush, well kept facial hair, whilst his eager eyes scanned the crowd with amusement. “This will be a night to remember, Sullee...” He mumbled to himself.

After a short moment, in which drinks were being delivered to their respective orderers, another gnome with bright green hair stepped onto the stage and tapped his feet onto the wooden floor boards to get the crowd’s attention. “ Good evening, my g-.. good friends!” The gnome said enthusiastically. “I am extremely happy to s-.. see everyone of you here t- to-.. tonight!” The crowd smiled unanimously at the gnome, forgiving him his stuttering.

The green-haired host took a moment to stumble to the stage’s area and from there to look over the crowd. “I sh-.. shall not hol’ you hostage in my endless n-.. na-.. -.. nagging! I simply stepped onto this podium to wish every single one of you a joyful evening! The gnome smiled widely and spread his arms up into the air. The crowd started applauding to the gnome, when suddenly a grey bird flew into the restaurant. It didn’t take the bird long to reach the stage, where he landed on the gnome’s large head and gave him a quick peck on the forehead. Whilst the gnome let out a short shriek of annoyance, the bird hopped off of his head and, whilst hovering through the sky, began to morph into a entirely different creature. The bird quickly changed color and began expanding... After several seconds, a bright, pink-haired gnome landed on the stage with soft feet and turned to the crowd, her lips formed into an arrogant smile.
The audience took a moment to examine the gnomette, but when they realized it had been an act, they began to clap excitedly to the couple.
The two of them made a deep bow and, hand in hand, ran to the stage’s exit-stairs, leaving the excited crowd to stare at en emptied podium.

Soon after, a group of three dwarves climbed up on the stage, each of them holding a large drum. The dwarves quickly took their positions on the stage and began making music with their drums, chanting to their own bright beats in a mixture of dwarvish and common.

The night continued prosperous. Many acts filled the stage, and every one of them was able to bring the guests in ecstasy.
Many hours after opening, the green-haired gnome stepped onto the stage once again. It was more than clear that his spirits had been lifted even higher during the evening. He gestured the audience to drop their voices, and spoke with a clear, nearly perfect voice once more. “My friends, my friends... I hope you all ‘ave enjoyed this e-.. evening as much as I and my c-.. collegu-.. colleagues have.” He took a moment to turn around and gesture to the podium’s entrance-stairs. All of the acts ran up the stairs and formed a line at the far edge of the podium. The green haired gnome face the crowd once more, and took the initiative of commencing a boisterous applauding. Naturally, the crowd followed in soon enough and after several seconds of applauding, the host once again spoke. “However... the night is still young!” The gnome cheered in a silly manner, making the crowd chuckle somewhat. “I don’t think I need to introduce this man to you, do I?..”

He once more turned and gestured to the line of artists, with in the middle the round-bellied gnome. Sullee stepped forward with a wide smile, joining his friend at the front of the stage. “My good friend Sullee Swiftspeech shall now entertain you like no other!” Said the presenting gnome with a loud voice, before edging off into the back, joining the other artists in the line.

The fat gnome paraded around the front of the stage, walking from left to right, his eyes looking down at the floor boards. His hands were resting on the bright silver buckle of his belt. “Good evening!” He bellowed through the restaurant. “I’m looking for a brave soul. Three of them, to be exact!”

Sullee suddenly halted his pace, peering around the crowd with a dead-serious expression on his face. “Anyone...?” He said with a teasing voice. The crowd stirred, amused by the gnome’s presentation. When no one had offered themselves after several seconds, Sullee turned to the line of artists.

“I guess I’ll have to ask my colleagues.” He mumbled with a voice that was drenched in fake disappointment. In unison, as if they had rehearsed it that way, the three drumming dwarves stepped out of line.

“Perfect!” Sullee cheered. “Lets clear the stage!” The other entertainers listened like sons listen to their father. Soon, the stage was empty except for the round-bellied gnome and the three dwarves.
“Dori, if you’d please stand against that pillar.” One of the dwarves nodded sharply and moved to the pillar that poked through the surface on the left side of the stage. “Nori...” Sullee pointed to the other pillar. This one stood at the stage’s right side. Sullee smiled proudly, enjoying his role as commander of the others. As soon as Nori has taken his position against the pillar, he looked at the third, remaining dwarf. “Ori, if you’d please..?” The dwarf nodded once and stumbled backwards until he hit the far-wall against which the stage had been built.

Sullee turned to the crowd and smiled at them. He moved his hand rapidly across his belt, unsheathing three daggers, one by one, sending each of them flying into the air, up a good three foot, before catching all three back in one hand. “Let us commence!”

Sullee turned on his heels, passing one of the daggers to his free hands, facing Ori. With a swift flick of his wrist, he sent the dagger towards Ori. The sharp projectile landed in the soft wooden wall of the restaurant, exactly in between the dwarf’s legs just a inch short of his crotch. The crowd gasped for air but Sullee didn’t take a moment to catch his breath. He passed another dagger to his free hand and, simultaneously, threw the two daggers left and right. The two dwarves didn’t even flinch when the sharp knives dug their way into the wooden pillar, less than a inch between the blade and their head.

Sullee turned to the crowd, his fatty face attaining a pleased smirk. The three dwarves pulled the knives out of the wood and moved to Sullee, who, one by one, sheathed the miniature weapons back in his belt.

“I think my courageous assistants deserve an applause!” The chubby knife-thrower bellowed over the crowd, his voice carrying enthusiasm.

The crowd applauded with excitement! They seemed to be loving the show Sullee was putting up. Bori, Ori and Nori bowed as deep as their dwarven bellies allowed, before they left the stage once more.

“Is anyone willing to assist me now?” He said with a somewhat arrogant smile on his face. His greedy eyes looked around the restaurant’s filled room, but he didn’t have to wait long. “I’ll help ye lad!”

Sullee peered down at the man who had yelled. It was a strong looking man, dressed in fancy clothes that wouldn’t misfit a noble. Sullee smiled. “Excellent!” He walked to the centre of the stage and balanced on the edge. “Clear the way, please.” He said, pointing his arms out forward. The crowd spread quickly, creating a path through the people. “Excellent indeed!” Sullee chuckled, peering at the volunteer who was the only one standing in the cleared path. “Sir, would you stand against that wall?” Sullee pointed to the restaurant’s far wall, a simple stool standing against the wall. “I’ve placed something there for you to stand on.” He smirked.

The man seemed to have had more than one beer, judging by the way he walked. It didn’t matter, Sullee thought to himself.
The man stepped up on the stool and turned to face Sullee. The two were about twenty yards apart. “Like thish?” The man said with a slur to his voice. Sullee simply nodded, smiling.

Sullee drew two knives from his belt, one in each knife. He took a moment, squinting his eyes, looking at the stool. Then, quite unexpectedly, without any warning, threw both his knives toward the man. A hollow sound sounded as the two knives dug into the stool’s front legs, the knives stuck up vertically. The crowd had tried to keep up with the enormous speed of the knives, but weren’t able to. The heads turned to the stool, gasping as they found out what Sullee had done. “Amazing!” yelled a young woman, looking from the stool back to Sullee. The gnome blushes somewhat, avoiding the pretty woman’s eyes.

The gnome grabbed two more knives. “Sir, could you stand back against the wall?...” He asked, peering at his volunteer. The drunk man was leaning forward, staring at the legs of his stool in amazement. “Uhhh... Righ’!” He yelled, pushing himself against the wall.

Sullee rolled his eyes slightly. “Perfect, sir!” Again, without warning, he threw a knife. This time, the sharp blade missed the man’s arm by an inch, digging into the wall near the man’s armpit. The crowd let out another “Woahhh..!”, but Sullee didn’t hesitate to throw another knife, which landed near the man’s knee but, of course, missed it by a marginal distance.

The drunkard once again leaned forward, staring at the knives in amazement. “Sir, against the wall please!” The drunkard looked up, noticing the annoyed expression on Sullee’s face.

Sullee paraded over the stage once again, holding a single throwing knife in his hands, staring down at it. “What to do...” He mumbled, teasing his volunteer. The crowd giggled at the fat gnome’s silly pondering.

“Blindfold yerself!” The drunk man suddenly yelled. Sullee stopped, as if frozen to the ground. “An’ I’ll put a apple on me head!.. Bet ye can’ hit tha’!” Sullee turned his head, peering at the laughing drunkard. “Very well...”

“Mister Clutzcog! Blindfold, please.” Sullee shouted, peering at the stage’s entrance stairs. After a while, the green-haired gnome entered the podium with a pitch-black blindfold. Sullee took the thing and tied it around his large head, ignoring Clutzcog’s whispering complaints. “He’ll be fine, Kwerty..” Sullee whispered back to his friend.

Clutzcog left the podium and ordered one of his waiters to bring the volunteer an apple.

Like a madman, the drunkard took the apple and placed it on top of his head, loudly laughing all the while through. “I’m ready, fatteh!” He yelled.

Sullee nodded bitterly, stroking the blade of his knife whilst blindly staring at the man. He shortly lifted his blindfold, giving everything one last peer, and then slid the thing back on his face. “I’m going to need complete silence!” Sullee said, no hint of doubt to be heard in his voice.

Everyone stopped talking. The drunk volunteer kept on giggling, but Sullee didn’t seem to mind. He spread his legs, taking up a comfortable throwing position. He stretched his empty hand forward, pointing directly at the apple. His knife-hand was hanging besides his body, but he slowly began rising it forward. The faint giggles of the drunkard were the only sound to be heard in the restaurant... Sullee took a last breath, before hurling the knife forward with incredible speed.

He could hear the knife hitting the apple. The soft, satisfying sound... The only sound left. No more giggles... Sullee didn’t bother with lifting up his blindfold. After several seconds of complete silence, the pretty woman was the first to begin screaming. It was the confirmation to Sullee... No more giggling.
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Re: Sullee's Stories.

Post by Morinth on Mon Jan 02, 2012 8:54 am

I'll always remember that time on Lire when we were with Swindle and he asked why you couldn't go back to the restaraunt.

"...... I killed a man."

We all started laughing. XD It was awesome.

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Re: Sullee's Stories.

Post by Cadaemus on Mon Jan 02, 2012 12:40 pm

Kwerty! That's me, That's me! Ugh, I miss him... I was smiling the whole way through that. AWESOME.

I love it. We need another one, when you're ready.

Only, Kwerty had red hair...

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Re: Sullee's Stories.

Post by Valerias on Tue Jan 03, 2012 2:04 am

A fine tale! I liked reading it, and particularly the way you threaded normality and suspense together. And I like hearing about people's characters and how the came to be where they are.

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Re: Sullee's Stories.

Post by Sullee Swiftspeech on Tue Jan 03, 2012 5:41 am

Thanks, thanks! I don't have the illusion of being a good writer, I just felt like putting this event on paper. Had some fun with it!
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Re: Sullee's Stories.

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