[A] ::Azeroth Trade Company::

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[A] ::Azeroth Trade Company::

Post by Lorainne/Bridlington on Thu Dec 15, 2011 2:35 pm

::Azeroth Trade Company::
Liberty. Commerce. Progress.



On billboards throughout the city of Stormwind and villages throughout the human Kingdoms, parchments marked with the Azeroth Trade Company emblem. There is also an insightful piece of text in a quite distinguished handwriting. It reads the following:

To all able men and women;

The Azeroth Trade Company is looking for able men and women from across the continent seeking employment. Being employed by the Azeroth Trade Company will broaden your horizon through means of exploration, adventure and education, but also earn you a reasonable wage, shelter if needed and the security of a proper labour contract.

The qualities the Azeroth Trade Company is looking for in potential employees is discipline, dignity, respect, courage and the determination to do what must be done to further the causes of humanoid development and the Company itself. If in possession of these qualities you should contact one of the Directors, or the Chairman herself through means of a formal letter or contact one of the many employees for advice and directions.

Liberty. Commerce. Progress.
Lorainne Eleanor Hayes, Director of Public Relations


The Azeroth Trade Company is a trading company finding its roots in the history of mercantilism, and is in the process of becoming a chartered corporation of the Kingdom of Stormwind.

In an age where the common people are suppressed by the nobility, the lowly labourers and honest craftsmen are exploited by the state and enslaved by rich merchants, where the theoretical advancement is impaired by the zealous orders and knowledge is only available to a privileged few, a few individuals came together. They discussed their ideals of bringing about a new age, an age of liberty, of progress, of free trade.
In the end, they decided that they should act upon these ideals, and found an organisation which held these ideals close to heart. The Azeroth Trade Company was born. By rewarding even the lowest labourer for their honest and hard work, by offering education to even the most frowned-upon classes, the Azeroth Trade Company will pave the way for the true golden age of Stormwind.


Many organisations have splintered values, and the members are without any understanding of ethics. On the contrary, the Company has certain key values at its core. These are the following:

Our positive interpretation of Azeroth and its inhabitants as a whole, the desire for human unification and both economical and political progression.

The Company seeks to understand all worldly and divine matters, and through this understanding aid all sentient beings of the world to reach a higher level of society. It is key to unify all humans under one banner, and to stand united against all evils that threaten the world. Lastly, and most importantly, there is the will and need to improve the existing society. Through trade there is prosperity. Prosperity creates a drive towards rational thought, the dawn of a whole new era!


- The golden age of Stormwind is upon us! The Company must share its wealth and knowledge with the other sentient beings of Azeroth, lifting them from their state of unknowing and poverty.
- Create a vast network of trade routes across Azeroth. The global economy shall commence, and the time of mercantilism has come!
- Support the ideology of Human unification.
- To spread the word of Light to all those in need of faith.
- Battle injustice not only within the Kingdom of Stormwind, but across all of Azeroth.

- Bring the communities and social circles closer together.
- Increase role play on a realm-wide scale.
- Make for some interesting financial and political role play.
- Increase the interest in the two forms of role play noted above.


The Azeroth Trade Company is a company free from any restrictions to other orders or organisations, and therefore we recruit any class and any race as long as they fit within our concept and can contribute to the company IC-wise.

IC-wise, as we are still bound by the law of Stormwind, we cannot allow anyone who practises the art of the warlock or dabbles in necromancy, and will, upon being found out, be fired and reported to the authorities. Of course, this does not mean that we will not accept you if you hide the fact that you practise either of those arts.



I) Chairman (Guild master)
II) Director (Officers)
III) Manager (Seniors)
IV) The following: (Advanced members)
---- a. Executive
---- b. Chief
---- c. Supervisor
V) The following: (Members)
---- a. Organiser
---- b. Conveyer
---- c. Guard
VI) Probationary (Trials)


- Probationary is a trial period of a week, where the members of the Company become acquainted with the player and character.

-Following the trial period the member is forced in to a profession within the departments as noted below. As a result, said member will be a full member from this promotion. The role the member in question wishes to take on in a certain department, is up to him.

-The member will develop over the weeks, months to follow and be promoted to an advanced member. This comes with a promotion for the character, also.

-Depending on many factors, the member could be promoted to manager, also known as a senior. The seniors have a great responsibility to maintain the guild socially whenever the officers and guild master are not available. They also hold the most experienced non-officer rank in-character.

-Above the managers stand the directors. They, along with the chairman, lead the guild, in-character as well as out of character. Here they are known as officers. Each director has the role of leading his or her respective branch within the guild.

-The chairman is equal to the Directors and functions only as the chairman in-character. However, out of character the chairman is the guild master. He or she will take be tasked with being both the chairman and a director of said position at times when one of the places of director is vacant with no one to fill its place.



After the probation period, a member will choose between one of the three branches. These are defined as follows:
- Organisation, the heart of the company. This branch deals directly with all trade affairs and finance of the guild, and is generally responsible for making sure that at the end of the day, the profit outweighs the expenditure and loss.
- Conveyance, the ones making sure everything goes exactly as planned. The people working in this branch are responsible for any kind of transportation, be it shipping a large quantity of goods from Stormwind to Darnassus, or a small cart carrying precious cargo from the Mage Quarter to Old Town.
- Protection, they make sure that the company is protected. Threats to a company come in many forms, from bandits on the planned route to infiltration by other organisations, and the people working in this branch are responsible for making sure none of them succeed.


Within each branch are the departments, the specializations which make it easier to distinguish between people within a branch.

Firstly, the branch of Organisation will be explained.
- Marketing. This department is responsible for making deals with clients, and informing the right people about the right goods.
- Finance. This department deals with directly with the funds of the company, be it in cash or goods. They keep a close eye on the expenses and profits of the company.
- Accounting. This department is tasked with informing the people who need to know about any relevant financial information. They are constantly aware of the status of the current funds of the company, and can therefore tell the people working in the marketing department how much expenses they can make.
- Human resources. This department deals with the labourers of the company by ensuring that they are rewarded for their labour and always have work to do. They devise policies and strategies in which the labourers are put to work in the most efficient manner.

Secondly, the branch of Conveyance will be explained.
- Shipping. This department is responsible for transportation across water.
- Transport. This department is tasked with all transportation across land.
- Planning. This department makes sure all transportation goes smoothly. They create the routes along which goods, funds and people are transported.

Thirdly and lastly, the branch of Protection will be explained.
- Security. This department is tasked with making sure that the company is protected from physical threats, and will therefore be called upon when bodyguards or guards are needed. They also make sure that anyone who fails to pay their debts to the company, will pay them anyway.
- Espionage. Where the security department deals with physical and obvious threats, this department deals with the threats which are more elusive. This can be anything from rooting out spies from other companies to foiling planned ambushes aimed at our property.



There are many kinds of alignments, though ultimately the Azeroth Trade Company will be Neutral Good. It is within the interests of mercantilism to make a staggering profit, but it is also important to operate within the laws as dictated by the King and his servants.
In time of uncertainty, the Company will seek guidance from the written laws.
However, in times of chaos, the Company will listen only to its own voice when seeking the wisest decision.

The Azeroth Trade Company is aligned to the Kingdom of Stormwind, and will therefore follow the laws and exert the culture of said Kingdom. It is in the best of interests to listen carefully to the King and his servants, such as the Council.


- Sovereignty of the Individual
The Company acknowledges the rights of the individual, and the employees will therefore be treated according to this rights. Though should said individual prove to be abusive of his given rights, the individual will be sacked and the discussion will be moved to the magistrate to discuss.
These rights include:
a) Life: everyone is entitled to live once they are created.
b) Liberty: everyone is entitled to do anything they want to so long as it doesn't conflict with the first right.
c) Estate: everyone is entitled to own all they create or gain through gift or trade so long as it doesn't conflict with the first two rights.

- Slavery
Slavery is outlawed on grounds of fundamental humanoid rights. In an age of Enlightenment, slavery has no ground. Therefore, all attempt to enslave a population will be condemned, and reported to the magistrate of the Kingdom of Stormwind.

- Corporal punishment
Corporal punishment is outlawed within the company, though, in relation to offences, will be reported to the magistrate of the Kingdom of Stormwind to be handled properly according the book of Stormwind Law.

- Offences
Offences within the company, as described by the book of Stormwind Law, will be punished severely and the accused will be handed over the Kingdom of Stormwind for the court to trial.

- Religion
The Company tolerates all religions that exist within the world of Azeroth. One must learn to accept, before they can accept themselves. However, the Company will favour the Light over any other religion. Intolerance towards religion will be punished severely.


- Money directly invested in to the company by the current operators.

Project Value:
- Total value of equipment used + Total value of buildings owned + Total value of goods in stock
+ (Operating costs over period of 'Fixed Time' - Profits over a period of 'Fixed Time')
- Items + Buildings + Stocks + Employees + Assets + Potential to produce profits
~ If the company does well, the value is higher than the investment.

Fixed time (W):
~ The amount of time in weeks that the value and profits will change.
~~ A short period of time indicates rapid change, and a long period of time indicates slow change.

Profit (W):
~ The weekly profits. This based on common sense and the ‘Financial Role Play’ table.

Profit (I):
~ Instant profit, by selling large single quantities at once. For example, sailing ships that deliver every few weeks. This based on common sense and the ‘Financial Role Play’ table.

Interest (W):
- (Profit(W) /(SV(A)*Number of shares)) + (Profit(I) /(SV(A)*Number of shares))

Share Value (N):
- Project Value / Number of shares
~ Initial value of the shares.

Share Value (A):
~ Share prices of the past week.

Share Value (P):
- 1: Project value/Number of shares
- 2: ((Fixed Time/4)*Weekly profit) /Number of Shares
- 3: Instant profit/Number of shares

Number of shares:
~ Dependent upon personal favour. Keep it below 100!

~ To borrow money from an investor, and promise to return the sum and the interest rate.
~~ The interest rate is determined upon trust in your company. A high interest rate determines little trust, and a low interest rate a lot of trust.

Additional information:
~ When profits are reinvested in to the company, the project value increases, and so do the shares. This without generating more shares.

- /Roll 1-2
- /Roll
~ Roll the dices to create uncertainty.
~~ For instance, when the roll is not in favour, half the company's value evaporates.
~~ For example, when the roll is favourable, the profits soar.

For reference:

With special thanks to Melnerag.


A contract is a signed agreement between the company and another party. In some cases the other party can be a member of the Company, though this will be determined later. The contract interprets the obligation to supply materials to the company, or to the client. If these agreements are not accomplished, legal consequences may follow.


There are two types of contracts. These are the following:

- Major Contract
A major contract is signed by a Manager, and ratified by a Director or higher. These contracts are of utmost importance, and include the greater deals that are made. Deals that include the establishment of a continuous trade route, or a recurring payment.
Major contracts also require a great number of members, and are therefore in limited numbers. This means that the Company is limited to a certain amount of major contracts. This number is determined by the Managers and above.

- Minor Contract
A minor contract can be signed by an Executive – or higher – from the Organisation branch, though must be ratified by a Manager or higher. These contracts are of a less significant nature, and include smaller or nonrecurring action. Deals that include the single delivery of valuable jewellery, or a small trade route between two local towns.
There are no limitations to the amount of minor contracts, though one must remember that it requires effort from a small amount of people, and that these people must deliver.

Examples of contracts:
- Dalaran (Reagents) ~> Exodar (Magical artefacts) ~> Stormwind (Raw materials) ~>-
- Kul Tiras (Edibles) ~>- Ironforge (Metals) =>= Stormwind (War materials)
- Tanaris (Spices) ~> Stormwind (Luxury products) ~>
- Stormwind (Luxury products) -> Sentinel Hill (Edibles) ->
- Stormwind (Luxury products) -> Stranglethorn Jungle (Raw materials) ->
- Theramore (Edibles) ~> Stormwind (War materials) ~>
- Stormwind (War materials) ~> Feathermoon (Raw materials) ~>
- Stormwind (War materials, raw materials, luxury products) ~>- Alterac (Edibles) ->~

> Indicates conveyance.
~ Indicates travel across sea.
- Indicates travel across land.
= Indicates travel by tram.

Special thanks to Malys, or Cogspin, for all the work he put in to it.

~This is a work in progress.~

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Re: [A] ::Azeroth Trade Company::

Post by Borian on Thu Dec 15, 2011 2:44 pm

I love this so much<3 I wish you the best of luck!

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Re: [A] ::Azeroth Trade Company::

Post by corleth on Thu Dec 15, 2011 2:44 pm

Oh no. Quasi-Capitalists. Neutral

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Re: [A] ::Azeroth Trade Company::

Post by Dharum on Thu Dec 15, 2011 4:01 pm

o/ I approve this!
A actually honest Trade Company *nod*


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Re: [A] ::Azeroth Trade Company::

Post by Lorainne/Bridlington on Fri Dec 16, 2011 12:42 am

Corleth wrote:Oh no. Quasi-Capitalists. Neutral

Oh, Gregorius! I love you

Dharum wrote:o/ I approve this!
A actually honest Trade Company *nod*

Shoo, you leech! Laughing


I've been wanting to make a character for the Chapter, and set up a Travel Agency on my Gnome, but there's so little time! Sad

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Re: [A] ::Azeroth Trade Company::

Post by Thelos on Fri Dec 16, 2011 12:53 am

Really, really love that name. It catches the scope and ambition of this project quite well and it sounds like just the thing Lorainne and her cohorts would call their venture.

I will give this the proper attention it deserves once I finish up with work.

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Re: [A] ::Azeroth Trade Company::

Post by Destiny on Fri Dec 16, 2011 1:48 am

I might have a char for this.. Smile

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Re: [A] ::Azeroth Trade Company::

Post by Yarnaat on Fri Dec 16, 2011 8:31 am

I approve. A greedy Gnome or two might have interest in.. investing into your company. Twisted Evil

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Re: [A] ::Azeroth Trade Company::

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