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[A][IC - Propaganda posters]

Post by Borian on Tue Dec 13, 2011 10:45 am

IC: A boy in the age of 16-17 could be seen running around Stormwind putting up posters with hammer and nails. He would not hesitate to push you away if you stood in his way.

((Posters all around the streets of Stormwind))

((OOC information))

With no response from the Stormwind Council and a harsh sailing from Theramore, bombarded by orcs. Gohman seek to put the matter of war in his own hands.

The Alliance have too long sat quiet in their cities...
Remember, the old. Glory days, of the human nations. The reason why we call our land "The Eastern Kingdoms". Those Kingdoms that mostly - no - longer - excist. What happend to the minds of ours by time? Fighting, along side, with them. Who, completely tore our friends, and families apart?! I do not judge them who did this, standing against the evil Kings and lords, they are not to be blamed. But their leaders should think again, of who the actuall evil in this world is. Slaughtering, burning, tearing, torturing.. No, there is no excuse neither from them or us, they will all die. All dead, as they already should be.

Enlist yourself here, or make me a whisper in game to me (Gohman).
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