D Is For Dangerous

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D Is For Dangerous

Post by Azarth/Tyzai on Fri Mar 19, 2010 8:46 am

I reached the top a while before the rogue, who had actually been lagging behind recently. Must've been out of breath from the dash through the swamp, it was wierdly comforting to know that even adventurers like him got tired and warn out. He was a good few meters behind when I looked down the steps from the top, far enough away for me to quickly search the area.

The entrance to the temple was a simple archway with steps going down into the darkness below, of course, I was piss-scared. I eyed the archway in fear before noticing a childs shoe in the door way. Leaning down I inspected the shoe, it definately belonged to a young girl. I got so caught up in thought I didn't even hear the rogue approach, I guess that's what they're good at, sneaking. Infact, I was so distracted I didn't even realise he'd drawn a small mace. I didn't even realise untill the point everything went black.

Cold stone. My head layed on cold stone. Cold stone in pitch black darkness. I glanced around, yes, it was impossible to see a thing. I couldn't think to do anything but stare into darkness, for how long I have no idea. Untill, in true story-book cliché, two large green orbs glowed in the darkness, after a split second I realised they had pupils. Something was staring at me. But what? Then, perfectly timed, a third orb appeared under the other two. This one made entirely of fire. I squinted, staring intently at the ball of green fire confusedly, trying desprately to work out what it was... Two eyes... Fire.. What has fire on it's- DRAGON!

As I realised what horrific beast had found me, the fire washed over me. I did nothing but curl into a ball and scream. The metal of my armour melted, I felt it singe through parts of my flesh in places, the agony kept washing over me for what seemed like an age. Just red hot pain in the now illuminated depths of a ruined temple.

The second the fire stopped I began ripping off the melting armour before it set in my skin, my hands blistered and scorched as I threw away the liquid metal. Fire filled the room again, this time not directed at me, just into the air. For the first time I noticed the both terrifying and beautiful beast clearly. I'd be lying if I said that liquid on my legs was sweat.

Crying, screaming and using all senses of the word coward, I ran like hell for the cover of a nearby stone. I needed a full escape, that thing'll rip me apart in even an unfair fight. My head frantically searched for a plan, half blinded by the still burning pain of the dragons fire. It's large body made the ground shake as it stormed towards my location, anxious for it's meal I'm sure.

A thin crack of light shone from the wall where the last fire had glanced it, my escape... I sprinted to the crack as I felt the heat of the dragons fire preparing again in it's throat. My fingers fitted into the hole, but I couldn't get it open further. I glanced back, the beasts head was pointing my way, I threw myself into the floor, feeling my shoulder crack on the stone as I hit the ground. Fire washed at my old location, burning even more of the wall away. Infact, it looked rather weak now.

I'd drawn my axe without thought, hurling it at the fragile section of wall while it was hot and brittle. Stone smashed away as the dragon stormed towards me. On my feet I dove again, hoping to escape the chamber of the giant lizard. I skidded through the hole as agony washed over my back, blood dripped down from the three claw marks slashed into my back as I fell into the next room.

I felt only pain as I lied in the next room watching the dragon stuff it's claw through the hole I'd come through, it slashed about angry it'd lost. He'd get in eventually, but for now I was just happy to be alive... Even if I am lost and doomed.

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Re: D Is For Dangerous

Post by Valerias on Sat Mar 20, 2010 6:13 am

Yeesh, the lad really is having bad luck. Interestingly written (as was the first chapter); looking forward to seeing how he gets out of this!

Also, the last line made me laugh >>

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