[A] [IC] The Green Cryer.

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[A] [IC] The Green Cryer.

Post by Coppersocket on Fri Nov 25, 2011 6:06 am

Light... As I opened my eyes, the light from the window reflected against my eyes. Mumbling to myself, I pushed myself off the pelt, standing up.
I looked about the small room, it was the same as any other day, my armor scattered all over the place- as my weapons.

Looking outside the window once, noticing the light once more- I recalled something... Yes. The Trial of yesterday. It had not gone the way I had hoped. Infact, it had been even worse. There were supporters among the crowd... Something had to be done.

I took another look about the room, Itsy was still sleeping... But, to the task at hand. This is a grave matter.
Dressing up, being careful not to wake Itsy with the rustling noises and the clonking sound of my boots, I was finally ready to head out. Feeling the doorknob, gently pressing it down.

A cold air swoopt against my face, save for that right eye, which I wore my green lens on. The Dwarven district was busy today, as usual- even in the early mornings.

Closing the door behind me, I quickly made my way towards the tunnel leading towards the Cathedral district. Entering the Canals, making my way down to the Shady Lady, taking a peek inside, I noticed Quincy, still working as diligently as always.

My destination was further down the canals however, I made my way to the bridge crossing towards the Old Town from the Dwarven District. There, I knew was a good place to stand to get some attention, a lot of things usualy happened at this very spot.

I opened my mouth, shouting.
"Hear me, Beggars, Citizen, Nobles. People of the Alliance. Proud, and stalwart. We who stand against Death Wing. Yesterday, I witnessed something truely terrible, from our own citizen! There are Cultists within Stormwind. People, who dare defy the Alliance, and it's kings!

How do I know this, you may wonder? Yesterday! A trial was had against a Necromancer, who goes by the name of Drustai, this foul demon decided to cast away her teachings, and side with the armies of the UNDEAD! A traitor, a heretic!
She claims to have 'saved' a life. But in truth, she did not. She merely had the woman and it's child escape death, to bring about her own standing as a necromancer as something 'good'! A false play by the Nercomancer to charm people to 'like' her, so that she can spread the taint. She, is the very equal of the Cult of the Damned, and there are people among us who wishes to support her actions.

Hear me citizen, take arms. Defend yourselves! If you hear or see this vile creature, treat her as the demon she is!
Would you also happend to know anyone who supports her, bring those traitors to the guard, for the safety of your family and the whole Alliance!
Bring these traitors of the light to justice!"

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Re: [A] [IC] The Green Cryer.

Post by itsy on Fri Nov 25, 2011 6:21 am

It's a good job for you I was sleeping Razz

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