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Sorayah's traveling journal

Post by Sorayah on Wed Nov 16, 2011 9:35 am

I've been posting this on the Winterblades' forums, but for the pleasure of those not in Winterblades asking for it, it's here now as well!
If you don't know what this is, it's Sorayah's IC journal during her and Exaythe's travels.
See these threads about the travels itself:
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Hopefully you'll enjoy it. If not, well, Sorayah is to blame, not me! Suspect

I shall be updating this as Sora writes more entries! (once a day, entry nine being an exception)
Ok, enough OOCing.
Updated - 21/11/2011

Entry one:
In this journal, I shall record what happened with my travels with Exaythe. She ended up asking me to travel to Gilneas, and perhaps beyond afterwards, together with her. I gave it some thought, and I suspect Elune led her to ask me. Everything that happened to me, and to her.. I don't think it can be a coincidence. Elune has something to show or teach us both, and thus I embark on this journey.

I am on the ship now. Accompanying me I have Exaythe, of course. And the Sentinel Captain, who is following us for some time, she apparently has business of her own in the north. Exaythe's friends, Drustai and Thelos are also on the ship - Drustai was a surprise to me, and to Exaythe as well. They intend to travel to the Community of Light, which Exaythe also is taking me to. She has talked about those meetings for a while now - I thought it's time I actually went to one with her, especially since we're in the area anyway. She also intends to show me around Stormwind - at first she asked me what would I like to see, I did not really know. So she will decide. She's quite nice, actually, somewhat similar to me. She told me of how she is not welcome in Stormwind politics anymore after causing a revolt against their Council. It instantly reminded me of the time I did some harsh criticism on our Circle of Darnassus, and told her of that. Ahh, sweet memories. As we often do, we talked a bit of the Kaldorei mythology as well. It turned out she'd confused ours with the tauren legend of the birth of Cenarius, and I corrected her.

Shaelyssa was seasick, and did not stay up for that long. I gave her some powdered ginger to help, but it can only do so much, sadly. I'm holding up well myself, as is Exa. Shae shouldn't have to worry for long, though; it appears we are making good progress and shall arrive in Stormwind within schedule. Exa tells me I should have nothing to worry about in Stormwind, but I am afraid of the stories of it being full of cultists and criminals. We shall see soon enough..

Entry two:
After a uneventful journey, I walked out to the deck, where Exa and Dru were talking of some arcane divination spells, and beholded Stormwind in the horizon. Exa could not see due to somewhat poor eyesight, but it was there, the way I remembered the last time I departed from Stormwind. Exception was the destroyed park, of course. The destruction wrought by Deathwing was still quite visible in places, but overall Stormwind was in very fine shape. The harbor seemed quite busy and lively. First thing we did was taking the mounts to the stables. Went without much of interest, apart from the poor woman trying to sell us some.. merchandise. Thelos left us for the Cathedral, which is where we went as well once the mounts were safely stabled. Outside Thelos was speaking with that respected human paladin, Maelmoor Lightbringer, I think he was called, and some.. friends? of his. They all seemed nice. Exa asked Maelmoor if the Cathedral could provide quarters for our stay in Stormwind, and the answer was yes. I did not really look forward to that, but Exa knows Stormwind better than I do. Either way, we took a look at the Cathedral afterwards. It was certainly a grand sight, I'll admit. I did remark that I would appreciate the building much better if they had some plants there as well. One of these fellow Lightbringers asked to join us, a female draenei Vindicator. We saw no reason to deny her.

With the cathedral seen, Maelmoor, Exa and Thelos took me for a tour of the city, while Shae decided to retire for rest. Unexpectedly, we soon ran into Raglen. I had a brief talk with her, asking how'd she been and so on. It was nice to see she's alive and well, and I think she was happy to see me as well. She told me Stormwind is way safer than she thought at first, and I seem to get that feeling too. This city doesn't seem as bad as I thought, though of course I still prefer Darnassus. Tour focused on showing me some greener areas of Stormwind to me at first, and then they decided to show several statues to me. We started with Uther's outside the Cathedral, talked about him a bit. Then it was time to head to the Valley of Heroes, the main entrance to the city. It had four quite grand statues of Alliance heroes from their expeditions to Outland. There was a fifth, but Deathwing had knocked that one down, and they hadn't restored it yet. Interesting stories about them, I'm sure. Perhaps Exa will tell me more later. Last statue we saw was the current king's, just outside the keep. Seems the idea of building a statue of him while he still lives isn't quite appealing to many.

We finished the tour at farmlands outside the dwarven district. Exa knew it's an area I would like, and said that if I would be more comfortable there, we could get the tent and sleep there instead. I loved the idea, and soon we set up the tent, and now here I am.

I must say I feel I am being too clingy to Exa. I just feel I would quickly be lost here without her. She seems to understand, though. She really is nice. Tomorrow, she intends to show me the forest of Elwynn, and there's the Community of Light as well. Look forward to both. Stormwind really doesn't seem too bad.

Entry three:
Community of Light was interesting. I thought I would like this Chapter, but as it turns out, their world-view is quite black and white. Apparently I am evil because I do not follow the Light. They are not bad people by any means, but I think they should be more open to new thoughts, rather than focusing on those of their prophet's. I'm glad most don't share their views. At least Elwynn is nice.
Either way, turned out Sanara came to the community as well. Was certainly interesting, the way she intentionally provoked the community by riding an earth elemental shaped like an undead raptor. Exa ended up being busy with Ere Argus, shame. Walking back to the tent, I noticed the White Lady up in the skies. To get a better look, I climbed the mountains between the tent and the sea. The view was breathtaking.

Entry four:

The tram to Ironforge was terrifying, Ironforge uncomfortable. Exa did show me some real beauty within as well, though. Also we have three more in our group now; A gnomish warrior, a dalaran mage, and a Shadowbreaker of the Chapter. The latter was particularly interesting, especially so soon after the Community; Now Exa is convinced as well all this isn't a mere coincidence. The Shadowbreaker is looking to retrieve some sacred artifact of theirs from Gilneas. The gnome - I'm not so sure. Mage was apparently told to go to the area.

After some consideration, me and Exa decided to sleep outdoors again, despite the cold. We climbed the mountain Ironforge was carved in. It was wonderful. Dun Morogh is indeed beautiful, and the view was even more amazing than it was in said Stormwind mountains. The White Lady was visible of course, we looked at it together for some time, talking of it and moons in Draenor. Among other things, asked Exa to show me the better parts of Draenor some day. She seemed to be more than willing.

I suppose I am way happier now that I am not with the Winterblades. Getting to see so many things I've never seen before. Most importantly, I'm having a great time. Though there is that bit of guilt as well.. Can't wait to see what the future has in store for me and Exa.

Entry five:
Left Ironforge today. We quickly ran into some ram-stealing ice trolls, and took care of them easily. Leaving Dun Morogh, we passed under a couple of dwarven tunnels, and some earthquakes occurred. I am told the earth still hasn't stabilized after the Shattering in the area. I got hit in the head there, apparently. I don't remember it myself. Gave me some concussion, but nothing to worry about, feel better now. Stopped briefly at that dwarven town the Winterblades celebrated some dwarf's birthday in to eat & drink. Exa took a look at my head.
On the way to the Wetlands, we ended up in combat against the Dragonmaw, and prevailed.

We ended up stopping at the new outpost, Greenwarden's Grove, in the Wetlands. Was quite a surprise to Exa that it was there. We found Thelos there as well. I didn't talk to him much but it appears he actually thought we were somewhere in Kalimdor. Weird, hope he's OK. Am sure Exa handled him, I had to go to the moonwell and left the group.
Well, the human mage, Trissana I think she was called, followed. She dared to desecrate the well with her sorceries! She should be happy I'm not one of the more aggressive priestesses, some might've killed her for that. I threatened her with that, and threw her out. Wasn't all, though. Xil, Thelos and that idiot dwarf begun to have some loud conversation at the well, disrespecting it. Xil even further desecrated the well by carelessly taking some of the water and spilling it on the ground. I threw all three out. Dwarf was going on about how it's their lands and their laws, but I had none of that. Was about to attack him with my staff when he finally left. Sigh. At least Thelos and Xil came to apologize a bit later.

I guess Exa noticed I wasn't in a very good mood, and offered to escort me to the harbor if I wanted to return home. I did not want to return, and told her as much. I said I've had good times with her during the trip, and she thanked me for my friendship. Most of the others we're traveling it I would rather be without.

Entry six:
Tonight's travels started with Trissana being missing, she apparently left to study the oozes. We found her at some dwarven tomb, which appeared to be in very bad shape. Had some traps as well, but we avoided them. There Triss was, focusing on studying the largest ooze I had ever seen. She was terrified of me at first due to yesterday, but calmed down somewhat when I said I wasn't going to kill her. I think Triss shouldn't be by herself like that - where are her parents? She seems so young and unsure still. Either way, we killed the ooze after some debate on what to do, and Exa re-sanctified the tomb. During her prayers an angry spirit attacked us. Once I got the others out of the way on holy ground, I called upon Elune's might to protect me and stepped away from holy ground to face the spirit. After an exchange of words, the spirit faltered and begged me for help. I released the spirit from its misery, and we left for Arathi.
Arathi looked nice, though it could've had more trees for my tastes. Stromgarde, first capital of the humans, was in ruins and not even fully controlled by the Alliance. Even so, Exa showed me around a bit and told me various interesting stories. Apparently she made their queen abdicate earlier, will have to ask her about that further.

And the next area did have trees as well. The Hinterlands, inhabited by the Wildhammer dwarves, are lovely. Nature is beautiful, and dwarves are very hospitable, Exa thought I'd like them as well. Though I don't approve of their excessive drinking, of course, I did have a pint for courtesy. Was one of the stronger ones I've had. At least they didn't try to make me drink more than one. Showed us around a bit as well, seems these don't like living underground like the Ironforge dwarves. I will reserve my judgement on them until I've seen how they act around moonwells, though. Two of them are now accompanying us to Gilneas it seems, so maybe I will see. We met Dru again as well, apparently on her way to the north. Seems she'll travel with us for a bit. Me and Exa decided to sleep at the tent again, I found a wonderful location. The White Lady shines upon us once again as I write into the journal.

Had something more alarming tonight as well. Exa told me Sanara is attempting to force her to walk a path Sana has set for her, which includes converting the whole Alliance to the Light, and completely destroying the Horde. She doesn't want to follow this path, but by not walking it, she would have to leave the Exodar and her commune, her family. Didn't know where else to go, she said. I told her she'd be most welcome in Darnassus, but it's not an easy choice, admittedly. She's not even completely sure Sanara's path is wrong, she says. Don't know if I'm being a bit selfish, but I pray she will decide to stay in Darnassus with me. Don't think we could be close anymore if she walks Sanara's path. Elune, please don't let me lose her.
How can draenei society be so cruel? I thought better of them.

Entry seven:
The Wildhammers really are nice. We ended up having three of them with us as we left the Hinterlands north towards the Plaguelands. The area was not in very good shape, but I expected far worse. Admittedly though, we did not go deeply in. We stopped by Uther's tomb to honor the fallen paladin. We also noticed the nearby graveyard was haunted by restless spirits, and me, Exa, and the Shadowbreaker stopped to grant at least some of them rest (and we were quite successful). I'd have wanted to stay for longer, but we couldn't spare the time sadly.

Well either way, we moved onwards, towards Alterac. Exa's map was outdated here, not showing two horde presences we ended up nearly running into. They're not the only things we ran into; We encountered a colossal earth elemental. Our dwarven shamans communicated with it, and it sent us on a quest to destroy elemental binding stones in Dalaran. It didn't appear too friendly, but we did as it commanded and the shamans felt the elements were pleased. Triss wasn't very fond of the idea, but in the end it was she who negotiated with the mage in charge of their destruction, and was granted permission to do so. What terrified me was the damage Dalaran's teleporting had wrought upon the land. I feared it threatened to rip Azeroth apart like Draenor, and Exa shared my concerns. Mages.

Well, onwards to Silverpine. The nature was in dreadful condition, all life suffering under the Forsaken's rule. I wish I could help. Turned out Triss's home was destroyed, apparently by the forsaken. It's sad, I know how it feels.. It was also bathed in some sort of arcane energies I had to walk through. It was dreadful, but we made it. Overall Silverpine was surprisingly calm, we did not run into any forsaken at all. We were going to get through the wall by moving around it by sea. Exa had a HILARIOUS and insane plan for this. It was so ridiculous it might actually have worked. Or not. We'd have levitated, tied ourselvesds into a rope, and Exa would have towed us through the air into Gilneas on some flying carpet of hers. Sadly we didn't get to test it, ended up with Dru freezing the sea and us simply walking. Mages.
Sure enough, it rained in Gilneas, as Thelos warned us. We found some abandoned harbor and settled in. Me and Exa got a house just for ourselves, of course. Well us and the sabers, we brought them indoors as well. Went to hunt some food for our sabers with Exa. Dru laughed at us for not having brought enough - does she know how much a saber eats? - and said we wouldn't find anything. Well, I proved her wrong, and the sabers feasted on fox tonight.

Entry eight:

Just as me and Exa were talking about going to find the gilneans, they found us. Well more like the harbor. We found a bunch of them there, introduced ourselves and such. They seemed quite nice, didn't mind us staying at the house either. I suppose we now have to clean up after us, though. We did some healing work on their leader and.. second in command as well. It seems surprising to them that we don't want anything in return. No matter, it's nice to help, and to get their gratitude. I did ask their leader about the worgen I ran into in Darnassus, but she didn't know them.

Not everything went too well with the gilneans, though. At the inn, they accidentally gave Exa some silencing potion and that started a small brawl in there. We didn't stay there for long. I never was too fond of drunkards.

We returned to our little house afterwards, talking about things. Soon enough, a draenei death knight - one'd think Drustai, but this was another - marched into our house. Me and Exa prepared for battle, as a death knight has been suspected of being a forsaken spy (We assumed this was Dru at first.), and it was this one. Well we took her to the authorities by force, and it turned out she'd been cleared from suspicion. She was -not- very nice. Poor Exa felt miserable afterwards. She's afraid she'll have nightmares of the death knight now. Trying to cheer her up. At least she won't have to sleep alone.

Must say - I think I'm beginning to understand why Elune wished me to travel with Exa like this. Things are slowly falling into place. Though not everything. Where did Maire go, and why? Did Elune wish Exa to replace her? Why? What should I do?
I'm sure I'll find out more in time. After these travels, I don't think I will ever return to the Winterblades anymore. That's good, I again see it's not the only way. I wonder what made me think otherwise in the first place? Doesn't matter now.

I am happy.

Entry nine:
Maire is here.

Entry ten:
Okay. Why is Maire here?

She said she was seeking my forgiveness for her leaving me like that. Once again, she said she has "business" to do. I do wonder what that business is. I thought it was something with the Winterblades, but she said she left them now as well, so it can't be. Well, I suppose my theory about her purposefully trying to avoid me were false. Either that, or she regrets doing that.

Right. But why -here-? Why -now-? Only yesterday I wrote about her in here, and now she appears out of nowhere. She said herself something about Elune having guided her, I don't know further about that but yes, all this has to be more than a coincidence. I could think Elune wants me to return to the Winterblades now, seeing her disappearance was the thing that finally made me leave (though not the core of the problem). But all the experienced I've had here point otherwise, that I don't need to, and shouldn't, return. And she left herself.

And is she going to disappear again, or actually stay? Will we keep going from where we left off? What of my travels with Exa? Hard to say. Of course I would like her to stay, but....

Am I being tested somehow? Should I do something?


Entry eleven:
Today me and Exa decided to take a look at Gilneas City. Maire wasn't around. For our guide, we found.. the death knight from before, the suspected spy. Exa seemed to want to make up for her earlier bad (in her eyes, I still say I found it fine) behavior. No matter, I could live with that guide, even though I really do not like her. Gilneas itself was quite nice. The architecture was similar to what I'd seen earlier, only the city was larger. It was completely unlike Stormwind and Stromgarde. Exa said the people are different as well; SW and SG being warrior societies, and Gilneas being sailors like Kul Tiras. I really didn't expect the humans to have such varying architectures.

Either way, it was quite a peculiar sight, a large, completely uninhabited city. Exa was really fascinated, our guide called it "a dump". Shame though, the way all the citizens had to flee. Hopefully soon they can come back and restore life to that city.
I mistook the Cathedral for the King's castle, Exa corrected me swiftly. This is where we ran into Xil and Triss; It was quite a surprise that each wandered there by themselves one soon after the other. The cathedral looked quite nice, though nothing compared to our glorious Temple. It seemed the lowest level was completely flooded with water. No wonder, with the damages of the war and the constant (yes, it's still raining) rain. Exa thought it used to be holy water and was intended to be there. We should ask a native. There were some interesting depictions on the walls; one of the sun (Exa said other humans don't associate the Sun with the Light; I suggested it could come from the high elves. Or perhaps something to do with the way the sun is rarely properly visible in the area. Just speculation, though. We can ask about it.) Another painting actually resembled a Naaru. This really caught Exa's interest; She just had to make a drawing of it with her own blood as there was no ink, because "if we got some ink it might be destroyed by the time we got back".

Finished with the Cathedral, we went forward to see the Blackwald and Tal'doren. There were no issues with the travel (Triss parted ways with us). Blackwald I found beautiful, and thought Exa as much when she asked. So grim and dark, but beautiful in it's own way. She couldn't disagree when we saw all the red roses. Tal'doren itself she didn't seem to find too impressive; I certainly did. Never thought I would one day actually see it, but here I am. Me and Exa decided to
sleep here by ourselves without the tent even, instead of going back to the town. We talked about quite some things; it's always nice.

Entry twelve:

Our journey is nearly at its end. Me and Exa are at Menethil now, awaiting the ship's arrival. The worgen left Gilneas for Stormwind, leaving the area rather deserted, so me and Exa spent the last days just exploring the area. Apart from helping the gnome Xildon with his little assignment of stealing some blight from the forsaken for their alchemists to analyze (this was surprisingly easy) it was all quite relaxed. Not that I didn't mind it, of course, but I suppose there was no real need to stay longer. I wonder where will Exa go, need to talk to her one more time about it. Hopefully things will turn out good for her, I wouldn't want her to be sad. I really want to write my final thoughts of the journey here, but it's not quite over yet, so it'll have to wait just a little bit further.

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Re: Sorayah's traveling journal

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Entry nine worries me ... I think "Exa" will be jealous!! :O

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Re: Sorayah's traveling journal

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*Nods in approval.*
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Re: Sorayah's traveling journal

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