[A] The Foundation

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[A] The Foundation

Post by Endmyn on Sun Nov 13, 2011 8:47 pm

Terramond leans back in the table, near the fire, deep in thoughts. The image of the hunter woman upstairs comes to his mind often. The holes in her hands, feet... through her belly. He had seen the notes of the one who tortured her.
To think that he could do such thing in the name of "all that is Good" is a new kind of madness, one even I have not seen before. She was not the slightest threat to his precious Faith, and yet... Well, he did believe all the lightless paths were evil ones. That is how far Faith goes, and what makes it such a dangerous enemy. He played with her sanity, in order to show her the Light... or her own end, if he had not been stopped. And had she been found by the wrong person, she would be on the other side of blindness, serving some self prophessed evil divinity, or following the orders of some crimelord. For freedom... What an ironic choice. This is why we had to come back... We cannot help them from a safe place, across the ocean. This sick chess game of Light and Darkness, black versus white, has gone on for long enough... It is time for our pieces to enter the board.

OOC: (This part shows IC believes of the group, from which I take no responsability whatsoever)
The Foundation is a group of people who work in the Shadows, in a society marked by a struggle between Good and Evil, and many times forced to choose between one of two wrong sides.
On one end, there is the Light, based on Faith, the belief on the Holy Light as a divine entity, that looks over and protects the faithful, being the ones who follow their rules, laws and teachings. This words, put together by "prophets" who had miraculous revelations, serve as a guide to people's lives, which, by itself, is wrong. Then, there are those who take advantage of the self-guilt and the search for forgiveness of many, to bring them to this path. What follows is a wave of blind believers that reach the conclusion they need to enforce their belief on everyone, to rid the world of all bad things. And then, the word "heresy" and "sin" is created, to name all the action that goes against their belief. The name "heretic" is created to describe anyone who does this, and justify this person being evil. And finally, the predictable step: someone who insists on remaining a sinner, is a danger to all the faithful. And people start screaming behind sealed doors, fear begins spreading for the Light's ever present watch, and blood starts spilling... people start dying. However, when this unfortunate victim survives, many times, his very heart change, and so does his colour. To be free, one must hide from the Light, gain power, and fight this blindness, by any means. And the dark side of the board gains a piece, a person who looses any track of limits, or the meaning of lives. He starts taking lifes with his own hand, proving the faithful right, as they has claimed all along. And both sides play this endless game, fueling each other.
On the side of the board, a few others decide that in the middle of this non sense, they should only fight for themselves, and so they do, criminals, thieves, murderers, who the few ones who try to keep order chase through the streets. But this side of the board is still on the hands of the two players, the two colours of the game.
What happened to conscience, to humanity... to the Truth? It rests in the hands of the few who still wait in the shadows, who try to contain the casualties of a deadly game, while looking and watching for those who are still able to see the Truth in a sea of blindness.

This guild is currently working in the Shadows, and has the goals of:
Find like minded individuals to join our cause. (Recruitment)
Protect those who may fall victim to the above situation. (Cross guild rp)
Research the truths and reasons to be of all things. (Lore focused events, cross guild rp)
Find solutions to mantain peace in such a diversed society. (Cross guild rp)

This concept had an IC origin, and managed to captivate a close group of rpers. A guild has been formed, to represent us, though not all of us are inside it. Our plan is to interact with the Defias community in general, as this matter ends up concerning pretty much everyone. Wether you are an OOC enemy, ally, someone who sympathizes, or even someone who thinks he/she has nothing to do with it, we are bound to cross paths.
We are looking for people to join us, either on the guild oocly, or just icly. We look for good rpers (refraining from godemoting and powerplaying) that have good sense and respect for the rp of this community, ooc enemies and allies alike. Our goal to have fun, creating good moments of RP, and we dream of one day having this guild play a major part on the already amazing world Defias Roleplaying.

The recruitment is done often with an IC meeting with one or more group members, though more creative ways of joining can be arranged. The meeting itself will decide how fitting a character is to join the group, and is subject to the group's IC judgement.

If you are interested, contact me in the forums, or ingame.


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Re: [A] The Foundation

Post by Morgaan on Mon Nov 14, 2011 8:28 am

Treason! Well here is your first Bump End, use it wise! And remember it when you are hanged by the Chapter as a Traitor! ^^

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Re: [A] The Foundation

Post by Skarain on Tue Nov 15, 2011 1:02 am

There is the Light.
There is the Darkness.
There is the road between.
A road where all colors can be seen.

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Re: [A] The Foundation

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