[IC Posters] Seasonal sale at the Emporium!

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[IC Posters] Seasonal sale at the Emporium!

Post by Tyrós/Cále on Sat Nov 12, 2011 1:55 am

Throughout the Horde settlements, as well as the faction-neutral towns and cities, the following advertisement can be seen:


You will need GHI to take part in these sales. To buy an item you will have to pay with actual ingame money, but the prices have been adjusted so they would be reasonable ICly. The GHI items vary from simple pocket watches and compasses, to heavily scripted items. Some of the scripts I have shamelessly stolen from this forum, while others I have written myself. Some are also "borrowed" scripts that I have then continued to build on and improve, myself. I just want to be fair to my sources if someone would rather use them to make their own GHI items, but don't you think it is more fun to buy them from a merchant through roleplay? Not to mention it makes more sense and explains how you got them that way, since Bezox in turn actually sends people on jobs to gather raw materials for his manufacturing.

In any case, as you noticed in the poster I didn't name any times for when the emporium is open. That's because Bezox is presumed to be at Hammerfall all day long. But OOCly, I'm usually online in the evenings, especially on weekends. You can try to whisper me on Talasseus if I'm not logged in on Bezox. If that harbors no luck you can ask any of the Blood Broker guild officers to check their realID; I might be leveling an alt, but I'm always willing to take a break for RP!

You can also ask for me to make custom-made GHI items, so long as it's nothing TOO complicated. But other than that, here is a list of the Emporium's current collection of items:

First Generation Handgun - Concealable handgun that needs to be reloaded after each shot fired. 20 ammo clips come for free with the sale. Right click to use, and it will create an emote of you firing at whatever person you currently have targeted, and it will also play a sound effect.

Second Generation Handgun - Handgun containing 6 shots. When you fire with it, the gun has more potential emotes. It can misfire completely, miss your opponent, etc. Not very reliable, but it reloads automatically and you are presumed to have unlimited access to bullets.

Food and drink!
The Emporium offers a large variety of consumable items, including Silvermoon Fortune Cookies, pickled Jormungar-in-a-can (food poisoning does not warrant refund) and of course our very own Mystery Jerky! Wash all of that down with the patented Buzzbolt Gutbuster - drink irresponsibly.

Funny/Silly items!
Tripod 3000 - How about your very own music player? Yeah! We got it for you. Opens up an ingame player with a small collection of songs for you to listen to.
Boombox 2000 - unlike the Tripod, this device actually allows you to play songs to your FRIENDS! One of the songs included is, of course, "Storm, Earth and Fire" as performed by the Tauren Chieftains.
Boredom Dice - Two variables. Action and location. Roll them and embark on your new destined path. Perfect for the bored adventurer!
Advice Fog - Like the boredom dice, but with THREE variables! What - with who/what - where. For example: "Set fire to - Alcohol - In Orgrimmar"
ScareBear - Squeeze it in the tummy and it will speak. Prepare to be disturbed, however. The perfect "gift" for an enemy.
The Gamedroid - Features three different games: Minesweeper, Puzzler, and Lights up - complete with ingame graphics on your screen!
The Crystal Ball - Ask it a question, then shake, and the answer shall be revealed from within!


Pocket Watch - Very basic item, but it's always handy to know the time!

Compass - Points you in the right direction.

Bloodspores - Mildly addictive stimulant that gives you an ingame buff. You are free to RP out side effects at your own will however. The most common one according to lore would be psychosis, if I recall correctly from the questline in Borean Tundra.

If you feel a bit irked that these items are only available to Horde RP'ers, then don't worry! I intend to offer them as smuggled goods through my Ally toon, Arnkel, in the near future. Stay tuned for that!

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Re: [IC Posters] Seasonal sale at the Emporium!

Post by Tealeaf/Laliede on Sat Nov 12, 2011 9:56 am

*Tealeaf picks up the poster and frowns*

They owe me rent!

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Re: [IC Posters] Seasonal sale at the Emporium!

Post by Aladras on Wed Nov 23, 2011 1:50 pm

Bump for this.
Had an experience when auctioning for these items, it was epic. This Goblin deserves more fame!

<3 for Bezox

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Re: [IC Posters] Seasonal sale at the Emporium!

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