Drinking Swamp Water (Azarth)

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Drinking Swamp Water (Azarth)

Post by Azarth/Tyzai on Wed Mar 17, 2010 4:47 am

Not having a direction at all is possibly the worst and most confusing of things in life, it's usually why so many people turn to violence or cultism. Sadly I'd been without real direction for days, and it was getting quite old. Sorry, I realise I didn't fully introduce myself there; My name is Azarth. No more to it then that.

Everybody I knew, which isn't alot of people, seemed to have disappeared, as did anything I really knew. So I figuire it's time to simply find a direction and stick to it. Unfortunately, not many guards want to hire a clumbsy child, and I've got no mana in my soul to be a mage, or even a cultist. Apparently Azeroth is full of heroes, I guess I'm just not one of them. Which is a shame of course but I'll manage. I'll find somewhere-
"Guards! Guards come quick!" My thoughts were interupted by a screaming man, and after a brief look around myself I realised there were no guards about. "What are you waiting for boy?! Come quick!" Wait, did he mean me? He better not. I'm not a guard.
"Er... You want me to help?" I replied cautiously. Oh hell... I'm going to get hurt I just know it.
"Yes come quick!" The man yelled a last few times before bolting off quickly through the forest, leaving me to frantically run after him.

I wasn't running long before I realise what region I'd ended up in, I must've got so caught up walking and thinking I missed any turn offs or signs. My foot stuck deeply into the sludge of Swamp of Sorrows, causing me to trip into gallons of swampy water. Managing to get up quickly, I kept chasing the man, who was now merely a shadow in the distance.

We emerged at the edge of a river, with some kind of broken ruins in the middle, I couldn't help but blink, it looked massively destroyed, loomed rather horrificly too. What shocked me more though, was the fact the man just dived into the water and began swimming through the swampy water toward the ruins, still yelling for me to follow. After much reluctance, I jumped into the lake, swimming after the man as fast as my already aching body could go.

The man helped lift me out of the water, then we simply stood on the steps of the broken temple, staring up at it. It was only now I noticed how 'shady' the man looked, covered in black leather armour, his face covered by his hood. I could only really see his mouth, which didn't give much away.

"Where exacly are we? And er.. What am I needed for?" I tried to sound tough, but being sixteen and scared for my life made me sound like I'd actually pissed myself already.
"It's an old troll temple... Proberly abandoned. Just... My little sister was playing on the steps and she ran too far inside. When I followed I couldn't find her so I thought I'd go get help. You'll come help me find her.. Right? She's only a child?" His voice held a large amount of sincerity, but I couldn't shake the feeling something really bad was going to happen. Expecially to me. However, I can't let a small child die in an old ruin just because I'm suspicious, so I simply nodded and we set off up the steps...

I thought I was neglecting my other character too much, who I'd really love to start seriously RPing soon. Btw yes this story will continue.. Proberly quite soon as I have nothing to do today. But ye. Enjoy

-Tyzai xo

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