[IC Propaganda]- Human Unity:One Kingdom, One Faith!

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[IC Propaganda]- Human Unity:One Kingdom, One Faith!

Post by Osmand on Fri Nov 04, 2011 1:46 pm

-Leaflets are being distributed by the canons of the Chapter, to all humans who will look at it-

Recitations of Anethion 10
One day the Light shall send its prophets to other races, so that they may taste Light's glory and be converted, but until that moment comes they cannot be saved by our efforts and shall endure a bitter, Lightless existence.

Who are we to worry ourselves with foreigners? Anethion is clear 'one day' the Light shall send its prophets to them.
Therefore we should not attempt to bring the glory of the Light to them. We should instead concentrate on ourselves.
It is in our race were we can truely do the work of the Light. Until the day that humaninty...all of humanity is bathed in the glory of the Light, our enemies will never truely be crushed.
Unity is holy! The united are the devout!
Unity of all humans, do you see what brings us together? It is the Light that brings us together!
It is the only force that can unite us!
This is why our mission is so important, the unity of mankind is one with our Sacred Duty. We cannot defeat the forces of shadow and doubt unless we do so together.
We must advance with minds devoted soley to the Light, the Sacred Duty is our only goal.
That is our task brothers and sisters, live for the Light, be re invigurated, ready to do the Light's work and spread its glory to all of mankind.
One Faith, one King, one Sacred Duty!

Glory Under the Light!

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Re: [IC Propaganda]- Human Unity:One Kingdom, One Faith!

Post by Aleric on Fri Nov 04, 2011 3:00 pm

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