Enforcing law in Quel'thalas.

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Enforcing law in Quel'thalas.

Post by Xen-tau on Fri Nov 04, 2011 6:40 am

There is a new article in the Silvermoon Times, Orcish edition. This time it’s an article in the opinion section, which has been moved to the second page for just this letter.

We welcome every race of the Horde in our glorious city, and we believe they can be a valuable addition to the city. However, we have seen an increase of crime done by other races. The Grand Embassy sees it as her task to inform the other races of the Horde of Silvermoon Law.
Silvermoon is a unity, and because of that we decided to let the punishment be decided by those enforcing the law as well. To be more precise, the magisters, Blood Knights and Farstriders are allowed to pass judgement on you. As a member of the Horde, you are allowed to ask for legal aid. However, we have seen troubling numbers of legal aid actually messing with the legal system. Legal aid can only advise the one passing judgment on any articles of Horde law. Our enforcers are aware of the Silvermoon Law, and we expect them to be aware of the Horde law as well, but it is not their homeplace.
But not only the legal aid has decided to try its luck to kick against our the stable lawbook Belore has given us, but also the other members of the Horde itself. The only one passing judgement are the enforcers, and they will punish as they see fit. You might think that the only punishment is death, but Silvermoon has more expertise on the matter and can therefore be a better judge.

Our cells are made of walls that can drain you. So it is more likely you’ll feel tired, weak and useless. This has been done so that you won’t pose a threat to the nation. You are most likely too tired to cast a spell in that field, and it will be hard to even resist to our officers. Ofcourse, like any problems with fatigue, you will feel better after a nights rest outside of the field.

Death is only an option if it is too big of a threat to Quel’thalas, other than that Silvermoon will decide on a fitting punishment. Community service, aiding a champion, joining the military or banishment.

We hope to have informed you properly, and if you have any questions please contact a local authority.

Magistrix Aishling Silversun,
Ambassador of Quel’thalas.

I created this topic as an attempt to get a more accepted way of prison RP. Prison RP too complex and bothersome , and frankly… I don’t really like prison RP because it’s a darn pain in the behind at times. Such things can only be improvised if there are certain rules to live by. I know that every time I enter the prison I will have an RP fight because nobody likes their characters to be weak, but it would be pleasant for all of us if we can all agree that the Blood Farstridister is more powerful there. There is also an article Nessra wrote I would like people to look at when they feel like “going to prison”.
Oh, and about the punishment…. I know Silvermoon usually makes the ones that disagree with it disappear… but you cannot kill someone IC without their consent. The punishments I come up with are usually made of things I find “harsh enough”… which would not be killing.

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Idea borrowed from: Nilda Meyrick and Monrena

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Re: Enforcing law in Quel'thalas.

Post by Kristeas Sunbinder on Fri Nov 04, 2011 6:52 am

((you forget reprogramming in addition to death penalty))
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Re: Enforcing law in Quel'thalas.

Post by erwtenpeller on Fri Nov 04, 2011 6:57 am

((Especially those pesky Quel'Dorei))

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Re: Enforcing law in Quel'thalas.

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