The Crumbling Society | (Article)

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The Crumbling Society | (Article)

Post by Sullee Swiftspeech on Wed Nov 02, 2011 11:04 am

The Crumbling Society
This week, I wanted to experience myself what it means to be on the other side of the barricade. What barricade am I talking of? That one called ‘social class’. Since my birth, I have lived in the respected, upper classes of Stormwind; sipping tea and nipping alteraci cheese. I have never tried to live as one of my readers. Thus, I decided to experience their daily life for a week, sharing meals with them, and sleeping below the same roof.
What can I say? I must admit it was an eye-opening experience. In fact, until that moment, I couldn't properly see all the troubles which nowadays haunt our society.

First, there is a muckle and neat partition of our population into two different groups. On one side, we have the Aristocracy and some unscrupulous merchants. The other group, by far bigger and more numerous, is formed by the farmers, the peons and the soldiers: practically the majority of Stormwind's people. This difference is worsened by the lack of solidarity. In fact, nowadays, alms do not exist anymore. As Father Joackin said, "if the wheel keeps spinning this way, soon we would have no coins to help the needy and hungry ones”. Those who have coin, instead of sharing it, prefer to spend them on whims such as golden thrones or statues.
This chasm grows bigger and bigger, surely soon it will be as wide as those caused by Deathwing himself!

To quote the famous gnomish anthropologist Zoggle Gizmototer, "This situation is nothing new, nor exceptional, it happened in the past and it will happen in the future. However, unlike the previous times, we are doing absolutely nothing to prevent it from happening. People get greedier every day, saving coins and whatever for a possible 'winter'. Not winters that mean the death of leaves and so on, but instead a winter, which will bring famines of incalculable lengths. They are practically living as the Fire-birds of Tanaris, hoarding wealth in their nests."
If this trend were not stopped, it would not be any surprise if troubles would re-occur, such as the assault at Baron Wickeville's mansion, which caused thirty arrests and endless damage. Can this be stopped somehow? Yes, there is no mountain that cannot be climbed without will. If only we wanted to soothe this situation, it would happen in a matter of days, perhaps even hours.

There are more than enough solutions to this problem, but no one seems eager enough to help people out. Instead, nobles look more blissful keeping their richness for themselves, not letting anyone - not even the King - draw from it.
In fact, not one war has been funded by those who wanted them, but by us, the civilians. Moreover, all these costs, which the nobles refuse to cover, must be taken from other sources and obviously this happens through a stricter tax burden - which nowadays should be called ‘tax boulder’.
Three days ago, I went with the Trade Union of Lakeshire to Vallion's mansion, demanding to have the wages paid (for those who don't know: they have not been paid since the last harvest). Instead of getting their wages, they were clubbed from Vallion’s property by his guards. The Baron even stated, that he ‘wondered why they were complaining’.
Is this a single happening? No. Every day workers, at nobles' service, are more and more being treated as slaves. Their wages lower with every month that passes, and their complaints are only to be answered with punishment.
Don’t the people shout hard enough, or are the nobles too proud to listen? I believe it's the second option.
So far, I saw no noble seeking to help the people. Rather the opposite, they are only interested in employing needy ones, making them work for less than a beggar’s fee!

I am no oracle, nor am I a witch doctor. I do not need a clairvoyant eye to foresee, that on the horizon, there is no noble eager to help people. The people will have to help themselves.

Roderigo Banver,
Stormwind's Voice.


The above article has been published in Stormwind's most popular newspaper, read mostly by the lower classes. It is a elucidation, coming from an upper-class citizen.
As all past revolutions have had articles standing at their very beginning, we thought this to be a fun yet effective way to start our own!

The article was written by Swindle. I take no credit for this whatsoever: it all spawned from his genius mind!
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Re: The Crumbling Society | (Article)

Post by Lorainne/Bridlington on Wed Nov 02, 2011 3:38 pm


A very good read and some rather interesting points that could be discussed.

Thank you, Mr. Fawn!

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Re: The Crumbling Society | (Article)

Post by Geneviève on Wed Nov 02, 2011 5:28 pm

A wonderful read. But from my understanding of the lore completely the opposite of how Stormwind's society actually works. Razz

And if we go by how the 'played' nobles act, then completely to the contrary of how things work out.

Perhaps I'm looking through a tinted lense. But my complaints with WoWs lore have always been the unrealistic extent of personal freedoms, and the near utopic way Stormwind is portrayed. The Freemasons are a massive exception. A trade union who, because the nobles refused to pay were not paid at all - implying the Nobles pay for everything in the public good, not civil taxation.

Further, if my understanding of recent Council events are correct, itis Lord Buckholme who has pushed for confiscation of the nobles private food stores to feed the needy, and the 'commoners' on the Council who overturned his bill?

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Re: The Crumbling Society | (Article)

Post by Braiden on Thu Nov 03, 2011 2:50 am

I say let them spew propaganda and we'll just counter it with facts Wink


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Re: The Crumbling Society | (Article)

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