5. Sharyssa "Skytalon": The Eagle flies Home

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5. Sharyssa "Skytalon": The Eagle flies Home

Post by Sharyssa/Adenah on Thu Oct 13, 2011 8:17 am

The stomping of her feet in a steady pace could be heard each time she burried them into the soil and grass of the plains on Arathi, her own breathing loud and clearly audible at each ragged and wheezing breath that filled her lungs. Within her chest her heart was pumping so fast and strong she could hear the rush in her ears of the blood racing inside of her veins. She kept going further, letting the strain of exercise fill her entire being while her legs brought her across the entire lands. A certain light-footed way of running, more like small jumps at each striding step she took.
Around her head the thick leather bandana kept her hair from falling into her face. A face that radiated a bright red glow from the rushing blood. Yet the expression revealed on her visage seemed distant, dreamy. The mouthcorners tugged into a lingering and warm smile that seemed to be glued to her features persistantly.

Transpiration shimmers on her face, a bead of sweat slowly rolling down the side down from her forehead, but she does not stop. Her feet keep carrying her across the plains untill reaching her destitination. Coming to a sudden halt which sends the soil flying up around her feet she looks down from the hill. Her eyes scanning over the farm stretched before her. Huffing a low breathless chuckle Skytalon's hand moves to brush into her windswept hair. The feeling within her chest nearly threatening to explode out of sheer joy while stood there.

The happenings of the last week played in a sudden flash before her eyes, making her grin even further. Her posture on the hill radiant and relaxed.

The last months she had been running away from her own emotions. Yet it had not given her the solace and peace of mind it once used to do for all those long years that she simply went where her feet would drag her. Back then she had simply avoided to let anything in, but the changes that had been in her life had left an empty and aching hole within her chest. The calmth that her lifestyle once gave her was impossible to obtain again, no matter how hard she had tried to flee from everything that had hurt her. Including herself.
Fate guided her back to Stromgarde and the hills of Arathi, it had made her return to the one place she had avoided like the Void itself. And contrary to her own believes it had not torn her apart like she would have guessed it would.
It had at least filled that empty spot she carried with her since the day she left the gates to run away. The fear Skytalon carried with her to feel hurt and sorrow had kept her unable to love for thirteen years, but once she had recognised the happiness she could obtain but risking more she had come to known that she -wanted- to love.
And it came from somewhere she wouldn't have expected it from, not before. When she was still closed for the willingness to allow anyone in she had been blind to it.
But not any longer, her return to Stromgarde had given her much more then just the ability to leave things in the past, it had given her a love that had overwhelmed her. Scared her even at first.
Bearclaw, she couldn't fathom how she had not been able to realise it before, how both of them could have been so utterly ignorant to the match they made.

It felt right to her to let it happen just like it had. The peace and warmth she found had exceeded everything from before. And she could hear his words echoing inside her mind, letting her heart skip a beat in utter joy.

”Midor. Beneath te Ancestors gaze, on te 'ighest tops o' Arathi. I ask ye by Suxen's love an' strength, Rochallion's support an' care, Ogardin's fierceness an' justice, t'be m'wife. In this life an' in te Halls. I love ye above all, an' ye make me t'man I were meant t'be. Te champion I need t'be. I will nay take a step further in life wit'out ye.”

To become his wife, to chase for a life together and beyond. The great Halls with their ancestors. And above all.
To find a way to carry a child of their blood, a child that would be their heritage after they would join those that lived on the world before them. It filled her with the greatest peace she had experienced in her life. No running could ever fill the spot that the hope and love of their future could bring.

Above her head the flapping of wings drew her attention, lifting her gaze up while her smile spread further across her face if even possible. Pulled out of the pondering by the sight of the Eagle that was soaring above her head. As she had done all those years ago when leaving on her Rite Sharyssa spread her arms to the side and closed her eyes, allowing the sound of the Eagle to guide her when she started running, feeling the wind beneath her arms as if she was soaring freely. But this time, the freedom was one of heart and soul.
After all those years she had finally managed to release herself from what had kept her away and had her running. Allowing herself fully and truely to open herself, not backing away from possible hurt no matter what happened. Skytalon ran down the hill with that feeling burning inside of her.
A freedom nothing else could match, she could run. She could fly if she wanted to. But there would always be a destination waiting for her, a home. A heart, and perhaps. A family of her own.


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Re: 5. Sharyssa "Skytalon": The Eagle flies Home

Post by Rmuffn on Thu Oct 13, 2011 10:19 am

I love you

Really well written! Been some interesting RP too all this. Smile


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