The Bear and the Eagle

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The Bear and the Eagle

Post by Rmuffn on Wed Oct 12, 2011 11:21 am

Hey! I made a story out of roleplay that happened lastnight between my own character and that of Sharyssa's. It is what you would call a lovestory, with the respect and tradition of arathorian culture.

Faralan tirelessly climbs the mountain side with Skytalon tightly behind him. The rain pours relentlessly down on the two, already having soaked them both through, yet neither seem to take not of it, they're oblivious due to strong emotions shared below the mountain, their words for one another having opened Faralan's eyes, which is why he ventures up here, bringing her up here.

Upon finally reaching a top, high up on the mountains overlooking Arathi's Highlands Faralan would gaze out over their beloved and beautiful home, the grass spread plains as far as eye could reach, the Circles of Binding, the countless farms and towns, and at the end of it all Stromgarde.
Slowly turning his gaze up to the rain stained skies Faralan stares with a longing look in his eyes.

Faralan grabs Skytalon's hands into his own. He looks to her eyes and speaks with a certain voice.

”Midor. Beneath te Ancestors gaze, on te 'ighest tops o' Arathi. I ask ye by Suxen's love an' strength, Rochallion's support an' care, Ogardin's fierceness an' justice, t'be m'wife. In this life an' in te Halls. I love ye above all, an' ye make me t'man I were meant t'be. Te champion I need t'be. I will nay take a step further in life wit'out ye.”

Faralan turns his gaze to the skies as he yells out loudly for all of Arathi to hear him, for the very Ancestors to hear him.

”Fodrigs! Do midor Skytalon! An' I will honour 'er an' our children! In yer name, an' in m'family's name!”

He then turns his eyes back to Skytalon, bowing his head in respect and love for her, a brief gulp being heard as he's clearly taken aback by his own emotions.

Skytalon chokes on her own breath in her throat for a brief moment. The drops over her cheeks are hard to tell apart from tears or actual water. She suddenly leaps into his arms to embrace him as she takes a few ragged breathes before replying to him. Her smile breaking through the dark night. Faralan returns the embrace affectionately as he listens to her words.

”Midor. Beneath tha' Ancestors gaze, our deceased forefathers tha' watch over us I promise ye I'll be tha' 'appiest lass alive'n in tha' 'alls tha' be at yer side. Proud tha' be at yer side, be it at peace or at war, 'n I shall breathe me last dyin' breath wit' yer name on me lips, me 'eart 'n me love.”

Faralan's chest swells up with joy as he tightens the embrace of the two. One would not be mistaken that he's shedding some tears of joy, a smile so bright one wonder how his face remains intact.
He presses the most loving and affectionate kiss he ever gave her to her lips, she in turn deepening the kiss with low sob in her throat out of joy. Pouring the overwhelming emotions into the kiss, her heart beating strongly within her chest. She breaks the kiss reluctantly as she tries to mutter a few words at him with difficulty.

”'M 'ome. 'M finally 'ome. Yer me 'ome, me everythin'.”

Skytalon leans her forehead against Faralans, she smiles like an utterly smitten teenager for the moment, she opens her eyes to look into his deeply, him returning the gaze. His eyes scream of love for her. The rain keeps pouring down over the two, messing their hairs up incredibly, yet he smiles as never before. Skytalon whispers to him with a voice so strong of emotion.

”Midor, may tha' ancestors be witness tha' me words now. I'd nae wan' anythin' more than be yer wife 'n give yer tha' son ye lon' fer. I'll run to 'm other end o' tha' world if I 'ave tha' find a way tha' be tha' mother o' yer chil', - our chil' o' 'eart.”
Faralan manages a brief sobbing sound as he's turned speechless. Trying to gather his senses for a reply, spoken softly to her whisper. His arms holding her so tightly.

”Sky, 'slong as yer wit' me. I'll be 'appy. Bu' if ye are granted a son by te Ancestors will, a son fer us, -our- son.. I'd be overjoyed t'kno' tha' te love an' strength o' m'future wife will live on in this world as we pass.”

As they stand in the train embracing eachother, time escalates with their silence and joy. Their love properly proclaimed and shared.

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Re: The Bear and the Eagle

Post by Sharyssa/Adenah on Wed Oct 12, 2011 11:25 am

One of the most amazing spur off the moment rp's ever, unexpected and utterly true to what happened with the two char's, it was so damn ... wonderfull!


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Re: The Bear and the Eagle

Post by Morinth on Wed Oct 12, 2011 4:28 pm

That weird feeling when you read stories about another woman.


Lovely stuff. \o/

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Re: The Bear and the Eagle

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